The Process of Buying a Bow - Part 1

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This week on the Missouri Woods & Water podcast Nate, Micah, Andy, and Nate's son make a trip to our buddies over at Weber Outfitters in search of a new bow. If you are anything like Nate, the process of buying a new bow can be daunting, causing a lot of us (Nate included) to just keep shooting old trusty for over a decade. In today's show and part one of our mini series, we talk with Adam Weber and Josh Bickmeyer about the process and what people will experience at their shop. Their goal is to give someone the time and knowledge to be able to confidently pick out their new bow and not feel rushed or like they couldn't really compare the bows they were looking at. This episode goes through the steps you would go through at Weber Outfitters when you are buying a bow. From selecticing bows and trying them out all the way through buying it. Make sure you listen at the end for a HUGE announcement on our BIGGEST GIVEAWAY ever!!!!

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Show Transcript

[00:00:00] Welcome to the Missouri Woods and Water Podcast with your host, Nate and Micah. Andy and Andy. Andy. He couldn't make it to the intro. He just, he's not on the intro today, but he is in today's show. Yeah, we recorded at a different location. Didn't have time to get the intro. So we're doing that now. We're doing it now.

We're doing it live. Doing it live. Actually, no, we're not. No, we're not. We're not doing it live. We're doing it after fact. So this is our intro for today's show. Today's show is part one of our mini-series. It's just a two part series with Weber Outfitters. We're going through the process of buying a bow.

Part two will be the process of setup. [00:01:00] Yep. Which hopefully will be next week. We don't know that for sure, but that's what our, the plan is right now. Yeah. We ran out of time while we were there. We did. We had a full day. We had a fun day. It was full and it was fun eating. Fish, deer, loin backstrap.

Yeah. Yeah, same thing. But we have on Adam Weber, owner of Weber Outfitters and Josh. Head technician. Head technician. Yeah. That's what I'll go with. Yeah, we'll go with that. I called him. I messed. When we were playing around, I messed with his last name. Yeah. I called him something else and now I forgot what his last name is because that's what Big Meer, right?

Huh? B Meer. Yeah. Got something like that. I think it's J It's Josh. Yeah, it's Josh. Josh. It's our boy. Josh. Yeah. They are both on the show. We also had people like Matt and Blaine helping us out throughout the day too, cuz there was four of us in there. And then also other customers were coming in Right.

Getting stuff done shooting that sort of stuff. So it's not like they shut the damn store down for, us. They wasn't what they should've. Damn you, Adam should've no, it [00:02:00] wasn't a big deal. I like to see, I like watching them operate and how they dealt with Yeah. Customers, that sort of thing.

So I thought it was, people did just come in to say hello. Yeah. They came in, sat there and said, Adam's big brother. Yeah. I don't think it's technically, no, he's not. He's got the same last name. And he's a big old fella. He was a mountain of a man and he just came in to say hi. He was the one who caught the crappy that we ate.

Yeah, exactly. So it, this was really good. It's a cool hang chase. Really loved, or Caden really loved it. At least I loved it too. Yeah. Not his fault did. I don't like it. No. But I loved the deer. Yeah. The deer was there. And the cheesy potatoes. Yeah. I think Jessica made those. Is that correct? I believe so.

Well done. Yeah, well done. Sneak peek, I guess you'd call it, or spoiler alert, you're gonna wanna listen to this show all the way through. Yeah. Adam announces a pretty good giveaway at the end of the show. At the end of the show. We won't say anymore about it. Yep. But it's pretty sweet. That's about all we know at the current moment.

All right, let's get into our sponsors [00:03:00] before. Are you gonna gimme a Chuck Norse joke? I feel like I need one for this show. No, I'm just slacking on the jokes, bro. This show deserves it. There's jokes in the show, I'm pretty sure. Probably, I don't know. I don't remember. Alright let's get into the sponsors for today's show Leading Off with Weber Outfitters.

I guess they're the title sponsor for today's show. Since they're all on the show. They're Webber Outfitters. We have now been there in person and understand what they're talking about. It's really awesome place. Like Adam talks in the show, lit, feels like a different type of, not like your old, it's not true archery shop.

It's an inviting place to be in. We were there from 8:30 AM till four 30 or something like that. Four 30 or five, something like that, and we spent a lot of time screwing off and, we just talking lunch, talking and stuff like that. Lunch and that sort of stuff. Yeah, for sure.

But we felt welcome there the whole time. They had nice, clean bathrooms. Sounds nice. The whole store was very well organized and it was awesome. Very professional. So check 'em out webber [00:04:00] Make the trip to Hawk Point. It's 10 minutes north of I 70 off of Warrington exit, I think.

It's not far. When we got off at Warrenton, it was just like, one more, you hit one more stop sign, then you're there. It wasn't much. It's an awesome place. Check them out. Athlon Optics Webber Route Fitters is the dealer for Athlon Optics. Yep. So a few of those in the store.

Yep. Checked them out. Man, we're hoping to get our buddy Cameron with Midwest Gun works out at some point and we were talking about, shooting our rifles and trying to make sure they're good to go before. Dude I, the time is not working out well. It's not well, it's not working out well with four Men with families, children activities, it's hard to come up with a weekend or even a full day that.

You, not everybody has nothing going on. I hate to admit this, but I haven't been coyo hunting this summer yet. Me neither. I've been bow fishing. I haven't been coyo hunting. I've hunting. I've been wanting to go right with these pups on the ground and haven't done, I even got a new X 24.

I haven't even freaking put in the field yet. So I feel like a failure. Did you see Heath [00:05:00] Bakers video the other day? No. That male coyote that, I don't know what the situation was. I meant to ask him. He walks up on this male coyote, like from me to you. Really? Five feet. And the male coyote barks at him.

And then hows like really aggressively at him? And then he's can I get my stick back? Or whatever. I don't know what was going on there, but that was pretty crazy. No, I missed that one. I'm gonna have to go back and check that out. Yeah. Yeah. I think it just happened the other day, oh, nice.

Anyway, check out Athlon optics. I'll be running my Aries on my 22. Two 50. Same Aries. Yep. Two by, was it two by 18? Three by 18? I think it's two, two and a half. Maybe, I'm pretty sure it's a three. I would bet. Good money. It's a three. I'm thinking it's a two. We'll check later. We'll have to look at my rifle after we're done.

OnX maps check them out. OnX I actually was on there. No, it's on my work computer, but I was on there the other day and found the mountain that me and Russell are thinking about going to in Wyoming and Yeah. You showed us that. Did the topo, view it looks like, there's a lot of drainages [00:06:00] and stuff there.

Yeah. So that's gonna be a pretty good spot, I would assume. And I understand why the guy who you're talking to talked about staying up there, because it sucks both ways going up. Yeah. But when you get to the, like the top of the mountain, it looks pretty. You can run that ridge pretty nicely, right?

And get into some of those drains. I see why the elk would like to stay up there for sure. Yeah, so check 'em out on x black ovis, camo fire, black ovis they got a lot of new gear coming out. A lot of new base layers things like that. Also, they got the custom arrow ID builder which is nice.

Yeah, I know. I need a, I'm thinking about getting another set. I think I'm, cause I broke one while we were at Weber's because, we did two adjustments on my site and I was not hitting knocks, yep. And all kinds of other stuff. Black os obviously sells pretty much everything.

They're like an online retailer version of a Bass Pro and then Camel Fire flash sale. I ain't been on there for a few weeks. But which I need to be because the way that we're gonna be elk hunting this year, we're gonna be staying on the mountain. Both of us. Yeah. So [00:07:00] there's some, I got most of the stuff I need.

Some things you're gonna have to do. Yeah. There's a few little things that I need to speaking out for, which we're gonna have to get with our guy at Alps Outdoors. Yep. Figure out what we need. Yep, for sure. And put in an order, because I think I got all my overnight stuff cuz I bought stuff the year before.

