The Process of Buying a Bow - Part 2

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This week on the Missouri Woods & Water podcast we bring you Part 2 of our mini series with Weber Outfitters on the process of buying a new bow.  This episode with Adam Weber and Josh Bickmeyer is more focused on the process of bow set up after deciding which bow you want to buy.  We go through things like peeps, bow tuning, sights, sighting your bow in, and much much more.  We also go down some rabbit holes and do some good ole fashioned BSing.  Make sure to enter into the ultimate bow hunting giveaway linked in the show notes below or on our website!!!  Thanks for listening!!!  

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Show Transcript

[00:00:00] Welcome to the Missouri Woods and Water Podcast with your host, Andy. Nate and Micah. Hello. What's up? How are doing tonight fellas? I like how my name is first there. Appreciate it. You're always first in my book. Screw you. I'm never first in yours though. I asked this fucker for lunch the other day. I was like, Hey man, you wanna go get lunch today?

I was gonna be in your neck of the woods. Hey, did you get asked for lunch? What's an acceptable You did? Yeah. What's an acceptable time to ask somebody if they wanna go to lunch? I, five freaking minutes before probably. Yeah, no, that's about right. It was 1130. Yeah, it was like 1115. And I was like, Hey, I have had Andy Drive from Higginsville to Warrensburg to eat [00:01:00] Chinese with me before U turds.

So it must be more important than you, I guess. I guess so. But I mean, we're gonna ask again. Let's, let's say in general, that's, that's usually not gonna work. It, it was literally 30 minutes, but we'd already actually ordered lunch. It was coming to the office. What day? What day was this? Wednesday. Wednesday?

Yeah. Wednesday. I could had lunch with you in Higginsville. Yeah. I would've drove. No, no, no, no. I don't want, I don't, don't where the invite anymore to eat the Mexican. That's, that's, I, I'd eat there, eat wherever, man. The red, the sty presents. I'm sorry, the red shanty. Uh, the, I've been there once in, and you ate there before and it was pleasant.

That's all right. It was pleasant. Me and you had that before Andy. Yeah. That's pretty good. It's about the only two options. Yeah. Generations. But takes Subway. Subway got some sonic up in there. Well, I was in, so I was in son in Ville this morning. I honestly could have read Channy cuz it'd be better than any barbecue These guys are gonna give us That's true.

Oh, burn. [00:02:00] That's true. Burn. Same way still. I just don't, I don't get, I don't get how you can sit there. You need to tell me you are gonna sit there with a straight face and tell me you don't know what a bamboozle is. Huskerdoo Husker don't. You're gonna tell me with a straight face that St. Louis barbecue is better than Kansas City.

Just cuz they have ribs named after this style of ribs. We have a cut of steak. Mm-hmm. They get a style of ribs. We have a whole cut that we have to then cook for them or, or smoke. Yeah. We're just joking. Uh, if you're listening to the show, it makes more sense cuz we talk some shit in the show. The show.

Yeah. But on today's show, who are we talking to? Yeah, we have back on the show, Weber Outfitters. So we got Adam and Josh joining us again, uh, to do our second part, part two, our little series thing that ended after the show. So [00:03:00] it's not much of a series part part D. Yeah. So we talk about getting your boat set up and what all goes into that.

We go down a lot of rabbit holes. We talk a lot of crap. It definitely happened. Um, We had to stop the recording at one point cuz Nathan laughed so hard, so I laughed so hard. I was crying and so are you, by the way. Yeah. It was like you were choking on something. Don't make me stop recording again. Crazy.

It was, it was rough. We got proof or we have, uh, all choking evidence of what happened or no. Yeah. How would you Yeah. Evidence all, here's what happened here. Here's what happened. I'm trying to be professional. I'm trying to, I'm trying to run a clean show. You've never been professional a day in your life trying to run a clean show, and you guys make it unprofessional.

You make it not that way. Seriously. Why are you the way that you are? You know, I, I would argue that that's what makes us so great. The unprofessional. We are so unprofessional. We're awesome. [00:04:00] Yeah, some people would argue that, that, that's definitely an argument there. But like I said in the show, we have those guys on and we talk BS some more.

So let's get into some sponsors and get on with it. Uh, sponsor title sponsor for this show for sure. Weber Outfitters. Check 'em out. Weber Special thing that we talk about in the end of the show. Talked about it last week. Make sure you enter the ultimate bow hunting giveaway. Yep. That we have partnered up with Weber Outfitters.

We've got a $1,200 package in which you can win a bow, arrows, broadheads release target. I don't know if I'm missing anything, but basically everything you need to get set up. Everything they, everything you can, everything. And once you get it set up, you can go hunt deer. Yeah. So, or whatever you choose to hunt with it to sign up.

It's simple. Um, The easiest way for our listeners, in my opinion, is you can either hop on our social media and there's gonna be links to it [00:05:00] all over the place in the show notes for this show. And actually each show moving forward until August. Um, there'll be a link to, to enter right on the show notes or just hop on our website, Missouri Woods and hit our partners tab.

And the link is right under our Weber Outfitters, uh, partner logo. Um, that's probably the easiest way cuz you just go to our website and it, it's gonna be in there and you can, you can get, was it seven times? You can enter a lot of times if you, if you follow all the prompts up to seven entries. Yep. Seven entries.

So that's, I mean, Pretty good odds. Better than one entry. Yeah, for sure. Uh, it'll Arizona draw odds. Yeah. Wyoming. But I won that. So this is what you're saying. There's a chance. What's all this one in a million talk, but, um, the, the drawing will be August 12th at the Webber Outfitters try and buy event. Um, if you're anywhere near Hawk Point, Missouri that day, which is right north of Warrenton, easy to get to.

Uh, they're having [00:06:00] a a vent. We will be there. Um, screwing around, having some fun, uh, eating subpar barbecue. No, I'm just kidding. There's probably gonna be some stuff there. It's good. Uh, it'll be live on uh, at five o'clock, which I'm sure will fuck up. Cuz I've never went live a day in my life. I've gone live before.

You have? Yeah. Not at like on our platform, but other, it's easy. Don't worry about that. Good. I'll have you take care of it. Push button. I do that. Push button. Push button, push, push button. Yeah. So, uh, check 'em out. Webber They're awesome. Morel targets. Um, hoping we have something soon to start shooting.

Oh, yeah. I'm hoping it's in the mail. I mean, I have my morel target at home anyways, but Sure. But yeah, so, uh, there's one in particular that's coming to me that I really want to wait until Caden can start shooting that one because it's big. Yeah. Oh, you got the big one, huh? Yeah, I got the, that fifa. Ooh, feta feta, I can't remember.

And it's a, it's a big old square. And, uh, [00:07:00] for Caden, I just prefer, you know, have a little bit of playroom as he's, uh, learning. So that's the worst thing gonna happen. Kill a cat. So, that'd be great actually. Caden, go, go shoot buddy. Yeah. Uh, so check 'em out. Morre targets, uh, now's the time to get going. Uh, Aon optics ridiculously good optics.

Proud of you. Thank you. Ridiculously good price. You said it kind of worse than me at this time. I, I, I disagree with that. I said it slower, but I phonetically said it perfectly. I'm just saying, okay. Uh, by the way, I was right. You didn't listen back to our last show, but you thought your Aries UHD was two by 18.

I said it's three by 18. Oh my lord. I said two and a half, didn't it? And it's three. It is a three by 18. Okay. I win. You lose, you suck. Lon Optics, it's three by 18. It's a great scope, by the way. It's not two and a half by 18 just saying. Okay. Nice. Thank you. Proud you. [00:08:00] Yeah. Midwest Gun works. Yeah, we actually just got done texting Cameron a little bit more.

He's not gonna be able to make it. Yeah. Screw off Cameron. Yeah, it's bullshit. Dick thought we were gonna able kill some puppies, but some coyote. Coyote pulls up Coyote, coyote, puppies. Let's keep, let's keep that. Not shoot puppies. But yeah, no, he was gonna try and make it down for, uh, do some early coyote hunting, but, uh, that's not gonna happen.

So hopefully this fall he'll be able to make it and we can do it then. But, uh, anyways, Midwest gun works. Anything gun related, whether it's gun work, whether it's parts, ammo, ammo, anything. You name it, they got it. Yep. Yep. Check 'em out River's, edge tree stands. I am actually planning on starting to put some stuff together this, this weekend.

Hopefully I got all mine moved into my work area and I'm gonna be doing the same. So Andy's are still sitting in my shop. That sounds accurate. Yeah, that's still there. Andy is a last minute person. You wanna load some of those tonight? I did [00:09:00] some mowing. Nice. I got ready so I can actually get to where they go.

So, you know, to get to where they go, get to where they go, well typically put 'em in a tree. So I mowed my trails so I can Oh, so your skid steer's good to go then, is what you're saying? It's being used, but yeah. Hey, that's all I need to know. It's good to go where the keys at. As soon as you put my stands together, I'll tell you.

Uh, check 'em out. Rivers edge tree stands or rivers Uh, lucky Buck. I just got that done. Um, They're just straight up hammering that right now. Okay. And I need understand why we've actually finally started getting rain. It's time for me to freshen mine back up. Yep. I need to freshen mine up as well.

So we're big fans of it. You should be too. Get some lucky buck. Get some freak factor out there. Yep. Yep. Lucky buck on X Maps. I've been using the shit out of those lately, especially looking at Wyoming. Um, because of, you know what, I don't know when this comes out. It's, [00:10:00] I think it's gonna come out is next Tuesday before the 19th?

Today's the 15th, so it should come out the 22nd. It's, it's coming out the 20th. The 20th. Today's not Tuesday. Nevermind. It's the day after. Well, OnX just had their Father's Day sale, which was 30% off. Um, we've posted about it. Just check it out a little bit or hope you checked. Hope you checked it out.

Hope you checked it out. But if you didn't, we do have a code for 20% off. Use that code MWW 20 uh, black Ovis Camo Fire. I just got done building some arrows on Black Ovis did. So that was cool. Yep. Yeah, I'm gonna be building some love that custom arrow ID builder. Dude, it's, it's sweet ain't it? Easy peasy.

It just done. Yep. And then I'm sitting there like changing all my colors and all that too. Yeah. And then a few days later, uh, they arrive at your door. That's pretty nice. So black Ovis, uh, also all kinds of really cool, you know, base layers, especially Black Ovis branded. They've got, dude, you name it, I mean there's a Coyote decoy I wanna buy.[00:11:00]

There is Turkey decoys. There is a little bit of everything. You know, they're like that online store, like a big box that's online, I guess. Yeah, it's an online store. Cool. And then in Cammo Fire, and by the way, I was just talking to our boy Craig at Cammo or Black Ovis Cammo Fire yesterday. And we were talking about like some marketing strategies and different things and I'm tr Cam Tuesdays.

There you go. And I'm like, dude, I don't know if it. It is bad to say, but whenever I talk about camel fire, I talk about just, I usually when I take my morning shit, he goes, you would be amazed at how many times we hear that. That's what people do in the mornings, is they get on their camel fire while they're doing their business.

Went to take a poop. And I spent $700 most expensive poop I've ever taken. A lot of people realize what they need when they're, you know, shitting. You know what, like that video I put the other day, honey, what are you doing in there? Uh, drug drugs. That was hilarious by the way. One, the few reels [00:12:00] I've like laughed at.

