Solo Backcountry Success

Show Notes

During our 2021 elk season, the Missouri Woods & Water crew crossed paths with our new friend Will Judson. Will was out in Colorado at the same time as us chasing his dream of harvesting an elk with his bow, and he was by himself. Will's story should be an inspiration to anyone who has excuses as to why they don't or can't do things. Will had only even been a hunter for a few years before this, had no one to go with him in a daunting place, but yet he still was determined to work hard and get it done. Well, spoiler alert, he got it done and that's where we met him. Another awesome aspect of Will's story is the friendships that were made as our paths crossed on that random trail. None of this happens if Will decided that he couldn't do it and stayed home on his couch. Get out there and do want you want to do. It's there for the taking, you just have to take it. Congrats on an amazing accomplishment Will!  

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