The Difference Between Ag Ground & Big Woods Bucks

Show Notes

On this episode of the Nine Finger Chronicles, Dan interviews upstate New York resident Justin Taylor about the difference between hunting ag ground and big woods deer. Justin explains that hunting big woods bucks is not easy and takes a certain skill set to get within shooting range of a big buck. In northern New York, Justin tells us that 130 class buck is a big deal. Back in the late 1800's homesteaders planted apple trees near their homes, now, when scouting for places to hunt, Justin looks for these old homesteads and the apple trees that remain. The guys also break down big woods deer behavior, how they move through the terrain, and of course food sources.

In the BS portion of this episode, the guys share their thoughts abut the direction we are going with hunting, and how hunting is becoming a pay to play activity. Greed for big horns, and more acres per hunter resulting in over populated public, are causing many of us to struggle finding access for our hunting future. Enjoy and share!

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