Yeah. For real. And then, uh, reveal cameras. Oh man, dude, their app just got updated. I noticed that. And it's pretty sweet and it's, and it's gonna get better. There is another update coming up in a month or so. I think it, it was, and it's supposed to be even better, but some of the new features, like especially, so I've got three cameras out now.

Mm-hmm. And now it tells you exactly on the picture. The date, time, and what exact camera that one was before you kind of had to zoom in. It was a little harder to figure out like which was which. Um, the galleries are nice. Uh, the account. You can see exactly what plan you have ex you can make your changes.

Um, I would say just like overall, just clean. Yep, super clean, super nice. Um, and you know, it's so easy to like, make changes on your settings to me. Uh, I was able to, I put out a new camera and [00:13:00] set the camera up, let it run for a while, and then I just went in here, made the changes on settings. Mm-hmm. Boom, done.

There you go. Easy as not easy. And I'm gonna be doing that again pretty soon. So, pretty sweet checkout, uh, reveal by tactic cam. You should, uh, definitely have 'em out pretty quickly. I mean, it's end of June. Yeah. I'm not gonna worry about until next month. Well, you should have 'em bought by now. Well, yeah, you should definitely buy 'em.

But I need to get mine out. I'm, I'm usually in July. I have mine out, so I don't know. It's coming quick. So I've been doing July 4th the last few years that week. It's, it's worked out the July 4th for me. I, I might, that's a pretty good week because I got two days off that week too. Yeah, yeah. Got usually got some time off and works out.

Yeah. So it's like a fourth. I usually have mine out by then because I know last year I had that one deer. I had two pictures of all year long. One was July 5th and it was, I mean, he was already pretty full velvet outside his ears really good. And the other was September 5th, so it was [00:14:00] almost, um, however many months that is apart.

But he liked the fifth two. Yeah. You pleased the 50th. Yeah. So, uh, check em out. And I think that's, uh, all of our sponsors. For the show. So, um, let's get into know. It's a pretty long show. Let's get into our show with Adam and Josh with Weber Outfitters. This is the Missouri Woods and Water podcast. It's Bye.

Okay, uh, back with us tonight in part two of our series with Weber Outfitters, Adam Weber and Josh Bick Meyer on the Zoom this time, but hey, [00:15:00] we're here boys. How you guys doing?

Doing pretty good on here. How's you guys? We're alive. You guys are our first double zoom call. Yeah. We've never done a Zoom call with multiple people. Yeah. We'll see how it goes. I'm sure we'll have some type of technical difference. Oh yeah. Seems like we always do. Seems like we always do. How don't you guys get the hype figured out for all three of you to be exactly the same?

That's why I'm ducking. He's leaning Hess, leaning down's leaning forward. And I'm probably all way. He feet all the way up. I'm kinda hump back. Andy's sitting on his butt and Nate's standing.

That's pretty accurate. Pretty accurate. Pretty accurate. Yeah. Well, you know, he's almost a full flip taller. Been shooting your bo anymore at all or No? Had a couple extra phone books. Funny you should say that. Uh, today actually. Uh, me and I was talking to Micah and I'm thinking about switching my site. Oh God.

Uh, whatcha you gonna go to? Uh, well, I, I'm really thinking about the trophy Ridge React Trio Pro. [00:16:00] Even though it's 19 pin size. What? That new red line? The new red line. Yeah, but the torch, you need to look heavy into that one man. What's it do? You would like it. What's it do? It's a sight. Uh, so the new setup that's got on it is the, the coolest thing that red light came out with is it's vertical pins.

And one of the coolest features is, you know how your light, sometimes it just won't turn on right Cause the batteries don't sync or whatever. It's got the USB chargeable battery set up in it and it has an additional battery that you can twist into it. It's the coolest thing cuz you just click it and you're done and you can adjust all your settings from right there.

I don't even think about that sort of stuff anymore right now. Even though that's very cool because in Colorado you can't use artificial light. So like my black gold that I've been shooting for how many years now, it doesn't have any light, it just uses the fiber optics or whatever those are called and I've just kind of gotten over it.

But [00:17:00] um, I'm not going to Colorado this year and I don't know what Wyoming's, that's probably something you need to figure out. Rules are. Yeah. But, and it's like the black gold and it's, cuz it's got the fiber optics that go all the way around the bell housing. Yeah. So it just takes in all the lights, it two pin slider, it's a vertical.

And the way the site tapes are built on it, it has the straight with the metal tapes that we were showing you. Mm-hmm. And then it's also got a secondary option on the wheel itself. So you can have two places to look at. Is that what you got? It's pretty cool. I, no, I got cb. Yeah. Took some, I think they kind of took some things from like the firearms world on that too, because I think, um, spot hog probably mm-hmm.

Maybe did this previous, but you got two different pen sizes. Right. So you got that 19 for everything close and then when you're turning out, you're down there at that 10. You know, uh, when you're shooting fast and close, you want big pin, right? Lots of light, lots of sight, [00:18:00] doesn't really matter. But when you're stretching out there at 80, a hundred yards, you know, with the tack challenge guys, man, and the stuff that's going on out there, like distance is becoming a thing with these bows.

And, um, that smaller pin is super advantageous. You know, if you think about it, the difference between a 19 and a 10 at a hundred yards is you're looking at covering, uh, I think you're covering 12. It's either 10 or 12 inches at a hundred yards. With that 19 and you're looking at a 10 down to, I think it's like, takes it down three inches.

I don't know. The internet will murder me for everything I just said. I think I might be, I think I'm close in there somewhere. So your ballpark, and that's an engineer somewhere will tell me that I'm actually wrong, but it's cool. I love you still. That's, that's mostly the reason I've never gotten that Trio Pro is for whatever freaking reason, trophy Ridge doesn't make that site and any 10 pin offerings.

And we even talked to, we even talked to, to them, one of the, one of the engineers from Trophy Ridge about it. They're like, yeah, they'll never [00:19:00] do it. And we're like, why screw you. Makes no sense. Um, but like besides that, I don't think Bear's known for, I mean, bear owns Trophy Ridge, right? I don't think they're known for really speed bows.

Like bear is the hunting man's bear. Is the hunting, the hunting man's bow. Right? And they're, I don't know that they're known for speed. I mean, I'm, I, Josh, you could correct me if I'm wrong, but like, I mean, they're, they're not, I'm not saying they're slow, but like, you're not getting, you're not getting the same thing.

You're getting outta some of the others that are on the, the market right now. Well, and I mean, but that's never been their push. I don't think they have a, uh, it's a React tree or it's a React five Pro. It's a five pin and it, it came in 10 pin one of the offerings back then, and I had that site before.

I've had my black gold. I love that thing. Uh, for several years I switched to the black gold for several reasons. One being having the Dovetail option, which I've moved that site exactly zero times after getting it set ever. So it's just kind of funny. You have that option and you don't really do anything with it.

But, um, [00:20:00] we're, we're kinda getting ahead of ourselves anyway. So let's, let's back up. Let's over that here a little bit. Let's start, I'll tell you the beginning. So when we're, when we're getting. We've just purchased the bow. We've shot all the different bows. We tried just like the three of us, we shot all these different bows.

Nate chose the elite era, Micah with the elite Omnia, and Andy went with the Bowtech, SS 34. Uh mm-hmm. And that part's over with. Now we've picked our bow. Now it's time to set a bow up, especially for, you know, a guy or gal who has never bought a bow, uh, from a shop before, or someone kinda like me who hasn't bought a bow.

Actually, you know what, that was the first bow I've ever purchased from a shop. I just thought of that. Look at you and your big boy pants. The reflex, the reflex came from Grant. Did you wear a belt? The assassin, Jerry, the re the assassin came from Russell. So I've actually never purchased, I've never walked out of a, a bow shop [00:21:00] with a bow before.

Damn Nate. So Nate, what's it feel like to be a real boy? A big boy now? Kind of weird because I still go and look at my assassin in the basement every day and tell 'em I love him still. So, I don't know. I'm sure you do. It's probably like a shadow box or something like that. I mean, that's part of the reason I thought about the the different site is because I'm like, well, I could put that black gold back on the bowtech and like have a second bow just in case.

That's what I would do if I was you. Honestly, I would totally do that hundred times. I mean, he's gonna put everything back on the assassin and he start shooting the assassin, gonna start shooting. You guys are gonna see me right this entire time. You guys are gonna see me at the bow shooting. Adam's like, why the hell is your era in the case?

Um, no, I, it's not gonna be, I really enjoy it. I've shot it a handful of times. I still haven't got anything cited in yet, but it's been enjoyable. Okay, so you've bought the bow. Now we need to worry about setup, right? I mean, there's a lot. Yeah, it goes on. You know, you can get a person set up [00:22:00] at, let's say 65 pounds, 28 inch draw length or whatever they are, and they can try the different bows and they go, okay, I like this one.

Let's do this one. Now we have more work to do, though it's not, that's not the end for them. Um, because there's all kinds of stuff that goes into getting a bow, what do you call it? Hunting. Ready? Tuned, shooting. Ready, tuned. Yes. Field ready. Ready to hunt. Ready to go? Yeah. So, uh, Josh or Adam, just talk about some of the first things you start doing.

Once we've, we've made the purchase or we said we're going with this one. Where, where do we go from there? So the first thing I usually start out with is figuring out the exact drawing. So all the new bows Nowadays you can get down, some of 'em go to quarter inch specs, like without even adding cable turn, cable twist, or anything like that.

It all comes down to. The modules. The modules are the biggest thing. And [00:23:00] then as we showed you guys with Elite especially, they offer three different kinds. They have the performance, they have the smooth, they have, um, the 75%. So it's just whatever fits you the best. So when it comes down to that and make sure the D loop's good, that's the very most important thing is make sure that bow fits you properly.

Because if it doesn't trust me, I shot a bow. You can ask Adam. I shot a bow that was inch and a half too short for me for four or five years. But I love that bow. I got used to the way it shot. So that's the first thing. I want to make sure that the dry length is exactly where it needs to be. And then after that it comes down to what rescue do you wanna run?

Do you wanna run a whistle? Hey, let's talk about that for a second. Sorry. Hold on. No, you're good. Let's reverb that back just for a second. So, because Josh, I think we've seen a lot of people coming into the shop that have never seen this technology that we're talking about. Like Yeah. And it's like voodoo.

So aside from [00:24:00] Prime, Hoyt and Matthews, okay. Yeah. Every other brand has figured out how to put a bow out that you can adjust in a adult span of drawings. You know, aside from, I know, unless you're Andy and you've got, you know, like a 32 inch draw, um, you know, or something like that, and you're left-handed.

But basically you're gonna get that spectrum right? So Matthews is still stuck in this ahad for every half an inch in whatever it is. Oy has maybe stepped up to the game a little bit here with the. Two mods. So you got two mods, so you got either a long or a short mod. Right. Um, for length of adjustment.

But let's talk about kind of how easy it is to fine tune that with some of these other brands. And I'm not, I'm not bagging on anybody else, uh, as far as that, but I'm just saying that's a huge deal because how many customers have we had that come in and they're like, well, I'm a 29 inch, they [00:25:00] pick a 29 inch bow, and then they find out, they start shooting a little bit and they're like, I need 28 and a half.

