Tales of the Chase: A Buck Nicknamed "Lucky"

Show Notes

This week on the Missouri Woods & Water podcast we get to talk with friends of the show Tristin Williams and Tate Kerrigan with Final Cut Outdoors about an awesome story of a southern Iowa buck nicknamed Lucky that Tate was able to harvest last season.  Lucky was holding up in an area many would overlook and Tate was able to put the pieces of the puzzle together in this overlooked parcel and take down this 177" giant of a whitetail.  It is an awesome story that you can listen to and then go watch at the link below!!  Thanks for listening! 

Watch The Hunt Here!!!

Show Transcript

[00:00:00] Welcome to the Missouri Woods and Water Podcast with your host, Nate. Andy. And Micah. Was that Phils? That was much better than last week. I know. Did you listen back? Like we just talked about this. You didn't listen to the show? We all know you didn't. I haven't yet. Okay. Did I forgot about it this morning?

I forgot about it, but I listened to your intro. What the hell were you doing? Hot. I don't know. I probably Hot garbage. I was probably trying to do something funny and I didn't think you just stopped talking. Yeah, I don't know man. Last, that show says Welcome to the Missouri Woods and Water podcast and then just nothing.

Yeah. I don't know. I'm like, yeah, I was having an off night. We've actually had quite a bit go on since we recorded our last one cuz we got one [00:01:00] ahead and Yeah, we haven't been doing it like every week we've, we had Andrew come to town. Yeah. Shit. Does that been since that was since then. It's been since then.

Yeah. Let us talk about that. That was last Wednesday. Was that last Wednesday? Yeah, it was last Wednesday he came in. So our buddy with the O two podcast. Yeah. Come, came to. For his first ever coyote hunt. Not even just I think he's coyote hunting prior. I don't think he has. Definitely.

He tried. I know he said he tried at his house once and he called in like the neighbors neighbor's dog or something. Yeah. Something. I don't think he's actually went out basically his first time hunting Yeah. Ready for to come see us and was shooting his gun and he got the cops called on house.

That's why we used to press our phones. Yeah. Yeah. But so what's cool is he came to see us on his way to Oklahoma. Yeah. For the for the hog hunt. Sportsman's Empire Hog Hunt. Put on by our buddy at the Oklahoma Podcast, Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast. I really wish we could gone hu anyways and I wasn't actually supposed to get to go with you guys.

But things changed with my job, [00:02:00] unfortunately. And I made it home where you guys had just done the one set before I made it. Nobody. Okay. What? Yeah, I heard you. Yeah. Yeah. We just done it one time. Dude, it started out Oh really? Freak, brutal. Yeah. And we're like, and, but we warned him. We're like, dude, man, in this time of year, pretty sure you and I even fought a little bit.

Yeah. I was like, I was cranky. I just drove like 10 straight hours. I didn't want him to come down here and get skunked. Yeah. That sort of thing. Which there for a little bit. I was real nervous that was gonna happen. Yeah. Dude, this guy drove what was like 10 hours to get here. Yeah.

Something like that. He got and it was like dry stand. Dry stand. Heard them how a ways off. A long ways off. Yeah. Then we seen one and we did shoot and miss at one. It gave us one opportunity. Yeah. It was like 300, 350 yards. Something like that. Yeah. We had a headshot opportunity. Headshot. And it was one of those things, it wasn't coming closer, it was just sitting there looking at us.

We tried, didn't roll, failed. And then we started getting into some more Hows, which Micah? Oh, you guys rolled it. You [00:03:00] rolled it from what I could see it rolled. If you watched the video, it looks like it rolled. It's a chance that we actually smoked it, but it did not. And then we got into right there late in the night after one 30 is when it got hot.

We, we ran her into the, to the wee morning. I didn't. We did. Yeah. I didn't get. I didn't lay my head on my pillow till four 30 that morning. Yeah. And woke up and went to work at eight. Dude, it was bad. But no, we got into him. We ended up killing two that night we had, when we finally got into him. What was out in that field?

Five? Was it five or six? There's at least six, yes. Six out point in field. Mid one field, which is, around here. Pretty good. Yeah. Now they were ways out. They were like 800 yards or something, but we finally, you finally tickled their fancy and got 'em to come in. What did they do? What did you do?

Tickled their fancy tick because they were walking away from us. Like he was throwing everything in the book at 'em. And then finally he switched. I think we were doing You started doing fights? I, yeah. See. Which kind of odd to me because like a pup [00:04:00] distress was not working. They were leaving.

And went to a mature coyote fight. Oh boy. Yeah, that's when they closed ground in a hurry. Yep. Got one of those shot. We unloaded some mags at the other ones running away at 600, 700 yards. Now the one we shot wasn't even the ones we watched Run in. No. He came from, this one comes from behind us and just appears at 130 yards.

Yeah. He, it was the prototypical night hunt scenario. Oh yeah. Shit. Dogs just showing up from anywhere. It was like, it was February all over again. Yeah. But Andrew got to put that one down on his own. Like he, I dropped that sucker. Yep. He's the only one that shot it. And then we had one that kind of winded us the next set and then the set after that, we were actually packing up the leave and Micah spotted one come over the hill.

And after a little Coke, holy Hill. I don't recall that one. The one we killed? Yeah. No, I'm, why am I freaking one on the pond? Dam. You went to the pond Dam. Like we were literally done. 1, 2, 3 shot. I was running this. Yeah. Okay. I was on the scanner the whole time and I'm watching y'all six, like everybody was behind me.[00:05:00]

Watching the other way. And I'm like, I had the lid closed on my thermal. I don't open it back up. And I, we heard 'em how from that direction at some point, but the wind was blowing that direction. Sure. But I was like, I'm just gonna scan this right here. I know there's three other scanners, or guys with guns behind me, they can cover that.

And I'm just literally watching this hilltop. And then finally they're like, okay, let's done, we're done. And I was like, oh, there's one right there, dude. And he was close, a hundred and something yards. He was popping up over, over the hill, going back over the hill, going back. And finally he decided to come on in.

And now the guy was old man. He was, both the coyotes were really old. Both of 'em had messed up teeth, but that one had like ground had no, he had no bottom teeth, ground down man. And his bottom canines were like these massive, like tusk looking things. It was weird. Yeah. But old dog. And of course I forgot to hit record on both the ones.

Of course you did. I didn't hit record on the last one. Yeah. I got the first one, but 3, 2, 1. That one. Yep. And so we're not, there was a few shots in him so everybody gets credit for that. [00:06:00] Freaking took one to the dope. He did take, but Andrew got on a couple dogs. Andrew goes, oh, look at that.

And his eyeballs just hopefully made it a good Missouri thermal experience for him. And it was a nice way for us to shut down the thermal season. Didn't he say by the end of the first set he was hooked? Oh, yeah. Didn't see, and like you guys, we didn't see nothing. We're like, we seen a raccoon in a shed.

Yeah. Yeah. That was it. So we were like, oh, okay. That's all it takes, did you tell him you saw some dogs that were mice in a waterway? No, we didn't have any situations like that. Yeah, I didn't have any of them. I'll stop messing with you. How about that? Yeah, but it happened. It happens.

But anyway, yeah. That was since the last time we recorded so some events shit, I forgot about that. Yeah. Yeah. Thermal season's over. Dang it. It is over. Sucks. Yep. And actually right now, I think until the 10th, can't even hunt coats. Not during daylight hours. You can do it at nighttime with natural light.

So moonlight only. I wanna know who actually does that though. And that's, if there was snow, that's gotta be snow on the ground. Super safe. If there was snow in a bright ass moon, I can see it. I've done that one time. Really? Yeah. A full moon with snow cover. Pretty freaking sweet because it [00:07:00] worked. I bet it would.

But pretty sweet. Yeah, that, that's the only time I've ever done. It'd be pretty tough. Yeah, I would think so. But 10 days and then you have a week and then Turkey season starts. And when Turkey season starts, you can't hunt them. You can only hunt them with Turkey hunting methods. So a shotgun, no e callers, you have to use mouth calls.

Pretty cool. Yeah. But let's get into Aha. Thanks Andrew for letting us take you out. It was a good time. Yeah. We come back and see. We're glad he's he basically invited himself and we appreciate it. Yeah. I just wanted to give him a hard time. He's I know I've invited myself, but there he's, it's fine.

Oh my God. Did you wanna sleep in my bed too? Jesus dude. No, I'm just kidding. Probably. Where you sleep that night? Up in truck. Truck in my driveway. I felt bad. Poor guy. Good dude though. Yep. Yeah. Hopefully. I think they're gonna have a show about the Oklahoma hunt. I'm gonna hear how everything went.

Yeah, we'll see how that went. Kind looked like a blast. Yeah, I know. They killed some hogs. Yeah. Yeah. Good for them. Let's run through these sponsors and get to the let's do it. Meat and [00:08:00] potatoes. Yeah. All right. New sponsor for us this year. Or new, yeah, new sponsor for this, for us this year. A local company to Missouri Woods and Water, just down in Arkansas.

