Tales of the Chase - A Family Affair

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This week on the Missouri Woods & Water Podcast Nate and Micah get to talk with returning guest Ty Easley with Heartland Bowhunter and his two children Hunter and Alexa.  Hunter killed an awesome buck on opening day of bow season in Missouri and less than a month later his sister Alexa killed another awesome buck on October 14th.  We have this family in the studio to tell these two awesome stories.  Ty is a proud dad that both of his kids have already got it done and is happy to see them having success in the deer woods.  Congratulations to Hunter and Alexa and good luck to Ty and all of our listeners as the season really heats up!  Thanks for listening!

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Show Transcript

Welcome to the Missouri Wood and Wire podcast with your host, Nate and Micah. Why are you chuckling at now? You just never talk faster in your life than when you do our intro. Because I want to get it over with. Welcome to the Missouri Wood and Wire podcast. I don't know why we got to say it anyways, everybody knows what they're turning into.

Just production, bro. We're producing a show for these people. Okay. I like your hat. I like my hat. Can I have one of those? No, you can't. These are special order. Damn it. There's only a select few. Did you specially order me one? No. Orders are already done. I'm just trying to, what's that called?

You're not gonna wear it. I will wear it. [00:01:00] No you won't. I will 100 percent wear it. It's Odessa colors, number one. Yeah. And... One reason why I picked them. They are my people. They got our propane. They do it. And I would, what's that called? Free advertising. Get me a hat. I'll see what I can do. Thanks. I can't promise nothing because I can't remember how to do it.

Nobody knows what the hell we're talking about right now. Mike has got a hat on that I like. And it's his work hat. Yeah, company hat. Anyways, back to... What's at hand here? Today on the show we have returning guest Ty Easley, and he actually brought his two children on. I guess he, I mean they're children, but they're grown, grown children, grown kids.

Hunter and Alexa. We should have caught their age. I did not ask that. 20s. Yeah, I would guess 20s. Yeah. No 20s. Young whippersnappers. Yeah. Little kids. I've known, I've actually known them since they were little, but they've forgotten who I am. It's been a few years since most [00:02:00] people do.

Yeah, it happens. I get it. But we have them on. They have both actually tagged out already for. The first portion of the bow season. So they're waiting around for, to get that second tag for the later part. But yeah, so we have them on to do a tails of the chase. Good old fashioned double.

Yeah. Already. I thought of an awesome show title. It's a family affair. It's a family affair. I like that, dude. That's catchy. And yeah. Hunter killed his buck opening day, September 15th and Alexa almost exactly a month later on October 14th. killed her buck. Yeah. And so we have Hunter and Alexa on along with Ty to tell the stories.

Yeah. And more than likely, I don't know how that all works, but I would assume at some point you're going to be able to watch it on Heartland Bowhunter, because as Ty Easley is part of the Heartland Bowhunter crew. Yep. And so more than likely we'll be able to catch those at some point.

So it's pretty cool stuff. Yeah. It's, but before we get into it, let's get, talk about some sponsor, time [00:03:00] sponsor. Let's start with OnX since we spent some time on OnX after recording with Ty and the hunter and Alexa OnX Maps. Actually Ty Hunt Alexa and Ty were both wearing OnX shirts. Yeah.

Which I was wearing half an hour before they got here. Or right before you got here, and then I spilled chocolate ice cream on it. Chocolate ice cream. Nice. So mature. And now I'm wearing a Huntworth shirt. But yeah on X Maps, use our code MWW20, by the way, for 20 percent off. We got on the desktop version, and I was showing Ty property.

Yeah, don't don't sleep on the desktop version. Do not. A lot of times... You can do a lot more on there. Yeah us as hunters, especially me in particular I spend 99 percent of my time on my phone with Onyx, but there's a lot of features on the desktop, a lot more. Yeah, a lot more features. I'm guessing they're working on that.

Sure. To try to make it, mobile friendly, but there's only so many things you can do with a phone. [00:04:00] And... The desktop version is pretty freaking sweet. Yes, it is. Check them out on Xmaps. And then like I said, Homeworth Gear. I'm wearing their t shirt now. Use our code MWW15 for 15 percent off.

I think they're having... They're having a big sale. Something's coming up. Yeah. I don't, this is, we recorded this a little bit early so I don't know exactly if it'll be going on but they're gonna be having a flash sale. If it's not already going when we're talking about this we will post about it on social media.

Yeah. Which, by the way, we got a... Speaking of social media. We have a Facebook again. We got our Facebook. If you were, liked the old page on Facebook you probably haven't seen anything posted there for a while because that thing got hacked and Facebook sucks and won't give it back to me. Start another one.

To be clear, we started another Facebook page. Go find us. Give us a like and a follow. It is Missouri Woods and Water Podcast. It says podcast at the end, instead of just Missouri Woods and Water. And I should probably change the cover photo too, just to [00:05:00] make that's the one that people should go and find.

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Yep. And they usually are the Biggest donator of all of them because they are huge fans of getting kids in the outdoors. Huge. We are huge fans of Alps outdoors, Missouri based company. Please go support them. Xamarin boots. I cleaned my closet today, my hunting closet, and I forgot about a pair of boots that I had.

That were like under clothes. It was those those ones. Those lightweight [00:06:00] ones. Check your privilege, bro. I know, I got too many freaking pairs of boots apparently. It was those lightweight ones we were testing. The gray ones. They're boots but they're super lightweight like tennis shoes. Oh, the new ones.

Yeah. The new ones out. I forgot those existed. I have the tennis shoe pair. I've been wearing the tennis shoes. They're awesome. Yeah. But anyway, check out Zambalandusa. com as, I mean they got all kinds of different stuff. I've got those and some late season stuff and then my links is that I wear all the time.

Reveal cams by Tacticam. I'm praying to God that my camera will pick up a buck that is killable at some point in my life. So that we can, a buck. We've got a lot of, between you and I, a lot of cameras out there, and they're taking pictures. They are. You're just, yours are unlucky so far.

I've had pretty good success. Bucks are there, just not showing up in daylight, and not showing up when I'm there. Not that I've been able to hunt that much, but. [00:07:00] Yeah, to be honest with you, my cameras are taking more pictures of freaking dogs than they are deer. I have noticed that it has been a little bit since they showed up though.

Good. Yeah. It better not show up anytime soon. Did get a picture of an awesome bobcat though. Yeah. Dude, absolutely. I requested the HD picture on this thing.

I'm checking right now, see if I got it yet. Not yet, probably tomorrow morning. It's gonna be possibly the prettiest bobcat

I've ever seen. There's that one a few years ago at Andy's that I tried killing and I missed twice. Yeah. That was really beautiful, but this one almost looks like a cheetah. I know usually it's just the belly that you can definitely tell the spots. This one, it's rosettes. Yeah. And it's yellow.

Did you notice the... I think that might have been the light. It's possible. But either way, you could definitely tell lots of spots on this. Our Tacticam caught it. Yep. So check them out. Reveal Cameras by Tacticam. Black [00:08:00] Ovis. Use our code MWW10. Want to thank them also? They sent two 50 gift cards.

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Handle the fact that I didn't know for a fact that it was perfect. So I took it to Russell's. And we redid it. I was really close to being perfect. Did you just take the rings off? No, we remounted it. I know, but when you did it, when you took the scope off, because I'm thinking you're talking about your 6th Creed, right?

Yeah. So when you took the scope off, you just take it off by the rings? Oh, I see what you mean. At first, yes, but we just redid everything. You ended up [00:10:00] redoing all of it? Yeah. I'm gonna be loaning two guns out for rifles or for you season Jacob My buddy Jacob's gonna be borrowing one for his boy And then my buddy Matt is gonna be borrowing one both those have athlons on them So nice gonna be put to work.

Hey, you know what they're sharp They're, wait, they're sharp, tight, and priced just right. Dang they'll be good. Yep. And then Weber Outfitters, man. Our buddy Adam at Weber, followed our new page rather quickly. Yeah. When I invited him, so I appreciate that. Cuz I had to send out invites to everybody.

Yeah, that was, I hate that. Yeah, cuz everybody, and then everybody thinks oh, this is a scam. I'm already a follower of all of them. Yep. Yeah, not a scam. I just have bad password apparently. But Webber Outfitters. It's a little bit late to be going and grabbing a bow, but you can still do that and they're always going to have them.

