The Bear Next Door

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 In this week’s [UNCENSORED] podcast by GoWild, Derek talks all about his recent TN trip public hunting for black bears. He packed on the miles scouting, and eventually found the ideal spot for a bear! Did you know that bears eat yellow jackets? All signs point to yes! Miles on the boots and a little electronic help from the NextDoor app and he had all the signs on where to go!

Do whitetails hate bears? Derek speaks on his trip and how he saw deer signs everywhere he saw signs of bears. His hypothesis is that there’s so few bears compared to deer that they don’t really bother each other. Would you think the bear population would deter whitetail from certain places?

We talk about public hunting and who gets the worm when hunting public land. If you put in the miles your chances of success definitely seem to grow exponentially. Make sure you check OnX, nothing worse than putting the miles in only to realize there’s private land close to where you hiked into!

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Show Transcript

[00:00:00] All right. Welcome back ladies and gentlemen, to another episode of Uncensored. We have Derrick Tolls, Dan Hood. Braden Ware. This is, that's a new thing we do when I'm hosting. I always like to let everybody know who they're listening to. I think Yeah. Jacob does that. Does he? Yeah, he does that at the end.

Jacob does that. I don't know. It's better than Jacob. I like just jumping into conversation and just letting the listener figure out who all's here. Yeah, we're a little short. We usually have four. This time we have three. Yeah. At least it's the three good ones. Yeah, three good ones. Yeah. Everyone else is on vacation.

Some of us have to work. Somebody's gotta keep the place. Weren't you in Florida like a week ago? That's like a month and a half ago, months ago. A month and a half. There wasn't two months ago. It was the beginning of June. Oh, you were in Tennessee. He was, however, in Tennessee, I wasn't Tennessee scouting for Bears after I was in North Carolina with U-Haul.

I guess that's, I guess that's work. Work adjacent. Yeah, but I wasn't in Tennessee scouting for some bears [00:01:00] and deer. Which I think is what Braden mostly wants to talk about today. Oh, I'll talk about whatever. I wanna hear about your bear first. Yeah, I kinda wanna hear about the bear too. Okay. So we were in North Carolina, as you all know.

We was breaking news to you guys. And then after we got some beer and tacos, you all went your way. And I went mine and headed west and got in to Tennessee that evening. Ended up going out actually on the lake that night with my dad and some of their friends and stuff like that. And it was relaxing, but I was regarding it as well.

'cause I really just wanted some sleep. Yeah after the night we had, the night we had in North Carolina in that tent. That was, yeah. Anyways one for the books. Yeah. Did you all talk about that? We did, yeah. Okay. I wasn't here so hopefully that was most, most of that uncensored was the camping trip.

Yeah. And very little about the fishing. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So went out on the lake that night, but then slept on my dad's recliner in the basement that night. 'cause they had some other [00:02:00] family friends over that were in the guest bedroom. I you got the recliner. I got the recliner after night in the woods.

Nice. It was still better, it was still better than that night in the woods, but then woke up super early and met up with, Good old Caleb. The old Appalachian assassin. Appalachian assassin. Met up with him. And it was funny 'cause like the whole night that I was out on the lake with my dad and all their friends, I'm just like sitting here pouring into Onyx maps.

Everyone's like talking about current events and life and stuff like that. And I'm just off in the corner looking at Onyx this looks good, scanning. We can go here. If we go here, we can go there. And we, Kayla and me had this idea that we were gonna, essentially, we were joking about it, calling it a float.

We were gonna park one vehicle on one end of the road in the w m A, and then one vehicle at the other end. And then we were just gonna scout everything in between. Oh, that's, and then pick up the one vehicle and drive back out. Yeah, that's a good idea. Spoiler alert, like most float trips go, we only made it about halfway.

Oh no. There's just so much. And this w m A is huge, but, so met up with Caleb that morning, [00:03:00] we got out there. At first light, not sunrise. We got out there at first light because the thought process was we were gonna take at least that half hour driving and getting a vehicle dropped off and then getting back, doing all that.

And then, so that's what happened. We tore off into the woods and I. It started looking, we found we found quite a bit of deer sign, which we expected. I mean there's just a lot more deer out there than there are bear. Found some really good spots as far as deer is concerned. We found some scrapes, rubs, stuff like that.