Morel targets. I've, I love Morel Targets. I do too. I've shot, I've had two of them and they have lasted me a very long time, so super excited about that. Yeah. We're actually probably gonna have Tanner on at some point to talk about what goes into Target. What goes into a quality target.

How the hell do they test him, what to look for, what, yeah. Because he told me him and I were on the phone, I don't know, a couple weeks ago talking about. This and they do some crazy testing down there. Yeah. On not just their stuff, but competitors to try to figure out like where they want to sit, how they, they make their own foam.

So this is all stuff that they produce. So it's all in-house. Yeah. In Arkansas for the most part. Yeah. Yeah. Gonna be doing some stuff with them there. I don't know exactly what but check 'em out, morell targets.com. You can order directly from their website too. I think we're [00:09:00] gonna have a discount code at some point, but don't quote me on that, but check 'em out there.

There's all kinds of stuff. They've got bad targets. What options? Yeah. I'm the high roller. The big high roller is something I'm want to definitely go with. So check 'em out. Memorial targets. Athlon optics. Ridiculous. They good optics. Ridiculously good part. You guys know there's two parts to that, right?

Then why does he only have the one written down? Because it's, I didn't write anything down. I justed he shit. You said ridiculously good optics. That's not written, that's typed, no, I just wanna give you a hard time. You're getting on my nerves. I know. We need a vacation from each other.

Do it. We're getting ready to pump up using some of those that actually they have a really sweet red dot I wanna put on a shotgun. Did it just come out or has it been a There is a newer one. No, we saw it at HTA I think. Oh really? The new one, there is a newer one that they did release. I don't know the name of it, but they have anything from red Dots all the way to some long range scopes.

And did you see that girl that just broke the record? I did a two mile record. Yeah. It was like, did you see how big the freaking gun was? Yeah. You know what? It's topped [00:10:00] with the Kronos. I know, but you see how big the gun Yeah, she was. She was. But yeah, she shot it with a Alon Kronos. That's awesome.

So here's my question to you. Thermal season's over my sixth arc. Gonna be my deer gun next year. Okay. Especially for the sun. Okay. Suns. Do I use a cutie mount system and put that Kronos on there? I just get, or not the Kronos, the I'd just get another six arc that I tech. Yeah, I'd just get another six arc.

It's me. I just like shooting, so I just, I don't, I haven't bought the QD mounts so I just, you know the mounts I'm talking about the ones that Calder the bob Bros. Yeah, I know what you're talking about. $350 I think. But cause for three 50 bucks I can, a lot of ammunitions cyto scope that might attack scope is currently slot slated to go on my npr.

Oh, I would put that on that six arc. Yeah. Yeah. I don't think you're doing the scope justice by putting it on the [00:11:00] 2 23. I'm being, something's gotta go on the 2 23 is my point. Okay. So I can't decide should I get another scope for the six arc like the Kronos because it's got that badass radical two you see my dilemma?

So where I'm at, if it was buy another gun, the six, another gun gonna be my night gun moving forward. What do you do? Do you buy the six arc Damnit Andy? If you're sold on the six arc, just buy another six arc. I'm certainly sold on it. If it was me, I'd be putting that Kronos on your 22.

Two 50 that I'm would be using daytime cow hunting, which the areas is on it. Yeah. Which I love. Then I put the Aries on the six. Potato. That's what I would do. Yeah. I like that. Anyways. Athlon optics, check them out. Yeah. Midwest Gun Works. If you need something for your, like a QD Mount or to build a Six Arc or any other type of firearm, Midwest Gun Works, I might just send Cameron a text and be like, Hey, you know that build list on that six Arc repeat times two?[00:12:00]

Yeah. Copy paste because boom. Yeah. Use Code Woods and water for 5%. Not Woods and water. Woods Water. Woods Water. Woods Water. What's for 5% off? Midwest Gun works.com Rivers Edge Tree stands. Yes, sir. I was gonna say, don't forget, Midwest Gun works for your gunsmith needs. Oh yeah. They specialize in shotgun parts right now as a big, Turkey season coming up.

Everybody's getting them out. If you guys run into stuff, man don't hesitate. Call them. See if you can get in their shop. If you need to get the parts so you can do it yourself. Yeah. You can also get on like their Instagram message him there, Cameron. He's the one that takes care of that, so he's gonna see it.

I know they've expanded their facility since we've been there. We've been there. Yeah. We need to check it out again. But we went to their facility and just like their warehouse room full of parts, specifically shotgun parts is mind blowing. Did you ever get, did Pat ever get his fixed, his shotgun?

Yes. He gave up. Like he, and he sent to them. He didn't send it to them. I told him to send it to him. He's no, I don't care. [00:13:00] Check 'em out though. Yeah, Midwest Gun Works River's Edge Tree stands take two. Use the code Missouri 10 for 10% off, plus free shipping. So it's 20% really on any, hang on or ladder stands.

We got a shit ton of work to do this year. Yeah, we got some stands coming. We got some stands coming, I think. I did some walking around the other day. I was some walking about. Did you? I was, I was picking up my cameras and I had my littlest daughter and I was like, you know what, I'm just going check everything out.

So we went and found a shed and I found some new places I wanna, put some stay ins, that sort of stuff. Yeah. I really want to take all my stands down that currently there and redo my entire farm setup. Do it. It's a good idea. I get some time. I'm doing it. I got several two man stands this time just cuz I'm like, man, I'm really, I'm trying to think of the boys.

And like, all right, I can hunt out of a two man. Yeah. But the boys can't hunt out, hang on with me. What's the easier, unless you put like the one setup higher, have two hang ons, but then you have to have two hang ons to do that. And it's not the easiest thing to get in and out of for a child.

You have to have the right tree and be [00:14:00] able to Yeah. That ladder's a lot safer for than climbing. Definitely. For sure. We'll be doing some of that this year. Talking about safety. They have the lifeline. Lifeline and their new Oh, the lockdown system. The lockdowns. Lockdowns. Yeah. You can secure it to the tree from the ground.

Did you see the lockdown? 360 ladder stand they got? Yeah. It's pretty sweet. Yeah. Pretty banana. Hardly. Yeah, it's a lock. It's a lockdown setup too. Then you can put like a blind around it too. We did not get that. I do have a blind that I still have to put together. Do you know what's in my, my shed now?

Did you happen to notice it's not near your shed anymore? Did not. I took it home one day. I'm like, I'm just gonna put it together in my shed sometime on the concrete. So if anybody needs anything, just go to Andy Shed cuz he doesn't notice anything because he doesn't notice Anything's missing.

Four big boxes just gone out the front of your shed. I have cameras. Damn it. Alright. Lucky Buck. Actually I just did a post last week cuz I dumped. Yeah, lucky bucking both my farms. I haven't mowed yet, but I need to. So definitely not need to go April 1st. That's kind. I was like, you know what, April 1st I'm gonna [00:15:00] go do it.

I was actually at a I was in Iowa at a Tyson's, it's spelled the chicken? No, it's spelled t h e i s e N S. It's like a farm and home store. Oh really? But apparently it's pronounced Tyson's. I could be wrong. Anyway, I went in there to I'll be honest, take a shit. Shocker. And I just started shopping around cuz I was driving from northwest Iowa to freaking Chicago and I was tired so I was just shopping around and I walked by the lucky buck and I'm like, Hey, buy this and can I get home?

So I got home. We hunted with Andrew that Wednesday night. Yeah. And that Thursday I was basically off did some stuff in the office. I took Bennett and we went out and dumped Lucky Buck. So that's why I did it. But check them out. Lucky buck mineral.com. It's time folks. It is time. One full bucket a month.

Yes sir. Follow the plan. Yep. OnX use the code [00:16:00] MWW 24 20% off something that we use all the time. You're obviously gonna use it too, so hey, try to risk free for seven days if you don't like it. Yep. Quit. I don't quitter. I don't see how you won't like it. Honestly, if I lost my OnX now, I don't know what I would do.

There's so many damn pins on that thing now. Oh gosh. It's my lifeline for work definitely too. Oh yeah, for sure man. I use it daily so check it out. OnX Hunt, download the app. Camel Fire haven't been on it a few days, I'm guessing it's got archery stuff on it currently. Or do you think it has Turkey.

Turkey stuff? I said that last time Turkey's too late. Is that I was way wrong. They're already on something else. Testing man. You still got time. This looks like Turkey stuff. Oh, trail cam Tuesday. This is a Tuesday. That's not a thing. There are trail cameras. Oh. And you can get your out Outback outdoor Turkey pack, grand Slam.

That's sweet deal right there on that Turkey on that [00:17:00] Grand slam bag. Grand Slam. 145 bucks. That's a 42% off. It's not bad. That's a good deal On the grand slam vest. Anybody's looking some more hunt. Some Turkey stuff, some more Alps. Outdoor stuff. Bunch of stuff. Oh we got some decoys. All kinds of goodies.

