Spring Foodplot Time

Show Notes

This week on the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast, John kicks things off with an exciting announcement he has been keeping secret for almost a year now. After the big unveiling, John moves on to one of the most exciting parts about spring, spring food plots! It was a busy weekend at the ranch as John planted all three of his spring plots for a total of around 5.5 acres. As usual, things didn't go as planned when the local seed store was completely sold out of soybeans which had been his first choice after having such success with them last year. But some quick research and a few questions led him to buying a nice mix comprised of two varieties of cowpeas, millet, soybeans, and okra. 

John also ventured into some new territory and planted his very first alfalfa plot. In an area that saw a lot of browse pressure last year, John decided to switch things up and see if alfalfa could outgrow the deers stomachs. He also increased the size of that plot by almost 4 times! Follow along as John walks the listener through his step by step process and points out what he did right and several things he did wrong.

Show Transcript