I need 29 and a half, whatever that is. So, uh, talk just a little bit about some of that that we're seeing, you know, bear Bowtech Yeah. Um, P S E and Elite, um, you know, and some of the stuff that they're doing to help the consumer not have to worry about spending 60 bucks on an extra set of mods to get it to fit or something like that.

So talk about that for just a second. So with Elite and Bear and all, and the guys that Adam just mentioned, their MOD system goes from. Like 22 inches all the way to 30 to 31 inches. Like it's all in one mod. Just one. That's all you need. You don't even need a bow press to adjust these bows anymore on some of the bows.

Now granted, some of the bows, like the bigger name brands, you do need a bow press because you have to switch a bunch of stuff out. Um, it honestly just comes down to personal feel and it just, it makes it a lot better transition for the customer and for the [00:26:00] bowtech as well because you're getting 'em in getting 'em faster and it works out good.

We have this book called, we call it the Bible. That's what me and Blaine call it. It's the Bowtech Bible. It has all the bows that we carry and all the spreadsheets that we need, and it works out great cuz if, uh, some of 'em go from A to D, some of 'em are one through 10 and one is not always the same as what 10 is, and it just goes back and forth, back and forth.

So sometimes it get confusing, especially. Whenever you guys were there and there was three of you were trying to set up and do all these different things and Right. Just make sure each boat was set up right. And the beauty of the modern bow is, okay, you guys got, uh, you guys all got bows that didn't require like a specific mod.

So let's say that, you know, in two years you guys find something you're in love with, that you want to upgrade. I know, Nate, that that's a foreign concept to you. But it is, um, you know, uh, you find something you wanna upgrade to, or maybe you got a 15 or 16 year old in the house and you're like, Hey, I'm getting a new bow and my [00:27:00] kid can pull, you know, 60 pounds.

Most of the time you have a 10 pound adjustment. So if you get 70 pound limbs, that'll go to 60. 60 down to 50. You know, you kinda get the picture there. You gotta hand your bow down there, but now you've got a bow that you don't have to try to find. That's so like, let's say it's three or four years old, you're not out on eBay trying to find mods.

Yeah. To figure out to get your kids set up, or your brother or your cousin, or, you know, whatever it may be. Um, you're not, you're able, I mean once you buy that, you can basically set it up for anybody in your family that you want to Right. And help them get started. I think that's a huge value add to where the technology has gone in the archery world, you know, and kudos to the BO companies for figuring that out.

And the ones that haven't really should step up to the plate. And it's consumer fam friendly as well because you don't gotta buy new strings every single time you adjust like you used to back in the day or, yeah. It makes a world of difference. And they're like, oh, you can do that. I'm like, yeah, gimme like two minutes and I'll adjust this real quick and boom.

Done. One thing I found, so after you've Good. [00:28:00] I was gonna say one thing I found interesting, and I think it was Bowtech, Josh was telling me about it. Why do some of them, like you were saying, use A, B, C, D. Different numbers, different letters, but like, isn't it Bowtech that just straight up says 25, 26, straight up 27?

Yes. Why do they make it, like, why it's not, not that it matters, but it just seems like it's so much more straightforward to have, this is 26 inches, this is 27. Um, yeah. Is it just because there's less lettering they have to put on it or, I mean, I, I, to me, like bot, I can answer that in one que. I can answer that in one word.

What are you ready? Engineers, they like to make everything. Have you ever met an engineer that wanted you to be able to do something simply, I mean, come on now. No, I'm just kidding. Facts. I love facts. Much love to all the engineers. A biotech engineer, apparently. Common sense voice. But like, so if you get the ERA and the Omnia, which, so Micah has the Omnia, Nate has the era.

Mm-hmm. [00:29:00] And number one is not the same for both of those. So you, you gotta remember that stuff, which is why I have the Bible, which makes the Bible makes life easier. Yeah, the Bowtech Bible. If you only have to know your bow because that's what you buy, then that, I mean, that's, yeah, it's easier to do now.

I would forget every time and have to look it up, which is fine. But, um, you know, that's important. Draw length is probably the most important, honestly, because, um, I mean you can really develop some bad habits. Like Josh, you were saying for several years you were shooting an inch and a half too short. I was actually shooting two inches too long and didn't notice it when I first got my assassin.

Um, yeah, the, uh, the stop screw on those is a pretty poor design back then. And it had loosened up and I didn't realize it, but every time I was shooting, I was just going a little further back and what, two months later, I didn't even realize that I was just, just stretched way out, stretched at 29 inches.

Um, That's what she said. That makes you a, your shot's gonna get worse. And I, and all of a [00:30:00] sudden I was shooting worse. I couldn't figure out what I was doing wrong. Ended up taking it to somebody Yeah. And figuring out, yeah, your draw is 29 inches, dude, that's probably half your problem. You know, and it's just, and when you see something, it, when something only happens a little tiny bit at a time, over a, a period of time, before you know it, you're totally different.

And you don't even realize how, how much you've changed over the past two months. So. Correct. And another thing that goes, sorry Adam. No, that's fine. Uh, you know, I think that, Understanding drawings, being able to adjust, being able to adjust to, you know, and get those fitted into you. Super important, super important for consistency.

You know, bows are not guns. This isn't a cited in hand to anybody that wants to shoot it and it's gonna hit where it goes, right? It's very personal. Uh, and it needs to be set up to you personally and properly. And you know that drawing length is super important. Um, how you hit the peaks and the valleys of the draw.

Um, you know how that, how that feels when you're drawing. If it's too long, too [00:31:00] short, uh, it all matters. So, yep, definitely. So what's next? Once you get the draw length where it needs to be, what's the next step? Where is Josh going next? So with, when it comes to the draw length and the next step is what release are you shooting?

Because that does make a difference. It's gonna make a huge difference cuz I shoot a thumb release currently and if I go from a thumb release to a, uh, index finger, It is actually like a half inch shorter. So that is the next biggest thing. The release is gonna make and break a lot of things as well. Now there's always arguments out there, which one's better?

It's whatever your personal preference is. I have reasons why I shoot a thumb and I'm way more accurate shooting a thumb release because I take out a lot of the um, second guessing, like there's no play. I know if I missed the shot it's because it's my fault a hundred percent my fault, not because my hand was twisted weird or the yoke was spun around differently or something like that.

And then when it comes from there, once I get that lined [00:32:00] up, we start working into what kind of site are you gonna run because your site is gonna be based off of a peep size, cuz each bell like, um, the spot hogs, they're massive, huge big window. So that's gonna determine what peep size you're gonna have, where you guys CBEs.

And I think the black gold too is smaller. About the same size. Yeah. Yeah, about inch and a half, roughly. Yeah. And, and so Go ahead. I was just gonna say, going back to the, um, the release, I mean, even if you're a brand new hunter, you probably have an idea of what you feel most comfortable with. Um, correct.

Uh, I would say especially 20 years ago, even further, you know, you're, you're now you're seeing guys hunt with thumb releases and hunt with even tension or back tension, uh, releases. Oh, yeah, yeah. Before that was mostly like, you know, just your competition shooters, but your, all your hunters were slapping, you know, slapping the trigger.

Oh, [00:33:00] yeah. There's still a lot of people, you know, using index finger releases. Me and Andy both do, correct. Micah, you're, I'm an index. He's the one that I thought you were switching. No, he's the I'm back and forth. Yeah. Andy's been back and forth. He hasn't made up his, his mind yet. Both releases when he was here.

Yeah. Were you really? Uh, so I wanna go back to something now that I'm thinking about. Yeah. What's the rule of thumb? So like right now I'm using the index. If I switch to a thumb, is that gonna make it where my draw seems longer or shorter? Shorter. Shorter. It's, it's gonna feed, feel like it's gonna be a little bit shorter.

Okay. Yeah, that makes sense. I didn't think about that. That makes sense. So whenever you pull the bow back No, it's gonna be longer. Yeah. Cause the way I'm thinking about it, because, so whenever you have a thumb release, the little yoke system that's on there and like where your hook is at, or whatever style you have, doesn't matter.

It's only like an inch and a half, right. And where your release comes back with the index, it's way back here and you're like reaching out. [00:34:00] So you've got a good solid three inches coming up. So it's gonna be make your drawing length a little bit longer. So not shorter. My bad. Yeah. Um, so that's where it's gonna kind of come into play and.

Another thing that comes into it, whenever I'm thinking about this kind of stuff, whenever it comes to a dry length, like if, so if someone walks in like, Hey, I'm 29 inches. I'm like, okay, what release do you shoot? And then if I see something that like, cuz a lot of people bring, they want the peep site up, up to their eyeball.

I've noticed this a lot. I don't know why, but it's, they think it needs to be right there. And it, it's, it's more for lining up your scope housing and everything like that with the site. You gotta think of it like a scope. You have two pieces and you want those to line up perfectly, but they bring it way back here and they can't, like, they're pushing on the string, it's not shooting straight.

They get all fed up and mad and I'm like, Hey, just tip the nose, tip the, whatever you gotta do, just bring that bow to the tip of your nose and let [00:35:00] it just barely hit there. And that's why uh, Beau Mar has that nose button. Yeah. With a whole bunch of spikes on it. So you always have the same exact thing because what's the biggest thing in hunting bow hunting?

Uh, accuracy and repetition constantly the same exact thing every single time, because if you do the same thing every single time, your shots are gonna show it. If you torque it just a little bit, we'll cover that here in a little while. Mm-hmm. You're gonna notice it and you can even feel it. Me and Blaine were shooting tonight.

He wanted to get his 60 yard set up, and I was like, all right, let's go. And he was like, wow, I missed that. I'm like, yeah, you twerked your bow. I was watching you. And he goes, I felt it in my hand. I'm like, that's the, that's just one of the things that you gotta look out for. Yeah. And you should be nothing different.

No. In your shot, how you shoot, what you think about, and your site prep and where your site hold is between. 10 yards and a hundred yards, it's the same process. You're just pointing it a little higher at a longer [00:36:00] distance, and most people freak out and that's when they over torque. You are going to tend to over torque the further or the more difficult the shot is because you're intently trying to get that done and you see it all the time.

Yeah, yeah. And so, I mean, you know, they, six of one half dozen the other, I'm sure you have a lot of new hunters that say, Hey, I want to get a new a release while I'm here. Um, some come in and they, this is my release. I've been using this for 10 years. I wanna keep using this. Great. Get our peep set up, um, for, for you guys at least at, in your shop.

Then once you kind of are there, I guess, you know, if they're happy with the bow, then they either say, Hey, let's, let's just keep it at the poundage that you had it at. So, um, yeah, you know, 70 or 65, 60, whatever, and then. We're going over to the paper tune and checking our, our tune, which we'll get to this, especially on my bow, my bow paper tuned really well.

But then when we went [00:37:00] to site in at 20 yards, we had issues. Yep. Um, which is to me, one of the great things about at least having a range at the shop that you can cite in that 20 yard pin, which not every bow shop has that opportunity, that ability. And that kind of sucks because you walk outta there. If in my case you would walk outta there with a bow, get home and be like, this freaking thing doesn't, I can't even cite the damn thing in.

It's going this way and this way. I don't know what's going on. Yeah. So, um, anyway, we get that done and then we go over to paper tune and what are you looking for there and, and explain why paper tuning is important. So whenever it comes down to paper tuning, um, It, a lot of it depends on what kind of rest you wanna run.

