Tony Peterson Doesn't Play Nintendo Anymore

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Trust me when I say that I am not blackmailing Tony Peterson to get him repeatedly on this podcast. On this episode of the Nine Finger Chronicles, Tony Peterson is back on the show and opens up about his inner life lessons. Topics on todays episode include:

  • Shit our dads taught us.
  • Things I wish I knew before I was 30.
  • Music from high school.
  • Chicks from our past.
  • Nintendo games we loved.

This is a fun episode where the guys let their hair down and get real for a second. But not really. It's a pretty dumb episode that has no educational value but if you relax a little you may just laugh out loud. We all need chill and get away from the serious side of deer hunting for a little bit, that is why these episodes are so important. Please comment on what you learned from this episode.  

Show Transcript

N.F.C - Tony Peterson Is Pretty Cool

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All right. This is the Nine Finger Chronicles podcast. And lately , the content has been all over the place, right? Last episode. Was actually pretty professional and pretty well put together. But this episode is not professional. It's not well put together, but I bet you're gonna have more fun listening to it than you do other episodes.

Now, here are the topics of conversation in today's episode. Music from high school, chicks from our Past who are not our wife. Things I wish I knew before I was. Original Nintendo and shit my dad taught me. Those are five topics that [00:02:00] I'm going to be breaking down with returning guest Tony Peterson. And I think me and Tony fit well in this podcast because we've been doing the content game for so long.

We need an escape. And this podcast is an escape to talk about anything and everything except deer hunting. And so look for a lot more of that coming up. And I don't mean a lot, I'm not gonna be replacing my. My deer hunting talk and content. But I will, however, be talking more about, I'll be including more topics that are not necessarily deer hunting related.

And so the go with the goal of capturing your attention outside of the hunting season, right? That's really what it boils down to. But dude it's a fun conversation. You're going to learn nothing from this episode, but you probably don't learn much from this this podcast. Anyway, it's a fun episode.

Tony's back in the house, and [00:03:00] that's what we're talking about today. Now, before we get into this podcast, I have to vent a little bit like. Life has been absolutely bananas right now in life. I wake up in the morning, that's usually when the high blood pressure starts. I have high blood pressure and heart palpitations.

Just about to the time that the kids get off the bus. My heart rate goes down, my blood pressure goes down. I'm able to function and I go ahead and I do my daily job. I, I live in a society, in this society. I, And then the kids get off the bus. My heart rate skyrockets again. And I have, you wouldn't look at it, but, you wouldn't know by looking at me.

But I'm in a constant state of panic attack, pretty much. And high blood pressure. Like I'm going through cardiac arrest at some point throughout a day, or at least that's what it feels like. And that's how stressful my kids are and how chaotic our life is at this point. But I love every second of it.[00:04:00] 

Don't get me wrong. I love every second of it. We're in about 80 activities, so the other day I'm working right, and my computer just shuts off. It just shuts. And I go downstairs and I'm like, oh man, I'm having issues. So I take it in, a guy takes it apart, he runs diagnostic on it and he goes, it looks like someone spilled milk or orange juice in it.

And it didn't look like it had, and anything had been spilled on it to me. But he's it's been in there for a while. It just, maybe if you got it to me earlier, I could have cleaned it out and we would've been able to save the computer, but, We were not able to save the computer. And so I had to go the next day to to Best Buy and buy a brand new laptop.

And while I was there I upgraded another computer as well. So I spent about $4,000 on new computers so I can continue to run this business, cuz for a while there I was dead in the water, right? And so I [00:05:00] lost everything that was on my computer. Tons of trail camera pictures. Most of my stuff is, most of the important stuff is saved to a hard drive.

But you get the picture here Now. I, like I, I went past the point of frustration because it's a necessity for the business. So I spent the money, whatever this kind of big budget purchase for me means. Unless I make more money this year, I'm probably gonna have to cut back on a hunt.

This year be because of what I just had to spend. It's basic, it's basic finance, right? If you spend a lot of money, you can't spend it anywhere else. So anyway so the goal is to recoup that somehow. So anyway I'm brainstorming all these different ideas. And so I'm sit down for supper last night and I said, Hey, just outta curiosity, did anybody happen to spill any water or milk or juice on my computer?

My daughter's absolutely not. I did not do it. I promise [00:06:00] dad, I promise my oldest son, he's dad, I promise I didn't do it. I promise. Cuz he, the dude will be walking through the kitchen and he'll just like drop milk. So if I was gonna pick one kid, I would've picked him. But he's no, I promise.