So it is Turkey stuff. Heavy Turkey stuff. Oh, I think I want to that flex tone right there and then more trail cams and got, Andy's finally been right because there's a shit ton of trail cams right there. And there's a handful Turkey Tuesday as well. Turkey and trail cam Tuesday. I'll go with it.

You got it. And Sister company, black Ovis. Use our code Mww 10 for 10% off. Your orders now would be a decent freaking time if you're planning on getting arrows. To do, use the arrow ID builder. Everybody freaking puts everything off like me and everybody they do it. But that arrow ID builder is the shit.

Yeah. It's legit. And going now and I'm potentially, might have to use it again because I'm probably switching bows this year [00:18:00] and I don't know if that bow's gonna take the arrows that I have take it. So I'm might have to switch arrows. So I'm definitely gonna be using the arrow ID builder if I do that.

Yep. And last but not least, you heard this last week, new partner to us, Webber Outfitters. Yeah. Be looking for some shows. I did a little video last week on the old Facebook stuff. Yeah. And social media, social medias. But we're gonna be doing some content with them. Andy Micah, I think you're gonna be getting new Bos this year, and we have, I guess you haven't decided for sure what you're doing, but.

I'm getting a new bow for the first time ever. Actually. You guys know that, that assassin. I take that back. I used a reflex first. First bow ever. This is your first brand new bow. This is my first actual bow. I guess you'd call it like a real big boy's bow. This is what I would call it. I'm still shooting a 2011.

I know your draw link. I'm not really sure. Yeah. I dunno if that's considered big boy. You're the one. Yeah, my triax, that was last. That was my first, yeah. Bought, I always bought used [00:19:00] before that. Anyway it's a 12 year old bow and I'm gonna be, making a switch. So some of the content I think we're gonna put out there with Webber is we're gonna do some shows walking people through that process.

What's it like getting a new, because it can be a little intimidating. I'll be honest with you. I've stopped into bo shops before and shot, like when BoTech came out with that new SR six. I stopped into a bo shop one time shot. I'm like, I like it, but. Eh I don't want to, I don't want to move out of this comfort zone.

Must be nice. You can't find a boat to stopping at a boat shop machine. Oh, no, you can't. Yeah. You're screwed. You're left-handed and you got a 37 inch draw length. Yeah, it, yeah, it's brutal. Yeah. So there's only like a select amount of new bows that I can like actually shoot because like these short axle, we probably had to tell Adam about your weird ass.

Yeah. Before we get done. Like before, ask him if he had anything in size extra large. I don't think he responded to that either. It's shit, fuck. And left-handed. Yeah. Yeah. But yeah, so we're gonna be doing some stuff with him. We're gonna be walking through that process, what it's [00:20:00] like to set up a bow.

Just all kinds of cool stuff we're gonna do with them hopefully onsite when we're picking up our new stuff and just going through that. They've got some awesome technicians. Who's our dude with Adam. Gosh, what I just forgot. Is it Jeremy? Nobody's got this specific guy there. Yeah.

They've got some really awesome technicians that are I guess part of the company, Josh, at least it started with a j I know it's close. Josh is one of their lead technicians, knows his stuff. So it's a full service bow shop. They also have a range leagues. They do a lot of stuff with kids.

Yep. So it's pretty awesome. So check 'em out. Weber Outfitters they're in Hawk Point, Missouri. Pretty close to St. Louis. In that general area? Yeah. Yeah. East central Missouri. We'll say it. Okay. So check 'em out. Webber outfitters.com. Give 'em a call. I don't have the phone number off the top of my head.

I'll put that on there at some point. Did we talk about what the show is about today? Nope, not yet. All right. So today on the show, tales of the Chase. Tales of the Chase, oh, [00:21:00] freaking monster. Deer hell of a stud. I would've probably nutted if I saw him. Just being honest. I lucky. Yeah. Lu Key. Yeah. Yeah.

Talk about Deer name. Lucky we have returning guest, Tristan Williams and his buddy. Tate. Yeah, Tate. And say his last name. I can't say it. Kerrigan. Kerrigan. Okay. Like Nancy? Yeah, Nancy. Nancy Kerrigan. You cap your ass. Yeah, but he goes through his story in why? I'm getting really sick of him interrupting all the damn time.

That, that was funny. It just did. Nancy Kerrigan. You don't know what I just did. Half our listeners probably aren't old enough to even know. You don't remember that video of her just being like, why I don't, Tanya Hardings just sitting in the back. I, me, yeah. Bitch. I'm, dude I'm lost. I'm lost.

I don't even know. You know who Nancy Kerrigan is? Is she, was she an ice skater? Yeah, she was an ice skater. Okay. Is she the one that got her knee capped? She got her knee capped, yeah. Yeah. And there's a video of, them [00:22:00] videotaping her after she got capped and she's like holding her leg and she's like, why crying?

I don't remember that. The girl who did it's in the background and the girl, I don't think she's in the background, but Okay. She's somewhere else being like, Bitch. You good? You fucker. Anyways, as I was saying, Tristan, Trent, they come on and they tell us the story of not Trent, Tristan, Trent, Tate, Jesus.

You've been drinking that. Bud Light haven't Mike? I don't drink Bud. Bud, Mike. Yeah. Booked it. We talk about Dear he killed named Lucky. Oh, there we go. Yeah, let's get into it. Yeah, let's get into there. It's a great tales of the Chase episode. Appreciate their time. We have wasted enough of your time on this intro.

Let's get into it. This is the Missouri Woods and Wire Podcast. Podcast.

All right With us tonight, we've got returning guest, [00:23:00] Tristan Williams and new guest Tate Kerrigan with us in Tornado Land up there right now. How's it going, boys? Pretty good. Pretty good. Trying to stay out of the weather for sure. Up there. Looking for Dorothy. Yeah. This is the second Zoom call we've done in a row where, if you remember the last Zoom we did, or no, it wasn't, but the second, the one before that one, Nick.

Our, yeah, our guest lost power in the middle of it. And y'all are under our tornado watch right now. Yep, that's right. Gotta love that. Spring weather, right? Y'all keep looking out the, I'm guessing there's a window behind you. There definitely is. We can see it. Some green looking skies and some really black clouds.

If you start hearing a train, just get up and run out the room. Yeah. We'll hit the pauses button. You can come up after. Come back later. Sounds good. So before we get into this show we haven't done the Tales in the Tales of the Chase episode in a while. We're gonna let y'all introduce yourselves.

Tristan has been on our show before, but Tristan introduce [00:24:00] yourself, tell everybody what you've been up to since the last time you've been on with us. And then Tate, same thing. Just give us the rundown of who you are. Yeah. Yeah, it's been a while since I've been on him. Happy to be back, but Tristan Williams.

So last time I was on the show I was living in Missouri pretty close to the Missouri Woods and water guys actually. And I'm now living in Iowa full-time. Moved up here to film some deer hunting stuff for Josh Bomar. And I've hopped around a little bit. I was doing bomar stuff.

I'm back on my videography company, doing my own thing. Lot of bass fishing stuff. And then obviously everything involved in the hunting industry. I met Tate up here. We started the, this final cutout doors and so we're having a blast film in our own hunts. Putting out some apparel, a ton of content and it's been a blast.

But yeah, I'm just back to the videography grind full-time for myself and doing some food plot work for another hunting TV show. Just enjoying the Iowa Life. That's awesome, man. Yeah, I knew we knew you moved up there a [00:25:00] little while ago. Yeah. Been a little bit Tate, what about you? Andy's accosting me.

My name's Tate Kerrigan. I just up here Southern, I have a farmer and ran into Tristan and we just got together and had some liking and what we each other did, so we hit it off and got our own thing going on. Decided to keep cooks full and nice. You farm full-time or what? Is that what you do for?

Yep. Nice. Yep. I actually have my own application business I run here in southern Iowa, but that's pretty cool. That's pretty cool. All right People are gonna see this with the show release, and if they want to check out the video, we'll, we're gonna link everything for 'em. But there's a video of this on Final Cut Outdoors or Final Cut.

Did I say that right, Tristan? Yep. Yeah. YouTube is Final Cutout doors. Yeah. Yeah. We'll link that video, but there's a video. What I want y'all to do though is listen to the story and go watch the video. But this is the first tales that Chase Boys that we've done in a while. Probably the first one this year.

Been That's very [00:26:00] possible. Yeah. That's been, and Tate, if you ever wanna, expand that farming into Missouri, I know a guy financed that shit. There you go. Andy's trying to work deals. So this is the Tales of the Chase episode. Tate was able to, hunt. How about that? A deer named nicknamed Lucky.

So let's get into the obvious thing, which is why do you like to nickname Deer? Oh, I don't, keeps 'em separated, makes more of a connection. See, just saying, Nathan's been giving me crap cuz I don't nickname my deer. He just thinks I'm ridiculous for it. But, and I love to do it. Andy used to do it, but honestly you haven't named, nickname it Deer in a Minute.

