The Journey: All About the Tone

Show Notes

Heath welcomes Ariel Peldunas back to The Journey. In this episode they dive into the tone usage in hound training. There have been lots of questions about the tone since Ariel last appeared on the Houndsman XP Podcast (episodes 207 and 213). They break down every part of the tone and explain how houndsmen can use it for different applications. Ariel explains how trying to do too many things with the tone causes confusion. Heath and Ariel break the recall down step by step and pairing it with the tone. They talk about common mistakes in all dog training with the tone. Heath talks about capping drive when the hound is in its highest level of drive ( Prey Drive) and things to think about when using the tone and E-stimulation. This is shop talk at its best. Pull up a seat and grab that cup of coffee. Heath and Ariel get down to business on this one. Enjoy the Journey with us.

Show Transcript