Summer Gear Talk & Prep

Show Notes

In this episode of the Whitetail Experience, the guys get together to talk final summer prep before season starts. They discuss Andy's trail cam prep, Rick's elk prep progress and getting done the summer honey due projects before fall.  

Other topics include stand hunting vs saddle hunting talk with Andy, out of state hunting issues when dealing with game laws, out of state of hunting plans for 2023, oaks and summer scouting thought, carrying fewer climbing sticks, and thoughts on mobile hunting.  

Show Transcript

[00:00:00] All right. This is the Whitetail Experience Podcast, and I'm jacked up because it is hunting season in five-ish days. But at least at the time recording this. I've had some swinging and misses here in the last, oh, couple days. Friday I ran to the small farm to throw seed.

There was like 34% chance of rain. The next day, a couple popups. Looking to be in the future five day, I am like, okay, this will work for my time schedule in the family. And yeah, like it doesn't look like we're gonna get that rain. I, I don't know how that'll boat out. Like I do a winter rye, like layered approach.

So I'll throw again here mid-September. Maybe that will be my backup plan. I'm not sure, maybe I gotta order more seed and start a three layered attempt to touch later this year than norm. Time will tell. The other thing I kinda swung and a miss on is I ordered a sharpening stone for my broadheads and went to touch [00:01:00] the one up.

I put through the groundhog and I just don't think I have the low enough grit to really get that thing started in the right direction. I ordered a second stone last night. That should be here. I'd like to I've got the VPA for the stick and they're pretty sharp out of the pack. But I definitely think I could touch 'em up or at least mess with them to get 'em a touch better, if you will own that.

This is a garage cast. Oh, I did put out a pretty killer YouTube video. I don't promote a ton of my YouTube videos on here, but like the Comanche mode has been a huge success video. It's some of the gear and tactics and thoughts behind my. Oh, early season, October two sticks. Small tree stand stick, bow, ultralight, ultra minimal small filming set up, just going in the woods and having a good time.

And yeah, like I think that's a cool video if you wanna check that bad boy out. I would appreciate it guys. Good luck if you are doing a September opener and if not, we will [00:02:00] see you back here probably in a week or so. I've got a goals podcast, me and the guys recorded on this night. This is a garage cast, probably a, there's probably some swear words, but Dave was not there.

So not as many as norm. All right guys, enjoy it. This is the Whitetail Experience podcast. Second time in due to the dog decides to drink water for the first time all night in the corner. We're in the garage. It is a hot summer, evening. We got some twisted tees flowing. We got the whole crowd in here. I think we need to go around the room.

Just name who you are, that way the audience can hear your voice. And we got the whole white to experience crew minus Dave and Austin. Austin's officially a member. Yeah, Austin. Austin's a spend a little time in the girlfriend's house. Oh, 21 Young, full of energy. Yeah. Alright. He's been with a while.

He was with her a while back. I, yeah, maybe months ago. I don't know. Is she listening to this? She might gonna get him in trouble now. Andy got the thermo cells out tonight. Thermo cell's out, the bugs are out. There's limited flow of the wind with the garage. If you hear [00:03:00] some cars ripping by it is what it is the best I can do.

Apologize, big a let, let the people hear your voice. What's going on fellas? How's it going? Dust. That's Dustin. Big Zoe in the house. Been a minute. What's here? What's up guys? So we, we got together tonight shooting some bows, tinkering with some gear. A couple guys wanted to check out the cold world.

Reverse retrograde. Big A. Where are you leaving? Oh, cold World for sure. Dustin, what about you? I actually ordered the Cold War right before I came in here. And you sold your other stand quick? About four and a half minutes. Yep. That's nice when you can unload stuff. Yeah. Dave will play like a $25 game occasionally where he'll try and get max profit.

Oh man. He's the worst. Fuck yeah. Is he? Yeah. But I feel like, yeah, he wants Max profit if he's like reselling a bow or selling arrows. See, and that's where I was when I put the price on mine, I was like, I don't know if I'll get it. But that's another thing I looked up when you posted it. I didn't know if you seen was you gonna ship it or not ship it?

