Soil Amendments, Better Food Plots and Soils

Show Notes

In this episode, Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) and Albert Tomechko (Vitalize Seed) discuss the importance of soil health and an equation that will lead to bigger deer. Albert discusses the issues with soil samples and the benefit of the soil probe, taking gps coordinates, and being consistent when taking soil samples. Albert and Jon discuss soil report cards, land use, infiltration.

Al and Jon discuss a client’s soil test and evaluates CEC, magnesium, calcium, pH. Al gets into the details of what amendments to use, like dolomitic lime.  Al explains base saturations, and Jon discusses amendment toxicity. Al breaks down options for low potassium levels that are low and Jon explains some natural ways to remedy soils. Al and Jon discuss micronutrients and how to benefit plants and create more attraction for deer. Jon discusses ways to increase protein levels within adequate levels of molybdenum.  

Al and Jon discuss food plots, why corn and soybeans are not always the best option for clients and think independently from traditional ways that don’t necessarily align with the climatic conditions and actual deer demands. Jon discusses increasing biomass and more food for deer on his client properties.

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