Found areas that looked really good just based off of topography. Like the, just a deer has to die in these areas, kind of stuff like that. Really heavily used game trails. There's a lot of old logging roads that are running through this property. Yeah. And so we were using the Onyx tool where you can track your hike basically.

To start marking all these roads. Yeah. 'cause that's. Detrimental. That's really big info for a lot of reasons. One, it's just, it can speed up your time getting in and out of where you're hunting for sure. But then also okay, we got an animal down. [00:04:00] Hopefully in the future. Yeah. And get to the road.

What's the quickest way to get outta here? And so we marked a lot of these old logging roads. I'm trying to think if we really saw anything that was like real noteworthy. You see any scat? So we found deer scat quite a bit. We found some stuff that we thought might could be bare. That's, so you wanna talk about an animal whose scat is heavily influenced by its diet, like deer, scat pretty much always looks like deer scat, right?

No matter what they're eating. Bear scat say poop instead of scat. This is a professional podcast, Dukey bear poop. There we go. Can be very heavily influenced by its diet. So there are times where you see bear poop and you're like, oh yeah, there is no doubt. And I know I've talked about this before, but like my bear hunt in Colorado that was coming very early fall.

The bears were still low eating a very heavy like berry diet, soft mass, stuff like that. You found bear poop [00:05:00] out there. There's no doubt, like it's just full berries looked like someone took like a blueberry lar bar and just mushed it up. And then fast forward to this last winter room with me and Brad.

Were in Virginia hunting Bear. Those barriers were on hard mass eating a lot of acorns, and that poop looked like someone took a jar of chunky peanut butter and laid it out. Oh, gross. Yeah. So we found, Scat in these areas and we're, like I said, I'm, we're not a hundred percent sure it was bear very well could have also been like raccoon or possum.

And we're, we were thinking if it is a bear, it's probably a smaller bear, but we found where these bears were digging up yellow jacket's nest that were in the ground. Huh. And so the scat had, the first time we found a pile of it. I'm looking at it and I'm like, is that it looks like seeds. Can I ask a dumb question?

Of course. Do yellow jackets. Have honeycomb, like bees do, like honeybees. So I was gonna take a similar route after the nest that they were pulling out of the ground. We saw like what looked like honey cones. I'm not gonna sit here and [00:06:00] say for a fact that they do and that's what was going on. But at least just my very, I'm gonna Google that when I was thinking they might be doing it for the larva.

That's what we figure too. And that's, so that's when we first. We found scat, we're looking at it and I'm looking at it and I said, is that seed? 'cause it looks like seed was in the scat. Are these dudes like getting into bird feeders? 'cause that's a common thing. Yeah. Yeah. Little backstory.

The W M A that we're hunting, there's a neighborhood that kind of touches a part of it and Gotcha. And me and Jacob were talking about this the other day, I've been using a useful scouting tool that most people probably hadn't thought of. And that's Nextdoor app and Facebook because these people that live in this neighborhood are posting on these pages like, Hey, we had another bear in our backyard last night.

And they're tearing down people's bird feeders. That's smart man. So also more on that, they tend to be doing that in the kind of late spring. Okay. Or sorry, no, early spring is when they're going into people's yards and tearing up bird feeders. So we figure that's when. The whatever food stores they've had for the winter have been exhausted and stuff hasn't really started fully [00:07:00] growing yet in the spring.

So that's when they're getting desperate and moving into the neighborhoods. Gotcha. There's some big bears that people are posting on next door at That's hilarious. Next door. And that was one of our target, like our whole point was park here. Come out here, we wanna focus on this area because we know, because of Nextdoor app and everything like that, the bears are in this area.

Hilarious. Scout all the way to that area and then scout our way out. Yeah. So anyways, I'm, we're looking at the poop and I'm like, okay, is this like seed from bird feeders or something like that? And then we found some more and that's when Caleb's I'm almost certain that's like carcasses, like yellow jacket, larvae.

Carcasses. And. Got to looking into it and we're like, yep, that's exactly what that is. So again, we're not a hundred percent sure that was Bear could have been raccoons. I imagine raccoons probably do the same thing, dig the nest outta the ground. But some of the nests we found were like very violently dug outta the ground.

So you're saying it'd be a good idea when you're actually doing your hunt to set up on top of a yellow jacket and No, he's gonna be scouting yellow jacket. [00:08:00] That's what I'm hearing. No, and because I'm gonna, the best part of the story is, We continued, found some other spots. I found a tiny little like spike shed.