So, uh, we have the main three whisker biscuit drop away from the cable and then limb driven. And the whisker biscuits are great. I, there's nothing wrong with those starting out. They're a great tool to start out with. They're a pain in the butt to tune, like straight [00:38:00] up because it's, it's never consistent, not one thing.

It's ever consistent going on with the whisk biscuit. And then with the drop away rest, what I'm looking for is, so I start them off at, uh, roughly, I don't know, 10, 20 foot away from the paper. And what I'm looking for is how that arrow is coming out of the bow immediately. I wanna make sure that it is going perfectly straight and I'm looking for a bullet hole, which is, you have the fletching and then you have a perfect circle in the middle.

And if, if it's not that, I know that there's something going on with either. The rest or the dlo is not in the correct spot and he just go up just a touch. It just depends on the shooter and the bow. And a lot of this I can pull out with, the rest I can work with or I can adjust some cables. Depends if you have yokes or anything like that, I can kind of move some stuff around.

But the biggest thing, and one of the things that, well, you're talking about Nate, is [00:39:00] how when you were shooting your bow, yeah. You were getting great, great bullet holes. No problem. Then we went to the 20 and we're like, Hey, we're outta adjustment. I'm like, what do you mean? Like we're out of adjustment.

Well, that I was like, well, let me see it. And then I kind of looked at him like, oh, okay. So every single bow has the sweet spot. So bows flex. Whenever you pull a bow bag, it's gonna flex just a little bitty bit because it's got so much tension, especially nowadays with all these bows that are shooting on Godly speeds, like ridiculous speeds.

And Oh, so when it comes that, for some of you,

uh, darts and spears, when it comes down to that, darts and spears, the biggest thing, go ahead. What you got? Oh, I wanna hear that he said darts and spears. Because it's funny you say that cuz I krono mine when, when I got home and I don't even wanna talk about what it throwing it at. No. What were you getting at two?

What do you got? 2 53. 2 53? Yeah. [00:40:00] 2 53 or 60 pounds. Pounds though. At 65. 65 pounds. Yep. That's not, oh, you at 65? Yeah. It's not bad actually. What's your arrow weight for? Uh, 4 24. So that's where it's coming in at right there? Yeah. Yep. I think 4 24. And you could get it, you could get that changed around if you wanted to, but to be honest with you, you got enough kinetic probably at that point, point.

It doesn't matter. Yeah, at 2 53, I mean, you should be pretty good there. I'm using, uh, which we're getting ahead of ourselves again, but I'm, I'm gonna use a, a really solid cut on contact Broadhead, and that's gonna be my plan of action is cut as quick as possible because I'm not running as fast or heavy as guys.

Like, you know, Andy, even though we shoot the same arrows, his arrow is how many full length, you know, I mean, full length arrows. This arrows six foot longer than horse. So you're talking about what, eight grains per inch, I think is our arrow or something like that. See, I'm actually, so I'm actually a spine.

You're a spine. Spine, you're two 50. Yeah, I'm a two 50 spine, so, so you're even heavier. I'm heavier than you. Yeah. I'm, I'm [00:41:00] shooting five. He's probably 10.1 to 10.2 grains per inch. Yeah. Yeah. I'm five 30. Yo. Are you gonna scream at the deer? I got the cut on contact before you shoot him or what? I don't know.

Like, I think you should try that instead of the old, you know, like tree fart noise. Mm-hmm. Yeah. You should totally do that. Right. Cut on contact guy. I don't know what I'm gonna do. Sorry. I just ordered, uh, three more of those $120 broadheads yesterday. Nice. So that's your own fault. That's what I'm going with anyway.

Word. Did Pocahontas herself sign them? I don't know. They're good Iron. Iron wheels. Pretty proud of their stuff. They are. I was gonna say, it sounds like you're shooting iron wheels. They are. That's pretty positive what that one's gonna be. Yep. They're not the only super expensive one, but they might be the most expensive.

I don't know about that for sure, but they're definitely make sure when you're shooting those bevels you get the right bevel for your bow. Yeah. There's different ones when it comes to tuning. Yep. [00:42:00] Yeah, there's there's different setups. Yeah. I don't, I'm not in the single bevel. World yet. But anyway, we're getting ahead of ourselves, but, okay, so we we're doing our paper tuning, so when it comes down to paper tuning, all right.

That like what you had, you like, like, oh, bullet hole. All right, cool. Well, I didn't, I was probably working with one other guys. One shot. Yeah. Yeah. It was perfect. And I was, I was probably working with one of the other guys and I was like, okay, that's bullet hole. Cool. So my mind's going a thousand miles per hour just to make sure everybody else is like, you're done.

See you later. Bye. Next person, let's go. And then all of a sudden I hear you guys talking. I'm like, oh, okay. He's out of adjustment. So we came back over and explain what that means out of adjustment. Oh, so you're, so you were shooting your boat and it was going, I wanna say it was going to the left. Yep.

And we couldn't go any further left. So we tried to shim it, bring it back the other direction a little bit, then try to go back the other way. And we couldn't get nothing to work for us. [00:43:00] And that's when something actually hit me in the head. I'm like, I was like, I bet his center shot is not correct and center shot is a very big thing.

It's uh, so not only, only up and down but left and right. So you guys got the elite Qds, right? Yeah. Mm-hmm. And it's only got like the three adjustment indicators on it? Correct. Okay. And then with a regular Q A D, it has like a full row, like a whole inch of adjustment. Yep. So what I've noticed with the elite Qds is that they come made specifically for Elite of course, cuz it has a fancy little sticker on it and they're already set up ready to rock and roll sometimes all you gotta do is move the prongs.

There's three holes and there's two holes for the proms. Just move 'em over, just one slot. Done. See you later. Bye. And I think that's what we did for Micah's Bow cuz his bow was clean. Done the fastest bow I've ever set up. Probably. Besides my own. Congratulations. Yeah. I'm [00:44:00] quick like that. That's, and the one thing that we do,

the one thing thing solid burn on yourself, I dunno Yeah. With Nate was that I got to look and I, I stood behind you and I'm like, like dude, you are twerking the heck outta your, but you were torquing your bow so hard you were shooting a bullet hole. So I went to like all my time working with Elite and I've shot Elite for a lot of years and talking with um, name drop right here.

But Nathan Brooks and he's showed me so much. He's a great guy. He is one of my rep, he's my rep for it. And he was telling me one day about, there's Elite Center shot is 1316. So the old thing is, is that you set your bow up and you look down it. From like bird's eye view and you wanna see it go straight through, like the arrow has to be lined up perfectly.

Well, not always. That's not, that's old school. That's not always the case anymore. Anymore back in the day, maybe. But nowadays, no, not with the bows that are getting smaller, they're getting [00:45:00] faster. And especially whenever you start getting up to that 70 pound, let's hope for you, Nate. Probably not. Well you talking about their flexion, right?

And so it gets down to that. I went back, I'm like, okay, well I'm gonna move this cuz I think it was at, I want to say like 15, 16 to an inch. And I was like, oh, okay. So I just brought it back just a little bit and I looked at you. I'm like, I want you to go to full draw. And while you're at full draw, just glance up at your top cam, tell me what that string is doing coming off of there.

Because that's gonna dictate a lot because all that kinetic energy, all that momentum going forward, it's gonna push whichever way it needs to go. Mm-hmm. That, that's a big thing that a lot of people don't realize. And I didn't really realize it either. I never paid attention to it until Adam told me about it one day and I was like, well, son of a gun.

All right. So you'll see me doing it if I notice that my shots aren't right and I don't know what's going on with my grip, if I change one little thing up with the grip, I'm like, oh, okay. So I'm just t torquing it [00:46:00] and, or I'm going the other way. So I just loosen my grip up and that's, that's another big thing I look at is after the draw length is the grip.

Because I learn a lot about a shooter when I'm bow tuning, I learn so much. That's where I figure out if the peep is good, if they're hitting their nose, cuz I'm on their, their left side so I can kind of see all the mechanics of the bow and making sure that's actually I'm timing the bow at the same time for the draw stops.

And I'm kind of playing with it and I want to tweak something cuz I kind of have ooc D when it comes to this because I, I want every bow set up to where I'm happy with it because I want my bow to be perfect. So I want your bow to be perfect too. And my bow, I mean, I went down and dirty with it. I got really crazy.

I was like, well, what are you doing? I'm like, just leave me alone. This is my thing. I my bow, I wanna do something to it. But, and with your grip, what we tell you, we told you to line your fingers up, like straight up and down, right? Mm-hmm. Yep. And essentially, and it actually took me a [00:47:00] second to figure out what you were asking me to do on looking at my string.

And then as soon as I noticed it, that's when it, it was like, oh. And you know, you see that cable coming a around the cam? Mm-hmm. And I think mine was diving like to my left, it was diving like down to Yeah. Your right side. So maybe it was the other way around. Yeah. I can't remember but. And then you're like, oh, I get it.

And then if you just kind of like, you know, take your, you know, your lead hand or in my case my left hand and just kind of like, do, you can see the, yeah, the, you know, cable move up and down or side to side. It, it's not a lot. No, it's very, it's very small. It's not mostly, yeah. Yeah. But, but that very little bit makes a huge difference.

Cuz you gotta think like that little bit, like an eighth inch over like two and a half foot. That's a lot of, that's a lot. Yeah. And one thing I noticed was, so yeah, you guys talked about, you know, my fingers, and this might be true of a lot of people when they're buying a new bow, you're, you're now shooting a bow.

Like for me that's totally [00:48:00] different than any, than what you were shooting before for years. Yeah. I was shooting the same boat for years and years and years. So I got comfortable the way it shot. I got comfortable the way I held it. And now you're holding something that's, I mean, for all intents and purposes, foreign to you.

Right. It's, it's brand new. It's, you've never shot it before. Um, you know, and so I think sometimes, especially for me, I think I was just doing everything I think I could to even pull the thing back at 70 pounds, uh, with a new different bow, especially compared to an assassin to these new bows with big cams.

Um, it was difficult for me and I was doing a lot of things that I didn't, I guess, typically do. So Adam, Adam pulls me to the side and he starts talking about, uh, actually he got his bow out and shot it, and we were kind of talking about how he does it. And, you know, you just line, line your hand up, just touch those fingers, uh, to the riser and if you are torquing [00:49:00] your bow, just a small amount of pressure can really change the way that everything is moving.

And he even had me pull it back and then torque it on purpose and then just put some pressure on that top finger and see what it does. And it just brings it right back to where to where it's supposed to be. So that's another nice part is you go, you go in, um, paper tune, then you go to site in and then you run into problems.

Like I ran into which Yeah, which were multitude of things. It was torquing and it was also, it wasn't a mattered if I stopped torquing cuz I was still hitting left and didn't have any more adjustment to the left. Right. As soon as you made that quick change to my rest, which was just what, one slot over, I'm pretty sure.

Yeah. It went from the left slot to the, the center slot I believe. I'd have to go look at it, but I'm pretty sure that's what you did and you changed the, the, the v of the rest, very first shot. And I'm, I mean all of everybody, everybody was watching it by that point. Yeah. Cause we were trying to figure it out.

First shot I [00:50:00] take, boom, I hit six inches Right. To what I was aiming at and we are all like, yeah. Figured it out. Um, so we got room to play now we got room. Um, so that's one nice thing about. And I, I'm guessing you do this, everybody is, you're citing that that bow in at least at 20 yards. Yeah. So that we know we got a good baseline.