Was you not gonna I was gonna ship it [00:04:00] or local one week. Yeah. I was gonna ship it because shipping can get you. Oh yeah, for sure. Like I, I sold a bow back in the day, but it was that bear encounters though that we used to have. Oh yeah. Yeah. I sent it to middle of nowhere, Alabama cost me like $79 in 2000 and like 10.

Yeah. Yep. Same thing. I sold a bow a while back. Bare minimum profit. Went to post office ship was like 70 bucks. Shit. Yeah, I know. One of those lost my ass on that one. Yeah. The first thing I think I've ever shipped back in the day was a Botec destroyer and the only box I had, it was a right when I bought my Glendale for.

Target. So it was a big box. I didn't think nothing of it. I put it in there. It was 80 bucks. Yeah. I said, oh my God. So what I do now is like I, okay, let's say I post something for two 50, sell it, and I tell the guy, Hey, like I'll pay $25 shipping. But if it gets above that, let's split it. Yeah. So that way if U P Ss or whatever it says, 40 bucks.

Okay. Yep. And generally most people agree okay, yeah, if you're gonna spend $40 in shipping, like you're taking. That's hitting your margin. Let's split it after [00:05:00] that. So that's I don't know if some guys are selling you, that's something for most of the stuff I'll try to include the shipping price roughly, but for a, something smaller, like a site, I'll include shipping, but like a bow or something.

Bigger box or a stance obviously stands weight. Yeah. You definitely could, post all split shipping with someone. Yeah. I know Dave he sold, when he sold all his stuff, it was like a local pickup only. Yeah. So he put local pickup only on it. Yeah. Yeah, he didn't want to mess with shipping. We shot the bows tonight.

Byron shot. Byron shot pretty good with that. Recurve, man. Stick bows coming along, man. Yeah. Yeah. 15 yards. I'm feeling pretty confident. I better than last time I seen you. Yeah. So I shot some cold stuff too. I'll come out every morning and I got one or two errors in the quiver. I don't want, I don't want take a lot.

And like this morning, dude, I had two at 15 yards and they were both kill zone, like in the 10 ring. Are you doing Logan's shoot to eat? No I'm not I, because I would be done after like day four where I would start at 12, 13 yards and [00:06:00] then I'm not very good. Once I get above 18 yards.

Yeah, there's, it is crazy. You take one step back with a stick bow and it's like going back like 45 yards worth of compound. Like it's just not the same. I can't. I can't explain it to anybody who's never done it. The closest thing I could say is give you a scope 22 rifle. Yeah. That's like shooting a compound and then hand you a handgun and start taking steps back.

It just, everything opens up so much quicker. Gotcha. Yep. It issued instinctive too. Yeah. I've shot one arrow trying to aim and it wasn't that great and I was like, man, I'm shooting really good, instinctive. I ain't gonna play with the point on or the hold or nothing. Nothing like that. Yep.

Big A You said you're going to do Cams tomorrow? Yeah, cams hang some cams tomorrow. Public, private. Private tomorrow. I got two ready. I got a bunch but two's ready to rock and roll for in the morning. Okay. That's what I plan on doing in the morning. You gonna put 'em on mineral or scrapes or mineral?

I was told, I was almost told them I might steal your a little block over there. Yeah, dude. Yeah, I got some stuff at the house. Dude, I put [00:07:00] one of those out back here at the house and they dug her the, like root ball exposed, like they put a crater in the ground. Yeah. Did they? And I've ran some other generic salt out there, the oh, what is it?

Like a cow L salt? Yeah. Yeah. And it's cheaper, right? But they'll hit it. But whatever that block was that I got a T S C on sale, like they destroyed the backyard. And I throw it out there to hopefully, I don't know, get pictures of deer, maybe a couple more pop through the yard. My brother-in-law, he, I've talked to him, he's like flirting with the idea of hunting.

