Time : The Most Important Public Land Tactic - Raun Wiggins

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Public land deer hunting is a different ball game especially when talking about being in the southeast. One of our Patreon members, Raun Wiggins, has recently decided to challenge himself as a deer hunter and learn how to do it on public land. This year he finally feels like things have started to come together. What has he done different? According to Raun, the biggest thing he's done is just not given up. He's prioritized his time to dedicate himself to the game and now he's starting to see payoff. This is a great episode for you guys who just feel like you're wasting time when you head to the public woods! Become a SGH Patron: https://www.patreon.com/SouthernGroundHunting Our Partners: Spartan Forge - Use the code “southernground” at www.spartanforge.ai to save 25% on your membership GoWIld - Use the code “southernground” on your gear purchases to save 10%  https://timetogowild.com/profile/RkFymLZ3lAc4odGNudd2Lw Tethrd - www.tethrdnation.com Nucanoe - www.nucanoe.com Skre Gear - Use the code “southernground” at www.skregear.com to save 15% on your purchase Southern Ground Hunting is powered by Simple Cast.

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