I found a really cool tree that had been struck by lightning. And there was just like a straight line down from the top of the tree to the bottom with the bark just stripped off. Like just, it looked like someone came in and just cut like a sample straight down from the tree. Was it black? No, it wasn't red.

Okay, dude. Okay. So we saw the same thing yesterday. I, me and Phil were looking at it and we're like, what the heck is that? Looks like lighting strike. Why isn't it black? Because it doesn't necessarily always mean that it burned, like lightning doesn't always, Oh and coming from like a fire department standpoint, like it's weird.

We'll make houses that got hit by lightning during thunderstorms and there's no evidence short of like maybe some like structural damage where the lightning hit, but we'll find nothing burned or anything like that. And then other times we make houses that. Fully caught on fire. Yeah. Because of lightning strikes.

I don't know what it is. I'm sure some scientist out there knows the reasoning. Why. I think it's [00:09:00] just if there's a path to the ground, if there's not resistance, it doesn't generate heat. I thought it came from the ground lightning. I mean it does. It does technically it well, it originates from the ground.

Yeah, but it, I think the heat comes from. The burning comes from heat if there's resistance. 'cause there are people, okay. They'll be out in, wet ground and stuff that get struck by lightning and, get knocked out from the energy, but they won't have any degree burns. Yeah. And then other people will be roasted if there's not good contact with the ground. Remy Warren, I don't know if you've heard him tell that story. He got Zap by lightning when he was a kid. Oh no. Yeah. And knocked him. Knocked him off of like his circuits. He talks about his brain being weird for a little while. His brain is weird, but was he burned?

He didn't talk about being burned. I knocked him out and just blew him back far. Yeah. But yeah. Yeah. I think the force can, blow bark off trees and stuff. It's, but if there's not resistance it won't burn. That's funny you said that. 'cause me and Phil were really looking at this tree so [00:10:00] puzzled.

We're like, okay. Like it's leaning a weird way. Maybe the structure of it just it literally looked like just a straight line. Just cracked right in the middle. And Caleb has a personal story as well about, because. Again, I don't wanna go way into Caleb's life 'cause he's not here.

I'd rather let him talk about whatever he wants to talk about. Yeah. But he used to do, build a lot of trails in Tennessee. Okay. And he's got a story where they were out trail building and a storm rolled through and they had a lightning strike, like pretty much right next to where they were. Holy cow. And he was like, yeah, the tree that it hit did the exact same thing that tree looks like.

Oh wow. Found another area after we moved on from there that looked really good for deer especially. And this spot was close to where we were seeing these nextdoor app and stuff like that. Videos and trail cam pictures of bears in people's backyards. So the thought process there was we can come here and hunt deer and we know the bear moving through here, so there's a good chance a bear will cross through.

But at this point the weather was starting to move in. 'cause it always, the weather's well, I mean that whole weekend just bad weather [00:11:00] followed me. But then always when I'm in Tennessee, it seems like bad weather. And I. We're still miles from my truck, which was gonna be the truck that we were going to get out of there.

Yeah. And it's getting close to two o'clock in the afternoon. I still have a four hour drive to go home after this is over, and I'm like, all right, man. Let's not, we're not hightailing it outta here, but let's start working our way out. Yeah. And so we're doing that. And Caleb has spent some time on this section of public he's not hunted it a whole lot.

There's some reasons why. But he's spent some time out here before and. We're following this logging trail. And he's we're getting ready to come up on the oak savannahs that are out through here. And we get up to 'em and he's like talking to me about it. He's oh yeah, man, they're full of bears.

And I'm like, that's where the bears are gonna be. And I think he, he had to have known that's where bears are. But we get up on those oak savannas and it's just completely [00:12:00] full of wild blackberries and blueberries. And we're just sitting there eating them like, 'cause we've been on our feet all day.

I think we ended up doing like close to nine miles when it was all said and done. Yeah. And this is, we're in East Tennessee. We're not. It's a really weird area 'cause you very much are in the mountains, but you don't really always feel like it. You'll hit some like really big hills and stuff like that, but then you'll hit one spot and you can just look out and see the mountains everywhere.