Yeah. And I said maybe you come hunt my place. 'cause I don't have a huge desire to shoot it down at the backyard. But somebody knew hunting. Oh yeah. Might be a cool way to do it. Oh, that'd be cool for him. Yeah. It'd be good. Especially if he shot one. Yeah. Oh, that'd be awesome. Drink beers around the truck right here at the drive right here.

So are you finished with all your cams? No. So let's see here. I got 12 out and then I got a couple with The small farm out la last weekend. And then I'd like to get like another four to six out in a different area, but I just, I might wait until squirrel season. Go in there with stick, bow and judo tips and like hybrid [00:08:00] squirrel hunt slash put cams out slash scout.

What about you? I got 10 and I'm saving three. For when I do get a decent buck that I like, and then I'm gonna bomb the area with the three cams that I have left. Yeah. It is nice to start the season and have some Yeah. Yeah. Because like you said, squirrel hunting, you're going in, you're who's, I'm not really squirrel hunting, but I'm going in more to scout and check cams and if I find one, I'm gonna start, going the direction that the buck came from and starting to hang some cams a little closer to where he is bed and hopefully.

Yeah. Dustin, what about you? What's your cam report? I haven't put a cam out yet. You've been living at the ball diamond? I have lived at the ball diamond all summer. Daughter started playing softball this year, so yeah. Spent a lot of time there, but no, we're going camping, not this upcoming weekend after I plan on putting cams out there.

Nice. It'll be a new piece for me. Also I think I'm gonna go down to the piece of hundred last year. Okay. And hang at least one or two there. I don't know. I'm new public piece or new private piece. It'll be a new a new public piece. Oh, nice. Yeah, I don't know if I'm gonna spend a whole lot of time at [00:09:00] the public piece hundred last year, but I might just throw a camera or two out there.

Okay. You had a buck early season last year that you were like a day behind or he was there that week. Yeah, and I'm gonna, I'm gonna go back in the St. Mary because as far as I know, he's still alive. Yeah. I got a picture him

early December. And it is back in there a good way. So early December. Yeah, there's still a lot of season left, but I think he's still alive, so I'm gonna go back in there and just see if I can't track him down. That's the only place I'm, I feel like he was, if I recall, he was most killable earlier, half of October, mid half.

It was mid, mid-October. Like early to mid-October. Yeah. Come end October, beginning of November. It was sporadic. Nighttime pictures, and it almost went nocturnal. Yeah. So is that, you got a cam out on your place yet? No I was planning on getting it done next week. I've been doing freaking tree work.

Yeah. So just getting all the trees down and everything like that. Getting up some firewood. So I got that consistent mineral spot. Yep. [00:10:00] So I'm probably just gonna grab some, just some salt somewhere. Just t s c drive by and then just throw that or water softening salt. Yep. Yeah. I've used that and been like, oh shit, this actually works.

Who knows? It doesn't, dude, if you're in a pinch and I've ran downstairs. He grabbed me like a Kroger bag full of pellets, maybe the size of a softball or something and dumped it at my property and or whatever. And yeah. What's the price on That's eight bucks a bag. It's eight bucks 40, 40 pound bag, eight bucks.

Nice. Take that bag though. I know, right? Yeah. Hell, Andy's taking the block, taking take, clean his off. I was working on the building today, man. Yeah. Byron out. He's clean. Yeah. Byron had everything scattered in his yard. They're still, dude. Okay. So that's the thing, like when you got kids, you got time to start Projects never finish.

Never finish. And like the cleanup never gets done. Your cleanup turned into a water gun fight. My boy's an assassin with that [00:11:00] hose or that with the hose. I've gotten shot more times in the nuts. Like out of nowhere, just I'll be walking across the yard, like looking at my tomato plants or watching my baby girl and all of a sudden I get blasted out of nowhere and I'm like, I can't, I don't bring a cell phone outside these days.

Yeah. Got grab me one, sir. Yeah. What do you want? Twist of teeth. Grab me. Please listen tea. Anybody else? The red, white, and blue one. Let me get that garage. Beer run. You guys are killing beer, man. I can't do it. Yeah, you can't do it right now. You're leaving? I'm gearing up. I got four weeks.