They also started selling some really cool shotguns all kinds of cool gear, trophy line Saddles, and they [00:11:00] actually have a test tree. Two test, two test trees. Two test trees. At one point in time. Yeah, so you can actually get out there and test these saddles, see if that's something you're interested in.

And Micah was hanging off that thing. I was, so it's definitely sturdy. So it's sturdy. F you bro. I wasn't calling you Pat. F you bro. I was just saying you're a big dude. F you. That was a dick move. Sorry. Is that it? I think that's it. Do we have any things that we need to hit before we get into the show?

Been hunting one other time besides this time that we talked about last. So I haven't been able to hunt that much. So that's disappointing. I got something. What you got? Oh, first off, we went to the Whitetails Unlimited Banquet. Y'all did go. Was that was a great time. A lot of good people there.

Made some what do you call that? Raised some good money. And while we were there, bumped into our buddy Austin, and he killed five coyotes in one set last week. I saw the video. I have not watched it yet. I'll watch it. We talked about it to be honest. You [00:12:00] can't see any of the coyotes So I'm gonna give Austin a hard time.

He knows he knows what he did wrong. I don't know but He killed five coyotes in one stand man. Yeah, that is a that's that doesn't come around very often. So he took his dog. Yeah, he's so he helped me for a few Coyotes, but he screwed me on the other three he said that They're done with it.

Yeah, he said as far as the decoy dogging he says it's over Yeah, so like I and I actually text him because I was like man I should probably because I got a property that's behind my house a little ways That I hit up everyone smiles. I hate I've been hearing them almost every night. So I was like, let's go try it.

And I was like, you can bring the dog, you can bring your boy, whatever you want to do, and he's yeah, I think it's going to hurt. It would hurt us more than anything. But we went out there and we got them to talk back, but they never committed, so never ended up shooting anything. So it happens, but you'll have those, you'll have that within government jobs.

Dang. But [00:13:00] that's all I can think of right now. I'm excited. We're recording this right before. before you season. So hopefully you and I are hoping to get the kids out and have some success this weekend. I haven't talked to the boys yet about what they want to kill. Both of my sons have killed deer now.

And, so I don't know if, is Chase wanting to get a buck now? Is Caden just wanting to kill another buck? Is he, are they both okay still with Doze? We need to talk about our game plan before we go out. But good luck to this will be over. I guess it'll by the time this comes out.

It'll be already be over Hopefully everybody was safe. Everybody had some success. All the kids had fun. Yeah we'll be going to the Annual youth deer hunt competition. It's a big deer thing It doesn't matter how many points are on it. Just doesn't matter how much it weighs Yep, and once again doesn't matter what I say this, but if you are A youth hunter or have a youth hunter in Lafayette or Johnson County, Missouri.

This is a hunt you [00:14:00] should participate in with the kiddos because so far every year they've had this hunt, every registered hunter that's a kid walked away with a prize, whether they killed a deer or not, it's pretty awesome. Very awesome. Let's just get into the show with Ty Easley, his kids, Hunter and Alexa.

This is the Missouri Woods and Water Podcast.

Okay with us tonight we have a special treat. We have returning guest and friend of the show, Ty Easley. Yes, sir. And poor Ty had to lug two of his kids down here. His two kids. It's not two of. Cause this is only two. His two kids, Hunter and Alexa. Because... They're both killers and we're not. Yeah. Yeah, definitely.

No, we've already had an awesome season, so [00:15:00] wanted to get you guys on and hear the stories, yeah, so Hunter and Alexa, hello. Welcome to the show. Hello. Thanks for having us. Yeah. I think, Ty, was this your fourth or fifth time on? I think it's at least fourth. Yeah. Because I came on with Mike. I was on a couple times with you guys.

And then on with Mike. And yes, I think this is the fourth. You have been here, that's right. Yeah. Yeah. Mike and I came last year. I forgot about that. Yeah. I forgot about that. Yeah, I was like, did you give him my address and you know what I did here? Cause we haven't had anybody in studio for a while.

No, it has been a little bit. It's nice. It's hard. It's hard to get. It is hard. It is hard. Especially during hunting season. Everybody's out. We're sitting here at 9. 15 at night. Yeah. Cause you were in a stand? Is that right? No, I was teaching. You were teaching? Yeah, she was teaching. Okay, gotcha, gotcha.

Yep. I guess that's even a better excuse. Gotta be working. Gotta make that money. I would have been in a stand at night, but it is, what's it, 80 degrees? 80 degrees? It was hot. It was hot. It was hot. October is ridiculous. Yeah. And what, 30 mile an hour winds? There was no reason to be in a tree and the [00:16:00] cameras pretty much, showed that too.

Yeah. Yeah, I think I've gotten like four pictures or something like that for this evening, which is odd. Yeah. Yeah. I don't think they were moving too good today. Yes, sir. I did see, I was driving around today and at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, probably the hottest it was during the day, I had two full grown does in the middle of a field drinking out of a pond.

I've never seen that before, like in the heat like that. It's dry out there. Yeah, it definitely is. Although I like, when you got these highs and it makes the lows when it does get colder that much better. I like those swings. If it stays cool all the time, it's just gets, I think, mundane and if you get those highs and lows, it makes it, those better highs.

We just really haven't had any of those lows yet. Yeah, I had one a couple weeks ago. And that's really when you kid it was a little cooler that oh, it was really cold. Remember it was misting out and everything. Yeah Because that was a cold front right around there. So it's a week and a half ago.

Yeah. Yeah, so Ty really needs no introduction He's Ty Easley, right? Right and [00:17:00] But we also have like I said his two kids Hunter and Alexa So before we get into the awesome stories about you two killing Two bucks, almost exactly a month apart. Let's do some introductions. Hunter will, actually, ladies first.

Alexa, we're gonna go with you first. Alexa, why don't you introduce yourself, tell us about yourself, who you are, where you're from, and that sort of stuff. Oh, we're Missouri residents. You guys are gonna get put on the spot. Oh, man. After you introduce yourselves, you have to tell us what your favorite thing about the Missouri outdoors are.

Oh, gosh. Okay. On the spot tired. He knew he, yeah, he's done before, so we're good there. Yep. Okay. So yes, I am Alexa. I am Ty's firstborn and his favorite. No I, yeah, I've been, dad's been taking me hunting since I was probably two years old. Yep. I remember my. I don't remember my first hunt but I have a picture of my first hunt and I brought a little teddy bear with me up in the stand.

Yeah I've [00:18:00] always loved going out there with my dad. I first more so got into turkey hunting and then it wasn't until I was I guess a little bit my like lower teens that I really started deer hunting but always with a bow for the deer. So I've never rifle hunted deer before, but we, we would rifle hunt or not rifle hunt, but shotgun hunt turkeys when I was younger too, okay. And then my favorite thing I know my dad disagrees with me, but I love turkey hunting. I honestly like it better than deer hunting. I know that's not generally I'm with you, Ty. I could care less about them birds. I love turkey hunting and it makes me so sad that the turkey population has gone down so much, but I just love that.

Being out there in the morning in the spring after just a cold winter because I hate being cold And so that warm Sun coming up in the morning and just like the smell of the spring air. That's my favorite Connor You're my favorite now On to you Hunter. [00:19:00] All right, I'm Hunter. I'm a

Ty's new favorite and I don't know I've just started filming lately within the past la or in the last season. And I've loved it and I've started to grow into loving deer hunting more and more. And I used to love turkey hunting and... I'm starting not to like it. I'm in like a what like a five or six.

Yeah, about a five six. Yeah, that's right. It's bad What's going on? Yeah, it's bad, but turkey population has a lot to do with it. Yeah, can't kill what doesn't exist true that but no, yeah, I Like I said, I've really started to grow in filming and Also photography as well But yeah, I also Love just the hunting itself and being outdoors with everyone.

And like Dad always says, he always enjoys a fellowship of just being outdoors and [00:20:00] enjoying nature and God's creation and everything. So it's pretty cool. But probably my favorite thing about the Missouri outdoors... I want to say it's uniqueness in... Just the nature itself out and the seasons, how they are, I just like now I was just at work today and I was like, it's so pretty outside, like fall is so awesome and everything.

Now this time of the year starts to become the fun part of the year with deer season too with the rut coming along here soon And I'm pumped my wife and I were just arguing not actually arguing but arguing about this today My favorite season is fall. You got football the, it starts getting a little colder outside.

