Step Up Your Bass Fishing with Andrew Wolfe

Show Notes

There are good ways of doing things and better ways of doing things, and when it comes to bass fishing, there are endless ways to become a better bass angler. One of those ways is to spend time with someone who really knows bass, has fished for them competitively for years, and is a heck of an all around outdoorsman. In other words, spend some time picking the brain of Wisconsin-native, Andrew Wolfe!

This week we're talking bass fishing and you do not want to miss this! Andrew is a lifelong bass fisherman who even represented the Badgers as a member of their college bass fishing team, and now spends his time fishing tournaments and for pleasure around the country. Heck, the guy even paid rent in grad school by winning tournaments! Throughout all that experience, he's become an incredible bass fisherman, and this week he's here to help us all level up our bass game to achieve more success on the water this year. The guys talk about the college bass fishing scene, lessons learned through fishing tournaments, scouting effectively, using the conditions to your advantage and much more. You can follow along with Andrew and his adventures on Instagram @heywolfe11 but fair warning, you will see some GIANT fish!

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