Yeah, four weeks. I say one month. Yep. That's it. Four weeks? Yep. Yep. You excited? Training, trying to lose weight? Yeah, I'm pretty excited. I'm pumped. You're probably like excited for the whole venture. Yeah, I'm just ready. I'm ready for it, man. I'm dread every day of work. I'm just, oh yeah, I'm ready to be on here.

I legit just caught off my last day of work because I'm a I've been saving all, usually I take time in the spring, couple days in the summer with the family. Do a [00:12:00] quick long, long weekend trip to Myrtle Beach or something, or camping. We didn't do any of that this year because I'm being super selfish with my, p t o and stuff.

Gearing up, man. I'm ready. I haven't had any breaks from work. I've been picking up. Extra yards to cut, try to get, make ends meet with that. And you did a couple patios and decks? Yeah, I actually, yeah, I actually built a deck and then refinished the deck and that brought in quite a bit of money this year on the side for me.

That woodworking is it's that sneaky money man. You, that those hidden skills that you have that people will pay for. Then I decided, I called you after you said, yeah, I got a little bit of woodworking skills. I was like I'll pay you. We're gonna after season, I said after season. After season, we're gonna take my shed.

We're gonna widen the doors. Yep. Like a whole stud, because then I can get my lawnmower in my shed and my garage will be a little more open in the winter. Yeah. Plan together on that and that door. Oh yeah. That'd be, we'd all be down. Oh. 'cause it takes up so much room. Yep. [00:13:00] It's definitely like a bag.

Yeah. It's and so the mower deck doesn't fit in the door. So the guy who lived in this house before me, dude, one, he couldn't hit a stud to save his life. The garage door fell off one night, but I just feel like, I don't know, his dad built houses for a living and he thought he could too.

And clearly there's three or four things I've noticed that dude just fucked up on a lot of things. Like how do you buy a shed to store all your shit and your mower can't fit in it. Yeah. Get that bitch wide. Yeah. Yeah. I think what we might do though is they make these metal rails and we can get you like a barn style door that hangs and it slides on the wheels on the metal track. I think that might be a good way to do that. Okay. All right. You can get it he's talking about a a metal garage door that would roll up. Yeah. Could. Yep. Or on, I wouldn't do tracks, but either roll up door, like he's talking about a barn style sliding door would be nice.

Yep. Okay. Yeah, those are nice. My mom's got a couple. Yeah. Yeah. We got some arenas and stuff like that, yeah. Yeah, that'd be good for you. Big A, are you saddle hunting this year, or stand only, or? No, because [00:14:00] last year, like I, I cut up a video the other day when you shot that buck out the saddle.

I meant to ask you what you think. Yeah, no I'm a stand out probably. I don't, I didn't saddle hunt too much last year. I don't know why. I just, yeah. I'm already able to stand. I do just fine. So I do like to saddle hunt with a gun. 'cause I got like a tree as a monopod in front of me. Yeah. Yep. Yeah.

I've did that, but yeah, I'm, I'll stay and hunt this year probably with the cold world. Yeah. You wanna saddle hunt? No. With that stick though I feel like that's like my biggest fear right now is oh yeah, I can't tuck into trees and I traditionally will hunt the backside of the trees a lot of times.

Where I'm like shooting past the tree towards the animal. Yep. And yeah, I'm gonna have to be on the front side or figure something out. I don't know. You going strictly stick bow this year. So the plan is barring no boomer on camera all of October, give greatness a chance where yeah, dude, what if I shot a stud buck with the stick bow?

That'd be fucking like, but to do that you gotta take a stick bow to the woods. You [00:15:00] gotta, with you. Yeah. Yeah. So I planned to, yeah, like all of October. I might go outta state in September, T b d, there's a little. Something in play with stick, stick bow going with you. Yeah, I think I'll take both in case I like snap the, snap the limb in the door something.

