Spy History, Firearms, Gadgets & The International Spy Museum

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On today’s show with GunBroker.com, we’re talking all about spies! We open up with Allen going over the International Spy Museum. He talks about technology that we use today in our everyday life that at one point was used by spies in military aspects. One of those examples is Bluetooth, which was an early spy communication and also used as a torpedo guidance system that we now use for things like talking on our phones in our cars or to connect your smartwatch to your phone. Logan dives into just how crazy the secrecy is within the espionage world and gives an incredible example of the DEER gun, which most intelligence agencies still deny its existence. Tune into this episode brought to you by GunBroker.com, to hear all about espionage and the world of spies!

We dive into the history of Wild Bill Donovan and how he’s linked to Ian Fleming, the author of James Bond novels. Ian Fleming was asked by Bill Donovan to put together a memo that then became the charter document for the OSS, the precursor to the CIA. There’s a rumor that as a thank you for the memo, Ian Fleming was gifted a Colt Police Positive that was chrome plated and engraved “For Special Services” by Bill Donovan but that gun has yet to be seen!

Closing out we go over our favorite bits of espionage history. The group has some interesting favorites, from using a civilian to take out your target, to trying to assassinate Fidel Castro by poisoning his beard. We also go over if everyone could only have one piece of spy gear, what would they choose to have? Dan tells us about being disappointed that his first ever pair of dress shoes didn’t have a hidden compartment. If you could get your hands on one piece of spy gear what would you choose?

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