Yeah. But I need to go through it. Yep. Alps outdoors, alps, Alps, brands, they got some awesome stuff. All, my one man tent, my sleeping bag. My sleeping pad, my sleeping pillow. I bought one of those. Yeah. My, it was actually more for camp, but Right. Cot, our tents. I think I already said that.

My pack, yeah. My elite pack's gonna be going out there. A lot of our, the stuff we use out west is Alps Outdoors, so check 'em out. Hunt worth gear. They have some new stuff coming out that is pretty cool. They also have a new process that's gonna be coming out that we're excited about.

It's basically building Yeah, building your setup for you where you can custom build custom mega what you think. Yeah. Early season lease, you can ob you can obviously go in there and [00:08:00] just buy stuff. Pick whatever you want, but check 'em out. Hunt worth I'm a big fan of the disruption pattern.

Same. My collects disruption. Tarn is something I, yeah, I grew into Tarin. I definitely Tarn too, but didn't like it at first. Now I want to get a set of tar so that I can what do I wanna wear today? You don't have a set? I don't have a set. I have early season set of Tarn and mid-season, but not, it's the, just the fleece line, but it's not windproof.

Oh. But I don't have any late season Tarn stuff. Oh, okay. In the heat boost. Gotcha. I'd like to have it. Yeah, for sure. Za land boots, we'll all be running our ZA lands, while we're out west and I pretty much wear mine every day. So you wear 'em right now? No, not today. Oh damn. Today I'm power washing so you get pretty nasty.

Yep. So I didn't wanna mess those. So these are just an old para waterproof boots I had laying around. That's nice. Yeah. Yeah. I've got the new Alab basses or an basses that I want to check out, but I wear those though I've been meaning to wear 'em when I [00:09:00] go dump my next set of Lucky Buck, but I haven't done it yet.

It's June eight ninth, so I need to get out there. I got another week or two you tried today, which I got my camera, my reveal camera set up over my mineral so I can actually physically see it. Anytime I get pictures. And it's still, I got probably a week or two before I need to worry about it too much, but I'm coming up on that timeframe.

Speaking of real reveal cameras reveal by tactic cam. I'm looking at my pictures from this morning cuz I forgot to. Anything worth anything? Where's a buck right there? Nine in the morning. I've had a few little guys. See, I just don't know if he's gonna be anything or not. I can't, I've never had a camera out this early.

I'm just looking at bodies right now. Yeah, if it's a big body, cuz you can tell on the body, I've never had cameras out this early. So it's just interesting to see these, some of these deer he looks decent. Nice. But what I love about it is, so like I'm looking at all these pictures of this deer right now and I've got it set up to where it has [00:10:00] given me a lot of photos.

And let's say I find a photo that I like a lot. So just this one I can get it in hd, right? It's already pretty clear. Like I can zoom in on him and see what's going on, but then I can get it in 16 mgs or whatever. I chose super real clarity. Yeah. So this deer's running from something. Oh, I did have one.

So I had a picture of a dough and then a minute later, Oh, he is nice. Then a minute later I had a picture of a bobcat. Really? Yeah. So that was pretty neat. That's cool. Yeah, he's passed his ears in June. That can't be a bad thing, can't it? No, that I would think that's a good start. Nice. So yeah, check him out.

Reveal by tact cam. We I'm using the X Pro and the what the hell's the other one I'm using 2.08. Yeah. Gen 2.0. Yeah. And they're pretty sweet for sure. Check 'em out. Is that everybody? Habitat Works. Habitat works. Our boy, Dustin. Yep. I've been wearing the hell out of his hat lately. It's like that, it's become my favorite hat.

So if you guys, he actually, I was talking to him [00:11:00] yesterday and he put in another order. If you guys are looking for that or if you're just looking to, get somebody that knows what they're talking about, point of view on your property, give him a call. He'd be more than happy to come out there and write up a plan for you.

So whatever your needs are. Check him out, whatever you need so hard, you can email him at Habitat Works llc or you can call him at (816) 752-7390. So yeah. And that's sponsors, right? I believe so. Let's get into the show. Get into the show. I don't think I have anything I want to tell you today.

Okay. This is Missouri podcast. Let's go.

Okay. We are sitting in the head honchos office right now of [00:12:00] Weber Outfitters. We got Adam Weber and Lead Man, Josh Bick Meyer. I won't say what I said earlier with us finally. In person. Yeah. Thanks Andy. No, it's always my fault. My fault. Whenever there's a scheduling problem, it is always your fault.

And that is, oh man. We're finally here it's June 7th and we went through the process. We've been telling people for a few months or weeks or whatever it is, but talking about coming out and going through the process of, buying a bow from the beginning to, ready to shoot, which we pretty much did today going through, I think all of us are dang near sighted in including my 12 year old son who got his first bow.

But that's what we're gonna do today. We're gonna talk about the process. We've got hopefully a two part series, and we've also got a hell of an announcement at the end of this show. And then we'll talk about it again next week. But we got an announcement. You're gonna want to listen to the end of this one.

It's gonna be epic. Yeah. Epic Big. I tell you this much is the biggest giveaway we've ever had. [00:13:00] Absolutely. That's not my question by Yeah, by far. But first, before we get into that, yeah. Let's talk about Weber Outfitters. Yeah. So where did this all come to start? I grew up hunting grew up here in Missouri.

Grew up hunting. My dad wasn't a big bow hunter a big rifle hunter. My grandpa was a big bow hunter. So we got in. Dad was more of a, he shot bows in the backyard for recreation. I think it was probably his stress relief looking back on it, I didn't know it at the time, but I think that's what, he didn't even want me there.

So pissed him off. He took off to the backyard. That was back in the days of four hay bales and, some field points. But fast forward. I was in law enforcement for many years traveled a lot. And when I moved from rural Missouri over towards the St.

Louis area, I lost a lot of my places to hunt. Got hurt at work and started in the process of healing From that got introduced to competitive shooting. I started shooting three gun pistol matches, things like that. I blew out my right shoulder at work, and so I was out, I was off the road for six and a half, seven months, couldn't pull [00:14:00] a bow.

That was a big deal. And then when I came back from that, wanted to have all those crossbows out there. Yeah. Yeah. The thank god for the crossbows. Back then you had to get a, you had to get a permit and all that. But I took a competitive shooting, took a break from the archery world.

And got into business, got busy. I have kids. And really one of the key factors for me is I was at a barbecue, a family barbecue, and my sister-in-law was telling me that my nephew had really showed an interest in archery and he was trying to get in with a local volunteer group there, a great group.

But it was like a three year wait list. Oh, wow. To get into this program cuz they only have volunteers, there's not, they don't have a, they borrow a place to shoot type thing, I started seeing my kids have some interest in archery. And so haven't been in the gun industry for so long with Webber Tactical, we are a holster manufacturer.

And so with being in the gun industry, I realized that I dunno if you ever have one of those epiphanies in life where you realize that some of the things that you did as a kid that were just normal, I [00:15:00] call 'em country kid things. Yeah. Like my kids weren't getting that experience and I was seeing that mix into the pandemic.

Kind of coming into place, and I realized just I kind had a little reset and my kids were getting to an age where they were actually old enough to, be able to do these things, so I started looking for a bow shop to get an old bow fixed, and I found one. And quite honestly, I went in there, they were grumpy.

They had one brand of BO that they sold. And it was just quite honestly a terrible experience. Yeah. And I think we've all been into a gun show or a gun shop, or, a place like that where there's the old guy watching gun smoke and he doesn't wanna get off his stool to answer any questions.

And God forbid you've done any research, coming into a place and he's gonna tell you what you want and what you don't want, that type of thing. It was a real big turnoff. So when we started looking, we were looking to move Weber tactical to a bigger location for more manufacturing space.