And then you're like, oh yeah, we're in the mountains. And it's because this whole area was. I'm probably wrong in my history of this area, but I think this whole area was stripped mined more or less even though we're in the mountains where we are still relatively flat because that area had been leveled off mined a long time ago.

And so we're sitting here and just busting through these oak savannas and we're in all these berries and stuff like that. We're not, we're going quick 'cause we're trying to get outta there. And then at this point, like the rain started and it's coming down pretty heavy. We're hungry. We're. Tired, feet hurt.

But we both agreed when we finally got to my truck, 'cause we ended up coming up to the main road that runs through this W m A and then walked the road back to my truck [00:13:00] and we both agreed. We're like, dude, we have to focus on this area. Yeah. Because we figure when this bear season starts, the bear season's beginning of October.

Okay. We have to assume that the bears are still gonna be in these oak savannas. 'cause there's really no heavy frost at that point yet. A lot of these berries are probably still gonna be hanging on. I feel I have to feel like a bear is gonna prefer eating berries and stuff like that than someone's bird feeder.

There is a River Creek, whatever that runs through this whole w m A and there. So you have the oak savannas. I'm not actually giving cardinal directions, not because I don't want to, but just, it's simpler this way, but let's say you're looking at a paper map. The oak Savannah would be up here at the top, like the north, quote unquote, and then you go south and there's this huge drop that goes down into this creek that runs through there, and it's very heavily wooded, and then there's tons of hard mass in there.

With acorns and Hickory nuts are dropping like crazy already out there. And they will eat them, but they prefer acorns. Okay. And we've done some other research and we've learned that as soon as the acorns really start coming, like [00:14:00] the bears will immediately move off of berries and go to acorns, and they'll even climb the trees and start getting the acorns before they're dropping.

Huh? And so we both agree that next time we get out there, hopefully in the next couple weeks, I'm gonna be able to get down there again. And then I think he's doing some scouting without me since he lives 25 minutes away from it, whereas I'm four hours. We both agree that we're gonna start at these oak savannas.

We're gonna try to find some game trails leading in and out of these oak savannas that's gotta be bare and then go down towards the creek. 'cause what I'm assuming is they're standing down in the creek during the day, heat of the day, staying cool because they're fairly nocturnal animals. They're probably staying down, staying cool in that creek during the day and that real thick, nasty stuff.

And then, Which is very eerily similar to my Colorado hunt. And then at night, they're probably moving up into these oak savannas and feeding on these berries. And as if we, we wanna focus on finding acorn flats in that thick part close to the river or the creek. Yeah. So are you guys gonna be ground hunting that or are you gonna get tree?

We're gonna saddle hunt. Saddle hunt. [00:15:00] We're gonna saddle hunt. And it's archery hunt only too. Oh, okay. Yeah. But we're also deer hunting and our thought process is focus on bear. If we're in areas that bear are in, there's a very high likelihood that we're also gonna be in deer. 'cause bear are gonna be in these areas that hunters, and I'm not saying everybody but mo a lot of these public land hunter people, no offense, it's great.

I love that everyone's out there, but we all talk about it all the time. They hunt close to the road. And if we can get down in these areas that most people in their right mind aren't gonna get into where the bear are, there's also a very high likelihood that we're gonna have a pretty good chance of deer.

Yeah. So yeah, I didn't, my gut would be that deer would not be hanging around where the bears are. Like I, it would seem like the bears would drive deer out of the area and do they. Hang out. Like I don't know that they, I just don't think of bear as being a threat to deer.

Black bears aren't. Yeah. They're not just no threat or they don't care. Yeah. I'm not gonna say that a black bear will never be a threat to a deer. It's probably very similar to that of a coyote [00:16:00] situation. Or maybe if you go more. In areas where there's wolves, like I think a bear may target, especially an older, more mature bear.

Someone who knows way more about this is gonna roast me and say I'm all wrong. But an older, more mature bear could probably, in some situations, especially food is starting to become an issue and maybe go after a fawn or an injured or a sick deer. Or something like that. But there's just, I feel as though there's so few bear that the deer really just don't.

Mind don't think much about them. Interesting. I'm sure that there's competition when it comes to food. Yeah. But, and that might be a reason that a bear may push a d l. Yeah. Acorns is for your food stores and stuff like that. Yeah. Especially these bears are climbing the trees. But then also, you gotta think if he's climbing the tree, eating acorns outta the tree, he's probably knocking a lot of stuff down on the ground.

