Deer Population Monitoring Pt. 2

Show Notes

In Part 2 of the deer population podcast discussion Moriah Boggess (Deer Biologist, North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission) and Jon Teater (Whitetail Landscapes) explain population monitoring.  Moriah explains the methods that he and others can use as a land manager to monitor deer populations. Other details such as woodlot and food plot browse surveys are explained. There are several key indices that help establish a foundation of knowledge for the deer living on your property and the related habitat that supports them.  Moriah discusses

Moriah describes the biological factors that can be used on properties and how monitoring these measurements will help provide more insight into the deer living on your property. Other discussions on a property’s carry capacity, population census data, and quality improvements that may increase deer on your property are considered. Moriah and Jon discuss rules of thumb for taking deer on your property, that will get you ahead of the curve to ensure the populations remain in check. Moriah discusses aging deer and the factors and errors that are important to consider when evaluating the deer that are harvested.  

Show Transcript