And so when we started looking we said, there's a huge hole in the archery market here in mid-Missouri, which is. Guys, we are in the mecca of the hunting area. [00:16:00] Big names that you see on TV have property in this area that they hunt regularly, manage, hunt. How many, Heartland Bow Hunter?

And I'm, I don't have any affiliation to these people. I'm calling out the D Dries. Missouri has got some huge deer and, I just realized there wasn't anything really servicing that market. And so I didn't wanna drive two or three hours away for my kids to shoot. That was a pain. So when we looked at everything, we said, you know what, we're gonna, we're gonna move manufacturing.

We're gonna find a place where we can do all of this. And I am going to, this is a joint effort. My wife and I Shannon and I, and we said, we're gonna build an archery shop that isn't a man cave. And I know that everybody out there like you dudes that are listening, you're like, wait a minute, I like my man cave.

That's cool, but let's get away from plywood on the walls. Let's get away from dingy lighting and. 50,000 skews on a wall that make no sense. And you're looking for stuff, and you're like, what is this? It's got dust on it. You don't know if it's, something that Roger Regling came out with 40 years ago.

I don't know how Rod, how old Roger is. So sorry. Roger, if I'm dating you there, buddy. [00:17:00] I love you. I grew up watching your stuff on vhs, but yes, I still know what that is but I grew up and that's a funny story, but we would go to the library and we would get check out movies like vhs.

Yep. And it was Fred Bear, Roger Raglin, I think he had a movie, like one of my favorite was like close enough to kiss or whatever. He'd rattle these bucks in and they'd be right there, and that's what I grew up on. And I just thought Fred Barrett was the coolest thing ever.

And definitely the goat of the archery world at that point for sure. When we started this, we said, you know what, let's do this. We found a beautiful place here in Hawk Point, Missouri. It's a beautiful property. It's right in the mecca of hunting, and we said, okay, this is cool.

So when we chose this, and this is a funny story, people laugh at me. I actually went to the ball fields and I went to three or four different towns went to the ball fields and sat there and just watched people. Didn't know anybody playing. I wanna see the attitude of people. I wanna see what kind of people we were, gonna be around and what the communities we were gonna serve.

And, because I felt like the, rural communities, summer softball, right? Softball, [00:18:00] baseball, like this is the heartland, right? Yeah. This is what we do. We grow corn and we play ball and we barbecue and we fish and all that sort of stuff. And I called my wife and I was like, there's a cool property in Hawk Point.

This is the place. These are our people. This is where we want to go. And so we set out on that journey to open this. So when you come to Weber Outfitters, we're a well lit high ceiling store. Things are merchandised. We have the best of the best. We have a broad selection.

We have competition gear, we have hunting gear. We're very positioned between big box and mom and pop. We don't sell anything that other people don't for the most part. But we have knowledgeable trained staff, which is, you're gonna hear all that from Josh. You guys experienced that today?

I can't, I don't sell things that are different, but I can tell you about how they work, that you can't get that at a big box store and some mom and pops and we're gonna customer service you. We wanna make you happy. We believe that your experience starts with us. You get an elk tag let's say you [00:19:00] finally get that draw.

Funny you should say that. Yeah. Yeah. I was gonna say, you get that elk tag, you know you're going out west. You know you're doing this hunt of a lifetime. If you don't necessarily have all the training, how horrible. Would it be to make a bad shot or to miss an elk? Because you're not set up right.

You don't understand how to set your tapes on your site. You don't understand how to not torque your bow, with gloves on, things like that. That's what people don't think about. And so that's what we've just really set out to do. And every customer that comes through the door, we try to treat them like it's our hunt.

We try to think if I was going out there, Josh, when he's setting up bows, Blaine, these different guys, when they're going through and they're setting things up, their mindset is, if this was me, how would I want to do this? And I want to do this right? Because, and it, we've seen it.

So we had some guys going to bear hunt. They didn't know that when you mounted a scope, you have to level it. Like they hadn't been through that process, so just put it on. Yeah. And that's, all of us grew up that way, right? And they can't, and you sign it in a hundred yards and then [00:20:00] you miss it 300 and you're like, I can't believe what just happened.

And so we had some guys do that, they come back, holy crap, I got this bear. It's great. Wonderful. I couldn't have done it without this, that's what I live for. When I was a kid, we used to go every Friday after Thanksgiving, before Black Friday was a thing. We'd go to Cranes Country Store in Williamsburg, Missouri.

They got a big pop belly stove in there, sandwiches. It's like the coolest place for in the world if you've gotta go there sometime. Free plug David, by the way. But David's a good friend of mine and but we would go on Friday, we would squirrel hunt. They're in conservation area. We'd scroll in rabbit hunt and we'd go in, we'd get coffee and the sandwich.

And they would have Polaroids on the wall everywhere of all of the big deer. So if you were local and you killed a big deer, you'd come, have your Polaroid taken, they'd put 'em on the wall. I wanted to build that atmosphere, of community, a place for people to come learn how to be, ethical, learn how to, be conservation minded and learn how to kill big deer.

Yeah. That's what this is about. That's what we do this for. So nobody wants to have a bad hunt. Nobody wants to miss, and so I can't make that happen for you, but I can do my [00:21:00] best to give you the best opportunity possible. So Weber Outfitters was born the mecca of Missouri hunting.

That is true. Not the Mecca. And just to speak on it, we've been here already, right? Already, but just to speak on the atmosphere. No. I wanna let it. We got here even before you opened Uhhuh. Cause you know, obviously we had a bunch to do today. But since we've been here, there's been handfuls of people just coming in and hanging out.

You got your bow yeah. Bow area and we're, everybody's just sitting around talking, having a good time. It is an a family place that you could bring your kids and if your dad wants to shoot and the kids want to sit over here and watch TV or, do their own thing it's awesome for that.

You've done a really good job of, your setup and the way you got it. It's perfect. I think you've done good. Yeah. And like he said before, it's, he's selling an experience, not just a service, not just, Hey, here's your bow. And it's what it's been today for us, since what we've seen it be for other people today is they're walking in not only looking to buy stuff, but they've a community here.

Yeah. To where, I don't, [00:22:00] they're walking in, you're calling each other by names. Obviously we haven't seen 'em before, but, They're shooting, they're talking about stuff. They're just, yeah. Whatever it is it's an atmosphere. It's a, an experience here rather than your big box store of here's your bow, here's your, see heres, yeah.

Hopefully this works out for you. And then poor Josh. How did, we've known you now for half a day and we know what, what you're doing, obviously, it's just a little, it's been evident. So how did you come into, where you're at? I don't know your actual job position with Weber Outfitters, but like how did you come to this point?

So me and Shannon were actually partners, which is Adam's wife on the ambulance. And I would always go up there and I'd shoot my boat all the time. And she saw me shoot my bow. So everybody else, all the other guys bring their bows in too, so I'm oh, I can't get this thing to work right.

I'm like, oh, let me just do this real quick. And I adjusted in for him, started shooting. Then we started like getting the long range and all that stuff like that. Shannon was like, I have an idea. Me and Adam's gonna try something. I'm like, oh boy, I don't know where this is going, but yeah, let's go.

Let's do it. And then one thing led to another, and it was [00:23:00] over June we started, or May of last year. And we were up here every single day. July 26th. Was that when we started though? Yeah. So they did the floor. They did the floor, yes. And they finished it. We could walk on it on July 26th, and Josh and I practically slept here.

It was, it's 6:00 AM to midnight. If I wasn't on the truck, I was up here and I work at 48 96. And sometimes those are really long shifts, but blood, sweat, and tears. Yeah. Putting into it legitimately. That's awesome. Yeah. That's awesome. And you mentioned earlier you have your, I wanna say level two Yeah.

Training level two instructor from USA Archery and we got it at, over at ATA last year. And so that is for like Joet and stuff like that where I can, we get kids to come in and they don't know what they're doing. No offense like Caden earlier. Oh yeah. He's never shot a boat before. He's I have no idea what's going on.

