The Intrepid Eater and Wildgame Sushi with Adam Berkelmans

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On this episode of Huntavore, Nick is joined by The Intrepid Eater, Adam Berkelmans. Adam is a self taught cook who has a passion for wildgame, growing and foraging, and making amazing dishes out of both. Together, these guys chat about some deep topics related to self-sustainability, responsible meat-eating, and finish up on a fun way to serve wild game, in sushi rolls. All this and more on the next episode of Huntavore.

Adam Berkelmans hails from Ontario, Canada. He took his passion of hunting, fishing, and foraging and mixed it with love of cooking. Taking on the title of Intrepid Eater, Adam shares that with a little creativity, some self taught practice, and an adventurous spirit, wild game can be just about any dish that you desire.

Adam leads the discussion on an idea of responsible meat-eating. The thought is, if you only eat the most desirable cuts without the rest of the animal, then the waste and discarded parts would surpass what is taken. Head to tail eating of animals, not only provides a wealth of nutrients, but also stretches the use of that animal. Both Nick and Adam agree that if we are going to spread this idea, it has to be done by sharing recipes, encouraging others to try new things, wagging a finger and telling someone to keep their livers without first creating motivation would be not good.

On a lighter note, Nick asks about wildgame sushi. Adam has made several variations of what closely resembles Kimbap (Gimbap) , a Korean version of sushi, but with cooked and pickled items, rather than raw, in traditional sushi. The Crappie and Chips rolls he made was to stretch the use of one fish. Being notorious for not freezing well, Adam didn’t want to freeze the fish, but fried in a tempaura batter, followed up with fried potatoes and rolled it all in sticky medium grain rice and sushi seaweed paper. No special equipment is needed. Adam does have a bamboo sushi roll pad, but Nick plans to use a placemat. Use your inner McGyver to achieve the task. Want something else? Nick and Adam brainstorm that ground can be used as long as it’s cooked first as a burger patty, and slow braised meat can be placed in a line that holds itself together.

Sushi in itself is a full course in meal prep and presentation. All the elements are cut and sliced, raw ingredients cooked or pickled, and assembled so everything is square and can be sliced. Not the most efficient method, but for bringing some fun to the party, wildgame sushi is the perfect party meal. You can find Adam on Instagram @the.intrepid.eater or his website;


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