Tagged Out! My 2022 Archery Buck

Show Notes

Lightning can strike twice! This week on the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast, John tells the story of his 2022 Archery buck. A buck he took on the same day out of the same stand as his archery buck in 2021! John had a little history with this big eight point, and even came close to shooting him with a rifle in 2021. The buck was a little more consistent in 2022, but nowhere close to being paternable. That all changed after the rut though when the buck became a slave to his stomach and started hitting a food source on a regular basis.

The big eight suddenly became one of the most consistent and paternable bucks John had ever hunted, something John has seen a lot during late season. He was so consistent in fact, that John had no problem being patient and waiting for the right time to hunt him. That patience almost cost John the buck however when hog hunters on horse back and a pack of dogs interrupted one of his hunts! In the end though, waiting was the right call, and three days after Chirsmas, John was finally able to punch his second Oklahoma buck tag on the big eight!

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