Tales of an Old Derelict Bow Hunter Part 2

Show Notes

This week on the Ohio Outdoors podcast, the guys continue their discussion with Dr. Ed Ashby.

Dr. Ashby begins discussing his 12 factors for arrow penetration. The science in this episode is over the hosts heads, but hopefully you can learn a thing or two. A lot of the information presented is common knowledge, but Dr. Ashby puts it all into one list for simplicity. This is part 2 of the series, and will cover the first 6 factors of the list.

Island Paul is back and better than ever. A week of vacation and he’s ready to roll. Both guys have been out tuning arrows and getting things ready. Andrew’s fighting his target panic with a hinge release, but really might just need some Xanax. The hunting season is fast approaching, with just about 60 days left until Deer Archery around the state. The state fair begins this week from July 27- August 7. Lottery hunt applications are due July 31!!!

Show Transcript