No, I got one from last year. I only name like one that are significant and I, I don't follow a theme. Yeah. And then you forget the name. I used to name a bunch of 'em and I forget. I have to rename 'em the next year. But Nate, are you still on your Mortal Combat characters? Oh yeah. I'll never run out of those names.

Both these guys hanging on the wall behind me are Mortal Combat characters, [00:27:00] so Yeah. Yeah. I'm not gonna, I'm not gonna stop that. But No, I have Mr. Popular, I actually found his shed. He was one of the sheds that found, is that the shed you found? Yeah, the one I picked up. I went live yesterday and picked up a shed and that was a shed of a guy that me and the neighbor named Mr.

Popular because literally in 10 sets. I seen him seven times and he was seeing him across, like on the other the farm to the east of me. And like we were comparing, like he had to have been constant movement for him to see him and me to see him in those same days all the time. And so we just named him Mr.

Popular, he's neighbor, neighborhood nickname gonna be Mr. Deadass if he doesn't stop. Yeah. Stay. Keeps it up. Yeah. He needs to stay to the south. Yeah. But so yeah, this is an awesome story that Tate was able to hunt this deer. It's gonna be pretty obvious when people see the show release that the deer is dead.

So we're not spoiler alert. We're not spoiler alert anything. But go ahead. So how did this deer become to known as lucky? What's the [00:28:00] backstory on him? So everything's lucky about the story, so that's where I got the name. I ran into him late muzzled at her in 2022 and he crossed the road in front of me.

And that's when I realized that's the deer I want to start getting after, and so I tried getting my girlfriend on him late muzzled at her in 2022. And I think we had one encounter with him actually hunting. And so when shed season come around and me and my girlfriend's little brother calling Allen, we driving around in the pickup and I was like, oh, let's just swing in here.

We'll cruise around in this field cuz it's just, it's two big draws that run through it. One's got a river in it and there's, 10 yards of trees on both sides of it. Then there's this little creek that runs in splits, two big crop field bottoms, and you got big timbers on each side of you. So it's just a big transition area for 'em to go each way.

And we pulled in this field and just looped around the outer edge of one of the bottoms where I kept seeing him before. And his sheds were laying 50 yards off the road side by side. [00:29:00] Oh, wow. And then those sheds actually lucky. Yeah, exactly. But I think those sheds what they went 1, 180 2 the year before, I think.

Yeah. So he was actually bigger the year before. But say that's kinda how about Howk? Say that number again? What it, 1 180 2 82. 180 2. Just an average year in Iowa. Yeah. Just a, 1, 1 50 s around every tree is what I hear. That's what I, that's the joke, isn't it? You got a one 50 behind every tree in Iowa.

Yeah. Is it true, Tate? I want to know. Probably not every tree. Every other, okay. Yeah. There's only seven trees in Iowa, that's right. You only had 10 yards of timber to work there. There's seriously, I be you, there's only 15 acres of timber on this farm. Yeah. An 80. Yeah. Oh, wow. It reminds me of farm.

I know. But yeah. Yeah. That's cool. So you had no idea about this deer other than the encounter you had in 22? Yeah. Yep. And actually, so to link stuff back to [00:30:00] 2021, cuz we actually farmed the farm across the road to the be to the east. And when I was in there doing field work, I actually found a shed.

And I, it's hard to tell not knowing the deer, but I can swear that this shed is off of that deer from 2021. They're identical. Everything about 'em is identical. So I possibly might have one from 2021, but I'm not a hundred percent positive. Oh, that's cool. And just one side you didn't find it Very one.

Yep. So I just went the right side in 2021 if it's off of him. Yeah. Was 2022 the first year that you had access to this farm? As far as hunting wise? No, I just never paid attention to it. Cuz like I said, yeah, there's not much to it all crop. I just never paid attention to it. And then I seen him this deer across the road that night, and I like freaked out.

That was, I was like, that is a stud and he has junk everywhere and I want to kill him, but I'd like to kill you. I called the guy just to double check, and yeah, he's yep, you're the only one in there. If you see anybody else, you know what to do. I [00:31:00] said, all right, sounds good. Perfect.

Nice. Say less. Yeah. Yeah, exactly. What is it? Hey I talked to Bob today. He gave us permission to hunt there or he basically gave us permission. He basically gave us permission. What do you mean? Basically he said, don't let me catch you on my property. And I don't intend to let catch me. I don't let him catch me.

Alright. So to explain to the listener again, a little bit about the farm. Basically there's two draws coming through the farm and timber on either side of Yep. The farm. And that's pretty much it. Just just a little bit of timber on each side of that draw. Or the two draws. Yep. One draw runs north and south.

One runs east and west. Oh, that's freaking nice. Yeah. So there's only two inter inner exits on the farm. Really? Yeah. Screw you man. That's really like the perfect farm if you think about it. But you would never think that though. No. But if you were driving down like, man, I wish I really had permission to hunt that piece.

That's true. Yeah. It probably gets overlooked a lot. And I'm assuming he was a homebody and probably stayed pretty close to that area. [00:32:00] Was there big so what borders it is there bigs timber that borders it? Timber on each side? Yeah, there's, on the east side, the farm we actually used to farm, it's a 900 acre farm.

There's three 40 tillable and the rest is timber. Okay. So that's probably where, he was livid. Yeah. But see, every time that he would show up on camera, he would come from the E or from the west. So I, which was timber on that side too. But not near as much. Probably 60, yeah. Near September or so.

Plenty to hold a nice deer though. You know what I'm saying? And that's what's cool. You have a draw that's running north and south and a draw that's running east and west, so you can pretty much hunt that thing. Any direction any wind. I don't know your access, but you can try to and they're just highways between the two, blocks of timber for the most part for you.

So that's pretty cool. Yeah, it was pretty, it was honestly pretty easy to piece 'em together, honestly. Yeah. Put our minds to it in August pretty hard and Right. It was like once it was there, it was instant and I think I hunted him four times and killed [00:33:00] him on the fifth hunt.

Nice. And I just was in there just cuz it was the right wind back to back, otherwise I wouldn't even have thought about going in there, but it was just, everything was set up perfect. And he daylighted five days in a row on the cold front. We had the week before. And I seen the opening weekend.

It was gonna get, actually, yeah, it was, yeah, it was opening weekend. It was gonna get back down to 35 degrees. It was a little warmer in the last one, but the way he acted on that last one, he was morning at night, broad daylight, five days in a row and I knew, a deer does that, you know he is gonna do it again.

Yeah, I got in there and it was pieced together real well to come by at eight yards. Nice. Nice. So let's put a pause button on the season, cuz I want to get into how y'all two got together, because I'm assuming, Tristan, you were behind the camera during all this, or most of this, or what? Yeah.

What's the setup there? Yeah, most of it for sure. So I actually, I filmed, we filmed all the, setups for this deer. We [00:34:00] were hanging cameras, hanging stands, just anywhere we thought he could possibly be, a couple weeks before season. Yeah, I filmed all of it up until, the game time.

But yeah, it was pretty cool to do it together. I didn't have a deer. I was hunting, so I spent all my time with him. Basically, we were watching this deer nonstop on the cameras and trying to figure it out cuz it's just, like I said, a smaller farm sometimes It may be easier to, locate a deer, but it's, they can be tricky trying to figure out a small farm and having only, limited areas having success to get in there without him knowing you were in there.

Yeah. Oh, we've all I've told the story of reptile and I'm sure you guys have heard it and it's getting a little old to tell, but that's a deer that, that's a deer that was living on this very small farm, a 40 acre total farm. I'm hunting 15 acres maybe, and that's a deer that it's doing the same thing you were talking about Tate daylighting.

I'd go after 'em, daylighting, I'd go after 'em. You can only do that so many times before they figure out somebody's there and yeah. It, it gets hard. And so it can also discourage you when you don't get it done on a small farm, [00:35:00] cuz every time you go in there, put your scent in there, or if they were happened to catch your scent that day and you didn't know they were there, then that deer walks outta your life and you never see 'em again.

So those deer hit four year olds and they. They change, they're a whole different way too. You can't go in there all the time putting your scent and stuff in there on a four year old or older, and they'll figure out way before anything else will. Yeah. Took 'em six days.

Six days. Took 'em six days. But yeah, so I, that's what I was trying to figure, you guys were in this together and it sounds like Tristan, you weren't there for the money shot as we'll call it. Yeah. But so take us through the season. So he was daylighting before season even started then, right?

Yeah. Yep. The week before season. He daylighted here and there over the summer, but it was really rare. So I was nervous coming into season that, he was living further away than I thought of this area. And keep in mind our season's October 1st. I was gonna ask you that. I was getting ready to add, like you're talking about arch archery season.

