Tales of the Chase - "Duece and "The Fine 9" with Brady & Landon Stockman

Show Notes

This week on the Missouri Woods & Water Podcast the guys get the chance to talk with Brady and Landon Stockman for an awesome Tales of the Chase episode.  Brady and Landon have been hunting a property since they were young and have been working on hunting bucks of an older age class for a few years.  This year they had two particular bucks they were after, and they were given the nicknames of "Duece" and "The Fine 9".  What is cool about this story is that after Brady was able to take "Duece" down early in the season, it made the possibility of "The Fine 9" taking a dirt nap a little more likely.  These are awesome stories of two brothers and the great season they have had together.  Make sure and check out their YouTube channel here - Triple Beam Outdoors YouTube . Thanks for listening!

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