The Rebirth Of A Bowhunter

Show Notes

On this episode of the Nine Finger Chronicles, Dan talks with Brayden Ware of GoWild about stepping away from hunting to pursue baseball but ultimately returning to the woods after a bought a new bow. Brayden talks about hunting with his uncle as a kid and killing his first deer at the age of 15. Then, like most kids, he decided to put all of his energy towards a sports. Baseball became his main focus all through high school and college. Then three years ago he decided to get back in to archery. While he was in the store buying a bow he ran in to an old high school friend who was a serious public land bowhunter. This old friend convinced him to start practicing archery together and tagging along during the bow season. And the rest they say is history! This is an excellent episode about a hunter who found his way back to the passion he loves so much!

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