Yeah. But your archery season is [00:36:00] later than ours. So I guess we should tellt everybody. This buck was hunted in Iowa, south East Iowa or southwest Iowa somewhere. Little more South Central. Yeah, south central Iowa. Their archery season starts October 1st compared to Missouri's, which is September 15th.

So when he's talking about that, so that means this deer nickname, lucky was daylighting very end of September last, handful of days in September up until your opening day. So you were how were you acting? Were you all freaking out? Just hoping and Yeah, I was.

And we, we had just got started combining beans and I kept texting dad or yelling at him on the radio. I'm like, dad, this deer is daylighting. Like I gotta, as soon as he, you're gonna have to let me leave at night because I've gotta kill this deer before someone else does. Hey, you got an empty green cart and I'm gonna see you.

He's oh, we'll see. I'm like, no, you gotta let me leave. I'm Tony. It'll happen. Give me five days. Yeah, I killed, I hunted him four out of the seven days of season that was open. So October 1st hit [00:37:00] and you were out there. Yep. I was actually, I went out there cuz he had, he was daylighting in the morning and I, the wind wasn't super good but I just was so anxious I had to get out there.

So I went in there and did a hanging hunt and I come off the downwind side of where I thought he was going or traveling through and I think I seen one do that morning and I was so nervous that I screwed it all up and busted everything outta here cuz I was having. 10 to 15 deer on camera every morning.

And so I was freaking out, pissed off myself. So I just left it alone. And then it daylighted on the fourth, I think third or fourth. I think it was a fourth. Yeah. At six 15, I think is what it was. So you were running cell cams or what kind of, what are you running? Tractor cams.

Tractor cams, yeah. And so once I realized that he was still in there, and he was still feeling uncomfortable to move at daylight hours, that's when I really pushed on him hard. Cause that cold front hit that weekend. And I think an important factor to talk about too is how many cameras did we have on that little piece?

I have, [00:38:00] I think I had 13 cameras on 80 acres. I love it. Hey, it's awesome. Per capita. I'm right there with him. Per capita. So I understand. Yeah, I definitely understand. If you got it, why not? Yeah. I had one camera in there, I put it out late June and one camera in there and finally it, was it July 16th?

Yeah, I think he showed up for the first time. Yeah. Which I hadn't met you at that time yet. No, and I think, yeah, I'm pretty sure it was July 16th. He showed up for the first time at 5 32 in the morning. I think's what it was. And I like was freaking out. I was loading out hogs and my phone went off.

Cena was attacked to him. So I started swiping through the picture. Cena was at farm and there was only one camera on there, so I knew where it was coming from. And Mari's little brother, Colin, was actually with me and we started freaking out together. I was jumping up and down in the hog barn cuz he was still alive and he was there to hunt and that's when the game started.

I [00:39:00] put a shitload of cameras on that farm and he really didn't show up a whole lot early summer. I think he showed up one time in the daylight, which was late July even, but he was just on and off, and then September hit and he was showing up a lot more, but it was that one o'clock, two o'clock in the morning.

Yeah. And that cold front come through the first week or last week of September. The week before both season. And it was five dates on row, morning to night daylight. And I was just freaking going insane. I couldn't sleep at night. I was freaking out. I'm like, holy cow, this might actually happen. I'm gonna, actually, this might work.

Might work. Were you doing anything like in the summer to keep him there? Can you put food out when it's not season or anything like that? You can place like food or mineral up to 30 days prior to season, but you have to have your mineral sites and everything dug out of there. There cannot be a liquid mineral in the soil anywhere on that farm after 30 days before season.

Interesting. Really? Yeah. See like in Missouri, I say in the soil like, [00:40:00] like salt or lot of those minerals dissipate. And you can't see it, but it's still there. So you have to still there, you have to dig it out, go there, shovel and dig it out. Huh. There's people that have if they have a mineral site where there's a lot of runoff they won't put one there because that mineral spreads for so far and they don't wanna mess with digging it.

But like those, the DNR will come and test that soil around the areas they think you might be damn to say I shoot a state record, they will come with soil sample. Every spot on that farm they take, it looks like a mineral side or every it almost makes you not wanna put mineral out, right? I mean like that or just leave it in a bucket itself or something.

I seriously feed mineral from like a to June, July, but I quit. Yeah. I don't want anything in there. Yeah. And I try to feed minerals as long as I can in the spring just to help the nutrients of the deer, but Right. I don't want a deer taken away from me and I Sure as heck don't want a big fight, exactly right. It's fu funny you say that about all the cameras cuz I'm the same way as you ate, I think on, 15 acres. I had eight cameras. Eight or nine cameras, and I love them. [00:41:00] But don't they mess with your head a little bit too? Yes. Because like you'll get a picture of, let's say the deer on the furthest north camera and then the next one south and then the next one, and you're like, oh, I know exactly what he's doing.

And then he doesn't show up on the other ones that you're expecting and then you just start going what the hell's he doing? Way to go. Yeah. When he could be still doing that, he just walked around the tree or the camera didn't pick him up or whatever, and they're a great thing, but at the same time, it makes you drive crazy.

Drives a little crazy. Yeah. Yep. There's one thing I did start doing a lot last year, and that was putting mock scrapes out, like middle of the July timeframe, somewhere in there. And that deer would smoke every mock scrape on that farm every night starting in July too. Remember we had Yes. In July.

That's in July even. And he hit him till I killed him. Wow. That's something interesting. I'd never thought about trying. Yeah, not that early. Not that early. Remember that early. And one, once he, there was, and you could tell, there was his primary scrape. There was one scrape, he was there [00:42:00] five days outta seven days a week.

But the other ones, one on the eastern side of the farm was one night a week. One towards the center was three nights a week. The north end was one night a week. You could tell his primary scrapes. So that's what we base this area off of. And actually the neighbor to the east were really good family friends with.

So I asked him if I could throw a camera up in there and he is yeah. So technically we ran 15 cameras. Cause I had two on that side and or 13 on our farm. And so I got asked him to run a camera, just trying to find where the dealers actually staying. And the funny part is I never had him on camera once on that side.

Really? Can you tell me where that, I have no idea where that deer was staying. He could have watched me walk in and out of there all summer long. I have no idea. So you never did find out where his bed was? Nope. No. I just hunted him based off of the knowledge I knew of what he was doing. Did you have was it beans or corn farms [00:43:00] actually split it would've been probably 20 some acres of corn.

And then the other path was all beans. See, he could have been just living in the corn too. He came very well. Could have. Yeah. Deer do that. Yeah. Mike says, deer do that. Deer do that. Yes they do. That's good. Good job. That's the way you said that. Deer do that. He just, we can never pin it down. It's just mind boggling.

Yeah. It drove me nuts. But I had enough information. The deer is tellable enough that when he would show up on camera, we knew the travel. He was showing up frequent, frequently enough that yeah, we put that stuff together enough to kill him. Nice. Let's get into the sea.

Let's start at the season. Take us through each day what you were hoping, seeing, obviously you told us about the first day where all you saw was one dough. Yeah. And you started second guessing yourself, which would definitely d do the same to me. What did you do?

What did you pivot? Did you make any changes, adjustments? What happened from there? [00:44:00] Actually, the first day I got out of there, pulled everything down and I stayed out of there for the next two days and just base waiting on trail cameras to show up or to prove that he was still around, and I didn't bump him out of the area.

And once he showed up again, I kinda gave him a day. So it'd be October 3rd I gave him a day, or no, the fourth. Fourth, yeah. Fourth is when he showed up again and I gave him a day and got in there and hunted him hard the next morning. And I got in, so the wind switched, it was a south wind, so it was blowing from the north, so cold, that cold front come through.

And I got in there and looped around on the south end of the farm and come in on the south fence line. And I got up in there and hang, hung and hunt, hang and hunt. And I seen a bunch of those and never seen him, but I seen another 10 pointer that I'm gonna really be watching my eyes on this year. He's a solid four-year-old.

And so I got out of there that morning. Was it nothing too impressive? And I really, I never seen this deer until the night I [00:45:00] shot him. And so the next night come through, or that night come through, got in there, sat in the same spot nothing happened. So I called Tristan that night. I said, Hey, we need to move.

I, I caught this weird flash on one of my cameras and it was right on the river. It was a big crossing. And I caught this weird flash on the top right corner of the camera. Then, so I h the, those TF cams, you have to hd the picture to get the clear image, okay. And once I got the clear image, I seen his horns, so it was him.

So it showed me the direction he went after he had crossed that creek, cuz he would, that's one of his main spots. He would daylights crossed on that river back and forth. So it told me the direction he went, which was, he was heading south, so I was in the right area. I was just too far to the east of where I thought he was going.

He was turning before he ever got to you. Yeah. And so me and Tristan went in there the next day. It'd be the fifth. No, yeah, it sixth. It was the sixth. Were you killed him on the seventh, right? Yeah, [00:46:00] I killed him the next time and then I left the sixth or the seventh of the morning. Okay. Yeah. So me and Tristan went in there on the sixth at noon.

