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On today’s show with GunBroker.com, we’re at SHOT Show joined by the one and only Tim Kennedy! Brad dives into Tim Kennedy’s group Save Our Allies, which began with Afghanistan, after he was asked to go rescue people. Tim goes in depth on how Save Our Allies came to be, what their mission is, and how large it has scaled since its inception. If you want to learn more history on how this came to be, you can check out Save Our Allies cofounder Chad Robichaux's book, "Saving Aziz." If you want to hear Tim’s whole rundown on what he and others do through Save Our Allies to rescue Americans and their allies in areas that are experiencing humanitarian crises, make sure to tune in to this episode Presented by Gunbroker.com. Next up, Logan dives into the equipment Tim uses on some of his loadouts when he carries on his missions. Tim gives us a rundown of the different loadouts he uses in different scenarios. From dinner with his wife to running missions overseas he lays out what items he uses depending on what scenario he catches himself in. You will not want to miss his rundown and hearing his mindset on how he approaches each one of these scenarios. Closing out, Brad asks Tim what other stuff he is into these days. One of the major things he has taken his time is the school he opened, and trying to abolish the Department of Education. He also has launched an online mentorship program called Apogee Strong. Apogee Strong has absolutely skyrocketed with students, parents, and more signing up. In 2024, they are on schedule to have 51 schools opened this school year. They launched just two years ago and it has absolutely skyrocketed in popularity. Logan closes us out with an impossible question for Tim to answer, what is the one gun he’s looking forward to getting here soon? You definitely need to check out Tim’s wish list. The show launches every Thursday morning. Subscribe wherever you listen to podcasts.

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