The Luckiest Buck In Oklahoma

Show Notes

On this weeks episode of the Oklahoma Outdoors podcast, returning guest Dwayne Carter talks about a deer season he will never forget, for better or for worse. The season started off strong, with Dwayne getting his daughter on a nice mature buck for her first deer ever, and even tagging a nice buck of his own. Sounds like the start to a great year right?

With one buck in the freezer and another tag in his pocket, Dwayne began searching for a larger buck to help his teams standing in the Bowhunting League competition. With his teammates both getting nice bucks of their own, Dwayne had the most room for an upgrade. After talking to a local farmer, Dwayne got a hot tip about a big typical ten point that had been visiting a wheat field and quickly bagan hunting it. This is where the story takes some unfortunate turns, and Dwayne has more than one incident that did not go his way.

Show Transcript