I. Dad convinced to let me leave. Dad, I'm not feeling too good. I wanna know if your dad's like Roger, which is Andy. That's Andy's dad. Yeah. They farmed together too. So yeah, we snuck in there and got a stand hung and we knew, I mean I was like, this is the only way he can go because there's one finger that runs up to a little block of timber and then the other finger goes to that, the block of timber to the north on the other side of that 60 acres I was talking about on the west end.

And so we got in there, I was like, he is gotta be going up the south finger, going to that other chunk of timber because it's the way he left when that trail camera got him crossing the creek and then it got another video and there was nothing in there till I realized the flash of his tail.

So we got in there at noon on the sixth and hung a stand and got out of there as fast as possible. And I went back in there that night and actually seen 11 doughs, I think, but he never showed. So [00:47:00] rewind a little bit. So I will say on that day we went in around noon. We was trying to get in and out of there, but I'm telling you, when we both got in there, and of course I had knew everything of like where he is, been daylighting and all, where all the scrapes were.

And I bet there was a time where I stood in one spot like for 15 minutes and I didn't move. And he had to literally ask me, he was like, you want to go like hang a stand? Or I was just sitting there puzzled cuz I'm like, where could this deer be skirting us? There was nothing. There was nothing there.

It's like, how could he get from here to here? We don't catch him. We, not even any buck sign, we had a lot of disputes of where to be and where to hang up. It was like, it was confusing for sure. Yeah. So we got that hung and went back and I come back in later that night and hunted that same spot, which is dumb.

I'm putting a lot of humans in. I knew. It's hard not to though, man. It's gonna be a matter of time and I wanted to be there when you made the mistake. Yeah. And that's usually your best odds too. You, if you Yeah. That [00:48:00] first set, that's usually your best odds. Yeah.

Because they're not used to anything being there, so they're not gonna think of nothing. So that didn't work and I decided to stay out of there the next morning and just give the place a break cuz I was two days pretty much in three hunts in a row. I hunted on it. So then tell 'em about what we was fixing to hunt the next day.

And I left that morning to go. So I got drawn for a managed hunt at Lake Chio back at home. Oh, nice. And we had a, we knew there was a cold front coming in that day, the next day, the seventh. And I was like, dude, I gotta go. Hunt, I gotta go hunt in Missouri. Like I, I want to film you. I was like, just try to sell film as best you can.

We didn't know he was coming or not, but I was like, just self film. Hopefully it don't happen. If it does, I'll bust my butt back up and film the rest. But yeah. So I'll let him tell the respite. Yeah. So yeah, he left me hanging, had to self film first time. Yeah. First time ever self filming. And so I get up in the stand that night and I got in there at two o'clock, it was gonna be a six hour set.

Yeah. But I wanted to be [00:49:00] in there pretty early and I didn't see a single freaking deer until 20 minutes before shooting light ended. And I had this little fork buck come through at 80 yards. And he come the same way. That luck, that lucky deer had been coming. So I was like, all right, they're filtering the same way that he usually does and about this time.

And so I was like getting all excited. Stood up. And I got bored. Nothing happened after that. So I got on my phone and I'm actually sitting on my phone leaning against the tree, texting Tristan. I was like, this is a freaking blow. Once again, he's not showing up. And all of a sudden I hear like a deer running on ground because there's I got a cornfield on my right and there's a path, a farmer has a path through the cornfield to drive back to this little tiny, like two acre hayfield.

Gotcha. So the corn is still standing in that field? Yes. Other than the path. Okay, cool. Yep. The corn is still standing other than the path. And that's where we were confused. This deer could have [00:50:00] went anywhere after we crossed through my camera. And so we hung that stand there, whatever.

And so I heard running, coming down the path. I turn and look and all see is this little fourth buck just, boogieing down this path, coming right at. And I overlooked. And that's when I'm like, screw it. Send it. Just kidding. I looked over this deer. This deer is at 20 yards, but the deer lucky he was at 20 yards and I overlooked him watching this little butt come running out.

Oh, that's funny. This little butt come down the path. And once he got to that area, I'm like, oh. And I like started freaking out. Instantly. I had nothing ready. My phone's in my hand, my bow's still hanging. What do I do? What do I do? What do I do? Yeah. So I just shoved my phone in a pocket, grabbed my bow turn and get the camera on him.

And this deer is turns broadside at 28 yards. And I drew back on him and he had to take one step. That's all he had to take to get away from this limb. Never did it. So then he turned to this little, they [00:51:00] know where they're at. Yeah. And then this little buck he just kept coming down. He's at 15 yards.

And then this, the lucky deer, he turns. Gets right in the tree line looking, coming right down to me, turns and comes out again at 18 yard. Did you stay drawn or did you have to let down? No, I let down to move the camera on him. Cause I'm like freaking out. Not wanting to miss the shots. Did, yeah, I would've said there is that camera.

Yeah. I'm so proud of you because that's why we fail at the all three of us. Like Tristan would never enjoy working with us because we'd be like F this camera and hey Tristan. I killed that deer. Did you get it? In the hell? No. You know you're fired. Yeah, you're fired. So yeah. So I drew back down when he turned and got the camera back on him and he tums and turns out broadside again at 18 yards.

I drew back on him again and I'm just sitting there. He won't move. He won't move, he won't move. And it's like he knows I'm there, but it doesn't bother him kind of way. You know how they just stand there and stare in [00:52:00] space? And then he turns again and comes like directly down to me.

So I had to let down my draw again, get the camera back on him and there's a trail that runs directly underneath me and I had two or three little bucks and dough come underneath me in Pryor Hunts and he turns like he's gonna come up this trail. And this trail's, I look at the deer through my, the grade of my stand.

Yeah. It's that it's directly below me and he turns like he's gonna come up that trail and I get the camera on him and I drew back when he was hitting like a, it wasn't really a scraper, you could see where they messed with it a little bit down there. And I drew back on him and he just looks straight up at me and then just turns his head, looks back the other way and didn't even acknowledge me at all as I'm standing eight yards directly above him in a tree.

And when he turns his head back, to where I feel like his shoulder opens up, cuz it was a quartering, two shot Uhhuh. So I just felt like I needed to wait till he had his body in his head sitting right to make sure I get in there.[00:53:00] When he turned and he when he brought his head back around looking at the base of my tree, he opened his shoulder.

That's when I just let it have it at eight yards and I stuffed it. I couldn't have been a more perfect shot on that deer. And that's when he turned, took off and I heard him crash and I was freaking out. I called my girlfriend and I was like, I couldn't even talk. I was shaking. I felt like I'd just fall outta the tree.

But yeah, that's it. All, all pieced together, so wait, first call was to who? His girlfriend. My girlfriend. Okay. Okay. I was making sure, then the next call was to his dad being like, see now I'm available. Yeah, that was the second call. And then I called Tristan after that. Damn Tristan third man on the list.

Yeah, it is what it is, yeah. Bravo to the girlfriend making number one spot. That's always the important question. Who's the first call? Hey, hey, let's just say this. We all know, we all say, Our significant other is the first call. Oh, I will tell you right now, mine is call whether it is actually or not.

I'm never gonna say otherwise. She knows I might call on her first. I [00:54:00] called Amy first, or at least text her first, I believe. Yeah. She's gotta go through, call the hell home of me freaking out about it anyway, so heard. Yeah. No, I get it. I get it. But okay, you got down outta your stand. This is the part of the show where I really like to try to let you give that animal.

It's credit, you know it's pedals. Yeah. And explain to the listener best you can. They're gonna see a picture of 'em obviously, but explain to the listener best you can, how you felt and what you saw when you walked up to him. I that's hard to say. How far did he go? Did he go outta sight or on the video I was a little off, but I was still so shook up.

I bet he went. 60 yards. Yeah, probably. So tell 'em too, make sure we pulled out for how many hours? I don't know. Oh, we, I got out of there and went back home and I met up, I waited on Tristan to get down and it, I think we gave him a little over four hours. Yeah. Probably family found him. It was probably four hours.

And you were coming from Lake Tacoma to South Central Iowa. Yep. [00:55:00] Yep. You made it pretty good. Don't worry about that. I had made their lives for sure. Yeah. I wasn't gonna look without 'em, whether it the next morning or. That night. Yeah. Heck, he was in there putting all the work in with me, so Yeah.

You're still a better friend. I would've told you guys to piss off. I'm going after this guy. Yeah. I, with a deer, that caliber and little bit of history I actually put together on, that's truly my first ever deer. I've actually puzzled together and killed. Otherwise I just hunt and hope.

No, there's 160 inch deer. Let me kill it. Like we say, Iowa behind every tree. Yeah. No, I'm just kidding. But yeah, so you, you had Tristan there who else was with you when you guys went and found him? Tristan, my mom, dad, and my girlfriend. So truly a family affair. Yeah.