I'm a hot natured person, so I like it when it's colder and she hates the fall because of hunting. And then, other stuff, but she loves the summer and it's just, what I love about Missouri is the [00:21:00] answer we get from a lot of people. It's so diverse. You got people that like turkey hunting.

Then they can have it. You got people who like deer hunting, they can have it. Fishing, you name it. Elk hunting in this state now. Only for five people, but still, it's there. There's a large variety of things you can do in Missouri. And then, we've got, I feel like we're getting those four seasons a lot less than we used to get them.

Yeah. Like when I was growing up, it was obvious, you got a fall, you got a winter, you got a spring. But, people in California, you don't see this Florida, they don't get to see this. It's just summer all the time pretty much. Yeah I think that's awesome about the Missouri outdoors and, everybody answers that question very similarly, but differently every time.

That's me that build up the anticipation for each season. It's that's what just it lets you cause at the end of deer season, even, like after four months of going hard at it, you're ready for a break and then boom, all of a sudden here, another, shed season and turkey season.

So it's like you get to, when you about time you get tired of one, you get excited for the next. And there's so much for people to do. Ty, you know this about [00:22:00] my, myself and Micah. We both, as soon as winter hits, we start getting after the dogs a lot. We love coyote hunting. Yep. And, him and I are the same as...

Hunter you used to be, but I don't really care about turkeys. If we had turkeys where we have farms, we probably would hunt them more. I think, I've got a few pictures on my trail camera, and just a handful of hens. And I know you can take those with your bow, or whatever, but I'm like, Why?

I ain't, yeah, I don't need the meat that bad. And I've taken the boys, and it is a lot of fun, Alexa, like you were saying, with the morning waking up, and it's, you got green leaves, and, it is really cool, but. And, we like to hunt coyotes instead, that's what we choose to spend our winters doing and then early spring and in Missouri, you can do it like you can do it all.

And that's what we love about the state. So good answers and very good job doing it on the spot. Cause usually I prepare people, but Hey, you're Ty's kids. So I knew that. Okay. So we have two awesome stories, [00:23:00] Hunter. You did something I always want to do. Which is you killed a deer on the very first day of the season.

See, is it awesome or I've also heard that now you can't do nothing. Obviously you can because you can go film and that do that sort of thing So but it did take away anything. It's like man now I can't pick up a bow or nothing till rifle yes, and no because I mean I've never killed like I said, I've never killed on opening day before and It was somewhat of a relief but on the other side now I'm getting to the point where we're A month past it, and I'm like, dang, I'm ready to get back in the stand.

I'm ready to be in front of the camera instead of behind it all the time. But I don't know, I just, I also enjoy filming a lot. And so it's nice just being with my dad, or being with my sister, or buddy, or something like that. You're playing with house money, dude. No matter what you do the rest of the season, you've already had a successful season.

[00:24:00] And now I realize you and I are in different phases of our lives. Yeah, I'm guessing you don't have any children. I don't know. Okay, so if I Went out on opening day and killed the buck I was after the one we were talking about before we recorded. I'd be the happiest man in the world. Not only did I kill Yeah I just made my life, my family's life a lot easier.

For sure, yeah. So like, when I, it sucks, but when we go hunting now, We have to make it productive So the way I used to hunt I'd throw 35 days at a deer and I would get it killed Yeah, I don't have 35 days to throw it anymore. I have to be like these are the two days I need to try this week because I have my best opportunity or this wind is doing this Yeah, so if I got one dead First week of season.

I'd be like, perfect. Now I'm good. I don't, I didn't, yes, you wouldn't be in the woods and fun times, but I'm jealous. Yeah, I'm telling you that it was pretty awesome. [00:25:00] I'm jealous of you too. Hell pretty damn early for you. Yeah. But okay. So Hunter, since you were first this time, Boys first since you were the first one to kill we're gonna start with your story first.

So September 15th, obviously, it's a spoiler It's a Tales of the Chase episode. We know that both Hunter and Alexa killed some deer Yeah, so let's talk about the deer you killed on September 15th Give us some backstory. Was this a deer? Yeah, Ty is definitely one of those people that he has pictures and history with every deer.

So far that I know of. And he nicknames them. Yes always. Like a smart person. Yeah. So he he had Smalls, Cluster. And seven up on this farm that we were at, that's what, three of the books that I was possibly going for, and Smalls had daylighted consistently through what was it, a good month, probably, or so?

Yeah, more so of the other stay on that, but that one he daylighted the night before we were there, oh yeah. Yep, and it was all high hopes going in there I was pumped, but it was opening day, [00:26:00] so I was just like, kinda going through the motions, and going, getting in the stand.

What was the weather like that day? It was pretty nice. It was kinda it was cooler. Yeah. I remember that it was like 70s, I believe it got hot. Yeah, it was pretty nice. Upper 70s, yeah. It was not bad. Honestly, early season, I like it. Cause deer on that summer pattern used to hot weather.

I don't like those cold fronts right then. And not only that, it keeps 90 percent of the hunters out of the woods. So you keep that hot weather and those deer will stay on the same pattern, especially for that first week or two a season. I don't, I hate hunting in the heat. Don't get me wrong. For the big deer that are on the summer pattern, that's, you don't want anything changed. Makes sense. Yeah. Yeah. But Yeah, it was just I mean opening day. I was just pumped to get back in the stand and Opening day with dad and my dad. He actually usually goes opening day with my Papa Terry his dad and so we had to switch it up this year and me and him went and it was opening [00:27:00] day.

So we ended up getting in there and Out of camp I can't really remember how many deer we ended up seeing that like beforehand I knew we had maybe seen like Maybe there was like three does or a doe and two fawns or something that were just feeding throughout the food plot and whatnot. And then so did you specifically have, cause I'm just hearing this for the first time.

Yeah. Yeah. I've not been on social media very much lately. Of those three deer, was there one that. You were thinking you guys were more likely to oh, like you said small was a daylight Yeah, so so was that kind of hey, this is the one I'm after Today. Yeah, so those three bucks that I had said cluster seven up in small smalls was the one that a daylight at the day before and a daylight in a few days beforehand as well and He was just way more consistent in that area that we were hunting in.

And Cluster and 7UP were just not really [00:28:00] consistent whatsoever. I say whatsoever, they were still there, they weren't, some of them, I think Cluster or 7UP, one of them weren't daylighting. Yeah, more so the older one, the 7UP. Yeah. Yeah. It's funny, because I think we threw out a number and I don't throw numbers out a whole lot I'll joke around okay, what percentage they're like, so what percentage we got a kill on the night?

I'm like, we got about 80%, 80%. on a deer hunt is, that's about as sure as bet as you can get. Six percent of the time, it works every time. Yeah, exactly. But yeah, we threw that number. I was like, yeah, we got, this is about as good as chance, as good as opportunity. But, one cool backstory to that hunt the stand we were in is actually the same stand and set that I killed Dreamer in.

And that year, It was last summer, I think it was last summer, was that when me, we went in and we cleared it out and made it a little bit bigger. Hunter helped me clear it out and made it bigger. My dad killed in there last year. It was actually the summer before because dad killed it over in that open area.

But but my dad killed in there and then [00:29:00] Hunter killed in there. So we had three generations kill. Out of that same set, that same little kill plot. So that was a nice, that was really cool. So it's a food plot, what are you planting in there? This year it was soybeans. It started off, when I killed Dreamer, we started off with just clover and then, the next year we did it was clover again for the first two years, and then we did a soybeans last year and this year, and it's taken pretty good it's just, with the drought, the last two years have been so dry, I tried to fence it off, and that definitely helped cause there was a lot, the soybeans were good that opening day, They were hammered.

Yeah and we had that line of clover was pretty nice too that we had or No, yeah that was still in there when whenever we were hunting it Yeah, it just wasn't as it's difficult when you gotta fence it off because you want them there. Yeah, right So I don't want them to ruin it all.

Yeah at all. So what I did I actually fenced off three quarters of the pot and left a quarter of it in clover so they could still feed and left a mineral like over there in that quarter of it. And then I just opened up [00:30:00] that far side of the plot. So when they come in, they would come in, had to come in towards us.

Yeah. But what's funny is when we, when he did come in. It was pretty decent light when he came in, but the, all of where the fence was at, the soybeans grow the tallest around the fence, right? Because if they're going to go into, they're going to get zapped, so they try to stay away from that area. When we pulled the fence and I pulled it like four days, five days before opening day all those soybeans were super tall.