Now we can go from here. And that, that's, that's one thing I look for is like, whenever it comes to the, the site aspect, I mean there, there, there's a lot that goes into sites don't, there is a lot. And making sure you pick out the right side and like I was talking about with Peep earlier, so peep is a very big thing.

And then a, a lot of this stuff is all happening, like this all happens way, way, way before you even crack that first shot at 20. Like, I don't care about the shot at 20 yards yet. I just wanna know, like, pick out all your stuff you want and then let's put it on the bow and let's make sure everything's working with you and the bow and all that good stuff like that.

And we didn't ha I didn't have time to do it with you guys and I didn't [00:51:00] get that far and I wish I did, but I wanted to go back further and go back further and further and further when we're paper tuning because just because you have it coming out perfect right then and there doesn't mean a whole lot at 20 yards.

So that just tells me what's coming, like out of the bow. So I'm looking for deflection from the arrow, making sure that everything's timed in perfectly. Cuz with the drop away rest, I mean timing is everything. Making sure nothing's hitting, making sure your cables are outta the way because all the new bows, every, every brand, every single brand is so much adjustability in not only poundage draw length, but for tuning purposes.

Like everyone is starting to, um, the bow tech, they have the deadlock system. That system freaking awesome. That is the coolest system because once you get your center shop figured out and like put the levels on it and all this stuff like that. And cuz that's another big thing is just making sure everything is level [00:52:00] and well, once you get to that point in time, then you start paper tuning, well, you don't necessarily need to move the rest or anything like that anymore.

And if you are, if you as a shooter are shooting, like you should, like, everything's working out good. And you consistently keep getting like a left tear. So with, well who is it? See, Bowtech. Oh, there's so many, like almost all of them. They have adjustability where I can move your cams just by turning the Allen head.

And Elite is elite set up differently, but with Bowtech it's on the cams. With Elite, it's in the, um, the limb pockets. So the limbs will rotate like this for your tears. And with Bowtech, the cams just move back and forth. And sometimes they come outta sync. I mean at the factory, what do they do? They slap it together, get it outta there as fast as they can, right?

They don't go through all the process. They make sure it's not gonna blow up on you and all that good stuff. But whenever it comes to, [00:53:00] so with Andy's bow tech, the very first thing I do when that boat comes in is I make sure that I take two arrows with points on 'em, put 'em on the flat spot of the cam, and this is like a pro tip.

Put 'em on the flat spot of the cam, loosen up my deadlock system and I want those to touch perfectly in the center. If one's off and the other one's off, that means they're out. They're out of tilt, right? You wanna touch tips? You wanna touch tips? Dam it, touch you. Beat me to it. I was waiting was like somebody's not.

I was, I was trying to let him finish his, uh, thought. And you just, you, I knew you were, I saw mic's face. He was like, oh, he touch the tips. But it, it's stuff like that, that makes a huge difference. And no, like my guys knowing that, oh, this, this bow, I can adjust like this. So prior to you even touching the bow, we go through them all just to make sure everything is where it needs to be.

All the draw stops are where they need to be because there's a lot of 'em. You want that, uh, like you were [00:54:00] talking with the psc it, last week it came in, it was like boom, it was there. Mm-hmm. Done. And I mean, some bows are sponge year, but all of that goes into effect of what we're thinking about and how you're drawing the bow.

And even when it comes to poundage, if you're sitting there fighting it, kinda like Nate was like, he was like, oh, can't quite get it. And then it broke over finally. So we turned them down to where it's comfortable for you. And so all that comes into play. Like it, there's a lot really going on inside of our heads and we have to think about, but whenever it comes down to, uh, elites, they have probably one of the coolest systems.

I've have not seen this before and it was awesome. Bowtech might have had this way back in the day, but they got rid of it and went to this deadlock system. But you can literally, it's called set technology. You can move the limb pockets left and right. And they have like on the dial says, for left tear go this way.

Right. Tear go this way. I'm like, [00:55:00] I noticed that. Oh, super easy. It's not a lot either. It's, it's kinda like the string off the cam. It's very, very minute. All your adjustments are very, when they say micro, they're not joking. It's not like quarter m o a it's, it's my like, just a crack just done. And one of the things that I've noticed a lot of times with people is that they shoot open handed.

Like I see it all the time. And so whenever, yes, just like that. Whenever you shoot open handed, if you like go out there and try it, you don't think you're doing it, but your brain's like, Hey, you're gonna drop this really expensive toy you just bought. And so you, every single time you'll grab that bow and you'll drop your shot nine times outta 10.

Guarantee it. I've, I've had people come in, like, some of our regulars that you saw come in. Mm-hmm. I've sh like, I don't, this thing is just not working out and I'm like, dude, close your hand up. Don't death grip it, but just, you know, close it up like, cuz you're like, well I'm not doing that. I'm like, yeah you are.

So I, [00:56:00] I'll videotape him. I'm like, see right there. Boom. Dropped it. And that's just one of the things that comes in the paper tuning cuz um, one of our guys was really bad about it. He's like, this thing does not tune. It's a piece of junk. Blah, blah, blah. I took the bow from him, shot it perfect bow hole instantly.

He goes, how'd you do that? And that's kinda where I got into it. And I don't like doing that to customers. I, I feel like an ass like, Hey, you're doing this wrong. Like, I hate that persona. Come to Weber, Josh will call you a dumb shit. Yeah. And I don't wanna be that guy. No, but I mean, it's, it's all to help because it's hard sometimes.

I mean, think about it for a second though. I mean, and it's funny, but think about it for a second. Somebody's dad probably taught him a bad habit. Yeah, right? Like, and when you tell 'em like, oh, you shouldn't do this, like most of their life, it was reinforced in their head, like, you know, do this. So, you know, there's a fine [00:57:00] line.

And let's be honest, uh, a lot of, a lot of folks in this world are, uh, set in their ways. Uh, you know, you got the old school, you got the new school, um, you know, and you gotta be careful. Like there's a fine line sometimes of like, um, you really gotta let them figure out that it is them and not the equipment on their own or they get really, you know, um, unsought for advice is seldom heated and often resented, I think is the way the quote goes, you know, and so sounded deep, whatever it was.

It be a challenge sometimes. Yeah, yeah, I know, right? Some and sometimes, you know, bad habits work for people. I mean, yeah, absolutely. I know a really good archer, um, who has said to me before that like, there's some really good people that shoot that slap their triggers, but they just know exactly what they're doing and they don't give a shit if they're doing it wrong because it works for them.

Absolute. And they're really good shooters. Absolutely. I mean, so the amateur practices, until he gets it right to professional practices, until he can't get it wrong and you know, you can do something a different way and [00:58:00] do it perfectly and execute it just fine for you, you know? Right, right. Um, but yeah, no, it's, uh, it's a challenge some days, that's for sure.

And I, I'm a prime example of that. I am what you consider a command shooter. Like I know when my release is gonna go off a hundred percent of the time. I always do. And so like, I don't pull through my shot like you should. I try to do it, and if I try to do it, it's just a mess. So I'm just like, like, I'll do it a little bit, I guess.

I don't know. But I, I know exactly when my release is gonna go off, but I try teaching people the other way of, Hey, you guys need to do it like this. Like this is the way it needs to go. Try it like this. But I mean, it's one of those things where I've had people like, yo, you shoot the dang thing. I'm like, okay.

Then I shoot it and I shoot a bullet hole and they're like, how'd you do that? I'm like, well, you see here? Try it like this, and they go, oh. Then they start doing it and then they're happy. At first they pissed because their $2,000 bow is not doing what it needs to do. Then they [00:59:00] realize, oh, it is me. Okay, now Adam lost out on billable sales.

That's all right. I mean, a ferrario go fast, but if you don't have to shift the gears, what's the point? You know, so, right. Oh God, that would sound so horrible. Yes. Can you imagine like grinding gears on a Ferrari, just all that money going away. I would never, never be driving one. You can own a Ferrari. You can afford the extra gears.

That's true. That's true. Right. Um, so that's a, you know, important step in the process of, you know, setting up the bow, at least for the three of us was after the paper tuning and shooting at 20. You know, get, you know, obviously before all that we kind of jumped the gun, but yeah, you got, you installed the, our, uh, quivers, our stabilizers, whatever, you know, we picked for all that.

All those were put onto the bow, which just makes it easier for the customer. I mean, it doesn't need to be done. I mean, I could have gone home and done the stabilizers and quivers and all that and I'm sure if you're super [01:00:00] busy, maybe those go home with the person. But you know, it's just nice that the person walks out and they don't have to go home and then add other things to it cuz it's all there.

Um, yeah, but you want a paper to your bow, how you're gonna shoot it. If you're gonna shoot a quiver on in the tree, I want that quiver on. Y hell, if you're gonna go on a stock hunt, maybe you normally take the quiver off in a tree and you know you're gonna go on a stock hunt, you know, or you're gonna be on the ground, you're gonna have that quiver on the bow paper tune, or at least check yourself with all of that gear on because it makes a difference.

It makes a difference in how the bow performs. And I think where I learned that the most is in the competitive shooting world of archery because, um, you know, I'd shot Bose for a long time, had never shot any kind of com comp, competitive archery whatsoever. And when you're shooting a arrow at a dime at 20 yards, it looks really freaking easy when these guys do it in Vegas.

And my God, that is a [01:01:00] challenge. Um, you want to talk about getting humbled, um, that will humble you. Um, but when you start watching these guys how they continuously, you know, you think a 10 end match is 30 arrows. And you're like, oh, 30 arrows. Like that's not a big deal. It's a lot, but you're shooting 30 arrows at a dime and you need, the only way you're going to go, like look at Vegas and Josh, correct me if I'm wrong, but didn't the final round in Vegas, in order to get to the final day, you had to shoot nine hundreds.

Yes. You had to have a 900 A perfect, you had to be perfect for an entire week. So think about that. Not one, nine. Yeah, that's all the way through. Just to get a chance to shoot in the finals. And then they had a shoot down, you know, it ended up in multiple shoot downs where it's a do or die arrow and it comes to fatigue at that point.

Yeah. So point being said, it's really important that you, you know, you're at least checking [01:02:00] your paper tunes. How, if you're gonna change up the game, if you're gonna, you know, if you're gonna take three ounces off on a stabilizer, check your paper tune, it will affect it. You'd be surprised how much it does affect it.

But, um, and that's why you should go to a reputable shop with reputable techs that know what they're doing and can help you and are willing to spend the time with you, you know? Um, Weber Outfitters, and this is a plug. I own the place. I'm, I don't even care about shame at this point. Um, but this is a plug for us and it's a plug for other shops across the country.

We all sell archery products. We all sell brands. We're not manufacturing these bows. Um, we're selling brands that are known and trusted. So when you compare, you know, people say, well, what, what is so different about Weber Outfitters? We're set up to be able to get you start to finish and comfortable, and you can have confidence when you walk out the door.

Archery shooting is mental. Making good shots is mental. If you have, if you find [01:03:00] yourself, you know, uh, questioning whether or not you can hit at 20 question, well, I'm close at 30. I don't know. Well, okay. That buck, the buck of your lifetime comes in at 47 yards. You're gonna doubt yourself because you were questionable at 30.

Right? So, helping shooters to identify that, and the one thing that separates Weber out outfitters from everybody else is we will give you the time. There is no, okay. Hey, you bought a bow from us, okay? You've got one hour for free, and after that, we're charging you a dollar a minute. You know, that didn't happen to any of you guys.