Yeah. Yeah. That's cool. Yep. You're pretty sure where he crashed. So it was a pretty easy track job, I'm guessing. Yeah, it was, yeah. It was beyond, see that, that blood trail was insane. Yeah. Tell us what's your gear? What's your setup? What are you shooting? The Broadheads shooting Matthews.

And I was shooting a B3 Meg 100 is [00:56:00] my broadhead. Okay. And that's just wonders. I shot two deer with it this year and they both pretty well died within eyesight. A B what's it? A B3 what, Meg? 100. Yeah. So is that a fixed, or what is it? It's a three blade mechanical, three inch cut. It's a, it's gnarly.

It's big. That sounds pretty gnarly. E three. I'll have to look that one up. Meg. Meg. I'm in the hunt for a new Broadhead this year. So you're in the hunt for a new everything. Yeah. Tristan brought these to me and man, they are something else. We timed it the dough I shot. Yeah. With you and the stand that night, which she died in six seconds.

Yeah. And lucky died in seven. Yeah. From the impact to the crash. Yeah. Yeah. B3 is actually, the guy that owns it is out of, he lives, he's from Missouri his whole life. They produce him in Kentucky. But dude, we switched to 'em and it's been the best decision we've ever made. They're insane.

It's unreal. But it's a mechanical broadhead that has no rubber bands, nothing. It's all a hundred percent mechanical. The way they clip in to stay closed is [00:57:00] like all just machine, precision cuts of metal where it just clips into itself and they're just super Yeah. They don't rattle around like some of the, your other mechanicals, they're solid and they hold up. Every buck I've shot with them, every dough or whatever I've put 'em back in my quiver to shoot again. They're tough. Definitely worth checking out. Yeah. Good deal. Yeah. Let's look at those. They're have you guys have ever, have you guys ever shot Grim Reapers, the magnetic ones?

Nope. I've heard of 'em. I've seen 'em, but I know what you're talking about, but I haven't shot 'em. Yeah. You take those with way more wicked blades. And a way better design of keeping themselves together. Yeah. Okay. They're solid ground heads. They're real. Let's check 'em out. You the job.

Sure. You'll have to watch the video though. We're talking about like a red carpet like four foot up on these cornstalks, like the easies track job you've ever seen. Yeah. You took red paint and a little tarp sprayer and walked. Yeah. Yeah. I was I'm about 60% of the way through the video. I was to the part where you had just had that encounter in 22 with him [00:58:00] and then I had to go to wrestling banquet, so yeah.

Yeah. Walked into the door five seconds before we recorded, so I didn't get to finish it. Do it. So you walked the blood trail, you get up to him, what's going through your head? A million things. It was just, it was almost sad, Cause like I had nothing to look forward to anymore. But it was, it was the most amazing feeling ever.

Like all the hard work we put in all summer long, everything come down to it. And he was sitting right there in front of me. It was just, it was unreal. It was awesome. He said, damn. That's a taxidermy bill. It definitely is. So last two years have been expensive for me, so explain lucky to everybody.

What's he look like, and you can tell him the score too, but try to give him his his credit. Yeah, he actually, both of his bases were seven inches of mass around his bases. And then his beams like a normal, they come out, he come straight up pretty much off his head and he had 20, I think they were 26 inch beams up off [00:59:00] his head.

Nice and carried five inches of mass through every, both sides of beams all the way out. And he is just a big mainframe, eight pointer. He is, got a little bit of character on his right, I think it's his right side and his left side's got. No, his right side's got a big eye guard I think.

Yeah, it like, it's the right side. I saw the picture right side. It's got a 14 inch big double beam thing. Yeah, it's, oh that's sweet. I call him the unicorn points, but that's just me. Yeah, I can see what you mean cuz it came out. Yeah, and he had the same thing last year too in his sheds, but it was on the opposite side and it was only like five inches.

He just last year, frame wise he got, or bigger frame wise, but he lost, I think he lost four points from last year to this year. Really? So how old do you think, how old do you estimate? Did you get him aged or did, do you have an estimate of how old he is? I was guessing him at six, probably six and a half.

But it's hard to tell having short amount of history with him, yeah. I wasn't [01:00:00] short but a year and a half's worth of history. Two years worth of history of him. It's hard to tell right. I would guess body-wise, his head, every, the way everything looked, he was probably six.

Yeah. Could have been, could have been seven, which is why he might have dipped just a tad from six to seven. It could have been, he got a little sick for two weeks while he was growing antlers and lost a couple inches. You're talking for the listener. Tell everybody what this Deere scored.

177 and four eight. So coulda used another year, that's for sure. But yeah, that's still like a worldclass deer that might have been a touch smaller than he was last year, yeah. You had both sheds, he said mainframe eight at 177, right? Yeah. Yeah. With all that extra stuff. Make sure people understood and heard that mainframe.

Eight as mainframe eight point here, he was 1 62, I believe. That's insane. As a clean eight. He was 1 62. Wow. Jesus. Wow. That's crazy. Yeah. That's badass. Yeah. That's just, that's a world class deer. And, an awesome [01:01:00] story because it makes you think of those properties that you overlook.

I've got a farm that actually is very similar to the farm you explained in this story that I hunt. Yep. It, I don't get, I'm not lucky enough to have draws that run both directions. I have draws that run north and south only. Yep. But it's a very similar farm. It's a wide open farm with four trees on the entire damn thing.

People look past that type of property all the time, but Oh, yeah. Mature deer do some odd things. They get six to seven years old for a reason and, but they're in place where you wouldn't think they are. Yeah. And he could've easily, like Micah was saying, in fact, I was just gonna make a comment and I forgot about it.

Once that farmer, I don't know if it was you guys or not, but once that farmer would've taken out that corn, He might have gotten even easier to a pattern because he might have just been living in that corn and that's why you couldn't figure out where he was going. That, or he could have disappeared or could have that too.

He would've changed his pattern completely. Yeah. Yeah. Corn, he used it. He could have been using that 30 acres of corn as [01:02:00] 30 acres of timber. Yeah. That's the thing I kept telling Tristan, I said, I'm scared that the only opportunity I'm gonna be able to do to kill this deer is while this corn's in.

It's very possible. That's what's crazy about hunting. You never know. You never know. With the changes in when the crops come out, do you get lucky and they're easier or they just, like Micah was, or like you were saying, he was using it as timber and once he lost that he moved off to that timber and then you never see him again.

Yeah. Cuz if you have history with him, you might be able to determine that, but just for the year and a half or whatever you had of him, who knows. Yeah. And really in all reality, I was running cameras that are just a sea. I didn't expect him. Until after to be honest. Yeah. But seeing him late, normally, and not always, but a mature deer will normally have a summer and a winter pattern or home area.

Sure. And I figured it was more of his like, winter, fall area, cuz I, that's when I seen him on January 10th I think. No, that's the last day season. [01:03:00] January 5th of 23. Of 20. Technically 23. No. Yeah, technically. Technically, yeah. Yeah. But last season, the season before that, right?

Yeah. Yeah. No, actually, yeah. So wouldn't be 22. 22. Yeah. If you see him in 23, he wouldn't be dead. Yeah. Oh shit. Oh yeah. Yeah. So 22, it was January. Is when I seen him. So I really didn't expect him till later on in the season. Yeah. And he showed up earlier that early and I just started putting puzzle pieces together in my head of where he was at now, knowing that he was in the area.

Yeah. And then he just started showing up way more frequently as the summer went on. And, it was a, my, I couldn't sleep all summer. My brain was putting puzzle pieces together 24 7. And so your guys' archery season closes, right? Like an early archery And it closes, right? Is that it actually closes two weeks.

It closes for two weeks, maybe two weeks. The Shogun seasons. Yeah. Yeah. So it's like November.[01:04:00] It'll close November. I, does it go? I don't, not sure if it goes clear up to chocolate and season or not archery. Yeah. Does, yeah. Yeah. So it normally be like December 5th. So what you were, but you're approaching like your first close of that, that first part, right?

Yeah. Whenever you, no. No, I killed him on the, you killed him like the seventh October, so there was a few roughs left. Yeah. Gotcha. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Seven days in the season, which, we were just talking about this in our show that released today. I thought for some reason Iowa closed to earth, had a early session and closed and then had a late session.

It, they have a, it does, they have a muzzle season that opens early, be like October 13th through the 24th. Okay. Which, okay. Which you can bow hunt through that. You just can't bow hunt through shotgun season, which is like late rut. The fifth to the December 5th. My bad. December 5th to December. Okay. I gotcha.

Okay. Gotcha. Close during Muzz, I guess until January 10th. [01:05:00] January. I see what you mean. Okay. Yeah. That's pretty cool. Dude. You can vote majority of the year, which is nice. Definitely nice. Yeah. Just imagining Missouri without. Season in the room. Yeah. Anyway, moving on. Yeah, so yeah man, dude, congratulations.

