Treestand Placement Strategy

Show Notes

This week on the Missouri Woods & Water podcast Nate and Micah get to talk with Gabe Denzine about treestand placement.  Gabe is a brand manager for Rivers Edge Treestands and an avid whitetail hunter with great success over the past few years.  We talk with Gabe about things to consider when hanging sets like the part of the season you're planning on hunting the stand, wind directions, what type of deer you're after, and a lot more.  Gabe gives great ideas to all of us to consider when we are out hanging sets, preparing trees for run and gunning, making adjustments during season, or hunting public ground.  We also talk about the importance of safety and being harnessed and checking your stands out every single year.  Finally, Gabe talks about some of Rivers Edge new stands and stuff to check out for this season.  Thanks for listening!

Show Transcript