Success With No Kill

Show Notes

On this episode of the Nine Finger Chronicles, Dan talks with Jeremy Dinsmore of the Antler Up Podcast about his struggles so far this season. Jeremy hunts the big woods of Pennsylvania and talks with us about what the deer movement has been like so far this season including a spark of optimism early in the season when his trail cameras were showing daylight movement from some really good bucks. Jeremy shares a quick story about lack of penetration from an arrow that he released on on doe as well as another encounter where a hot doe brought several shooter bucks through his sooting lanes but none of them slowed down even when he tried to get them to stop.

This episode is an excellent example that reminds us all that even when you put yourself in the right position, with the right access routes, downwind of the best terrain features, things can still go wrong, and that can be very frustrating. Enjoy!

Show Transcript