Yeah, exactly. Yeah. Yeah. But yeah, like down what I'm thinking about going in September. Yeah. I think I'm taking a stick. Yeah, definitely take both bows. I did, I have some confidence with it. 'cause I shoot it way more like I, I'll go a week without touching the compound and I shoot the compound a little bit on the weekends and yeah, 15 yards. I gotta get 15 yards out of state. A dough. You shooting dough? For sure. I didn't shoot any dough last year. My, my freezer is empty of meat. And dude, if I had a dough come in like 12 yards with a stick, for sure. Yep. It is a pain in the ass though. If you, if I'm out of state with a, getting a deer meat back.

I was talking to Jake Bush about it, like I gotta go re-look at the rules, but. A while back you couldn't bring the spinal cord or brain matter. Yeah, we got de basically de-bone it. So yeah. Now I think you gotta fully de-bone, like even the front the quarters. Yeah. Yeah. [00:16:00] You gotta de-bone it. That's we de-bone that whole when I to Indiana, that's what I gotta do.

We gotta That what you had to do for your, for elk? Yeah, we, yeah, we deone it all. Yeah. You gotta mess on your hands. Yeah, it's elk. Oh man. Did have you been are you going to Indiana this year? I think I'm going back to Indiana this year. I haven't been in two years. I'm gonna try and get back over there this year.

You got a farm? Yeah. A buddy of mine, he had 160 acres. He actually just purchased another 44, so puts us up over 200 acres there. You gonna go for gun season, boat season? I'm probably just gonna spread it out through the season. Yeah, I'll just weekend here. Weekend there. Yeah. They have them, they got like a Yeah, they've got a long gun season.

They got, they've got a long rifle season and a long muzzle water season but, You know what? Indiana has half the amount of both hunters of Ohio. Oh yeah. And it's roughly the same size state. Yeah. Trust me, if you were thinking about coming to Ohio, listening to this podcast. Yep. Yeah. I wouldn't, there are some big deer out there.

Yeah. There's none here. None at all. They're gone. Zero. I've never seen one dead. E [00:17:00] h d got him last year. So I I just talked Friday with Chris last name we Weiss, I'm gonna mispronounce that. But a powerlifter dude, he was on the Exodus podcast about a month ago. Great guy, super good on the woodsman skills.

Like he's going to Maryland next year. He comes to Ohio every year. Pennsylvania guy. So just, Pennsylvania, it sounded like Hunts of mountain bucks, like he was talking about, yeah, I've glassed a few oaks. He goes, I got some stuff dialed, but Yeah, he got me really fired up for this year.

And just thinking about what's to come. How quick question. You're talking about oaks. I, this year I tried to start taking the Binos when I go out to hang cameras and I'm glassing up in the trees and I was looking at yours out here. How big are the, a acorns supposed to be this time of year?

Are they big? Because what I'm seeing is a lot of these they're almost like a little bit bigger than pea size, maybe smaller than the dime. Is that so my red oak outback my red oaks outback are, they're like maybe the size of like a big [00:18:00] peanut or a half a peanut. Okay. Because I just, I like a peanut m and m I just wonder if some trees don't produce as big terminology as other trees.

Yeah. If maybe there's a smaller, like species subspecies of like white oak. So when I was, so I, and then when I was when I was in the woods in July, hanging cams and it got really windy that week. And I noticed like half developed white Oaks on the ground. Yeah. And they were the size of Hershey Kisses.

Okay. That's a little bigger than what we're getting in my area. So I'm wondering if maybe the whites are gonna be shit. This year down there where I'm at. I have no clue. Then the reds didn't have much on it either, but everybody's talking about the acorns are gonna be good this year. So Chris was telling me it also depends on like your frosting in like March, April, like Turkey season.

'cause Turkey season you get 30 degree mornings. Yeah. And he said sometimes that'll stunt some whites. Okay. And from my limited time in the woods, the house here. Yeah. I think the reds are gonna have a better year than [00:19:00] average. Okay. And this is, I've only been in the woods like a handful of times. But like from Jake the conversations with Jake Bush, my personal observations, I think the whites are still happening in a couple of my places.