So I can show 'em some simple things that they've taught me and I can pass it down the line and they just pick up on it. No problem at all. It works out really great too. But at the same time, it works good for the older generation that was taught a certain way [00:24:00] and now it's new school coming in.

And so get that clash going on. But they there's stuff that I can bring to them and I bring it to my guys too, and they just pick up on it and go. And it's so nice seeing the youth come back into, it's not about video games anymore. They're actually getting outside and wanting to shoot Bowes and stuff.

I, I'm jumping my head at myself a little bit. One, one thing I was impressed with today was, you. The four of us came in, Andy, Micah, myself and my son Kate, the four of us came in expecting to pick a bow out and handle it today. And that happened. But one thing I was impressed by was, you Matt, I didn't catch the other kid's name.

Oh, Blaine. Blaine. Yep. And then Adam, as he could, nobody was ever flustered cuz we weren't the only people on the floor or in the store that, you know, during this time. And, nobody ever got snippy with, a customer or oh my God. It was just, they doing their thing.

They, and there was a lot going on. Yeah. At one time we also, the ladies over in the office that were taking care of people too. And that, [00:25:00] just, I mean I had five bows I was trying to pick from and Micah had two or three and Andy had two or three or whatever it was. I shot two. That was easy.

Yeah. The easy one. I had it set in my I knew coming in I was like, I know if I shoot more than three, I'm just going to cloud my brain and do it. So I shot two, I think, and I picked the one that I like the most. But let's, so let's get into this. So somebody walks into your store and they're like, Hey, I want to get a new bow, or, I've never been a bow hunter before.

I want to get into it. The first cool thing is you've got all your, the bows that you're selling hanging up. 50 foot long worth of bows. Probably more, I don't know. But no, that's not, it's tough before you get into that part of yes, all four of us walked in, but you had all four really big different dynamics that people, oh gosh.

Oh man. You had a 12 year old youth. That, never shot before. Never shot before in his life. Yep. Nate is a small human being, correct? Micah's probably average. I'd say he's our average guy, Micah. Micah's probably average fits in, the most categories, everybody. And then I'm a long [00:26:00] draw, length lefthanded, complicated person.

Yeah. Literally you had every dynamic from child. To probably one seven left your hardest person correct. To fit. Yeah. And we're all leaving here with a bow that fits us. It works for us. And it's dialed in at 20 yards and dial. Yeah. Ready go. I think everyone was touched arrows at 20 yards before we left here today.

I I'm reaching, but what was it? We made two adjustments on the site and I broken arrow already. Cause two adjustments and you already split one. I was like, yeah. Huh? Yeah, you're done. Yeah. I'm that good. But that's the experience we got. Part of the experience we got.

And the most interesting part to me now, and we'll start at the beginning here, but none of the three of us left with the bow. We thought we were gonna leave with nope. I didn't leave. Not at all with what I thought I was gonna, I did. I did. Did you? Yeah. Okay. You thought that was okay then feeling That's what I was going with.

Like I said, I was easy. We'll talk about easy. I went that one. Let's start at the beginning. How do you get someone going? Do you ask them? So do you have an idea what you want? What do you wanna look at? Basically when they come in, they have an idea of what they want, especially if they like you guys, were, they already shoot as it [00:27:00] is.

But a lot of our people that come in are, they've never shot a bow, right? They've just, they have no idea what's going on. So basically the first thing I ask what's your budget? I don't want to sell you a 12, $1,200 bow that you can't afford. So tell me what you can spend oh, it's I wanna do $600.

I'm like, all right, cool. I have four bows right here. No problem. It's gonna be within your price range. And they're like, okay, cool. So I take them and set them up because I've been burned before where I went and tried to get a new bow. You walk in, I wanna shoot that bow. Oh, you can't shoot it. And until you buy it, how do you, like, how do I even like it?

Then I'm driving a car, I wanna test drive it first. So that's what we do. Every single one of our boasts has a D loop and we've whiskered biscuits available so that they can shoot 'em. And I give 'em some pointers. I'm like, Hey, this is what you're wanting to do here. And I go through that little process of budget.

What's your end goal like? I don't wanna hunt, I just want something to do. I'm like, that's fine. You don't have to hunt. I don't care. So here you go. And it just works out perfectly. And nine times outta 10, they leave with a bow that day and they're just, they come back later on. Cuz we have these memberships also [00:28:00] where you can come back and just constantly and just shoot whenever you feel like it.

Which happened. Yeah. Yeah. Two people. Yeah. Those two people. Yeah. All the time. One of the things that we set out to do is not be brand specific. Yeah. So and even in the experience you guys had today, we gave you something from every brand that we had. That would fit you. And we said, and if you come in and you've got a $600 budget, I've got four or five options, and I'm, I don't want to be the shop.

And I told Josh this, we were like, we all sat down and we said, we don't want to be the shop that you walk in and you're like, Hey, I think I want this. And we go, oh no, you don't. Okay, cool. Let's shoot that and let me give you three other options because you may find a sweet spot. And I think it happened to a couple of you today where you're like, oh man, I think I know what I want.

I've done this, I've shot this brand or whatever. We're not pushing a brand. We're pushing. [00:29:00] You to find what makes you happy, what you're happy with in your draw, what's comfortable to you. It might very well be the boat, that brand that you've shot for 25 years. I'm good with that.

I have no problem with that. Yeah. We have a wide variety of, I would challenge you to find a shop in Missouri that has more options than we do here in here. At our shop we've got all the major brands for the most part. And we want to see you happy with what you walk out the door with.

It's the same thing when you carry a gun. People ask me all the time, what gun should I buy for ccw? It should be the one that you enjoy shooting. Yeah. It should be the one that the one you picks comfortable with, and same thing with a bow. A bow is much more personal than a gun.

You're not just citing something in and going and pulling the trigger. There's technique, there's how it feels, there's the draw, there's, peaks and valleys, all that sort of stuff. And so that's the one thing that we set out. I'd like to say that's probably something that separates us from.

Intentionally people say what makes you different? We're not here to tell you to sell you one specific brand, whether it's arrows, bows, broadheads, [00:30:00] whatever. We have those things and we just want you to find out what works best for you. And again, we want this to be a place where people can come in and shoot.

We have families. It's been really cool. I gotta tell this story. So we have, bo shops traditionally are super dark and dingy. It's very much, not always family friendly. Definitely not for the wives. We have a really nice snack bar. We have drinks, we have adult drinks, we have regular drinks.

We have a wonderful restaurant next door that we partnered with. They have great pizza and wings and all kinds of food. And so what happens is we would see guys come in and they'd be like, oh man, this is really nice, and we have all these things. They're like, yeah, bring your family back. Come shoot, and their kids.

So then they bring their kids back and the kids have fun and they're shooting. And then before long, usually within about three weeks, mom come back. And mom will come in and it's always I could just, it happens like clockwork. Mom comes in and she walks around and you can tell that she's not happy about the idea.

Idea of going to the archery show. Yeah. Because let's be honest, it's typically not cool for her. [00:31:00] Yeah. And then they walk in and they're like, This doesn't look like a man decorated it, and that's all Shannon, right? Yeah, this is well lit. There's, oh, there's cool stuff here. There's a beautiful lounge with TVs, so you got a nice lounge place for him to sit, read.

Yeah. Yep. Watch. There's TVs, yeah. And then what happens is we have now I think, four or five families, I don't think I'm speaking outta terms. I think it's five for sure. That this has happened with. So mom comes back in and what we find out is that mom and dad, before the kids used to shoot together and, life happens.

Yeah. And, mom is busy running a house. Yep. Doesn't have time to shoot. Kids have got all these things going on. And so what we found is we've got especially in the wintertime, not so much in the summertime, cuz there's, all kinds of things to do. But it's not uncommon on a Friday, Saturday night to see four or five entire families in here.

