Struggling During the Month of February

Show Notes

This week's episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman is quite a bit different from normal.  Mitch rides solo and just talks about life during the winter months.  To cut it truthfully, February sucks.  Not a lot is happening if you're a deer hunter, and the reality is most of us do not have the ability to devote a lot of time to hunting, considering the months of neglect other things in life get while hunting season goes throughout fall.  

Most shows are doing a great job of keeping the fire lit for the upcoming season.  Mitch envies them, because for many it's everything we have to keep scraping by sanely this time of year!   Mitch reflects on how the Pennsylvania Woodsman began, and discusses the difficulty and frustration experienced along the way.  That begs the question, why is it here and where is it going?  Don't worry, this episode isn't all doom and gloom.  Just the reality that sometimes things get hard!  So if February has been tough on you, you're not alone.  

Show Transcript