And those Eagle seed beans, they grow, like five foot, six foot tall. So like deer, you don't see them in there other than maybe there's antlers. So let's see, he came into the edge and that's where they were the thickest, so that's where he's feeding, and we're sitting there forever, and Hunter's just Oh, I'm getting irritated.

I was like, dude, you're just teasing me right now. Is this ever gonna happen? Come on, man. Yeah but yeah, so Smalls had, that's the one that I had figured I was going to shoot if he was going to show up. He ended up having a double white patched on his throat. I'm telling you. Beautiful too. Oh, [00:31:00] gorgeous.

Probably the most beautiful cape I've ever seen on a whitetail. Yeah. Big. And you know a lot of them, even like yours. You can see the double white, but this one's if you go look at the pictures, it's two giant solid white patches. Yeah. I'll tell you, as I've gotten older in the hunting. Your hunting career, you start to appreciate other things outside of like just a rack or like the color of the inside of legs sometimes you can really see some cool stuff.

You really can't tell it in this deer the way he sits in my basement now, but he was super blonde. Oh, really? He had the double throat patch and then next to another deer that was killed that same day, like I was telling you guys, he was really blonde looking, like a, just a beautiful coat and you just appreciate things like that as you get, I guess older with it where you're, everybody else looks at the antlers and that's cool.

You're like, look at the double throat patch though and look at this weird, like certain does, you'll see white legs, all throughout and you're [00:32:00] like, that's cool. But yeah, so I don't know. And then did you plant the plot like later? No I planted it about, normal time.

I think it was May, end of May, it was probably June. I have to go back and look. It was sometime in June when I planted it. The biggest thing I'd worry about with soybeans is. The leaves turning brown, that's the nice thing about the Eagle Seed beans. They stay greener longer.

Do they? Yeah. So they, that's the big advantage. Like I'm behind my house right now. I got some Eagle Seed beans and they're still green. Really? Yeah. So it's, yeah, it's, it, they, that makes a big, big difference. But yeah, it was definitely a it was a fun hunt for sure. So he's out there feeding then what happens?

Yeah, so he, it was actually getting close to shooting. Like I'm pretty sure it was getting a little dark. It was getting a little dark, 20, 20, 25 minutes when he first walked out. And then, so he's walked out. He's probably I cited him at 50 yards. And he was behind the, so I were laying, was it a hedge?

You said it was a hedge [00:33:00] tree? It was a big hedge tree, yeah. So the limbs had grown over toward the top of my lane was covered. The hedge apples were weighing it down. Yeah. Yeah. Getting in the way. Yep. And so I was, I ranged him and he was sitting back feeding on those beans for probably five, ten minutes and then he came back the way he came in.

And as he was walking back, I'd go to range him, and on my sight, it says low battery, like unable to range. It's a zero. It's a Garmin zero. I'm like, no way. I'm like, I've told my dad, I'm like, I literally can't, I can't range him. Like it's low battery. He was like, okay, just turn it off and turn it back on.

And I was like, the trick of the trade. He blew on it. Yeah. And I'm thinking in my head. Oh no, because it's my dad's crossbow and I'm thinking in my head, when's the last time my dad changed his batteries? Which I should have checked, but I just, one of those things you just don't think about and you get in the tree and leave it on all afternoon and it was it was no, it was at that point I was like I'm done for I'm, I can't shoot him.

And cause he was already walked out out [00:34:00] of sight, I couldn't see him. And my dad, I'm pretty sure you said you could still see him or something, or he was like, I'm pretty sure he's gonna come back out or something. He said something along those lines. And so I'm getting ready, I turn my sight back on, and I see him, or I see a, there was like another smaller like bachelor buck that had walked out before.

And that he came falling behind him and I go to side in and I'm like please just work for 30 seconds. Yeah. And I sided it in and arranged them. And I waited maybe 15 seconds just cause he was in those beans and I didn't know if that bolt was going to tear through those beans or not.

And let her rip and drilled her. What was it? In the, It was a double, it wasn't a lung. Yeah it was a double lung. I mean it may have even got as hard, it was like, it was just, I mean it was money right in that shoulder. Perfect. Zipped right through him. I think it was right at 45 yards.

So it was probably, yeah it was just. And you could see the light of the knock was all the way there. It was pretty cool. Oh yeah it's it's nice to [00:35:00] see the light of the knock fly and then it disappears just for a second. While it's inside the body. Yep. And then it's gone. Yep. Yep. Yep. Yeah, no, it was awesome.

And like I said, opening day it can't get any better than that. Yeah. It was an awesome experience. I will fight anyone that says they wouldn't want to kill a deer opening day. I've only shot one in all my years of hunting. Was that the first double drop that I killed total package? Yeah, I shot him opening day.

I should have went opening day yeah, one of my target bucks I hadn't had pictures of him for I think six weeks and then he showed up underneath my stand How do you know like during the day 730? Yep, it's yeah, come on he sends me the picture and I'm just like Seems like it's been our luck is it's hunters of past few years is when we're not there They don't like hey I'm here

Okay did he run off? Yeah he maybe ran it was in a so like pretty much everywhere in front of us was just a pretty big thicket [00:36:00] and He maybe ran 40 yards into the thicket and laid down and we maybe gave him 30 minutes, 45 minutes and walked in my mom and my buddy, Trevor came out there too.

And we walked in and I think I do remember seeing that picture now. Yep. Yeah. Yeah, no we found him dead. And I was. In the middle of that

farm. Are y'all allergic? I'm not, luckily Jill is. She stayed out. I was like, she's like, where do I come in? I was like, you just stay out of the food plot. We'll bring him to you. Don't you worry about that. Yeah, other than that. I mean it was awesome. It's always nice to get your hands around some like some antlers Yeah you go, but like it's such a good feeling.

So was this your first Buck since kind of getting back into white tail hunting So you hadn't been doing it for a while. Is that right? So I've really never got into [00:37:00] deer hunting. Like I said, I like probably turkey was saying yeah around eight I started to get into turkey hunt. I probably killed four or five.

I think it was like four, four Turkey. And then stop Turkey hunting. I say stopped. I just stopped after two years. I didn't shoot one. And then started getting back into deer hunting and I got my rifle one two years ago. I killed a white knight with my crossbow last year. That's a cool name. Yeah, it was a cool buck.

It was awesome. And then I just killed Smalls this year. Yeah, it was late season last year and he killed that Buck White Knight. That was pretty cool. Awesome. Another crazy awesome experience too. Go ahead, Ty, as a dad, how does that feel? him getting back into it. Did it hurt whenever he wasn't really into it?

Or were you, are you those ones that, I'm sure you don't push your kids to I'm sure you're like, I can't, I don't want to, I'm a failure, I'm a hunter, come on, work with me. [00:38:00] But, you can't, if you try anything in life and, I'm I know it's a different mentality from like from my dad's parents, you know brought them up I think because they did push every and I think our age group you know, we just don't push our kids as much anymore.

We try not to. I'm sure some people do, but if you push them into something and they, it's more apt to push them away, I think. So I just let them do their thing. If they want to come, it's the door was always open. And I don't think they ever realized the opportunities. That they have.

Because they're just used to seeing it all the time. It's you grow up around it, it's not a big deal to you. But now I think they know, or I think he does now especially. Now he's going, even without me. That's when you know. He's enjoying it, is if he's going and doing it without you with his buddies.

And going and doing it. You know it's not just, okay, he's not just going just because dad's going, there was multiple times when I wasn't deer hunting. There was definitely that guilt trip when he would ask me, I guess I'll go by myself tonight. Yeah. Oh, yeah.

So [00:39:00] many times. Are you sure you don't want to go? I'll buy you a big boy. I would have been going in. Make it high boy though. It's different. Yeah, it's just different. I get it. I get it. I'm My daughter, or she's nine, so she's been hunting with me since she was four, and I scared her off on the rifles.

Which is fine because she'll still, she takes the crossbow out. So we go crossbow hunting, but I'm like, Oh, I'm hoping I'm not pushing too hard. Would you say scared or off? She shot last year was her first time going to be behind the gun and we went out with a crossbow and stuff. Just because the property, it's just easier to use a crossbow rifles, not really necessary.