They grab pizzas from next door. They come in and they'll shoot for a few hours, right? Mom's shooting, mom's having a blast. The kids are having a blast. And people, like that is my goal. I feel success is defined in a lot of ways. To me, this store is [00:32:00] beyond successful because we're enabling families to spend time together.

We're enabling them to learn skills together. We're enabling them to do something that's fun together, and oftentimes something they used to do together and they get to rekindle that, together. That's the goal. Yeah. Folks, what to apologize on if you hear a buzzing sound. We've got some AC running or something.

Yeah, the ACS kicking in. It's little buzz, right? Sorry. But yeah, and we were perfect examples. I came in. Specifically looking for bot tech. So we were, but you had a list. I had a, we were waiting, I had a list. You would leave outta bot tech. I didn't think he was. Yeah. I was like, it's gonna be the assassin or something else.

I was cuz I've shot a botec for the last decade or whatever it's been. I didn't, I'm not necessarily brand loyal cuz that bow didn't come from a bow shop. Sure. From my brother-in-law. Yeah, sure. Hand it down. But I love that bow. We've talked about it, blah, blah blah. So I had a list of multiple bot techs and Oh yeah.

One of each other brand just because I didn't want, I didn't wanna be too close minded and I won't ruin it, but I didn't leave here with a bot tech today. The [00:33:00] idea of, I think the biggest, for me the first win is if a person says, Hey, this is my budget here. You say here's the three bows I've got for you.

Yeah. You will get each bow set up for them Exactly. That they can shoot and it'll mimic each one so that there's not, oh, this one's 70 pounds or 30 pounds. This one's 40 pounds. It's right. Every single one is exactly the same as what they requested. And I'll even, I'll adjust it to make it fit a little bit better so it's a little bit cleaner.

And then they get the real feel for it and it comes down like the grip and stuff like that. And that happened with me. Yeah. I mean I'm back up to 70 pounds, but we adjusted all the bows I shot today down. Yeah. But downward so I could feel the actual bow, like not me, you're struggling, struggle a bit.

Let's on you're kind pissy foot. It's kinda funny. Weak. So that's the first, you get the bow set up and then from our perspective at least, once the bows were set up, you give the person all the time in the world to mess with 'em. So that's the cool thing about it is cuz a lot of places, like they'll just slap on some stuff.

Oh, here you go, see you later, bye. [00:34:00] And what we do is if you buy a bow from us, or even if you come in and get a boat re strong, I will tune it and get everything centered back up and let you shoot your 20, get it dialed in. I dunno, it's not like an index additional charge on like that's just an something we offer.

So if you buy a brand new boat from us, I set it up for you, we bow tune it, we, or we paper tune it and then we make sure everything's going good. We get, figure out what arrows you need, all the things that go in along with it. And then you get to shoot an hour for free afterwards and I'll help you if I got time, not a whole lot going on, I'll help you get your 20 side in like I did for you guys.

Yeah. Just get, we forgot to mention there's a 20 yard in 20 yard indoor range right there. Yeah. You literally turn around and you can shoot right then. Yeah. Up to 20 yards. Yeah. And that was just 12 lanes cool things. We wanted 12 lanes. That's just one of the neats makes it easy for sure. Cause us three could, hey, we Josh and Adam and Matt and then Blaine later on when he came in Hey, this bow's ready for you.

Okay. I'm gonna shoot this one. And each one of us were shooting. Yeah. Period. The bows we had, and then [00:35:00] Micah you had a few in mind. Had 'em set up. You ended up going with the Elite Omnia. Elite Omnia. Yep. Which is a new Boer Elite. In the last, I think it was last year.

It was last year's. Last year. Yeah. Last year's. What about that bow? What you shot two? Yeah. What about that bow did you enjoy? It just felt great in the hand. It was comfortable,

but no, I shot that one and I shot the what's the one that you went the area. It's hard. You ruined it. Oh my God. Does it really matter? No, you shot three then you shot the, cuz you shot Hoyt also. I did shoot that Hoyt. You shot the vtm? Yeah, but no, the RX seven is what you shot first. Okay. Carbon bow.

Yeah. Yeah, the carbon RX seven. I'll be honest, that's what you were set on was that one at first. Yeah. And then, shot the other two and the, just like the elite Omnia, it fit me Great. Did awesome. And that's what's nice. You can shoot 'em, right? Like you can shoot the Omnia or whatever, put the other one put down and put the other one you're shoot ready to go.[00:36:00]

And it's, it's a quick comparison which for a consumer like me is a, the way I make decisions. Yes. Yep. I want to use it and then use this. And then I, and it was, I mean I still had a hard time making the final decision cuz there was two I really liked. Oh man. But because that's just you Yeah.

You were pretty, very complicated that I'm a have deal deep person. I'm a daily basis. You should feel sorry for us. I do. I for real, but for different reasons. Yeah. So that was, the big thing for Micah. I ended up going with the elite era, which I was not expecting to do. I shot probably the most bows out of the five or the three of us probably.

Yeah, I think I shot two Hoyts pse, the PSE two elites and I ended up not shooting a Botec, cuz that SR three 50 got sold I guess yesterday or something like that. Yeah. But so what I really loved about it was several things. I won't say exactly which one, but there was a bow that I thought I would love.

Shot it, picked up the era next to it, [00:37:00] shot it. I then took that bow and put it back up. Yeah. It was clear to me that I was going this direction. So then it be came down between the elite era and actually the pse the 30 30 which so short, I'm so short and I've shot a 30 inch actual bow for a long time.

I was really close to getting that Fords, honestly. But that era just, I like the, it's a car, it's elites, carbon bow. Yep. Really smooth in the hand, the smooth, what do you call 'em? The smooth mods. Smooth mods, yeah. Are really nice. And the nice thing is I could, keep putting it down and then picking up the Fortis, put it down, pick up the Fortis, and keep feeling, what do I like better?

What am I feeling here? And sometimes other places I've been, they're just hurry up. Yeah. Looking at you doing this with, oh, they're go here, they'll go put that first Bowie shot back up. I'm like, ah, I wanna, yeah. They'll go take it back away and put it back up. Every, you're like, Hey, can I shoot that one again?

Oh, just put it up or, yeah. Some excuse. Yeah. I'm trying to, I'm trying to decide what I want to get here, man. You guys, you have a [00:38:00] big hanger Yep. On the side of the range where you take the bow that you wanna shoot. Put it back, pick up the other one. And it's, it makes it super simple for someone, even a guy like me who sometimes has a hard time deciding exactly which one to go with.

But you really did go in depth, like you were like slow pulling it and trying out different grips and everything. Yeah. I held him after I got to full draw, I wanted to hold him for a while. I really liked the back wall of that pse. Just dunk. And I knew I was there. Big valley. That's very similar to my assassin.

So it was what's the term? Relatable? Something comparable. Comparable. Comparable, I guess you'd call it. Yeah. Familiar. Thank you. There it is a familiar feeling. And then that PSE really had a punch, just like you felt like it was like smacking, the arrow in the ass on the way out the door.

But something about that era just. Beat it a little bit, right? I think it was the color. Yeah. But I was gonna go with the black one too. You were, so I would and almost did. So in all [00:39:00] honestly, you did say that it was the grip or so it was the grip that felt a lot different. Yeah.

The shelf on it. Where your hand hit was you were talking about that and I was like, all yeah, because like we were saying, like we don't push you to a certain brand because as you can see, yes, I shoot in elite whatever, but Matt shoots a psc. Blaine shoots a bear. Matt or Adam, he shoot a Raven Crossbow.

He shoots this wherever. He feels like shooting that day he busted out his elite. That mean I own 1200 boats? No, I'm just joking. So shoot 'em all, it's, we're not, like he was saying, we're not set on one certain thing. Do I have my favorite? Yes, but I've been shooting that same boat forever.

