The History of the Wild Turkey and Turkey Hunting with Mr. Brent Rogers

Show Notes

In this episode Paul talks with Brent Rogers. Brent is a resident of Iowa, a long time supporter of the National Wild Turkey Federation and avid Turkey hunter and the preeminent Wild Turkey historian. Brent’s passion for the Wild Turkey is on full display during this interview. The guy’s dive into the roller coaster history of the Turkey, market hunting and the conservation work to bring the bird back from the brink of extinction. Brent does a great job of explaining the “why” behind Turkey hunting. The obsession runs deep for many and Brent does a great job of explaining why that is. The culture and the people surrounding Turkey hunters really starts to come into focus during this interview.  As the weather starts to shift from winter and we get glimpses of Spring, enjoy this talk about all that is good in the world of the Wild Turkey.

Show Transcript