More than likely the shot's going to be within 50, and that's a long shot. But then we had an opportunity to go hunt over at a buddy's house and it's going to be in, we're going to be in a big tower blind, probably gonna have to shoot a hundred yards. So we went out the week prior and we were shooting the rifles and she shot it a handful of times [00:40:00] and I mean she was a good shot and then she's I'm done.

I'm like, okay she's just over it. We went and I've told this story multiple times, but we went out there to the buddies and we get out and we were just waiting, we were going to shoot a doe and we saw those all throughout the night and it was getting later in the day and we're like, okay, let's just shoot this one.

It was like 150 yards or something. And she gets behind the gun. I don't want to do it. I'm like, what? I don't want to, I don't want to shoot the gun. I'm like, what's the problem? And to this day, she won't tell me why she doesn't want to shoot a gun. She's I'll do it with a crossbow. She's I don't want to use the gun.

So I don't know what happened, but yeah. So yeah, I'm just hoping I don't, I'm, so I'm trying to lay off of it, but I'm hoping that I just don't scare her off enough to where she, a gun is a violent. Act a gun does violent things to, even the kickback and it's something I think she'll get used to it.

Yeah. She'll get over as she gets older, but right now I just don't think she likes it. [00:41:00] And yeah, it's okay. Yeah, that's fine. Yeah. Like I said, she still wants to go out with a crossbow and, she still wants to just, she just. Be fine with just sitting next to me But now my boy, I don't think I have to worry about him.

I'm pretty sure i'm gonna have to pull him off He's gonna go out with an animal Yeah okay. So we try to you know, one thing about these tales that chase episodes. We try to really give the animal The spotlight that it deserves. Oh, yeah, so do your best to explain to the listener. They're gonna get pictures Oh, yeah, we're gonna you know with the show release we'll release a picture of both these deer, but try to explain your best what Smalls looked like when you walked up on him, put your hands around those antlers.

What's that deer look like? So he wasn't really like a huge, like characteristic, like rack of a deer. He was an older deer. Like I said before, he had a double white throat patch, which was just awesome. He was a big body. One of the bigger body, by far my biggest body deer I've shot so far. Yeah.

Awesome. Awesome. And he just like it's one of those bucks when you see [00:42:00] walk out and there's other bachelor bucks or just pretty much any other deer around. You can just completely tell that's a good deer. That's like a, that's mature. Yeah. I would say that's a mature buck right there.

And yeah, he is I don't know. I wanna say he's probably one of my favorite deer I've killed. LA last year was a pretty cool buck, but this one is just opening day, like I said before. It's pretty awesome. And he's pretty darn wide though. He is a 19 and a half inch spread. Hell yeah. Wide frame wise.

I know. And then I see other deer on like Instagram and I'm like, dang, that's Yeah, but you can't ever compare. I know. I understand. Who cares about inches, right? Like that 1. 8 I was telling your dad about and stuff. He might score 135. But he's, I know he's old, he's a huge body, same deal.

What kind of history do y'all have with it, with the one you're talking about? So the first time I ever noticed him, he was a six pointer as a three year old. Yeah, big body, big old head. And actually, I'm sorry, he was two, he was six pointer at two years [00:43:00] old. The next year at three years old. He grew, he was an eight pointer but had short tin, which that's when he got his name Smalls.

Yeah. Because he just had short tines and anyway, so that year I, he got, ended up getting a big growth on his neck. Oh. And like by his chin and neck. And it like swelled up real big and I was like. I don't know if this deer is gonna make it was, it got big and sometime about middle of November, it had popped or burst or whatever, because, it had gone away, but he was getting pretty run down by the end of the rut, and then I got a picture of him in late December, early January, and he was like, I was like, that deer ain't gonna make it.

Ain't gonna fit the skin and bones. Yeah, he is not gonna make it through. The next year, he made it. And didn't, he's very, super recognizable because his double white throat patch and just his frame anyways, he made it, but he didn't hardly put anything on, but he, his body really, he recovered really well, body wise, just rack wise, just didn't hardly do anything from three to four.

And then this year from four to five, he put on the inches pretty good big, wide frame, not [00:44:00] super long main beams, but a decent, what? Way better time length than what he had the years before. And 19 and a half inch spread. That's pretty wide. For real wide. Yeah.

He was one of those deer, just impressive walking. And I thought a mature deer. A mature deer. Yeah. I've told this story on our show before, and I'm not, I won't tell the whole story, but we had this, I had this deer a few years ago where that deer was killed, nicknamed Evil Eddie.

And he, all he was evil Eddie . I love it. That's because he had a main beam. Two G1s. A G1 coming off each side and then a main beam. And that's it! That's all he was. So four point? That is a cool dude. He was a four point. Wow. And he, I, he was at le, like he was the oldest ear I've ever seen in my life.

He had a big old body though. He had tumor on the side of his thing. . Wow. He had big what would you call it, like sagging brisket? Yeah. You could see it like shake when he walked man. Yes, pretty much. And, I had a five yard encounter with him in the rain on the ground and I couldn't shoot him because our county's got point restrictions.

Oh, no. So I had to video, I [00:45:00] mean from Alexa to me, like he was right there and he was just like looking at me and couldn't figure out what I was. And I'm just like, you are so dead and I couldn't do anything about it. That deer would have scored 35 inches. Like his beams was, his beam were probably 20 inches long.

He had good beams. I'll show you the video after we're done. And he had broken off one of his G1s that year too, so he was even smaller. But I would have not only killed that deer, he would have gotten a mount. Oh yeah. He was a 9 10 year old type of deer and he probably died, I haven't seen him in a couple years, he probably died of old age somewhere.

That's the only time that the point restriction I'd hate because I love the idea of the rule, but in those cases, you're just like, man, that, that deer needs to know he's a five plus year old. But yeah, so dude, congratulations. That's that's awesome. Opening day. Jealous of you. I hope I [00:46:00] get lucky enough one day to do that.

So Alex has been over there nice and quiet for the past half hour or so. Good job. You've been nice and patient. Thank you. Almost exactly a month. She's crying because I told her she wanted my help. Yep. That's right. Almost exactly a month later, October 14th, you did it also. The pressure on, did you have any pressure where you're just like, I know who the pressure's on now.

That's exactly right. It's funny that you guys were talking earlier about how you. Now feel like you want to try to get it done early in the season because that is I've always been a super busy person and so and of course like my the first two deer that I killed super late season like one of them was January yeah, super late season.

So I just for a long time thought well, I guess that's the only time I'm lucky is late season. I have to go out when it's freezing cold and I hate being cold and So yeah, it was Always it's always really nice to [00:47:00] kill earlier in the season because my deer that I killed, was that last year or two years ago?

Bean. Bean. Behind the house, yeah, it was two years ago, I think. Yeah, that was like, That was October 15th, right? Yeah, October 15th. Yeah, so this was just one, one day prior to that. Yeah, it was, it's, for me, the pressure of not having to worry about okay, I gotta make time so that I can go out and try to get a kill.

Now I can just enjoy going and being there and watching when I can. Still fun, though. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Still awesome. Okay this is a different farm than where Hunter killed his, right? Correct. Okay what, do we know this deer? We already know who this deer was? Yeah. Dad had been getting pictures of him for, oh gosh, you're going to have to tell me.

He was a five year old too. Okay, yeah. Had always called him the non typical. Yeah, he got that, he was, he got the the generic name. Yeah, it was, I know it was, right? And I always wanted to give him a name, but I just nothing ever stuck. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I don't know. He just he got a [00:48:00] messed up left side his at three years old and that year he was about a size as he was this year as a five year old.

So I really thought he was going to really, become a true crazy nontypical. I was hoping, but then of course we talked about the dry spell last year and this year, it's been dry and last year, especially he like lost inches like. A lot. A lot. I was like, what? The pictures are crazy.

Yeah, it's amazing how many inches he lost last year and then this year he pretty much put it back on and then I had a few encounters with him and I've kept telling Alexa, I've never had a five year old hunt this huntable, like this deer was daylighting so much in this cornfield. Yeah, so dad was putting the pressure on me.

Yeah. Early season. I'm like, where can you go? Where can you go? He is taunting me. Literally. Literally. He's he is so killable. If we go at him for the next week or two weeks, but I don't know after that like Just very okay, the pressure's on giving me a little bit of anxiety But yeah, we were finally, was that just our second hunt of the season?[00:49:00]

Yeah. Yeah, I got really lucky this year It was just yeah our second hunt and all three of us got to be out there that both times Wait a minute. Wait a minute All three of you? Yeah. Yeah. All three of us were there for both. For her, not for Hunters Kills. I'm like, now that's even cool. No. Okay.