And I'll be honest, this is the first time we've even talked about what bows you shoot. Yeah, that's the very first time I've, other than we picked his bow up. I didn't pay attention to that cuz it wasn't shooting it. Yeah, that's true. That's cuz it's too short for you. The wrong hand. And the wrong hand.

Wrong hand. And then Andy, you had a couple options, you shot the area. What else? So in general, like no issue with Weber, but there's only a handful of bows in the market that go to my draw length. Correct. And then [00:40:00] finding them lefthanded also for you to carry is a challenge. So I think you guys had three or four possible options and I, of the ones that I researched prior I picked two and the third one again sold.

I mean if you guys keep some bows on the shelf, sorry we've been talk about this for talking to yourselves, trying to figure out it's a problem. What can I say? Yeah, sell 'em too fast. So there's two, two options that I liked and one was that I shot the era and I shot the bot tech ssss four.

I forgot what I got for a moment, but I shot the 34 first and it felt good and shot it. And then I picked up the era. I fully expected the era is more expensive cuz it's a carbon bow. It's there. I mean it's, yeah. Nice bow, fully expect like this is this gonna be me? It happens to me.

I'm gonna want the more expensive one. I shot it, I went back and I shot the 34 again, I shot the era again. I'm like the 34, feels every bit of good is [00:41:00] this era. And honestly it fit me just a little better. Just one of those, just personal preference. And I ended up walk away with my first Botec.

I didn't think I'd yeah. Between the two of us I didn't assume I was the gonna be the one with the elite and you were gonna be the one with the bot tech. I never would guess that either. Yeah. I think the important thing too, to mention in regard to you Andy, is like, because of your draw length axle to Axle.

Yeah. Shooting a short bow. When your big dude is less forgiving. And I told you when I walked in Yep. I wanted Forgiving Bow. And that's what that 34 is, and so understanding, understanding that, and some people, they, we've got some folks that come in and they're like, I want the shortest bow you have on the mar.

I'm hunting out of a stand. I want the shortest bow. And, that's fine. We'll sell 'em that and we'll help 'em get in it. We'll tune it. But sometimes giving them that option of going, Hey, have you tried a 34? Hey, have you tried this? And then you find that they're like, holy cow.

We found the sweet spot. I didn't know this existed. And understanding that, and the forgiveness there is, it's important. That elite Air is a great bow. It's, I think, one of the most [00:42:00] award-winning bows out there right now. It's a hand laid carbon bow.

It's hard to compete against that, but it could be the greatest bow in the world, but it doesn't work for you. And that's what it was. That's what's important. Yeah. That's where I was at. Man, this is a nice bulb, but. That Botec fits me a little bit better. Yeah. Yep. Yep. And I think that's the biggest part is you're able to go through that process.

Instead of I assume I'm gonna, I wanna shoot an elite era, so I'm coming in. You set up the era, I shoot it. Okay. I buy it. I guess the process was done correctly, but they came in, they bought the bow that they were handed in here to buy. Once you're able to compare the differences is where, for me, a guy like me, like I did not expect to walk outta here today with a bow that wasn't 30 inches.

Axle. Axle. Axle. No, you were pretty determined on that. Is the era 30 inches? Axle? Axle? No. It's 31 and a quarter or 30. Yeah. So I was, I just, I was like, it's too big for me. It's too tall. I want something compact. I want something short. But [00:43:00] then I was able to take the ERA and the Fortis. And sit 'em on the floor together, stand 'em up and be like, it's not that much taller.

Not that big of a difference. It's gonna give me a little bit more forgiveness as well. I'm gonna be a little more stable. I like the way it shoots. I like that it's carbon. I like that it's lightweight. I like the grip on it. The grip for a guy like me was, has always been important because I like to feel that, you're in that spot, sorry we back into the gutter.

Like you're in that spot where some, some companies have a bigger fatter grip, some, a little skinnier. I'll keep moving and so I think we fixed your grip too today. We, yeah. There was another thing we did. Yeah. And that's, I guess we'll get that into the setup of the bow Yeah.

In our next episode. But, there's a lot of things during the the purchase of the bow that. Really help folks out. Now obviously you guys are gonna be busier at different times. Yeah. And so sometimes you not, might not be able to hold someone's hand, you set it up to where we almost felt like the bow was ours.

So [00:44:00] you feel comfortable setting it up. Because a lot of shops I've been to in the past, I'll be like, Hey, I wanna try this bow out. And it's a I did this a couple years ago with a BoTech SR 7, 6 6 is SR six, I think. I think that's a bow they had. And I walk into the, I walk into this bow shop, you're story, and I won't explain which bow shop it is.

I thought that was a Mazda myself. But now I'm just SR six, but I could be wrong. Your story. Go ahead. Anyway. And it was set for 32 inches. 30, or not 30, I'm 29 inch draw. Excuse me. It was the Z 71. And I'm like, okay, that's Silverado. And and I'm like, all right. And the guy's do you wanna try it? Sure.

Okay, try it. I'm like this is a 29 inch straw. I'm 27. But the way the conversation was going you can get a feel for it. That's exactly what he said. You can get a feel for it. So I just do this and I'm just like, you don't know how many times making sure I don't slap my forearm because I'm just, trying to, but you [00:45:00] can't get a feel for it.

And I, it's not gonna break it. Sorry, I'm not trying to interrupt you. No, it's not gonna break over in the right spot. The valleys and pieces don't get me started. That's the problem. And so I shot that bow, I think one, maybe two times. And I left. Yep. Because I'm like, I, it could have been a great bow for you.

You don't know. It could have been, you have no idea. Never know. You don't know how many times I've went to a bow shop and they've handed me a right-handed bow. I said, oh, I'm left-handed. Yeah. Oh no, we'd have to order it in, but you can shoot this one and see how it feels. I don't know if it can feel the, like you can feel the valley and the let off and all that stuff.

You, you can get a feel for it. You know how many times that's happened to me? They don't carry a left hand bull. They order it for you. Yeah. And it could be a 28 inch, like you're talking about 28 inch draw right-handed bow. I'm 31 and a half left-handed. So you can figure it out. We'll get you close bud.

Yeah. Yeah. Close enough. So what was nice it other way it took them an extra, I mean it took 'em extra couple minutes, but every single one of us, they set the bows. We wanted to shoot at our draw lengths, which they also measured our [00:46:00] draw links for us. They've got a little board where you can do your wingspan, get pretty close to where you need to be.

And then they were all set up. For me, 27 inches is my draw length. Yes. Laugh everybody. 26 and a half, 26, 3 quarters.

Fractions matter. Yes. Decimals. And so all five bows that I shot, I think it was five, were all 27 inches. And the same draw weight too and the same draw weight 'em all at 65. In fact, I shot a few. This is a perfect testament to, the, I guess the patience you have with some folks is I shot two or three of them at 70 pounds first.

Yeah. And I'm like, and I was struggling with it. I'm like, my God, I am getting weak bitch. And so then I'm like, I would really prefer to shoot these at 60 so I can really get a feel for the bow. Right now all I'm doing is trying to get the damn thing back, so I'm not paying attention to Yeah. The breakover, the lead off the roll the valley.

I'm not I'm just trying to get the damn thing back without dying. So you then went back and changed 'em all to 60 pounds? [00:47:00] Yeah. Then it was, then you really started diving into what does this bow compare to? This bow? Yep. And it was easy, like a few of them, the one I told you I was, if I went one direction, I could have seen myself walking away.

Cuz for years I've wanted one of those. And I was the first one I put down. Yeah. That was, and went back. That was the very first one I put. You're like, don't like, like this done with this one. And you gave it a fair shot too? It wasn't like just a one shot thing I used No, it was, he shot it twice.

