Summer BS w/ Byron Horton

Show Notes

On this episode of Michigan Wild, Nate sits down with Byron Horton from The Whitetail Experience.  Nate has followed Byron over the years through podcasts and social media and was excited to sit down and have a fun BS session. Nate also learns the backstory of The Whitetail Experience and Byron's passion for filming and hunting. 


Through the episode the guys cover some fun topics...


-July 4th Whitetail kickoff

-Coordinating life and family around the passion for whitetails

-Stance on crossbows and cell cams

-Longevity of bowhunting

-Traditional Journey

-Do goals change depending on method of take?

-Tactical approach to garage beers

-Frozen pizza


Rounding out the episode Byron shares his new project G2 Mounts. An affordable and simple way to get sheds, euros, and dead heads off the floor and on your wall. 

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