Stunted a little bit, but yeah not, I don't think what it was two years ago. I'm sure the deers still eat 'em when they're small though, right? I would assume. And then what's your oak tree out here that's got the different leaves on it. That's got the small ones on there too, right by where we shoot our bows.

All the way in the back or the broken one on the left? This one right here, the broken one on the right. Hang the bows next to where you hang the bows. It's like a salt. Oh, it's a weirdo. It's like a salt tooth of or something. Dude, I, that thing has never produced nuts since I lived here.

Gotcha. It's got a few on there now. It's little. Yeah. I've never really like noticed or whatever. I've got a few reds in the back and then the white is there's a big white one right by the fire pit area. And then there's a white one that's broke, like right off the back here. Yeah.

And it, the white one that broke has never really produced. I don't know, dude I actually, Jake Bush was telling me this. We're having a [00:20:00] conversation. We just go, you know what? You can't predict Oaks. Yeah. You can't like this is my first year. Walk in the woods in September and figure out what's going on.

Yeah. That's what I usually have done in the past. This is my first year that I'm actually like trying to attempt to. To glass the trees to see what's gonna happen. But I'm not seeing anything. And I, but I used to do in the past is just walk in. You stepping on 'em. Yeah. And there's a mess of 'em kicking deer off in the dark.

Exactly. Stuff like that. Like that's where I feel like you find your oaks. Dude, I used to squirrel hunt a good amount. Uhhuh. And towards the second half of September when you transition more to a hickory's instead of walnuts, that's when I would be on the deer come opening day. 'cause I would just stumble across the Better Oaks.

Yeah. But I don't squirrel hunt anymore. You haven't been in a while. Yeah. Take the boy, get out there, man. Yeah. Yeah. I'm about to go out back is what I'm about to do. There we go. I was just telling who, who was asking me about my bird feeder? Oh, me? Yeah. Yeah. I was like, I'm gonna fill the bird feeder because I might try and whack a few with some juto tips.

Yeah. There it is. Yeah. [00:21:00] I just wanna kill some shit with that stick mode. Just confidence. Yeah. Yeah. Dude, when I killed that groundhog, man, it was like me with a BB gun at 16. I was like, I think you'd get some squirrels on the ground, man. Would you do different fletching though, those big fletching more for foo because a lot of guys Yeah.

They shoot birds or something with the yeah. Shoot birds. They used to have a couple foo. They, yeah. What's the range on those are meant It's 10 yards far, right? Yeah. They like died. Yeah. 15 yards. Okay. You should that's in your wheelhouse for your rent. Yeah. 15 yards. I don't know.

Maybe I'll get slightly elevated one morning and be out there and try and catch one. I don't know. What about none of us draw any kind of controlled hunt attack? No. No. But didn't you forget to submit Zo had it all in the cart? No doubt. Yeah. Zoe had $300 worth of. Tagged in the carton and then just forgot to check out.

Dude, you know what's bullshit about that is someone told me had, I thought one they accept out-of-state guys on that draw hunt. Really? Oh yeah. The year, a couple years ago when I got mine months later it'll send me like a thing [00:22:00] of where. Everyone that applied lived, dude, there was people in Florida, Wisconsin.

What in the world, dude? All over the place. So you're telling me Ohioans who live here, don't get first dibs on that. That's the bullshit. That's that's crooked, man. But although, oh, what was it the, with New York or Pennsylvania guys, the New York guys were the ones that were poaching.

They got busted. Yeah. I don't think we've ever talked about that on the podcast. Yeah. I'm not sure if you rewind, what was it, two years ago? Yeah. Yep. Not last year, but the year before. Yeah. Two years ago, Amy and Dave, like literally cop poachers, like muzzle er hunting in sections. They couldn't and shooting deer from the truck.

And like Dave tried to flag down a warden during muzzle loader season, the warden drove by and I was so mad because, like muzzle You discharged like Dave, what did Dave shot himself in the foot. Yeah. And the warden doesn't see somebody in orange waving their hands over their head. Clearly trying I was su We made a video about it.