That's, and a lot of stuff's probably getting left there that the deer coming in and cleaning it up after the fact. Yeah. Huh. But no, I just. I don't, my, in my experience is anecdotal, but [00:17:00] like in Colorado, the spot where I ended up killing my bear in that same exact spot over the course of the four or five days that we hunted it saw elk, mule, deer, moose, tons of small game.

Like I just, I don't think they really. Are that worried about each other, huh? Yeah. There you go. So did you set up trail cams? Nope. Why not? I, we just don't, I haven't used trail cams in years. I don't have anything against 'em. I just haven't wouldn't that just be more, Hey, this is where we're thinking of hunting.

Let's, trail cams. See if there's, it would be great. It would be nice. I don't have any. Currently, I feel like you're using Nextdoor, like the poor trail cam. Honestly, though, you're gonna be like messaging people out nextdoor and be like, could you take a picture? Oh no. It's. This might creep some people out, but it's not hard to feel like, a, they're on social media, they're on nextdoor.

That's social media. Yeah. However you wanna look at it. But then with OnX too, it's not hard. Yeah. I'm making up names here, but John Doe posts on Facebook or on his next door, whatever, had [00:18:00] this big bear in our backyard. And then I look on Onyx and I find Doe John. Yeah. Find his prop.

Okay. I know exactly where that bear was when this picture was taken. Yeah. Yeah, there's nothing illegal or sketchy about that. It's just, that's a new resources. Yeah. I imagine like the C one guys, they hunt a lot of like neighborhoods and cities and stuff like that. I'd be surprised if they aren't caught onto that.

The only, I'm sure they're probably doing it. The only thing I can think that could be different is I know in the areas that they're hunting, there's a lot of people that are against hunting, whereas where we're hunting pretty much everyone that lives in this area is like, Pro hunting. Yeah. Which, that's a bigger concern of ours more than anything.

Yeah. Is me and Caleb were sitting there going, okay, how many people that live in these houses. Are coming out their back door and hunting every morning. Yeah. Yeah. And now we're busting, through nasty brush four miles on foot to get into this spot where this guy wakes up in the morning, drinks his coffee, and walks outta his back door.

Yep. Yeah. No, we run across all kinds of stuff like that. And some of the public, we like Turkey hunting [00:19:00] especially, we found so many deer stands and stuff where like we think we're like way back in there and not really paying attention. And it's oh, there's Three houses back here.

And they all literally walk 200 yards onto public Onto this ridge. Yeah. And they've got this like great setup. Yeah. 'cause it's like what I was talking about earlier, it's the spot that is very difficult to get into and most of these public land hunters are not gonna do that. But the dumb ones will all these guys live in on the houses that touch it.

And only have to walk, 30 yards down a hill. Yeah. No, that is a hundred percent like a consideration that I think me and Phil especially are taking in into account this year of looking at some of the spots we were considering going after. It's there's so much private around here and that most of these people bought that property because it butts it might be an acre, but it butts up against thousands of acres of public.

And it's like they, a thousand percent are treating this like it's, their. They're property that hunt yeah. And even like looking at roads and stuff this year too of okay, there's like easy road access, like that someone could, okay, there's a saddle here. More than likely someone's gonna come.

Okay. It's like a half mile. Probably gonna [00:20:00] be somebody there. Yeah. And even like using that as a tool, really. If someone, if people are gonna be getting in there, okay, they're coming in the morning, it might be driving 'em down this way, here's another pinch point that's like more difficult to get to.

Yeah. But yeah, dude, we're, as far as the scouting goes for our deer season coming up in Indiana, like we, we did some on that private yesterday that we had two cell camps set up on like in obvious open spots 'cause it's like private land and didn't really. Expect any issues, but went out there yesterday, my camera had stopped taking pictures and I'm like, man, like I've had issues where if you put the wrong SSD card in the camera like a too nice of one or like too big of a storage or whatever, it's just finicky.

It doesn't send them like as consistently as if you just put in like you buy a tact cam one or read down to the letter exactly what card to use. Yeah. For cell cams especially, so we had put a new card in and it was working fine and. I saw that the battery was starting to get low and all of a sudden it just stopped sending pictures and I was like, [00:21:00] ah, man.

