Tales of the Chase: Spring Bear Success

Show Notes

This week on the Missouri Woods & Water podcast we have an awesome Tales of the Chase episode with our friend Ethan McCabe about his first ever western spring bear hunt.  Ethan gets into some of his preparation like some new gear he saved up to buy.  Then we get into all the new things he experienced out west.  Ethan had NEVER been out west prior to this trip so everything he experienced was new to him, not just hunting bears, and Idaho did not disappoint.  Ethan was able to get it done several days into the hunt and he won't soon forget this awesome trip that ended in a punched tag.  You also get the privilege of listening to Nate actively hunt a fly live on the show with the awesome Bug-A-Salt shotgun.  Congrats Ethan.....and Nate on your Booner fly!    

Show Transcript