The Ruth Brothers

Show Notes

The Ruth Brothers joined Nate on Michigan Wild this week. Jeremiah and Treyton joined Nate in Wyoming for a spring black bear hunt in 2023. It was a great camp and they all three shot bears and have kept in touch since then. Nate dives right in wanting a season update and hearing the story of Treyton's buck. Which leads into the grind of a season Jeremiah had and how he stayed persistent even through harsh conditions. 

The Ruth Brothers also make a point of traveling out of state every year and sometimes multiple states. This past year they had successful bear, turkey, elk and pheasant hunts. Throughout the episode they break each hunt down and share the stories of their success. 

Over a great episode about family getting outside and sharing their passion for the outdoors. They also encourage people to give it a shot and have realistic expectations when they do go. They started small with Turkey hunts and have been hooked ever since. 

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