Yeah. That he never stopped. Just kept driving. Yeah. But those guys that, that particular truck, some [00:23:00] listeners followed up with me and that truck got pulled over a year later. Busted full nine charged. Yeah, even a year later. They were poaching a gun I think two years later. Actually.

Now I think about it. It was last season. It was last season. So were poaching game. I think once a poacher, always a poacher man. Seems like it. You get that must be like an adrenaline rush and it's. I don't know why these guys do it, man, but it's sad. It really is. But I'm glad they got caught.

Oh yeah, a hundred percent. They got what they deserve. Hopefully they got charged. Maybe some. I doubt they get jail time. No, it's a slap on the wrist anymore probably. This is fine. I'm sure. Yeah. Yeah. Like obviously you shoot a big butt, like the fines are like Yeah. Life changing. Yeah. Like 10, 20, 30 Gs.

Yeah. But if I stepped outside and saw a dog cross the road right here and smoked her with a 22 mag, you're talking like $600. Oh yeah. Wow. Yeah. Yeah. It's not nothing that you would just it's crazy. Like you can do some crazy illegal things and it's a couple hundred dollars fine.

I used to read that that section in Ohio, outdoor news [00:24:00] cuffs and collars and I was shocked that like guys wouldn't have a license. They shot a deer in the face with a 17 H M R. And they'd be like, oh, it was like a $429 fine. No hunting rights lost. Like just $400. Yeah. And that wasn't the first time they did it either.

Probably first time they got hundred percent. Yep. Definitely not. Yep. Definitely takes this sport out of it, man. What do you got two sticks attached to your stand. You take the cranford also. So I got those two really long haters, I think in October. Oh yeah, I've seen the ERs who, there's a name on the, yeah, the hang free guy.

Hang free. So one of those is like a one strip, like a inch strap webbing. And it climbs better, it holds better out, but the amp still one's packed. Really nice. Yep. So I've been messing with both. I think I'm gonna go m I didn't un loosen the m still one. Is it about the same length? Yeah, same length.

You pack so small. Oh yeah. It's am, yeah. Yeah. Yeah I think I'm gonna do that. Where's the AM field from? Same place. [00:25:00] Same place, same dude. Hang free. Yeah. Yeah. I'm gonna try and get him on the podcast. Where where's he out of? He's out of Florida. Two young guys two young guys.

Yeah. Like in their mid twenties, one dude played hoops at Florida, I think, or Florida State. Geez. That's cool. Yeah. The one brother's six four. The other guy's six. Six. Jesus. I got to see him at the Mobil Hunter Expo in Michigan. Yeah. And Stand up like cool guys. Like a brand you'd wanna support or whatever.

Yeah. I unrolled that. Not the oh shit. Not the AmSteel eighter, but unrolled the webbing. Aider, yeah. I'm like, damn, this is nice. Yeah. Yeah. So that one's nicer, but it doesn't pack as good. Hell, maybe I'll just run one. Yeah, they're both, yeah, they're both really nice. Just the one's webbing, so it's gonna pack a little bit bigger bulkier than the M Steel.

Yeah. You guys run ERs of any sort right? In dust? I'm going to, this year I just, Andy's brought me yeah. So la yeah. Last year I had one cable eighter, and then I actually made my own cable eaters, but this year I'm gonna go legit ERs like that. You're running the RS that Yeah. I'm going.

I, [00:26:00] so I think I'm going to switch to just two sticks this year. You you guys know, LA later in year, last year on my private piece, I hunted a little lower. And I think that's I'm going focus on staying low and just. You're trying to stay low as much as I can so I can, carry two.

It's so much faster. Yeah. It's so much easier on your body. Like last year, I hunted four sticks high every time and yeah. So you never the thing with me I'll carry four and I'm like, I might only use two, but then I always legit try to put four up. Yeah. That was me. I was like, I'll carry all four just in case I need 'em.

Yeah. And then I'll always, then I always have four and then I'm up. Yeah. One 18 foot in the tree. One thing I started doing the last two years is after I killed Buck two years ago, and I went to where he was standing and I took a picture of my setup and I was just below tree line behind me.