He shot it, put it, and not just one arrow shot another one. Yeah. Three arrows. Went back to that one, shot it again and said, Nope. And this, yeah. And that's, I asked Josh a question, Josh, how many of these compared to these do you sell? And you would not think it? Yeah. And the answer was zero. And I'm like, that's what I thought.

And you wouldn't think that No, you wouldn't. But it's just my personal preference, that brand for other people obviously they would love. But so that was, and it was the same for me, then Micah, then Andy, and my son Caden, which is another thing I would, [00:48:00] I love my son, Caden has never shot a compound bow in his life.

We have one at home, but all he does is pull it back with his fingers, fly. He doesn't use sites, none of that. You took him through the process of, there was a few options And we might have done it a little differently with him than we would've done with me. But you set up an elite ember for him, correct?

Yes. And also you were gonna set up a pse uprising, which you barely did. I set them up, but he shot the ember and he was like, I like it. So we stopped. Yep. Because, putting more on a plate like his, when he doesn't really know what he's looking for, might be worse. So we stopped and we went with the elite ember.

And when it comes to kids like that, and even brand new shooters, it comes down to how much does this bow weigh when I'm holding it out there? And he was like, no, this is fine. Perfect. Yeah. Okay, cool. That was easy. And went through the process with him. He shot, you taught him some stuff.

He, the literally the first time he's ever put on a release the first time he's ever pulled a trigger or released an arrow like that was here in [00:49:00] your shop today. He didn't slap his arm once. Not once. I was like, nice. Yeah. All right. Yeah, we didn't we didn't do to him when Uncle Russell did to me the first time I ever shot a bow on purpose.

And, just for the people listening out there I just want them to understand you can call and schedule an appointment. Oh heck yeah. In our busy season, you, and you alluded to this earlier yeah. July 4th weekend is the kickoff for every, you should be doing it now, to be honest with you.

Definitely. You want to be getting this done because if you do need to order something there are lead times, right? So if you want it for opening weekend here in Missouri for September 15th, you gotta get on it. It's getting longer and longer too. But, so we have the availability, you can book an hour, so it takes an hour to an hour and a half depending to get a bow set up.

So if you are coming from raa, if you're coming, we have people that come, we have suburbans of guys that show up. You guys are not an anomaly. Just to be clear on that. And I, so that everybody out there understands, like if you call us and say, Hey, there's four of us that are coming over, let us book a time.

We're gonna put, we're gonna [00:50:00] schedule texts. They're gonna be standing there waiting for you when you walk through the door, because time is money and that's the value. So I'm a very busy person. I run five companies. I don't have a lot of time often to just walk into a boat shop and spend five hours trying to figure it out.

And or waiting if I'm, like it's not, I don't mean that to be rude, but I just don't sometimes. So if you, how hard is it, was it to get the four of the five of our schedules to work? Exactly. Can't do it this day. Can't do it this day. We set it up and not to cut you off, but.

I said this on our way here, and I said it while we were here. I'm like, there's no way all four of us are gonna pick a bow, like a bow and walk away with a bow today. Yep. And we went four for four. Yep. Yep. And you had four techs on the floor. Yeah. That's the thing we value people's time.

It's a busy society we live in, so our staff, we do our utmost to, make those things happen. If you are looking to get something set up out there and you want to travel in, please [00:51:00] call us. We prefer it, let us know so that we can schedule it and make it happen for you because we can get it done quick.

And especially if we're scheduled out, then there is no wait. Somebody walks in the door, we'll help 'em. And but there is an understanding that, hey, last year in our busy, oh, busy season, We'd be like, Hey guys, just so you know, I've got 45 minutes to get you, I can, just for a walk-in, but I've got an appointment that this tech has to come out to, after this.

Working in that. Yeah. And we try to flex our people, to be able to do that and help people get set up because it is important to us. And the time value being able to get that all done is very important. Yeah. And not wasting people's time.

Yeah. And and that's the process and for me. Now, obviously we're partnered with Webber Outfitters, so you weren't gonna make our experience bad. I we understand that, but for me it was bar none. Probably the best experience I've had at a bow shop outside of a bow shop where our buddy Frank APA used to run.

And that's because we knew Frank. Yep. And it was like a, a friend when you went in there and he.[00:52:00] Treated a lot of people the same way you guys did. And honestly, since Frank left that shop, we quickly we haven't had a home for our archery, and that's part of the reason I've been sitting with a Botec assassin for a while.

Because I, it's, I just didn't want hassle with it. Yep. I've got a bow. I like, I don't really need the newest, best thing. I now have that. I guess that's cool. I just thought of that, but reality set in finally. Yeah, I'm important, but no debatable. Like I was just like, I don't really want, there are some decent bow shops around us, they're at least an hour away.

And I'm like, I've got this bow, it works. I'll just get it ret strung, and I just kept going that way. Whereas, in this case here it was, I came in, I'm, what was the wagers that I was gonna walk out here with my assassin? I wasn't gonna, what did we have going on? I don't know, but we both, everybody, they were both like, pretty certain I was leaving with my bow.

Yeah. I was like, he's just gonna go home with his regular bow. Yeah. I'll have toserve it and put some lube on it or something like that and [00:53:00] just send em out, spit on it. And but I had no issue once I started shooting a few that I'm like, all right, I like this, that, I'm walking out with my, as my assassin's still going home with me.

Don't get me wrong, but it's no longer, what I'm gonna be hunting with. Because you probably have people out there like that, that are shooting 10 year old, 12 year old, 15 year old clothes, and they just don't want to change. Yeah. We change hundreds of strings a year. We tune everything here.

We, we replace strings, we have replacement parts stuff breaks. We have a very large selection of accessories, and we can talk about that, when we get into the setup and things. Yep. But, variety of sites, releases, we've got a, we've got a demo of every release we sell.

I did just now hit me that's what that basket was full. Yeah. That they're all there. That's the one I dumped out for a kid. Yeah. Crack. Whatever you want of them. It just hit me that's probably everything you sell. So that's a super smart way to go about it too. But and that's the process of buying, at least from our perspective and what you guys, did with us today.

Yeah. We don't smoke gear, loin and fry [00:54:00] for everybody. We did. Everybody. Yeah. We did eat pretty good. We did have a nice lunch. Caden was very happy, excited about the fish. We we enjoyed the smoked tenderloin, the smoked loin the smoked tenderloin, and then also the Cream cheese. Yep.

Smoked cream cheese. Some awesome cheesy potatoes. Awesome. Cheesy potatoes. Yep. Who made those? You make those? Or Shannon? No, Jessica. Jessica. Thank you. Bravo, Jessica. Those are some good potatoes. Everything. Got to meet her for a second today too and tell her thank you for putting up with us. She's the reason that anything good happens in my life at work.

I have a home handler and I have a work handler and Jessica is my work handler. Yes, she's the reason I was here today for you guys. No, it's important. Okay, so I've been excited for the last 45 minutes. Yeah. We have an announcement. Micah's finally leaving the show. God, I'm glad that went through, happened.

No, we have we're announcing the largest giveaway that Missouri Woods and Water has ever have ever had, and we are partnering with our boys [00:55:00] at Weber Outfitters to do a giveaway. Adam, what the heck are we giving away? So we set out to do this, like we wanted to build the coolest package for somebody that has experience or doesn't, has have experience.

So we have a left or right hand. Appreciate that. Gotcha. For you. Stick it to you. Thank you. Lefties. We have a it's a bear whitetail pro. It is a 50 to 70 pound bow, correct? Yes. The right hand is gray. The left hand is OD green, I believe. Yes. So you're gonna get, you got the good color filled. I know, right?

Like we, we we were stoked about this. So you're gonna get a bow, you're gonna get a half a dozen arrows. You're gonna get a package of broadheads, you're gonna get a release, you're gonna get a block target, you're gonna get field points for those arrows. And the bows ready to go. Set the bows set up.