It doesn't happen to any other customers that come through the door. If it takes us four freaking hours to get you set up, we're there for the duration. And because we believe that your experience starts with us. And so total, total plug, don't even care about the shame. Um, you know, but that's what makes it different, you know?

And I ask you guys, you guys are out traveling a lot over the country, you know, where else are you seeing that happen? You know, um, well, I mean, we talked about it last week. I, I wasn't myself, which is why I really didn't try to buy a bow for the last five years. [01:04:00] Cuz the one time I stopped somewhere to shoot that SR six, I think I said the last sh time the dude handed him he 71, huh?

Yeah. God, do that again. Um, the dude, the dude hands me a bow with a 29 and a half or 30 inch draw and says, give it a sh you know, try it out. It's close and it's Mazda. I shot it like two times and put it up. I'm like, okay, that was worthless and walked out. And, you know, that was the, the only time I probably shot a bow.

And, you know, for a consumer like me at least, I won't go back. I, I won't try again. I'll just be like, oh, fuck it. I'll just keep my assassin and move on with my life. And I'm sh I guarantee you there's a lot of dudes and ladies out there like me who are shooting bows that are older. Maybe they don't love em, but it's, it's easier than dealing with process.

Do 'em with a new one, right? Yeah. Well, the nice thing about where, you know, the, the, uh, experience we had with Weber [01:05:00] Outfitters, and obviously we're partnering with you guys, but we went in, we got to shoot what we wanted. We got to screw around with it for a while. We chose it, and then it got set up. So at least we could walk out there, uh, walk out of there, you know, confident that, hey, if we need to go hunt tomorrow, We need to cite our, I mean, obviously the person's not perfectly cited in.

You gotta, you gotta cite your bow in. No, it's practice, practice, practice. I get you, I get you pretty close. Well, I mean, like, I, I've got a three pin slider. I didn't cite it. No. The three pin slider and I, you've gotta do some more work. You've gotta shoot, but, um, you can, you can be pretty close to ready to go Yeah.

At the end of that day. Or that, you know, experience. I know if I, if I can get your left and right figured out. Get your 20 figured out, your 60 is gonna be right there. Like it's not gonna, it's just finding out where the 60 is at on your slider, where the tape is. Yeah. But, so anyway, go back to building the boat and all that good stuff.

Um, wait, that's what we're supposed to talk about. No, I guess so. I got, I [01:06:00] thought it was like a BS session or something like that. I mean, kinda like a mix. They all are. Let's be honest. Let's be honest. That's, that's all our, you know, we just bs through life for three years now. For the three years now.

Worked out pretty good so far. I mean, if we're gonna talk about some Bs, should we talk about Kansas City Barbecue? I mean, thoughts five.

Well, I had to do something to get Andy to talk for crying out loud. I mean, I don't know. Hit and delete, hit the back to regular programming, building a bow, Josh, start, start talking now. So build a bow properly. You need a, a nice, some Micah's, kone, some, some Jack Stack sitting there, maybe some Joe's kc, some slaps.

You need to be properly hydrated with your barbecue and fed, and then you can do the both. But at the same time though, like this is how I am and Blaine and Matt and even, uh, Weber is too, with, even with all [01:07:00] of our customers, like it's, it's a BS session while we're doing this because. Setting a bow up is not a fast process.

Like unless you're Micah and it just freaking works out unbelievably within five minutes and you're done. That's the guy I want to hunt with. I know, right? Things go well for him. I can't wait until you start shooting. You're like, I can't fucking hit anything. No, I've shot, I've shot, I've already shot it.

I'm hitting, I'm hitting, but I, I like to bullshit with the customers and I like to talk to 'em and just kinda get to know like, what are you going hunting for? Like if I, cuz if I'm talking to 'em, like they don't realize they've already been there for an hour while I'm digging, getting all this stuff done.

They're not saying, dang it, I'm not hurry. Not like an awkward silence. What'd you say, Andy? They're not saying, God dang it. Hurry up. Yeah. That ain't no joke. Oh, but, so the very important thing is draw length. Okay. Or I guess the very important thing is color of the bow. Cuz it, it matters to some people.

Yeah. You gotta do it for the gram, bro. Gram don't, don't be guessing the gram like [01:08:00] that. Yeah. I get them dms. I'm glad I don't do it for the gram gram. The gram. My friend Graham, he brings me Benny's, so don't be dissing the Graham like that. All right. Graham. Graham can kiss my ass, man. I, Nate rebuilt a entire bow for the exact bow they built to show up five minutes later.

That's, that was hilarious. Yes. That was funny because cause oh, I want the green one, but I want it in 70. I'm like, well I don't, I don't have 70, but that the same exact, that's 70. I'm like, Tell you what, I'll swap out everything literally for you, just so you have the OD green bow with 70 pound lens. You can barely pull back and then we'll go from there.

No, you're doing good. I had to and then I'm, I'm not kidding you. Maybe, maybe five minutes after you were done. A truck comes in, oh, here, got something for you od green 70 pound era. [01:09:00] Uh, I was like, no, can't make it up. It didn't take you that long to tear that bow down and put it back together? No, not really.

No. 15, 20 minutes. It didn't take you very long, but still, it was like a process you had to go through just to mess with it, you know? It's just kind of, but that's, that's what I do on the regular. I'll do, I wouldn't it Not even just for you. I'll do it for anybody. Like that's just, ah, that really my No problem.

I thought I was special. You're not special or not. Why don't you worry? I'll text you and we'll FaceTime later on. There you go. I'm not sending you the link.

Three different packages show. I mean, there's constant stuff. I mean, new, new inventory arriving for you guys, so that was pretty cool. Mm-hmm. Yeah. But, so we got the, speaking of new inventory, that's part of me. Speaking of new inventory. Oh God, you guys gotta come back because we got some really cool stuff in today.

Those new slings we got in today. Oh. I was like, what are you talking about? Yeah, those new slings we got in today are totally bad, [01:10:00] bad tale. I don't know if we can say bad words on the show or not. Oh fuck. You can say that. Give fuck. It's ok. Yeah, they're totally badass. Um, but yeah, uh, we'll send you some pictures, um, of 'em on Josh's bow, but they're cool and yeah, I used the crap outta that tonight when I was shooting 60 and Blaine's like, that thing is handy.

I'm like, I like it. Like it's very comfortable. So next time I'm in the area, I'll be stopping by anyway, cuz I was, I got to thinking Wyoming. I'm gonna be up on a mountain hopefully for, you know, five days at a time and I'm like, I got a four quiver. I probably should go grab a six. Just in case shit goes wrong.

Yeah. So next time I'm in the area, I'm probably gonna stop by and grab a, a six, um, bring a hat. I will bring, I will bring more than one. Ooh. I'll bring, but I'll bring a whole box that you can pick for. Were you saying, were you saying something Josh? I, I think I was trying to say something about like what [01:11:00] this episode was about, but I mean, yeah.

Hey, continue. Like I'm very passionate about what I do, so like I'll ramble on and keep going and keep going and you guys are cool. So I'll sit here and bullshit with you guys. No problem. Andy does that a lot too. Yep. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Big bullshit. The silence of Andy. Silence. And I'm half deaf in my left ear, so every time he has talked to you, I'm like, huh?

I'm like, I cannot hear you, bro. Like you talk so quietly. But for a large individual, he talks quietly, doesn't he? Yeah. Well, what does he say? Talks softly, walks softly. Carry a big stick somewhere that Sure, sure, sure. They do sounds right for somebody in your family,

but, so you got all your accessories. We put it all on there. Figure out your drawing length, figure out your release. Cause those, those are two very important things. We figure out what size peep you're gonna run and. Typically it's a three 16th PD and there's a thousand different ways to tie 'em in. I'm not gonna go down that rabbit hole because everybody has an opinion.

And [01:12:00] so we get that figured out. We make sure that it's good for your eye relief because we don't want you smashing it in and you don't want it to be like looking for it, trying to figure out where it's at. Because if you move the pee just a little bit, your shot's way off, your bow is not gonna be shooting good at all.

So I always tell people, close your eyes. Go into the full draw, go to full draw, close your eyes, rest your nose on the string and tell me what you're looking through up, down left, like how do you want me to move this around? And that's one, one of the steps I go through also. But whenever, like usually people don't pick the peep site unless it's one of the fancy ones for target bows.

And I'm not going down the target bow road because that's a whole nother animal because tuning is just completely opposite of boat hunting. Um, so. I'll generally just look at the bell, throw it in there, call today, good to go. And then the next biggest thing is arrows. Arrows is very, very important. So [01:13:00] each arrow, everyone thinks this, the number like three 40 or 300 is the grains.

It's a common misconception. It's not true. It's the spine. Spine is your stiffness. And then you have different sizes. So typically a lot of people don't know what they want to shoot ever. And I will grab what they want and be like, Hey, try this out. And we have, well, you can shoot my arrows, you can shoot whoever's arrows, you can shoot all my stuff.

That's fine. I don't care. And we'll do what the bow wants to do. Cause with these speed bows, a lot of 'em, it's always better to go a stiffer spine than a weaker spine because the spine is your flex. Mm-hmm. That's what's going on. So if it's flexing a whole lot, it's gonna paper tune like crap. At 10 yards, 20 yards, and you're gonna see that thing just buck and kick.

Especially if you're lotted knock on. It's kind of cool with a lot of knocks, especially at nighttime. Yeah, yeah. You're like, what the heck was that? So when it comes to arrows, it's a [01:14:00] real big thing of mine. I like a lot of the brands, but I have one brand in particular because I've been shooting that brand for a long time and I absolutely love them.

And so I will typically pick those out for people and then I will cut them down to what they want. And sometimes, like me, I like to cut mine a lot shorter because you can, but you're, you adjust quite a bit. I'm like, okay, so if you're gonna shoot a 350 spine arrow, but your jaw length is like yours, Nate.

Well, once I cut all that off, I'm stiffening up that arrow. Like the grains, like it's still gonna weigh the, like it's gonna, we can make it weigh the same. That's fine. Not a big deal. But I'm stiffening it up. So I gotta kind of put that into my head as well. And kind of go from there with it. And then from there we throw it on.

We get your 20 we, we tell you turn around, line up, shoot. Tell me how's, how's it feeling? Is there any little adjustments you want to do? And cuz by the time after they get on paper tuning and I give 'em some tips, [01:15:00] they forget 'em every single time. They always forget what's going on. It's lined up, crank that thing back and just let her fly.

Well they're like, this thing isn't shooting right. I'm like, well it is just slow down. It's you, it's not a race. Just slow down. Just let the bow do what the bow wants to do because you, it's, it's a tool, it's a machine. You can't force it to do something it doesn't want to do otherwise it's gonna tune like crap and you're gonna miss the deer of lifetime or you're gonna blow it up.

I mean, always make sure you guys got an arrow in there when you draw a boat back please. Cuz I've seen too many drive fires come through here lately and it's not a fun time. And being a paramedic, I, I've seen it in real life too. And, and other, other side of that's not cool. I mean, it is cool, but Yeah.

Yeah. Not for the person it happened to. Right? Yeah. It's expensive. Very bad experience all around. Yep. Yes. Yeah. I mean, an arrow is important. I mean, uh, arrow needs to match [01:16:00] the bow, right? Like, it, it really does. Like I don't care about the color, I don't care about like veins. It's whatever preference you want.