Like it said, it was on like 30 or 40%, but I guess it just, misjudged it or whatever, and it dropped off, or, I don't know. And so we go out there yesterday and sure enough, the cam strap, you could see on the tree where someone had taken a knife, just sliced it right off. The camera was laying like face up on the ground and the SD card was out of it.

And on everything else was fine, like they didn't smash it or do anything like that. But I opened it up and there was like some water in there, so I gotta see if it actually still works. But yeah, on private land and apparent, like the weird thing about this is I went to high school with the dude that owns the property directly next door.

So as me and Phil, we had some other things we wanted to check out there. Like there was this pond and stuff in the back corner that we hadn't really scouted around much and. We messaged him on Facebook just being like, Hey dude, do you ever have trespassers come on your property? Like we're having issues.

Someone cut down our camera or whatever. And he's oh yeah, since I bought the place I've had trespassers. So [00:22:00] it might be telling the truth, it might be saying what you say in that situation. I don't know, but maybe at least he knows now. Like we were friends in high school. So maybe he won't cut my cameras down anymore.

Maybe he will extra, I don't know. Maybe it's not him and maybe it's not him. Yeah. But it is apparently a thing out there. And we've even found stands that the property owner that we're hunting, it was like, no, that was not stands of people that I had given access to in the past. So like trespassers are literally hunting.

Oh, yeah. That, that property. Real quick little story about that. I have a property that I trap and it's a old lady who owns this property and it's a huge property and she's given me permission to do a lot more stuff out there besides trapping. But it. She it's 90 something acres. And I asked her one day, 'cause I was just walking around on the property.

I asked her one day, I said, do you have anybody like hunting out here? And she's no, no one else is hunting out here. And there's like multiple ladder stands on this property. Oh geez. That are not like old falling apart, dilapidated, like ladder stands. These are [00:23:00] that someone has put these up recently.

Oh man. And I just feel bad. I'm like, But she doesn't really get outta the house, so she has no idea's. No one else is really watching the property. And it's 90 acres. It's not hard to go get lost in the back of this place for sure. You never know that someone's hunting it. Dude, that's crazy. Yeah.

The freaking balls on some people like I could never imagine. But some people like that's just how they roll. That's like Their MO is we're looking for land that the people aren't, paying attention to or whatever, and we're gonna go trespass and shoot other people's deer like it's sketchy and they're the people that would freak out if you were on their property, right?

Yeah. It's like they. Don't see the irony of, hey, you know how like you yell at people when they turn around in your driveway? Imagine someone firing guns on your property and killing your wildlife. Yeah. It is there are a lot of fights that happen like that every year.

Even on public. I was talking to a gay warden not long ago. Former game warden. He was talking about this specific area of public that I'm gonna go [00:24:00] hunt for sure. There's a lot of big deer there, but he was like, be smart. And you were showing me this. Yeah. I remember us talking about that.

There's actually a lot of private around it. Yep. And he's tho all those people hunt this. Like bowl area. And he's every year I'm getting multiple calls of people being like, in my spot. And I'm like, sir, this is public land. Yeah. It's not your spot. But they don't treat it like that.

So it might get hairy this year, but I've heard there are several 185 inch glass deer out there yeah. Happens. It's worth it. It happens out west on a much larger scale too, but Yeah. I'm starting to get an itch. For archery. They make a cream. Oh, sorry. For archery. Not for archery. That's what you call the tent itch.

That guys we all that. Yeah. We all shared that one. But no, we loaded that new Adapt plus bear. Oh yeah. Adapt plus, yeah. Bow. We loaded a lot of stuff. We did. We loaded a lot of, I don't know if we want a little soft plug for that real quick. Yeah. We loaded, I think 3000 new products mostly in [00:25:00] shooting.

Firearms shootings, accessories, optics, A lot of like blinds. Yeah. We're doing we've got our alon reward going on right now. Yeah. That's awesome. But yeah. And there's more coming. The bear adapt plus bow. What's the deal with it? Why? What's pretty hard? It's just got everything, it's a ready to hunt package with.