Is this the biggest deer you've killed? It is, yep. I had one last year that was dang close, but this is the biggest one that's badass two years ago. Mine. Now my bad. Yeah, dude, congratulations. Like I said, Tristan and I talked a little bit a couple months ago, or I don't even remember.

We actually were texting each other and he sent me a screenshot of the of the picture of the deer. And I actually saved it and put it in our shared notes and said, we're doing this one. Call this guy. Yeah, just, I don't know when, but we're having Tristan and this guy on at the time. I didn't even know what your name was.

And yeah. Took us a few months, but man that, that's just not an awesome story. Just a terrific, setup. Cool. How you guys met each other and, are doing this stuff together. Tristan, I want to [01:06:00] ask you, how was Lake Tacoma Hunt? Did you, how long did you hunt the whole thing or how'd it go?

Yeah man, I was really, had high expectations. Obviously I've been putting in for what, this is my 27 years. Yeah. I felt like it, this was my fourth year putting in and I got drawn, but honestly, I didn't have a whole lot of time just because I was obviously working for, the Bo Mars at the time and he was chasing 2, 2 10 deer, and so I had to be there for that in case that happened.

And so I was having to jump back and forth between Missouri and here. A lot to work. But I had some good encounters. I thought I was in a good area. Actually, I know I was in a good area because three different guys killed bucks over one 60 within, I don't know, 300 yards of my stand.

Yeah. I actually didn't kill anything. I got my dough killed on my second hunt, and so I was chasing bucks, but I don't know, man. It was tough and it was really bad weather. Like at the time it was stayed pretty mild and warm. And so what was the dates of the hunt? It was like October, I wanna say like October [01:07:00] 14th through the 31st.

It wasn't very long. Yeah. And still pretty warm at that time for us. Yeah. I was on the East Hunt, so I don't know if you know about that, but they have two hunts on Jacomo. Okay. I was on the east side. And I don't know, it just, it was pre ru, towards the end of the hunt, but there really just wasn't a lot going on because of the warmth.

And that kind of slowed it down. But like I said, I saw some awesome deer and that place truly is amazing. There's. There's great deer in there, and it's fun to hunt. It's just it's tough to figure out. It's big. Yeah. That's how it was. I got drawn for that. It's been quite a few years now, but my brother, me and my brother got drawn for it.

He killed a dough opening day of whenever that season started. And then I killed one, I think it was like, there was only like four or five days left on the season for there. And then we didn't get on a shooter buck until the last day. And I hadn't, if I had to guess, he was probably around that 1 50, 1 60 mark and he just didn't give me a [01:08:00] shot.

He was, yeah. A little further out there than I wanted then I felt comfortable at the time taken. But it was a lot of fun, yeah. It's real. It's a blast just being able to be, it feels like you're in Jurassic Park, like you drive out of your set a after dark and you'll see 50 deer driving out.

Here's a, here's something that I wanna mention though. Maybe it will make I don't know who runs it, I guess MDC or Jackson County Parks and Rec controversy during this time. I will tell you personally, I did not use any sort of cell cams or trail cameras at all because I thought that was prohibited.

I get to talking to people and they say they call park rangers, they call the conservation agents. They're like, oh yeah, they said they told me, I asked them, cuz I seen 10. I, a person. I saw 10 cell cans walking to my stand every time I'm like, what's going on? Are this many people cheating?

No. They were calling the conservation agents. They said, no, it's legal. We just. It's technology's so advanced, we quit keeping an eye on it and we just opened it up for fair game. I'm like, yeah, I've heard several different answers as well from different agents or people too. It's had I [01:09:00] known that I probably could have killed a nice deer, being able to track, it's like I hunted blind where these other guys were, hunting specific deer in specific areas.

Yeah. And I wish they'd clarify on it a little more cuz they didn't mention it at all in the rules meeting or anything, yeah. It's not even knowing what a certain deer they're doing, just knowing in the area of where the deer are, where they are. Cuz it place that big, it's something, it's pretty important to know location lies, you get high ranges.

Yeah. Yeah. Now I haven't ever drawn for any of those hunts cuz I'm an idiot and haven't been putting in for 'em. But is Lake Jacomo and Blue Springs Lake close to each other? Or am I thinking of different places? They're not far from each other yet. They don't share, they don't share isn't like technically like Lee Summit.

Yeah. Yeah, it is. Yeah. Tacoma's Lease Summit. Yeah. Wood Springs Lake though isn't it? Isn't Blue Springs Lake off 40 highway into the south? Yeah, it'd be, no, it'd be to the East 40. It'd be 40 highway and then go, yeah, you're right. South. I'm sorry. And in that right there, close to where Jacomo is, like on Woods.

[01:10:00] Yeah. South on Woods Chapel. You'd drive across Blue Springs Lake. Yeah. And then literally Jacomo is right there on your left. So if you were to walk from the northeast corner of Jacomo maybe walk, I don't know, quarter mile you'd be on Blue Springs Lake ground where their hunt is. Okay. Yeah.

So it's not, but so the, they, it could be the same deer. I just got a buddy who said he saw the biggest deer of his life. I've, at loose, I've known a lot of lake. There's a lot of good deer on some those managed hunts, man. They're overlooked cuz you can really get on some studs out there. Like there what there's been like Swope Park.

I've heard stories about ones that come outta Swope Park and that's like downtown, right? Yeah. I have a buddy that has one mounted on his wall that it was actually hit with a car. He picked it up, got the tag or whatever for it, but it's probably tickling 200 and it was just hit on the road and just left there.

Yeah it's nuts that cow, oh my god, they weren't a deer. Yeah. People that live in the city, they're like, ah, yeah, dang it. Now I gotta get my car fixed sort of stuff. Yeah, that's how they're getting dreams [01:11:00] right there to hold a deer like that. Both places are full of big deer as far as Tacoma and Blue Springs.

I, I had a buddy that hunted in Blue Springs this year and he was chasing a one 90 s class deer that got killed by a guy that got drawn from Kentucky on our, of our hunts, which is cool. It was great for him that he got to kill that deer, but, There's some giants in there. You just gotta find them.

Yeah. Yep. Now, do they close the parks down at that time, or can you have no. Anybody Nature Walkers walking through? Oh, yeah. Yeah. We had guys walking around every single day. Yeah. No, really? Oh, yeah. Every single day. Here comes a dog and no leash. I'm like, they could at least do it to where you gotta keep 'em on a leash during the hunt, just for safety reasons.

No, man they're everywhere. Oh, yeah. You think people know that there's a hunt going on, so they they put signs out it, there's every parking area or during the road it'll say, Hey, just so you're aware. That's what I'm saying, it's You think non-hunters purposely go walking through?

They're trying to, oh, I'm sure. I'm sure that's, I'm gonna tell you right now, I don't, not calling anybody out on this, but [01:12:00] the day, the hunt. Jacomo had an event that started as well, that was called Parade of the Dog Days. It was like, oh my God, national. It was a national come walk your dog at Lake Jacomo.

I'm not joking. Like they had balloons up and everything. Like you're showing up here camo and tree stands and there's, could you schedule it a little better? I don't know, man, but do any of you guys track blood trails? Exactly. Yeah. You gonna learn today? Tristan Tate, thanks for coming on guys and talking about this awesome story.

Tate, I appreciate you, listening to the Little Lake Jacomo stories because once he said that, I just had to ask questions, but oh no, let's, why don't y'all tell people how they can watch this awesome story unfold as well and how they can check your guys' stuff. Yeah, man.

Obvi, final Cut Outdoors. The final cut. You can find us either way. Instagram and Facebook. You can keep up with what we're doing. We've got, I think seven states on the list of Turkey Hunt this year, so there'll be a ton of stuff [01:13:00] to to watch on there for sure. But yeah, so final cut outdoors on YouTube.

This company was just started, actually about 30 days before we killed that deer. It just came to us. We all wanted to do it, and it was a good mine and got to talking to him of what he had done in the past, and it was like a light dinged in all of our heads. And there's a couple others that do it all with us.

But yeah, the, his deer was just honestly like the kickstart of the company the show, whatever you wanna call it. Our, all of our first t-shirts had hi a sketch of his deer on the back of it. It was just Started who we are. But really, I think we're similar to the mindset of maybe, similar to you guys we just wanna represent the working class everybody but myself is all farmers that hunts on the show.

So we just try to, I don't know, keep it real show the working class side of things so people can relate to it. And yeah, just check all our stuff out on YouTube and keep up on the social media. We got a lot of good stuff coming up and definitely some big deer to chase next [01:14:00] year, so hopefully we'll chase for you looking at the YouTube page right now.

And there's a few videos I have here marked I wanna watch here. Yeah. Yep. Sure. Some might say it was lucky. I'm sorry, Andy threw pencil in me. But dude Tristan Williams, thanks for coming on again buddy, and take care again. It was great having you. Congratulations. Yeah, and we hope to talk to you guys again soon.

Thank you. Yeah. All right. Thank you guys. We'll see you guys. Congrats tape. See you. See you. Yep. Thank you.