Like I have, um, some plastic veins, zinger, fletching. Yeah. Threw them on mine. Yep. And shot them. They shot really good. I was like, well, that's cool. Yep. Like no glue. Like it was just something weird. I figured I'd try it out and give it a run. They shot the exact same paper, tuned the exact same, but it just a little bit of fine adjustments.

But whenever it comes to like, I. Killing a deer. It's not all about the speed, it's about the connect energy At the very end of it, you want that punch to go all the way through. Cause you wanna get pass through, right? You wanna harvest the animal, right? That's your whole entire goal. So you wanna harvest the animal and make it stick in the tree behind it.

That's what you wanna do. And that's what a lot of, like the bows I've set up recently are gonna be doing with 500 grain arrows and shooting 290 feet per second. That thing's gonna take down to buffalo. That's bullshit. No problem. Sorry Nate. Yeah. That's some bullshit. You'll never see that. [01:17:00] I will never see that.

You mean that a lot Show you off and then Yeah, there's a lot that goes into that because like the stuff I've explained tonight is probably a quarter of what like really, really, really down and dirty goes onto that. People like if you bring your bow back up to me before you go to Wyoming, I'm gonna set you up to where you're gonna make those long shots and kill something.

No problem. That's, that's, that's the goal. Like I'll broadhead tune all your stuff and make sure that that thing is flying as true as it possibly can. Cause I have the tools to do that. Nice. Yeah, and I mean, once again, especially on a bow setup, there is so much, oh God, yeah. That goes into it, you know? Yes.

The shows we're doing, uh, last week and, and this week with you is really just walking people through the process of buying and then the basic setup so that they know they can be shooting. And then if you, if you get into the sport even [01:18:00] more, like all of us have, that's when you tinker. Oh, you get, you get really?

Yes. Oh my gosh. I've got a bits and burger sitting in there. I've got, I wanna do this. I wanna try these veins. How many different types of veins did we buy when we, when we bought arrows when we first started? Oh my gosh. A lot. Probably five or six heats, aae, high hybrids, aae, blazers. This blazer. Just the normal blazers.

Um, all of us shoot different, you know, veins on our arrows now, like mm-hmm. There's all kinds of tinkering you do with everything. You from veins on arrows to arrows themselves, lighted knocks, um, different arrow wraps, releases, arrow, gosh, arrow wraps. Um, one slinger. One stringer. They're outta Missouri.

One stringer. Yeah. One stringer down with P Missouri. Yep. They're outta Missouri. That's where we got all our stuff. Um, you know, all kinds of stuff. And those are just arrows. Then you talk about the bows. Different sites dovetails, not dovetail sites. Why you want to do this? Uh, yeah. Different accessories for the bows.

D I mean, all these different things you can do [01:19:00] to make yourself go crazy. And the biggest thing with the dovetails, what we were talking about earlier is like, so it slides in and out, right? Mm-hmm. It's got the little notches on it that is for your focus. Like if you have it way out there. And you're looking through your peep, you can see all that surrounding on the outside of that, like, woo.

You can see all that. So you bring it in so you close that gap. So your only thing focusing on is inside that side picture. That's all you care about. That's why you never move your dovetail. Like you can move it in and out, in and out, and it's not gonna change your distance. Right. But it's gonna change what you're seeing.

Yeah. Your, your housing, your site picture I guess you'd call it or whatever. Yeah. You know, if, if you've got, if you've got, um, it's kinda hard to explain this on a podcast, but if you've got, let's say the size of two circles. Yeah. The size of a dinner plate over the size of a, a, uh, you know, um, what do you call it?

Snack plate. [01:20:00] Well, you've got a lot of play right there. Around the what? Nothing. Talking about this. Nothing but nothing. Take a picture. You said some bitches. I'm talking about Andy sent to the friend. Please. I'm trying to be serious for once of my damn life and Andy is the, the problem. That was awesome.

No idea what you're talking about. But you know, if you've got, if your peep is, let's say the size of a dinner plate, I'm gonna leave my hands down over, uh, the size of a small God damn you guys a small plate. Then you've got a lot of air in between and that's a lot of room for problems because now you can, you know, be off and, and that's where you want that peep to kind of just, just be about perfect with, with the side housing so that they're, gosh, I'm gonna have to watch it.

Okay. Keep somebody else talk. So the other thing that comes into play's doing well, rod heads Rod Headss is a huge thing. Like you have your fixed, you have mechanical, um, iron wheels come out with [01:21:00] that bevel and a bunch of companies are starting to come out with the bevel shape. Yeah. The single is. And like I was telling Nate earlier, make sure you buy the right ones.

Right. Because some of 'em, like the bevel is on the right, some of it's on the left, some of it's, uh, doubled. So it's gonna steer your broadhead or it's gonna steer your arrow. Yep. It's really weird how that works, but it is very true. And each one is gonna fly differently. That's just nature of the beast.

So with Broadheads, it makes, it's a whole different world. I mean, archery, like Adam said earlier, anybody can hold the gun and shoot it. You can make it, you can make it all work. Archery. It's specific to one, to, to that person, that individual. And even whenever, uh, Caden, correct. That's your boy's name.

Mm-hmm. If he was down there, ca are the easiest. They have no idea. Especially like your first time shooters. They just naturals. And I could tell 'em something and it sticks to 'em and it's just perfect. I don't gotta argue. Or nothing like that and make the guy look bad in front of his wife because he's been shooting for a thousand [01:22:00] years.

Done that several times. It makes me think of, you guys ever seen this show? Uh, parks and Rec? Yeah. Um, Ron Swanson, when he walks into a Home Depot and the guy's like, can I help you? I know more than you. I know more than you. I feel like, I feel like you guys have to deal with that every once in a while and that's gotta be fun.

Yeah. Every, every once in a while we do. I mean, it, it does happen. It's just part of it, especially to, so I'm mostly self-taught, like 90% of everything is self-taught. Mistakes I've made throughout the past. I've only been really like, dedicated to bow hunting for probably the last, what is it, 23? Probably 10 years.

Really? Eight. Eight solid years of nonstop archery. Like I really could care less to gun hunt, but that was my, always my biggest thing. And my, my dad didn't, he was a gun hunter and crossbow because he had a bad back. And I didn't really have a whole lot of friends that had it, but growing throughout the time, that's just, it was [01:23:00] always self-taught.

Like, oh, I'm gonna try this and try this and try this and try this. Like, I hated sliders for the longest time until I got used to 'em. Like, I was like, these are a waste of time. Why am I going to adjust this? And whenever I can have a fixed pen and just no problem, be done with it. Right. But that's just, everything is just so different.

And another big thing is strings. Strings make a huge difference. If you have a bow sitting on the shelf for a long time, like your assassin, like it doesn't get shot very often, then you crack it out, blow the dust off it, and then start going to town, then shoots like a dream shit. Yeah. Then you, you're like, this thing just isn't doing anything right for me.

Well, I mean, they're all twisted and like, that's a whole nother world. And I don't know a whole lot about strings, but I have plenty of friends that do, and they've showed me, I'm like, oh, okay. That's, that's kind of cool. And I put brand new strings on my bow and mine were mine. My strings were fine factory strings.

And Adam did the same thing to his target bow they shot com. I had [01:24:00] to recite my entire bow in. It was completely different and everything was the spec. It was all timed perfect. I'm like, all right, cool. But it was just a different atmosphere and that like there's just little things that you pick up on and I pick up on stuff from my guys all the time.

Like it's not, I'm solely teaching them constantly, you're gonna do it this way if you find a way to do it. I could care less how you do something. As long as it's the same and nobody's gonna get hurt doing it. Like when I say tying in a peep earlier, I do it a certain way. Adam does it a certain way.

Blaine has his way of doing things and it works perfect for him. There's not a right or wrong way to do stuff. There's just stuff that we can help you improve on cuz there's always room for improvement. Like in anything you do. And that's what Adam has always told me too, like Little Li he has these little life lessons.

It's really cool. Like he has like knowledge. It's there. But we joke around quite a bit like what you guys just did. We do that quite a bit too, [01:25:00] to teach us, Adam, what's a life lesson? Oh God, here we go. What do you got today? Um, you already gave us one earlier, you know? Yeah. So I think the one that rings the truest to me is, uh, today is I, I know a lot of people and a lot of people know me, but I call a few people friends and you know, we, it's one thing that inner circle, I think I sent you guys a funny meme of like some squirrels all trying to stick their head out of the hole of the tree.

And, you know, it's funny, but, um, there's a, a mobster that said, you know, You really just need two. Yeah, I know what you mean. You know, bad word, bad word. And you can take whatever you want and you know, um, finding, whether you wanna call it tribe finding, whatever you wanna call it, you know, um, I think life lessons are understanding people, you know, and people that are your friends and there is a difference.

So that's life, life lessons with Adam. There's [01:26:00] a, uh, there's a whole podcast coming out about that at some point. Nice. Um, called Life Lessons with Adam. I'm gonna, I'm, I'm working on a, on the proper leisure suit right now. Um, so I really thought it was gonna be, I really thought I was gonna be chisel sharpen stone.

Yeah, that's a good one. That's a good one. After what you guys just did to me about 15 minutes ago. Mine is keep your friends close, your enemies closer. You know what I'm saying? Yeah. I be, yeah, yeah, yeah. I'm, I'm pretty sure that's applicable. Yeah. No, you know, I think that, uh, I think yeah, sometimes, you know, you, uh, you have to just kind of sit back and have these, these, uh, talks with yourself, you know?

Yeah. Understanding, uh, understanding what's important and all those fun things. But, um, yeah. But I mean, in a nutshell, that's, that's the setup process. Uh, when you're at Weber Outfitters, um, you buy a bow, it's hard to keep up. We're all like, just nonstop. Yeah, yeah. I get it. Um, and that's the process. You, you buy your bow and then the setup to walking out the door, you know?

[01:27:00] So, I mean, for a guy, like a consumer like me, that's the type of process I would prefer. I'm sure there's bo shops out there or bo stores that you can walk in, buy a bow, and be gone in half an hour. Yeah, I would much prefer to spend more time in a shop like Weber because they're gonna spend time with you getting bow set up that you wanna shoot number one than the bow you pick.

And then they're gonna spend the time with you getting it set up for you. Correct. I would much rather be somewhere a little longer. I mean, I guess if, uh, the, you guys are dead empty and you know, Josh is by himself, I guess then maybe he can do it quicker. But, you know, sometimes, uh, he's gotta answer a phone call or Adam's gotta go do something, or, you know, other people walk in.

And I, the nice thing is then you end up, you know, developing relationships with people and then like we saw while we were there, we had like, how many different people came in? Just a bullshit. Just a freaking talk. Yeah. Like, uh, [01:28:00] Adam, your, your big brother, uh, that caught all the crappy for us. You know, he just came in to say hi.

Um, Nope. And, uh, that's, that's pretty cool cuz you don't see that, you know, a lot of different, you know, retail type of stores where people just come in to, to hang out. You won't see that at Bass Pro. No, definitely not. No, no, no, you're not. And you know, that was, you know, when we talk about our business model, That's, that was our goal.

Like my goal was a place for families where mom, dad, and the kids, you know, there's a lot of families out there, guys where husband and wife shot as boyfriend girlfriend, and then they become husband and wife and then kids get in the mix and maybe they, maybe, typically mama doesn't get to shoot as much anymore, right?