Is like an upgraded R t h? Yeah it's it's not their top of the line. R t h, but it's the hunting public co-branded. Oh yeah. Version. And it's the second generation of it. So they did the hunting public version of the adapt. Yeah. And then I think they made a few tweaks. I think the first one just had one, one pin site and this one has a three pin, and you can adjust one of the pins to, yeah. Slider. Slider. So for me, starting out, it's a, Good. Just gimme everything I need. Yeah. Yeah. Get out there. And did you get one? No. I gotta ask. Bank of Amanda. Ah. Bank of Amanda. Bank of Amanda. Which takes what's her number. Takes [00:26:00] a little bit of a slow roll that a little bit. What's the interest rates?

That's a lot. It's a lot of a lot of tile matters. Drilling holes in your ceiling. Roof. Yes. And it is we just. Cotton. We're not finished with the shower yet, but we got to the point where the master shower, for those of you that haven't been following podcasts most of my weekends, for the last say, it wouldn't be a podcast with Dan Shower.

Two or three months have been building a shower, and we got to the point where we took our first shower in it this weekend. So that buys me some goodwill. Yeah. Before the next project, which I think is building a hall tree what is that? It's like a coat rack, but it's built in, like how like new homes, like you go into the mud room and there's like cabinetry with the bench and stuff.

Yeah. A whole tree's like that. But it's a standalone. It's like a fancy coat rack. Just buy it an IKEA and save yourself some time. It's gonna be all custom. It's gonna have, it's gonna hold all of our. Security system and router and stuff. And then it'll probably be like Hidden gun compartments. Ooh, cool.

Make it nice. But [00:27:00] anyways, so now that I have that goodwill from doing that, I'm, Hey baby, may I buy a boat? I know, I have not. Hey baby. Maybe though it were taking the boat ran this weird. Yeah. Whoops. But no, so because, Do you rifle hunt to your season? You don't? I took it out a couple times last year, but I pretty much, I took my bow with me 95% of the time.

My rifle hunt experience was just I felt so restricted both in, 'cause I'm, I've only got public and. Rifle hunting public is half of the property, available. Any property you can pretty much archery. Less of the season. Yeah, less of the season. Later in the season. Archery, especially here.

In Kentucky, Indiana, like just regionally here just opens up so much more opportunity. Especially for you guys. You have velvet. Oh yeah. Get to hunt. I don't get to hunt until October. You, we, such a [00:28:00] long archery season. Yeah. Me and Jacob, a little teaser, although it will probably be out before this comes out.

Me and Jacob did a little episode with the O two guys talking about Kentucky. Yeah. And just how long are archery? Seasoning here? And then I'm gonna be doing quite a bit of hunting in Tennessee this year. Yeah. Obviously. And I'm looking at their regs and I'm like, wow. Like we have it really good here when it comes to archery.

Yeah. But yeah, me and Braden are shooting bows today. Today. Getting along. I, so I want to get into it and If I'm gonna do it this season, I guess buy something and start practicing with it and Yeah. Getting used to it now. Yeah. Do you have a saddle set up? Yeah. Trust line. Yeah.

Yeah. You gotta get a bow. I know. Yeah. It's just, even with our Go Wild employee discount, it's a lot of money to get into. Yeah. Any, it's not too bad compared to other stuff. You spend a lot more money on other stuff, Dan? Yeah. How much? Don't tell us how much you spent on that shower.

It's a lot of bows. Eight, eight. Eight grand, I think. Oh yeah. So many bows. Eight grand, but it was, this was a really nice shower. [00:29:00] Yeah. Yeah. Or you get a really nice entry level bow. Yeah. They're not neutral, exclusive. It's priorities, man. Yeah, no, it's I'm really excited for archery season this year.

Especially, we got, we're hunting over soy. Over at that private farm for the first time. It was corn last year. So we're gonna be, obviously early season, they're gonna be harvesting it like probably around early October, I would guess. And so we're trying to get it and they're harvesting why it's green, so we're trying to get out there early in the year and. Allegedly you're gonna wanna hunt it in the evening during that time of year is what I've heard. For, it's got me thinking gooses. We should talk about that. Also, I got a group of guys that are wanting to goose hunt. Okay. Coming up here soon in Indiana I know you're the local veteran on that.

So Kentucky did make some waterfowl changes this year. Like good ones or bad ones? Good In my opinion I don't, the biggest being the early goose season here, they've essentially made it to where if you have property in the two zones that they've now [00:30:00] established that you can hunt. You can basically early goose hunt the whole month of September.