Yeah. Quiver. Quiver. Everything. Everything. So this is around a [00:56:00] $1,200 value. So if you're have zero experience or you have experience, literally you can get it. We're gonna set it up if you are local. If not, we're happy to ship it. Not a problem. But you can literally go out to your backyard and start shooting.

Get ready for deer season, and we are gonna be giving it away. So there's gonna be links coming out for you guys. So pay attention to the show release Yep. And our website and our social media. And so there's gonna be, if you follow Missouri Woods in Water, you follow Weber Outfitters.

There's gonna be multiple ways you can enter for this drawing. And then we're gonna be giving away live in person with you guys. On August the 12th at the Weber Outfitters first annual try and buy Hunting Classic. So August 12th that's a Saturday afternoon. We are working to bring a hunting classic back to the area where, and this is for Whitetail.

We've got Ducks Unlimited that's gonna be there quail forever. We've got all [00:57:00] kinds of vendors. We're gonna have vendor city out here. So there's gonna be food, there's food trucks. No Kansas City barbecue food trucks and you ruined it. You guys gotta bring your own, sorry. Sketchy. Oh, I bet we could, I bet we could figure out how to get something over here.

Yeah, you could bring it, you can have it. I guess I'll try anything once. Mic Micah would make you some cow tongue. I can cook the shit out of a cow tongue. Alright. Right then. Yeah, exactly. All right, then I'll give it a try. We just ruined the announcement. Yeah. Way to go. And we lost them, man.

They're, they'll be vendors for we've got all kinds of archery vendors. We've got hunting blind vendors. We've got tree stands we've got saddle saddles. We're gonna have saddle demos and training here. We've got saddles coming. We've got pretty much imagine a small version of anything that.

It has to do with hunting, whether it's dove hunting, whether it's, any of these things there's gonna be vendors here for it. And the cool thing about this is, sometimes you go to big [00:58:00] shows and you get to see all the cool stuff, but you can't touch it. Can't touch it. Yeah. Every archery brand is gonna have a lane here shooting all the flags, stat, nice.

All the flagship bows crossbows you're gonna be able to walk out the door if you want to that day it's a try and buy. Maybe you've been thinking about a new site, you've been thinking about whatever, and you don't know what, how you feel about a spot hog fast outta your, whatever it is.

They're gonna be here, the sites are gonna be available, they're gonna be on a bow, and you're gonna be able to shoot one and see if you like it, red line, whatever it is. There's gonna be reps here from all kinds of places. All kinds of cool stuff. There's gonna be some hunting guides here as well, for trips and things like that.

Duck season, all that sort of stuff. August 12th from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM is gonna be a great day and we're gonna be giving away that live that bow that day. And with you guys we'll be here to do it. Yeah, absolutely. You guys will be here signing two shirts. Our dumb sasses will, you're gonna be signing t-shirts, signing hats.

Sign in [00:59:00] posters which I don't quite understand cuz a signature for me is worth a, actually it probably devalues the item that I just signed. It's Hey, here's a hat. And then Nate puts his signature on it and now it's worth nothing. They gotta have something to shoot their bow at.

Yeah, that's a good point. That's We'll do targets, signing targets. We'll sign targets. There you go. Oh, sign pictures and they can shoot. There you go. Listen Dick, now you cross the line. There was a line here and you stepped over, but just don't get mixed up in the youth area. My son, this is funny.

My son's draw length is not too far behind mine and he's 12, so I will say that. But so that's awesome. That's, like I said, that a terrific giveaway. We were excited to to announce that today and that's the process of buying a bow. Oh, it sounds easy, but for me personally, I have not bought a bow for several years because of a lot of the stuff we talked about in today's show.

Didn't have a shop I really wanted to go to. Didn't really want to dick with it, honestly. It's just I don't want to dick with it. Cuz every time I'd been in somewhere, like we talked about in the show, [01:00:00] just I didn't get to, I didn't get to do what I did today. Yeah. I didn't get to say, I wanna try this one, I wanna try this one, I wanna try this one.

And I want 'em all to be the same so that I can try each one. Yep. Never has that happened for me. And I was able to do that today. So even if you live somewhere else and you're not gonna be coming to Weber Outfitters and you're trying to decide a bow. What, that's the process you really need to try to figure out, find a place that gives you, find a place that you can either make, set you up a few bows the right way.

Or that will hopefully treat you a lot like Weber Outfitters does. I drive out to Hawk Point, Missouri. If I was you area in Missouri, it's not that far. It was two and a half hours for us. We're in the Casey area. It wasn't that bad. No. But worth the trip. It's well worth the trip, in my opinion, to get up early.

And those are, those are, they're expensive. There's no investment. Yeah. It's an investment. It's literally a thing that's flinging the arrow at the animal you're trying to harvest. Yeah. Think about it hard, but it's a big investment and you want to get it done right?

Yep. So definitely you guys do an excellent job at it. You want to come to a place that has a Josh b Myer, and a Matt and a bla. Yeah. They can [01:01:00] help you. They know what they're doing, our guys go through a certification process. There's an apprentice process. We don't just hire people, tell 'em how to tie a peep in and send 'em loose.

Josh heads all of that up. He does a fantastic job with it. Thank you. Thank you. He's, I can't say enough good things mainly cuz I'd like to get his head out the door here later. No. Like seriously though. We have an amazing staff people, we have a process with our staff.

We're not just hiring somebody for 12 bucks an hour and telling 'em to, tell people to go buy this. 12. Nice. Like your big box stores. When was the last time you went to a big box store? I don't, and actually got customer service. Or you got customer service, but they had no clue what they were doing.

I was just at a big box store last week and I was walking up and down the aisles of their archery section for probably 30 minutes and not one time. See somebody. Did I see anybody that even asked if I needed anything? No. Yeah. Nope. Zero. Yeah. Yeah. And [01:02:00] that's I have the best staff in the world.

Wouldn't trade 'em for anything. They're great people. 10 million? Nope. Nope. 20 million. Can I see a letter of credit? No, you cannot. I'll trade you and get you back your backyard. You're gonna get raised, bud. No, it's been great to have you guys here. And we're looking forward to to, we love this partnership.

We've got people that have heard your podcast that have been in the shop and then they had hats from you guys. Yeah. Oh, nice. Which I forgot to bring today. Yeah. We dropped. Yeah. Yeah. There was a box of hats coming today. No barbecue. No. Nate bats, no. Yeah, man. About to marry Millio Couple.

That'll work. We've had people come in the shop and be like, Hey, I heard, so you guys have a huge following. And we're looking forward to to this process and helping people get down the road and just watching grow. Yep. Absolutely. Sure. Both of us appreciate that. Absolutely.

We're excited to grow together. Yep. Absolutely. So stay tuned [01:03:00] folks. We're gonna, there's gonna be a part two to this show. So we just went through the process of buying a bow, and then part two of the show is gonna be a process of setting a bow up. So you go from walking in a door or trying to buy a bow to ready to start firing arrows and get it going.

So that's what we'll do next. That'll come out next week and we will talk to you later. Adam, Josh, thanks for coming on. Thank you guys. Absolutely. Thank you guys. Thanks for having us out here. Really appreciate everything today. Yep, for sure. All right, boys, you got anything? No. Nope, I'm good. Get you to your daughter's game.

Yes, sir. What's what's website and everything, David? Call weber and we're at 31 Farm Lane, Hawk Point, Missouri. So we're 10 miles off of 70 and six miles off of 61 here in Lincoln County. If you guys got any questions or any of the listeners have questions, shoot us a message on Facebook cuz one of us will attack that right away and get back to you as fast as we can and try to help you out through that.

That's great. And just Weber Outfitters on Facebook? Yep. Slide into their dms. Ooh. And and follow salty, share it, [01:04:00] share YouTube channel as well. We have a lot of good information on YouTube. Yep. Yeah. Yep. Thanks for coming on boys. Awesome. Thank you. Thank you. See ya.