Unfortunately, I was at Practice One, hunter killed, so I got to see the text right after practice, which was pretty cool to see that picture. Definitely. But yeah, no, just for my two hunts this year. Is when all three of us were in a stand, which is, pretty comical, probably pretty rare too. There's been a few times in the past when like my buddy comes in from out of town that we'll do, I'll bring a third, hang a triple set, but this deer, luckily we had it with the way the tree was, I had another tree that was right next to it that I can hang a second, or a third stand.

Yeah. Yep. So it worked out. Yeah, so we [00:50:00] got in there super early the day of, and Like dad was saying earlier, it was like cold front had just started moving in and it was, just misting on and off. It wasn't like super cold, obviously, but just that change of weather really got him moving.

But prior to that. He stopped showing up that every night and so dad was like, oh, I think we waited too long. I just don't know And so I'm like, oh gosh, darn it. Like now I'm mad at myself that I didn't go out But it was still like it wasn't like he left or anything like he was still showing up but just not Daylight.

He did daylight the night before though, like your situation where he did daylight the night before. So like any time, especially a deer like that, but he did, he was For a week and a half two weeks almost I bet he was there five out of seven nights and shooting light in the afternoon Which is unheard of for a five year old deer.

I mean I've hunted these deer for a long time and it's just very rare that they're that regular And [00:51:00] so that this one that's why I was on there tell us We've got to get on this deer and luckily, then he disappeared for a week and a half actually that so the deer little bit of back history.

The deer that I've got my sights set on a certain deer this year. Let's just say dad also brought his bow and we were also hunting that deer. That's right. Both times in. So yeah. I'm stiff arming Alexa if my deer shows up. But no but I heard the deer that she shot, the non typical I'd had.

Walk two different times in front of me and I'm like usually a five year old deer. That's where we, start We're like, okay at five years old on these couple farms that are by each other We're hunting them when they're five years old and older and it have been any other year I would have shot that deer and I would have got dropped and but I just really got my heart set on this It's a double white throat patch bucket list here, and he's got another very unique characteristic.

Yeah, that's the other [00:52:00] cool thing. Spoiler I like the restaurant. All right. Yep. He'll taste delicious too. Yes. So anyways, yeah, that, but that that non typical, we, I just knew, that night before we had just seen him. So we felt pretty good, that he'd be hopefully there that night. Yeah. Yeah. Cause the night prior he had showed up. Really early and that's why we, we got out there What like three a little over a little after three o'clock. Yeah, it's 3 30, but we had deer. We had deer. Yeah. Yeah, cuz we had it so we got up set up in the stand and honestly like Probably 10 15 minutes after we got set up that we had a doe come out and we were hunting this set with the complete opposite wind that we normally would have and So this pretty mature doe comes out.

It might have been the same one that had come out the previous time that we had hunted and Dad, I mean bless this. What is that stuff called? Nose jammer. Nose jammer[00:53:00]

spray. I just, I, dude, I'm the same way. He made me put it on, what was it last season? Yeah. And, I'm not saying anything bad about it, but my entire hunt I smelled a vanilla candle. Yeah. Oh, it smells so good. Isn't it weird? I'm like, I hate this. I feel like I'm in my wife's, candle shop right now or whatever.

So I'll let her finish her story and I'll tell you my theory on it, but go ahead. Yeah, so we had our nose jammer on and it, I'm telling you, it worked. It worked real good because she like, you could tell she got nervous and could smell something but she couldn't tell what it was. Oh, the candle.

Exactly. She just didn't know exactly what scent it was. Is that cherry? Vanilla? Is that pumpkin spice? But yeah, so she didn't blow and she didn't freak out. Yes, exactly. So that was the most important thing. So she didn't go. Perfect. Exactly. So yeah, we had her come out and then... Either another doe or it could have been her that came out again later.

We actually had a hen walk by that night as well. And then finally, it's it was [00:54:00] so late, not late, but like getting to where it was like crunch time. And of course, dad's always like, all right, it's it's almost deer 30. It's almost six 30. Everybody knows what that time is. Every hunter knows they're like, if it's going to happen, it's going to happen in the next 30 minutes.

Yeah. So we're. Same thing that Hunter was saying. I just got to that point where I was like, I just don't know if it's going to happen tonight. We all felt really good about it that earlier that day. Like it felt really good going into the stand. But yeah, once it got to that later time and the sun just kept going down and it kept getting darker, it was like I just don't know.

I don't think it's going to happen. But finally. While we're all paying attention, looking for deer because sometimes we struggle with that. I finally hit dad because I see a buck coming out. And of course, I can only just see movement and just a little bit of antlers. And it ended up being a young, was it that young eight point that came out first?

And of course, my [00:55:00] heart's pounding because I just see a buck and he's No, it's not. It's not him. It's not him. And so he comes out for a while. But this book, this particular book that had come out the non typical prior to that had been fallen, like they were buddies and they were always seen together.

So I was like, okay, maybe like he's got to be right behind him let's just pray for that. And so when I didn't see him like right behind him, I was like, gosh, dang it. Like these stupid deer. But finally. That was there another buck that came out? Yeah another two year old eight pointer come out.

And then he started feeding on that corn stalk. Oh, that's right. There was that doe, too, that had, she, remember when she was wigging out. Oh, yeah. She was being weird, yeah. She was being real weird. But yeah, so finally he ends up coming out and dad does his infamous either he's snapping at you or he's banging on your shoulder.

And so it's just no pressure, heart pounding moment. You're like, don't you ruin this for me. So [00:56:00] yeah, we he finally comes out and dad's that's him. That's him. And so exactly. So we got down the bow and it is like super low light like it's going fast now realize it's I mean we still got Ten minutes of shooting legal shooting light, but it was up for a camera.

It was over cat cameras honestly do better than your naked eye now. Oh, yeah hard long lens You can literally he'll have camera light longer than I'll have through my peep. So I'll be dang really but The problem that night was it was cloudy, overcast, misty. So it was got quicker. You're right on the edge of timber too.

Yeah. Yeah. So we're, yeah, we're in the timber. So it's darker where we're at, but luckily the deer is out in the open field, and this is over is this a food plot or is this just a corn field? This is a standing corn field. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. So he got out there and gosh, now I think about it, I feel bad because dad was like, okay, just make sure you communicate with Hunter. So because this is Hunter's[00:57:00] hopefully, we're hoping, first time filming a kill, ever. And so he's make sure you communicate with Hunter. So he if you need to move to the left or right so he can get the shot. I

was definitely in the zone, just not thinking about anything. You're going to have to figure this out, bro. Sorry to interrupt, but there was like a moment, because there was a tree in between the area that he came from. The tree that we're in was like separating the... Lane that my sister has to her left and then the lane that she has to her right.

So I'm filming as he walks in and I go over and I can see him and then Dad, dad had said move over to the left and I'm like, I'm dialed in on him. And then she just goes right in front of me, right in front of ha, I didn't know that. It just reminds me of what, there was one year I tried self filming and I'm, I was just like Alexa.

In the fact that if I'm going to do this and then a buck [00:58:00] would walk out and I could have thrown the camera out of the tree. I'm like screw this thing. Like it was the same, I'm like I don't care anymore. So I understand what you were going through. Yeah, you just get that one track mind and you're not thinking about anything else.

It's kill time, like yeah, I get you. I always say it's always, it's got to be instinctive at that moment. Like you're shooting, everything is like instinctive at that moment. But yeah, he finally walked into that shooting lane right out in front of us like, gosh, what was like 20 yards? Yeah, because you didn't have time to range him.

It was so low light. Yeah, it was, it was so low light. And I was even nervous when I, like, when I was looking through my peep side, I was like, I hope I'm on the right spot. Yeah, you look through your other eye, you look through the other eye. Yeah, it was super, super low light. And I took the shot. And actually, when I first.

Like, when it first happened, of course I get that excited feeling, but then, when I, so watching it, just with the naked eye, I [00:59:00] honestly thought, because he dropped, and it almost looked like the arrow bounced over his back, like I missed him. And so then I'm like, oh gosh dang it immediately super, because I've done that before, I've shot over their backs before, and it's so disappointing.

