Stuffed Pasta and Meat Sauce with Shane Ball

Show Notes

On this Episode of Huntavore, Nick welcomes back Shane Ball; former professional chef, Hunter, and all around stud in making pasta. First on the plate, taking spaghetti from good to better, without a whole lot of effort, An easy “how to” make a quality tomato sauce, and a deep dive into a pet project Nick is doing; Whitetail Liver and Leek ravioli with a mushroom cream sauce. If all this sounds incredible, buckle up and get your notes ready for this next episode of Huntavore. Shane Ball is a former professional chef and native to Alberta, Canada. Nick catches up with Shane about his big game season this year. Shane chased both Elk and Moose this year and was able to bring home a couple hundred pounds of glorious venison.  First up, a game of “Good, Better, Best” Spaghetti with meat sauce. A staple in most homes. Take a pound of ground, cook it, add it to tomato pasta sauce, scoop and serve over cooked spaghetti. Good. Whip out some frozen garlic bread to make it “special.” To go Better, Shane offers us a go to easy tomato sauce that will have you forgetting the ease of canned bland from the store. Nick adds in how he prepares the ground meat. Dry the meat on paper towels, salt, and let come up to room temp. The ground gets a way better sear. When it comes time to add the sauce, both agreed, hit the pan with a stock or a red wine, or something to deglaze the bottom of the pan and lift the fond. A quick dice of an onion works well for bringing up those brown bits. Now add the sauce and find your good dish now way better. Now into some deep talk on stuffed pasta. A whole episode could be dedicated entirely to just making the pasta. While a science, it is almost an art with the fine tuning that has to happen. Nick laid out his plan of using his archery doe liver in a ravioli. Shane offered up some great advice on pairing with a second flavor, along with making it into a mousse and piping the filling for a consistent noodle. Lots of first time tasks going on, but with Shane’s help Nick feels that if he can stay organized, some homemade raviolis will be in his future. Tappecue Meat Probes Instagram: @tappecue Website: Coupon Code 10% off: HUNT10 Huntavore is Powered by Simplecast

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