My 2022 Oklahoma Muzzleloader Buck

Show Notes

EPISODE 100! Holy smokes can you believe that. What better way to celebrate 100 episodes than with a good ol big buck success story! Finally, John is telling his October muzzleloader buck story this week on the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast. It was a weekend full of rain and very little deer movement, but in the end John was able to find some success and put his tag on a really nice Oklahoma buck.

John was very limited in hunting time this year after the birth of his daughter in July, and had put most of his season's hope into the last weekend of October during the state's muzzleloader season. The weekend had been good to John in the past, with several mature buck sightings over the years. John put in for a vacation day that Friday to make it a long weekend, but as the time approached, so did the bad weather. After a few slow hunts, John kept telling himself that as soon as the weather breaks, the bucks would be coming out. His patience paid off, and he was rewarded with a dandy Oklahoma 10 point buck!

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