The 2% Buck

Show Notes

This is a very special episode for John, and one he wasn't sure he would ever get to record. On this episode of the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast, John gets to tell the final chapter of an eight and a half year old deer affectionately known as... The 2% Buck. The story goes all the way back to 2017, when John got a trail camera picture of a beautiful clean 10 point 3 year old. Later that year on the Saturday after Thanksgiving, he watched that buck work its way through a saddle and happily let him go, knowing he might turn into something special in the future. Little did he know at that moment that this very buck would drive him crazy for the next five years!

After years of obsessing and hunting the big 10 point, on the Saturday after thanksgiving, in the very spot he got that first trail camera picture 6 years before, John was able to catch up with the 2% buck. The name came by accident, when John jokingly gave himself only a 2% chance of killing the buck because of the fact he was so nocturnal and lived on land John did not have access to hunt. However, after years of habitat work and studying the deer, John was finally able to kill the monarch 6 years after first laying eyes on him.

Show Transcript