The Ultimate Turkey Pursuit

Show Notes

On this episode of The nomadic Outdoorsman Dan talks with David Faulk about his experience growing up in the woods and waters of Arkansas and his pursuit of the Royal, Grand and Super Turkey Slams.

David was born and raised in central Arkansas. He bass fished competitively in high school and some in college when time allowed. After High School he attended MS State where he obtained a degree in wildlife & fisheries science. During college David got hooked on turkey hunting. After college he moved to Colorado and was able to harvest his first elk and antelope which sparked yet another outdoor passion. To this day David bow and rifle hunts deer in his home state, as well as guides duck hunts. His turkey hunting passions have consumed his life and he spends most of his spring pursuing turkeys across the U.S. as he attempts to complete the U.S. Super Slam. David completed his Grand Slam in 2021, and completed the Royal Slam in Mexico this spring (2022).

As a Christian, David’s passion for the outdoors is driven by the pursuit of Creation, “There is nothing more rejuvenating and more peaceful than time spent outdoors.”

Show Transcript