The Kind of Deer Season You DREAM About!

Show Notes

Ever wish you could piece together on of those DREAM seasons? Like one where you get to hunt FOUR DIFFERENT destination whitetail states in a single year? Such is the case for John Hudspeth for the 2023-2024 season. John is the host of the Oklahoma Outdoors Podcast and knows a thing or two about whitetails. His success speaks for itself, and he regularly kills top-tier bucks. But this year, John will be testing his bowhunting skills in a broad range of new settings. John will be hunting September whitetails in Nebraska, chasing prerut bucks in Oklahoma, hitting the peak rut in Iowa, then back to Oklahoma and Texas for post rut and late season action. Tune in to hear more about John's plans, his thought process surrounding his strategy, and exactly what his goals are for this year. Enjoy!

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