And it looked exactly like how that had happened before. And so I was like, gosh, dang it. And dad at first was like, you like great shot because he was looking at it. Like he literally had his binos on as I shot. Yeah. I was on it. I just wasn't ready for it to shoot. I wasn't ready. I was on it with the binos and yeah.

Yeah. Cause I didn't have to blow or anything. He was stopped perfectly. Perfectly broadside and everything with that front leg forward, so I did not waste any time with that light. She didn't, hey, Hunter, are you on him? No. No, I did not. No, I did not. It's a good thing he was. So you did get it then. You shot.

Awesome. Yeah, he did so good. So when you shot him, you might not remember, but you got video evidence. That's good. Was his head down [01:00:00] or up? Do you remember? I think it was up. Yeah. So I've been who is it that's doing a lot of like research on deer dropping and growing? Growing deer tv. Yeah, that's right.

Dr. Grant. How much more we're talking to him in a few days? Thursday. Oh, cool. Yeah. How much more they drop if like their head's up compared to when it's down. Oh really? Or vice versas supposed to be when it's down. Yeah. When they drop, if their heads down they drop more or quicker, yes. Because it's more natural, because they're already down, they can just go quickly, if the head's up, they're more likely to drop less and slower and I could be saying all this wrong. No, I think you're pretty right. Yeah, I think that's pretty close. But it's made me think about, like when it's shooting time I think about it a lot, when I shoot Are they quartered away?

Are they quartered to? Am I going to end up stopping him? Am I not, when you stop them now, they're alert compared to when you didn't have to stop them. So he wasn't alert, hopefully. Yeah. But yeah, you think about it's a 20 yard shot and you felt like [01:01:00] you shot over him. Yeah. How quickly they can.

Yes. So I was curious if you knew if his head was down or up. So that's why. Yeah. Yeah. So I ended up, luckily it was all, it was a great shot. It was double lung, same as Hunter's. It was, yeah. It was. Yours was like perfect double lung. Hunter's was more like hard shot. Nice. was, when we went back and looked at the video, like immediately after, because then dad was like.

Seeing that I was a little doubtful, he was like, oh, maybe I missed something. My eyes didn't, yeah, they failed me. So we went back and looked at the video and played it in slow motion a bunch of times, and I'm over there just like a nervous wreck because I think that I missed him and everything.

And dad was like, oh no, you he's dead. He's dead. That was perfect shot and so then I was able to celebrate for real and it was, yeah, it was pretty awesome. It's just having all three of us in the tree. That's really cool. That's once in a lifetime type thing. Yeah, that's really cool.

I'm sure that was pretty exciting for dad over there. Yeah, so it's crazy just [01:02:00] sitting back and watching because I'm so used to like step by step and usually I just got one so I'm usually just coaching one like if hunters and hunters got to the point of the camera player I don't have to say anything which is awesome you know I mean I love that because used to be I'd be like I make sure you get that shot make sure you do this yeah I'm just like do what you do right but in that moment of sitting back and watching the deer And watching Alexa do what she's doing and then watching hunters do what he's doing.

And it was, it's so hard as a father that is used to coaching to not say anything. Especially cause I'm just, I anticipate a lot of things, what's going to happen, right? And I knew that deer was going to keep walking. So I was like. Alexa, get against the tree so Hunter can get over your right shoulder so you can get right down.

And, I didn't want her to shoot and I know what it's like. I hunt with my dad all the time and he's he, like Alexa, you get in the zone, he like completely zoned you out. So if you're not on it with the camera. He's not going to ask you, he's not going to wait, so you [01:03:00] better be ready.

And so you just, I just try to, just, but the coolest thing I guess to take away from it all is just finally realizing, you know what? It's okay for me to just sit back. They know what they're doing now. I don't need to. I don't need to tell them step by step what to do because they know what they're doing.

So that's pretty cool to get to this point. So did, how long did it take to track? Did y'all back out? You go straight for him after a little bit or how'd that go? Yeah, we didn't wait super long. Gosh, not long at all, like an hour. Yeah, probably an hour. Yeah. So we packed up out of the tree.

Same thing called Papa called my mom. She ended up coming out. And, apparently, I didn't learn this until later, but when I was talking to, I think it was my papa out in the field, after we had blood trailed him for just a little bit, and it was weird because, like dad was saying he was not bleeding as much as what we thought he was going to be, so we tracked him to the edge of the field at first, and then Hunter and [01:04:00] dad went out into the woods, and I called papa back because we had to hang up Oh, because we thought high boy had come out after dark because there was another buck or not.

Yeah, but another deer that had come out I'm at that point. I'm like, you know what? Yeah, I'm trying to be quiet because I'm still hunting another deer in there, but I'm like, you know what? Let's enjoy the moment, right? Let's just have it. If he moves on for a day or two who cares the web So be it.

So yeah especially if you're being like if you're being Loud, like it's almost like I swear sometimes they don't think that you're a danger, right? Yeah, I don't know him and I were talking about that at our property we were telling you guys About so the access is not good Access is terrible.

And every time we go to work though, we take my side by side. And so we started talking about what if we drove the side by side to the timber to hunt? Because they're used to hearing that. Instead of us [01:05:00] trying to sneak 400 yards across this grass, area, which we'll never successfully do. And just thinking about different ways we can try to access it. Comparatively to entrance and access. You know what I'm saying? I don't know. And we've, we heard that from another guy that during the summer when he feeds his deer, he takes a side by side, leaves it running, feeds them, and 30 minutes later they will be there eating.

So when he hunts, guess what he does? He's literally conditioning them. Side by side. Conditioning deer. All right. He takes a side by side, parks it. That's crazy. Yeah. It's almost it's a dinner bill. It's almost like cheating. Yeah. It's almost like cheating. So anyways, but to go back. So you had to take a call from your grandpa.

Yeah. Yeah. So I called him back. Cause he, he's probably, yeah. Probably the first person I always call, I would say, either him or my mom, I would say, generally just because, he's always so excited to, to hear those stories but during [01:06:00] that time, I didn't know that Hunter and dad actually already found him, and so they come back out, and they're like, because my mom was on her way there, and so she, once she got there, then we went back out to Quote on quote trail him again, even though they already knew where he was at.

Let's let Alexa talk about that. Yeah, they let me feel all good about finding him, even though they were liars. But yeah, he, again, he didn't go super far, except for we were, only thing that sucked is he went down a hill. So that was fun dragging him out of there, but yeah, it was just so cool.

Just because I hadn't, with it only being my second hunt of the season, it almost didn't feel real. It was like, has this actually just happened? Still getting into it. Yeah. It was really cool. That's awesome. And he, he's just funky. Yeah. Oh yeah. Oh yeah, so it's time to give the viewer his.

Yeah, try to describe him. It's gonna be hard to do. Yeah, so I'm actually gonna pull up this picture. I did see that picture. Yeah, he's super cool. Like dad said his [01:07:00] left side is, just really, both of them are just really funky because his right brow literally like curves at the end like a little God Like candy cane, I guess is the best way to describe it.

And then so does that main beam on his right side. It curled in as well. But then his left side is where it had all, what did you call that? Palmated. Yeah. Yeah. So that was really cool. Just how thick it was. And we ended up. Seeing Earl, or not earlier, but later we went and saw Mike. . And he noticed that he actually had an injury to what was in his right leg.

Yeah. Leg his back. Back. Leg. Leg, yeah. So that kind, which I never knew explained. Yeah. He never showed it was back injured on it. . But that must have been, I assumed, I haven't gone back and looked at all the pictures yet, but I'm assuming he probably did that at a three year old Mark when he, his foot left.

'cause at two years old he was pretty typical, normal, funky, but not, it was a three, his left side really got, he grew that non typical funky side. I wasn't sure if he just, his pedicle got damaged and that's why it started growing abnormal or, but with that injury, I'm sure that's, a big part of it.

[01:08:00] Yeah. Yeah. That's why my three legged deer, he got a leg shot off. And so his literally his right side, he got his left leg shot off. And so his right side is just funky. That's crazy. Yeah. His name's tripod. Yeah. I call them nubs because everybody else seems to. Call him Tripod. Mike has decided if actually, for you guys this is a good invitation to come back because Mike has decided if he kills him, he's gonna do a full body and he's gonna be here in the studio.

