Spirit Of My Father

Show Notes

On this episode of the Nine Finger Chronicles, Travis Coulter of Kentucky shares a story about his father and a big velvet buck. The underlying topic of this episode is alcoholism and how it destroyed the life of a fellow hunter. Travis talks about going hunting with his father when he was a youngster until his drinking got so bad that his uncle had to step in and put him under his wing. Both Travis's uncle and father played their role building an outdoor foundation for Travis. Fast forward to 2019, alcohol finally caught up with his father and he suffered a major heart attack he was unable to recover from. The next year Travis bought a farm. And under a huge oak tree in the middle of an open field, Travis placed his fathers ashes along with a wooden cross.

2021 came and Travis decided to place an extension ladder in that oak tree that he planned to saddle hunt out of. On opening day, September 5th, Travis connected on a big velvet buck from that tree. He's convinced his father was there the whole time and helped him seal the deal on this buck!

Show Transcript