Tales of an Old Derelict Bow Hunter

Show Notes

This week on the Ohio Outdoors podcast, the guys start the first of their series with Dr. Ed Ashby of the Ashby Bowhunting foundation. Dr. Ashby has spent nearly 30 years researching arrow flight, penetration, and overall physics of what works best in a hunting arrow. From Antelope to Hippos, he’s spent time testing arrow weight, broadhead design, fletching set up and many, many more aspects to arrow design. This episode will cover Dr. Ashby’s background and how he got into the research arrow research. 

Island Paul is in full effect this week enjoying some RnR down south. Paul took a fishing trip to Lake Erie last week in Port Clinton and was very successful! Andrew turned a year older, and got himself another (probable) torn meniscus in his “good knee”! YEA to getting old! The archery hike is complete, and congrats to Justin Ross and his crew for a spectacular event!! We are closing in on 2 months to opening day for deer archery season, and even closer to dove season. Hunting season is coming!!!

Show Transcript