Oh, yeah. Oh, awesome. Definitely. Nathan's paying for it, but. That's nice of you, Nathan. I'm pretty nice. Pretty nice. What an awesome, Tales of the Chase ep, just, we've never had a deal where it's been a family affair, I'm a little scared to have done this now and then a week from now Ty kills his.

It's Joe. waited a week. Should've waited a week. Cold front's going down this weekend. Which I hope you do. I didn't even think of that. Yeah. Oh, I did. I was like, oh wait a minute. Both his [01:09:00] kids have killed one? And he hasn't yet? I won't give a spoil alert, but he's got a very unique something.

Yes. Yes. You were gonna say something. We'll just do, we'll just do a stand alone then. It's a yeah, it's, it would be a double bucket list deer for me that I've never done. I've never killed. I got some theories. Yeah. We'll talk about that. We'll see if it's right. Yeah. But no, we were going to talk about that.

So the nose jammer. Yeah. Yes. So here's my theory, right? I think it's one of those things that I think deer definitely obviously smell something, whether or not what it is and, wrong or indifferent. I'm just done my theory out there in this situation, the, this cornfield that we were in, it's all standing corn, but the deer like mowed down literally 25 yards, which was ideal for Alexa because hers, right?

She's, within 30 yards is what her range is. So we got to really talk about we were talking earlier about, quartering towards she, with her lighter poundage, she really has to pay attention to either broadside or quartered away, making sure. And I usually, we.

Use a little bit smaller broadhead with her cut on [01:10:00] contact, which doesn't always offer the greatest blood trail, good penetration. She shot through her last two deer with 42 pounds. Oh, I had to poke two small holes then. Yeah. So it works good. But anyway, so back to the, the nose jammer on this particular hunt.

Usually I hunt this set with any kind of a south wind cause there's a ditch behind me and it blows it into this field, or sent into this field behind me. And everything in front of me, I'm facing to the, or we're facing to the south here in this cornfield. We had north winds, the deer was using it, and I'm like let's roll it, let's try it.

And I'd been, we'd been in the stand both times with her, with north winds. And the reason I think it worked in this particular case is the deer, especially mature buck I could be wrong. I don't know. I haven't really tested it. So I haven't seen a mature buck come downwind for me from a great distance, right?

So a doe, she obviously hits downwind. She was 20, 25 yards. She relaxed was fine. Would she have come closer? I don't know, but it would have been too [01:11:00] late. So these deer all work walking from left to right in front of us and not winning us until they get directly downwind, but they're already. A too late situation, right?

I've never really tested it in theory with something really far away. If you're sense blown into a giant hundred acre thicket, will a buck walk 200 yards through a thicket towards you with that in his face? I don't know, I'd be a little skeptical myself just cause I think a mature, deer like that.

They know something's there. Something's off, so why, I'm not gonna risk it. But, if they get right down, when do you? And they smell something, where if they smell human scent, boom, they're bolting, they're gone, right? They smell that, they hit the brakes, and they're like, what is that? Now you got that, you may have that 10 seconds, 20 seconds, 30 seconds.

And he may even relax and keep walking and be like, yeah, it's not, not danger, but... So that's my jammer, Nosejammer is got its place. I think Micah, the time he made me use it, I think he doused me with it on purpose. Ha! He went overboard. Sounds like that cherry bomb that you [01:12:00] accidentally sprayed on us.

But A couple years back, do you remember that? Oh, that was, yeah, that was not, oh no, that, yeah, that was some other spray. I can't even remember what it was, but it was cherry bomb. Was it cherry bomb? Yeah. 'cause I had bees, like all around me. in the stand. It was terrible. , but it was bad.

Mike and I are actually using a product this year Yeah. That we're trying out for the first time. And you guys probably heard of Scent Thief. . They're actually gonna be on our show Friday. Okay. But it's similar to Nose Jamer in that it is designed to. Distract those. No, not distract.

Turn. I'm gonna say turn off. 'cause I don't know what term I'm trying to be a sensory. It's designed to turn off their olfactory sensory sensor. So it's it makes them not be able to smell like it's, it jams that, that sense. To the point that they can't smell you anymore. And. it's got like a distinct smell too, but it's more like an earthy, yeah, almost like a sage, sage type of smell.

Yeah. And it's, it comes in a spray bottle, like a lot of the scent like the [01:13:00] stuff that sent, I don't know, sent bottle sprays or whatever. And we've been using that this year. Haven't really test, got to test the theory on like a dough down wind yet or anything. But I don't know. I'm, I have no doubt that Nosejammer works.

A lot of people talk about it. I just remember texting him that entire time. I smell like vanilla. Oh, I was super disgusted. I can't even smell the freakin pine tree right there. My first true good experience with it was when I killed that double drop, that big double drop out in Kansas with it.

And he came in, same type situation, edge of a cornfield. He come down 30 yards, got downwind of us, and our scent's blowing right at him. And he hits the brakes. Smelling. Couldn't, couldn't associate it. Wasn't gonna stick around for a long time, but it gave me long enough to shoot, where I think, honestly, if he would've just smelled us and not that.

Yeah. Probably would have been gone. Yeah. I still try to be obviously ascent. I think those things only work as if you are, I think you can't just, not shower for five days and be no deodorant, go out there and then try to cover it up with that. Yeah. Like the old days. Yeah. [01:14:00] Yeah.

You still, yeah. You, it's like going, taking a crap in your crapper and then trying to spray something over it. You still smell the crap, right? So you, I still think you have to take every precaution and be as scent free as possible. And then, that on top of it, I think, just one more thing.

Yeah, no that's cool. It's awesome that, your kids have had a successful year already. Like for me, the year Caden did that and then Chase last year with his deer. I felt my season was already successful. Now the boys are younger and it was Chase's first year hunting.

It was his first year that year. So I was like, even if I don't kill something, I'm happy. I wanted to, I was happy. So you're already playing with house money that now both the kids have already got, some deer there. If Highboy shows up and you make it happen, it's a bonus for sure.

Sounds like you're coming back on the show. Cherry on top. Yeah. That's about it. Yeah. That's pretty awesome. Now I can't be more happy for both of them and proud of both of them. That's, like I said, I really, I'm not needed anymore. I [01:15:00] guess I'll just go to retirement, will you? Alright. That's awesome. Hunter, anything else for you?

No, sir. Got anything else? I just... Get it all off your chest. Oh yeah, it's all off. Alexa, you. The only other thing I was just gonna talk about, Hunter touched on it earlier, is just like how grateful we are that we do have dad to grew up loving the outdoors and taking us out there, but also like really appreciating it, not just going out there redneck and willy nilly, just whatever, just, yeah, just really having a true appreciation for Thank everything that God has created and like taking all of that in and really understanding why we do what we do and so that's just always been really special and like a really big blessing and of course like we always just Want to thank our Lord for all those opportunities that we get because we are extremely blessed as a family I was literally just telling One of my good friends who [01:16:00] is not a part of this type of outdoorsy world at all Just telling her like it's crazy that like we were talking about earlier, we grew up around this, so it's very normal to us, but we have been given such amazing opportunities just with dad being a part of the show for so long and the properties that we have permission to hunt on and just how well dad and papa and our, we call them our fake uncles just how we take care of the land and like we are appreciative of those farmers and everything.

So it's just really. Awesome to have a dad like that. Kudos to dad. Am I the favorite again? That's the whole reason she said it. Buttering him up. I'm seeing right through you Alexa. That's a nice little cherry on top. Good job. So Alexa and Hunter, congratulations to both of you. Thank you.

I wish you continued success. You got another tag here coming up in a... [01:17:00] A couple weeks. And Ty, congratulations, or congratulations to you. No, you can congratulate. Mine's gonna happen too. I don't play that game. No, I'm not jinxing you like that. He did that too. Good luck to you and your pursuit of, it sounds a single deer.

Yes, which is fun. I always say I'm not gonna hunt one deer in every year. I find one deer that I really want to hunt. Kansas is in a few weeks too, right? Yeah, I'll be going to Kansas here in a couple weeks too. Awesome. Yeah, good luck to you on that and obviously if we didn't really say this at the beginning we just assume most people know Ty is part of Heartland Bowhunter and some of these might come out next season some of these might come out at any time.

So You know, keep your eyes open cause we might get to see these hunts at some point also, so remember that and anything else? Nope, I appreciate your guys time. It was fun getting to talk about all this. Nope, I'm good. Alright, congrats guys. Thanks. See ya. Yep.[01:18:00]