It was perfect. Last year I shot the big buck. I went to where he was. I took a picture of my setup. I was right behind, right below the tree line from where it meets the blue skyes. Yeah. So that, that 2, 3, 2 and a half, three sticks is perfect. And that the [00:27:00] thing with the ERs too, they're probably three foot long, maybe the two step ERs.

Yeah. Yeah. So you legit might only need two sticks. Yeah. So that gives you a lot. Dave and I were doing like the math, right? Like I can comfortably stand up and reach a speed button, like at my head heights and my top of my sticks. Sevenish foot, right? I'm six foot. Yeah. Like I can get a stick seven foot.

So two of those, I'm getting 14 foot, let's call it a one foot gap into the stand. 'cause I don't want it to be a huge gap. Yeah. Yeah. So I can get 15 foot pretty darn quick and easy with two sticks and two haters. Yeah. And two double eights. Two double eights. No. On each of those. But yeah, like that's pretty doable for sure.

That's my plan actually in October. Two sticks. Stick bow. Everyone says you shoot over the top of deer's back with stick. Keep me low. Good night. Dog's never invited back to the podcast, so just yak all over the drive. No, he is just tall. Just doing dog. I seen Dave. We you was literally in the tree with him.

He shot a deer. First time he ever shot a stick bow out of a tree. Stand and hit it, dude. Yeah, he was like, he lucky dude. That deer was 22 yards. Dave was kneeling. Yeah. Far as [00:28:00] hell. Just smoked it. It ran 12 yards back. Yeah. Zo did that tonight. He dust dusted his bow off, blow the dust off the first time in six years, shoots a heart shot.

30 yards. 30 yards. Amazing. Yeah. Perfect. 11. Yeah, that's good. So sticks. Okay, so you're gonna take two in. Why not just take three and leave one at the base of the tree? If you're. That's what, just in case you run into a situation, two's really easy under that seat. I don't know if I can get three under there.

Okay. And don't get me wrong, come to Rutt when I'm taking the compound, taking all the bullshit gear and less leaves or less, tree cover. I'm gonna, I might have a situation during the rutt. I do find myself where I'm like, not lot to cover, get as high as I can. Yeah. But come October.

Yeah. Like I just, dude, I wanna be lean and mean. In October, I wanna scout one night. I'm on a hunt. Like I just. It's my theme this year is Comanche mode, is what I'm talking about. That's the, you did that the year you killed that buck at that one place, and Zoe and Dave went to help you.

Oh, yeah. Went in and just scouted that union. Yeah. Yeah. I've killed a few, like Yeah. [00:29:00] That buck, I killed like 12 foot off the ground. Yeah. And then the one buck I killed three foot off. One other but the snow buck, I was like 25. I was four long sticks with a giant eighter at the bottom.

Like it just takes all kinds. Yep. Yeah. So that's, that was my thought of running two sticks because I run the X O P J hooks. So I've gotta have two or four for that j hook to work. So I think I should run two. And that is the negative of the J hook. There's single, why does it J hook? It wants to, it pivot almost.

Yeah. It'll pivot and won't hold it tight. It won't hold a tight, no, it won't. I tried it last year, so get you a little block of water or something. I think there's an aftermarket company and I don't know who it is, but I've seen a couple guys post it. But I think there is like a single hook.

I those tighten straps don't do a bad job of holding one stick 'cause they're pretty wide and you can pull 'em tight or whatever. 'cause they're rubberized. Just, that's why I asked you who made those aiders. Like I used to know every company back like A year, two years ago, like every damn company that was customizing shit.

But now there's so many and I've been out Facebook. Yeah, that's what it is like there used to be like four or five players. [00:30:00] Yeah. And now there's probably 25 like the am still guy Sam. That's probably who I would've bought my stuff from. But now you said you like those a lot, so Yeah, that's probably what I'll get.

Let's let's take a pause. Piss break. And wife's sitting there run the vacuum, so this'll be a good time to, did she text?