Are all. Birds that you can hunt? Technically waterfowl. So like turkey's, not waterfowl. Oh, that's a good Turkey. That's a good example. I was thinking like sand crane, is that technically waterfowl? Pretty sure that it's technically considered waterfowl because when I think of geese, I think of them being on land.

I, I wouldn't, I've killed, I'm not a great goose hunter, but I've killed more goose over water than land. Especially with this early season, It most of your crop that they're gonna be feeding on, still standing in September. So a lot of your early goose hunting is done over water. Guys do have really good success hunting them over.

Land depending on the situation, but, and that's what I'm excited about with this whole extension of early Goose season. What Kentucky's done is they've basically split the state east to west with early goose and broke it into Eastern and a western zone. Yeah. And the western zone [00:31:00] opens, I believe September 1st.

Okay. And runs until September 14th. Yeah. And then the Western Zone opens September 15th and runs until the end of September. You're right there in the middle. Yeah, we're right on that line. Line. That line starts in Hardin County, I think. Oh dude. Nice. And and I have property that I can hunt in Hardin County for Goose.

Nice. So that will be the first to the 14th. And then most of my other properties are in what they're calling the Eastern zone. Yeah. So then that will be the 15th to the 30th or whatever. Yeah, so that one property with the soy has a pond out, like big pond Out front too. Too. Like in the sound of all this stuff, like it'll be surrounded by soy.

So is it close to the river? No sir. Okay. That's not, I make a break ish, but it does help. Especially with migratory birds, but yeah, so we should definitely talk about that. Yeah. And then some other guys have some other access. We can see if we can shoot some gooses. And then squirrel comes in three weeks, I think in Indiana.

It's like August something. Yeah, sounds right. Mid August comes in here, but. It's fun, but [00:32:00] I couldn't tell you the last time I've actually gone squirrel hunting. Oh really? Yeah. It's fun. It's like a trip down memory lane. It's I used to do this, I was a kid, but now it's just you all know me.

I don't wanna be out in August personally. Yeah, I will if I have to. I'd rather be fishing. Yeah. In water staying. Cool. But are you camping out for your beer hunt in Tennessee? We haven't really discussed those logistics yet. If Caleb wants to, and if it looks like it makes a lot of sense for us to then we easily will.

Yeah. But he lives so close. Yeah. He lives 20, 25 minutes away from where we're gonna be hunting. My dad lives 20, 25 minutes in the other direction away from where we're gonna be hunting. So 20 minute drive to go sleep in a bed or camp and save. Maybe a half hour of sleep in the morning. Not worth it.

Yeah, it's like I said, we haven't really discussed that yet. I'm sure that will be more. As the season gets closer, what we're gonna do, figure all those plans out. Right now it's just focusing on finding the bears. Yeah. You're gonna have to do some planning here. You got a lot of seasons all smashing [00:33:00] together in this early like September, October timeframe.

It's for, it's always September man starts the crazy season for me. Yeah, and that's when your early goose starts. We have the early wood duck season here. Oh, you're gonna duck hunt too? Oh yeah, I always do. And then we. Archery does start here also for deer in September. I usually don't get out much in September.

How dare you? I might this year though, just in anticipation for that bear hunt, just getting yeah. Into the motion a little earlier, getting up in the saddle and everything like that. It'd feel real good going down there in October, knowing you've already shot a buck in Kentucky. Not even that, just that, we do it a whole lot for a month or two, and then we don't do it again.

Yeah. And so always those first few hunts back is just okay, I gotta remember how to do all this. Yeah, that's true. It's easy, but it's just just getting back into the routine, the little things. Yeah. So I might do some archery hunting here in September. And then also, like at our property, my, one of my, besides the heat, one of my biggest problems with hunting in September.

It is just the tree canopy is just still so [00:34:00] thick. Yep. But we have quite a few areas on our farm that have been logged Nice. Recently. Nice. So I'm thinking September. Yep. The canopy's gonna be less in these areas. Yep. Plus, fresher cuts are good areas to hunt. Get out there, get up in the saddle a few times in September, and then that way going into this bear hunt in October, like I'll already be.

Ready to go? Yep. Cool. We should probably wrap her up. Lots of fun ahead. Friends from the podcast are gonna get very hunting oriented. I imagine. You're in a hurry. So stick with us. Make sure you log this show and go wild. And come see us next week. Yeah, thanks. Bye bye. Bye.