I mean, that's just typically how it works. Um, I wanted to provide a place where people could come in and do that, and where people could stop in and, you know, check in, see what's going on. You know, we got a couple old retired guys that show up and we sell Fitz's soda and they'll show up, uh, sit in the lounge, have a, have a fitz's root beer, and just [01:29:00] they wanna see the dogs, they wanna do that.

Like, we're trying to build community, you know, that's what we're trying to do. Hey, Um, you know, our brand is a community. Um, you know, and that doesn't have to be our location, it's a community, right? So whether it's online, whether it's in the store, whether you know, it's at additional stores down the road, you know, things like that.

That's what we're trying to build because, um, you know, that's what we need. We, we, we really need that. Um, especially I think post pandemic, like I think a lot of people are hungry for that environment of just being able to get outta the house and, you know, enjoy things with people that, you know, are sim similar in like-minded and you know, you don't have to agree with each other on everything, but have some common ground there.

So, yeah, that's, that's what I go there. I, I mean there's no such day, there's no such thing as a day off when you're an entrepreneur. Um, but I find myself there on technically days I don't have to be there, just cuz I. You know what not, what else you gonna do? Frank might stop by, and I'll be honest with you, tuna might stop by, you [01:30:00] know, like stuff like that.

You know, y'all over there might not be able to do barbecue, but you can do flavored soda, so congratulations. You know what I'm saying? Yeah. Questions You guys got? Like, anything I missed on like, like hit me up? Like, what do you guys got for me? Um, trying to think of some of the stuff I had written down.

Uh, you should probably read, not think. No. Sounded out. No, I mean, I think we pretty much covered everything on the, on the setup side that I was, I was thinking earlier. Uh, the biggest thing I kind of wanted to get by, uh, for, I mean, me personally with my setup and all of us had different setups. Andy had, you know, a few little issues with his too.

Micah, like you said, was just done, but had that omnia that both speaks for itself. You just don't, like, you don't have any, um, there's no question. I guess, you know, instead of. Walking out of a bow shop with a, I mean, especially like that elite era is a $1,600 bow or whatever it is. Yeah. Um, MSRP or [01:31:00] whatever.

So you walk out, go to your backyard, start shooting and it doesn't freaking work. All of a sudden you got a sour taste in your mouth about everything, including where you went, and it piles up too. And then you start getting pissed off. And then you walk in there in a badass mood and you're like, this thing freaking sucks.

It doesn't even shoot. I can't even, you know, cite it in. Well, that doesn't happen because we are getting the, you're getting the bow set up right after you buy it. So you walk out of the shop with a bow that's shooting straight. The way it's supposed to and now you can go and, you know, start playing it at home and, you know, really start messing with it instead of like, oh, I guess I'm going back to the bow shop tomorrow cuz this thing won't even shoot.

Right. Yeah. Um, that for like a consumer like me is, is worth the, the extra time getting it, uh, set up correctly. Um, I would hate the other way where I went home like, well this thing sucks, you know, I sent all this money, it comes the assassin back out a lot of money. Right? Yeah. I mean, [01:32:00] bows ex are expensive.

Even the cheaper ones are still not cheap. Cheap. Correct. Um, you're not gonna go spend $200 on a brand new bow. Correct? I don't think those exist, but I, I don't know. Not ones you're gonna shoot a deer. Small ones, ones really small ones, they're about 200. Although I will say that Ember was a lot cheaper than I thought it would be.

That's a nice, that a nice bow and that is not expensive. Correct. It's like 560 bucks or something. That Ember is one of the, like that bow right there. They did it perfectly. They really did. Cuz I mean your son can shoot that and then you can turn the poundage up and adjust like without a boat. Press, turn the poundage up, turn up, move your dry line, and then you can shoot that same boat and go hunting that year.

No problem. Yeah, that's pretty cool. That's pretty cool. So, and that, that's one of the things, like what you guys are talking about is whenever you do buy a bow from us, like that process y'all went through is the same process. Every single person gets new, old. I don't care who you [01:33:00] are, it's gonna be the exact same thing now charge.

Yeah. And there's no charge with that. We're not charging you the sale of a bow and time. A lot of places will charge you a dollar a minute. That's the going rate for a lot of bot tax out there. And you know, if you don't know how to do it yourself, you're gonna pay. Right. But, uh, that's not what we're about at all.

So, yeah. Yeah, because they'll, they'll be back. I mean, you know, that's the type of Yeah. That's, that's the business model from your, your side is they'll be back because of the way they were treated and the way we take care of them instead of, you know, like if I went to a place, I'm like, this dude's gonna charge me a dollar a minute to work on this thing.

I'll just do it myself. And you don't end up Yeah. You know, walking back in. The guy that buys a bow from Weber Outfitters, I want him to text the shop at 7 45, well, not 7 45 now, but like, I want him to text the shop at dark and go, Hey guys, are you guys around? I shot the big one tonight and I want him to pull up to the front door back up and [01:34:00] show us the big one.

And you know, yeah, crack a crack an adult beverage. And I want to hear the story, right? Because for me, that's, that's what it's about for me. Like it's, it's selling them the bow so that I get to hear the story, right? And then they put a picture on the bragging board, things like that. Like that's what we want.

And you know, that's what your local archery shop should be doing for you. You know, is providing a place of community like you want, we want you so happy that when you, when you do have that big kill that you just like, man, I gotta send this to where I gotta tag them on Facebook. I gotta, I gotta post this picture and say, you know, Hey, thanks guys.

That's what we want. Right? That's the goal. Yeah. And I mean, that's, that's the, what we felt, you know, um, when we were in there. And, um, before we hit the stop button on this, we're gonna talk about this in our intro too, but let's, let's revisit this giveaway that we have now announced. You know, if you've been, if you listened to last week's show, we talked about it, uh, it's been on social media a little bit this week, but let's talk about this giveaway in more detail.

Again, [01:35:00] we've got the biggest giveaway that we've ever been a part of on our podcast, you know, three and a half years old or however we old. We now three years. Three, um, three and a half feet. There you go. Um, that's height the biggest one we've ever had. What do we got going on here? So we have a Bear Whitetail Pro.

Uh, it's in right hand or left hand. Um, you're gonna get six gold tip hunter arrows. The bear, uh, the Whitetail Pro is completely set up, so it's got a rest, it's got a delo, it's got a peep, it's got a quiver, it's got a site like it is ready to hunt. Um, you're gonna get six gold tip arrows with hundred grain field points.

You're gonna get a package of G five Mon, uh, three blade, um, broadheads. You're gonna get a rele, a Scott Little Goose release, and you're gonna get a block six by [01:36:00] six Broadhead. Field Point target. Um, now if you're local to us, um, we're gonna set it up for you for free. If you're not local to us, all of this stuff, ships, we're happy to ship it to you.

No big deal. Um, you know, and hopefully you've got a good shop, like-minded shop that can help get set up, uh, you know, that sort of thing. So, uh, to total value is around $1,200. Uh, it's, it's just literally everything you could think about that you would want to get started Boeing. I mean, you know, get it set up, uh, you got everything you need, and go to the backyard and start shooting.

And then, you know, we are, today is 90 days to the opening day of BO season in Missouri. So, you know, uh, we're giving this away on August 12th. So you'll have, uh, 33 days, uh, to get set up and ready to go, and then go kill a big one on the 15th of September. If you're in Missouri, um, you know, everybody has different dates, so make sure you check with your local conservation, uh, laws to make sure that you're, uh, you're hunting in the appropriate times.

But, um, it's a great [01:37:00] option. Uh, left or right hand, doesn't matter. Uh, we got you taken care of there. So didn't wanna leave any of the, uh, south paws out like Andy, uh, wanted them to feel, uh, very left in, uh, there and accommodated. So, uh, we're giving it away live on August 12th at 5:00 PM at the Weber Outfitters.

Try and buy Hunting Classic. So that is an entire day. We've got vendors, we've got an entire vendor city that we've started laying out. Um, there's gonna be vendors everywhere. Every major Bo company will be there with a lane. You wanna shoot a flagship from everything those reps will be there. Uh, all kinds of products.

And my biggest thing with this whole event is. Everybody's bringing product to sell. Like, you can't bend there if you don't have product to sell. I hate going to trade shows. I, I hate going to, I hate, well, you know, you've got 60 days to get your swag, right. Um, the, uh, but I hate going to shows and you're like, oh man, that's so cool.

I gotta [01:38:00] have it. And they're like, okay, well go online and order it. Well, I'm gonna forget. Mm-hmm. I'm gonna get sidetracked. I'm gonna want it when I want it and I'm not gonna have it. It's like, it just pisses me off. So I told all the vendors that are coming bring all the things like, we'll fill out of our back stock, but we've got vendors that we don't even stock their products at this point that are coming out.

You know, they wanna be a part of it. Um, we got some guys that are bringing some western stuff out as you know, as far as more western centered hunting, stuff like that. So it's just gonna be a great time. 5:00 PM August the 12th, we're giving it away. Uh, we're gonna have food trucks, all kinds of cool stuff.

So yeah, a lot of fun that day. And you need not be present to win. So if you can't make it, absolutely, for whatever reason, obviously you wanna come to it, but if you do win, you don't have to be present to win. So if you get gr drawn, um, it, it's cool and we'll be live on your Facebook page. We'll be live on the Outfitters Facebook page and socials that day for the actual giveaway.

Um, you can sign up at your website, [01:39:00] uh, or check the link and all the social medias have it. Uh, I'm sure this episode will have it, uh, check it. And also it's not just a one hit, wonder if you enter. And then there you go to the Facebook page, follow the rules, the prompts in there. You can en get it entered about seven times.

I think it is total, something like that. So you get seven chances just following the prompts and so on and so forth. So, um, but yeah, be sure to hit the like and subscribe on this podcast. Uh, super, super happy to be partnered. With Missouri Woods and Water, uh, for this and for this season, and, you know, to come.

So, um, just gonna be a great time and, uh, looking forward to all that good stuff. No, it's not just a whitetail show either, by the way, guys, like we're talking Ducks Unlimited, it's gonna be there. Quail forever's gonna be there. Um, lots of people from different, you know, if it can be hunted, um, I think that's a fair statement, Josh.

If it can be hunted, there's gonna be people there for it. So yeah, it's gonna be a lot of fun. Nice. I I know we're looking forward to it. Fun. Yeah, it's, it's gonna be fun. And, you know, that's what I love about the giveaway is, um, [01:40:00] we, when we started our show, like we, we want to give, we wanna take care of the people that support us and you know, absolutely.

If we could, we give every, every damn listener of ours a bow, but it's not possible. In this case, we can give one of our listeners or or Webber outfitters, uh, customers. A totally set up system, you know, and I just am excited to be able to do that. Um, because whenever we get to do that stuff, it makes us feel warm and fuzzy inside.

We like taking care of folks. So, um, we're excited to do this with you guys and, and, uh, give it away in a couple months. So Adam, Josh, thanks for coming on and doing a half bs session, half setting up your bow session. Um, but that is how it'll go at Weber. Buying your bow, setting it up. Done. Now go get one.

Heck yeah. Thank you guys for having us. Thanks for coming, Thomas. Thanks guys. Thanks. See ya. Y'all have a good one.[01:41:00]