I didn't do it. And my youngest boy, five years old, He looks up at me and goes, dad, I spilled water on your computer a couple weeks ago. I'm like, are you serious buddy? When did you do it? Because my computer has been up in my office for two weeks. He goes, it was down here and I was at the table eating breakfast and I knocked over my water and it went on top and went into your on your computer.

And I'm just like, the dude told me the truth and it was two weeks previous, so there's no point in getting mad at it, it's just Hey, next time, can you please tell daddy if something like that happens? Inside I'm boiling, right? But it worked out. So that happens almost on a daily basis at our house.

And so that is the life of me. And but I'm [00:07:00] thankful that I get to be where I'm at. I get to do what I do. I just gotta work a little bit harder now to make up for for that loss. And I learned my lesson to not let my, do not bring my computers anywhere near my kids or any type of electronic device, leave it in my office, and then just commute back and forth from downstairs to the office.

I don't know why I shared that story. Hopefully because it's relatable to, to some of you guys and right now hope, like all I can say is right now I'm trying to. Four pounds of shit into a two pound bag. That is my, that's a breakdown of my life. There's so much going on and, but I have to keep telling myself and remember remembering and everybody who's got older kids tells me, dude, you are going to actually miss this at some time.

Now, I don't know how true that is, but I can, I just really. I just really wanna be present as much as humanly possible. I want to [00:08:00] be able to enjoy my kids at all stages of their life not just the convenient ones. And so I'm I have to take a step back at times and just be like, enjoy this. And so I'm trying, I'm working really hard to enjoy these moments with them because they are few and far between, and they're precious.

That's what I have to say about that. We're gonna do commercials now. If you're looking for a saddle, go check out tethered they have saddle hunting accessories. They got platforms climbing sticks. They're new, they're newer climbing stick. I held one in my hand. It feels like you're holding like three pieces of paper.

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And I'm sure not only are you gonna find something that you really like and that you could use, but you're gonna find a team of people who are dedicated to support. You the end user. Lastly, I'm trying to give back a little bit, talk a little bit more about conservation. 2% for conservation is a conservation effort that allows you to decide where you want to spend your time and money.

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This podcast gets crazy. I hope you guys enjoy it. Thank you for listening. Go to iTunes, leave a five star review, and let's get into today's episode. 3, 2, 1. He's back on. Don't know why. I mentioned . I mentioned it to him before we started recording that. I feel like I'm the make-a-wish kid who's tricking you, like you feel sorry for me.

So you continue to come on the podcast when it served you. No benefit . Oh, I wouldn't say that Buddy. . At least it's some really cheap entertainment for the day.[00:12:00] You know what I had a revelation recently. We were right at the end of pheasant season here in Minnesota. I was sitting in a hotel room with a buddy of mine and he turned on, I don't know, Sportsman's channel or outdoor channel or whatever.

And it was Meat Eater was on, and he's oh, sweet, we get to watch Meat Eater. And we watched for about five minutes. I'm like, can we change it ? And he's don't you wanna watch this? And I was like, do you wanna watch your boss hunting in Hawaii? And like people, it is such a weird thing.

People don't understand. I'm like, when you've been hunting deer for your job for a long time, like it's pretty nice to just talk about other stuff, right? , these podcasts are usually like loosely based on being deer hunters. Yeah. But not, you know how it is. You do so many podcasts with different people where it's you know how to, how'd you kill this bug?

How would you kill this bug? How would you sculpt this? How would you do this? And, I'm like, if I was a plumber, I wouldn't be going on a plumbing podcast and being like I fitted this pipe this way, [00:13:00] or I installed this toilet this way. I'd be like, get me away from this shit. Yeah. Yeah. I I, I.

I, not only do I like these, but I need these I, I need the now after doing, so I started the Nine Finger Chronicles in 2004 14. And although there's a lot of different stories and the terrain and the landscape, there's a lot of differences. The , the theme of deer hunting and how I go about asking questions to get the story out of people is the same.

So when I can break away from that and, be like, Hey, Tony, do you wanna talk about John Claude Vandam for a day? And you say, yes, that, that makes me smile both internally and externally. We've, you maybe don't remember this, but we talked about Van Dam on one podcast, and I'm starting to get a little bit of a man crush vibe from you that maybe you you're really into John Claude Van Dam.

Dude, I had a blood sport [00:14:00] full size cutout of him in our house, and I never wanted to fight the cutout because I like I would do my moves in front of him when I was younger and then be like, Hey man, do you think that was good? And I'm talking to a cardboard cutout. Oh, the Jean Claude Van Dam. Thinking he's gonna answer, mysteriously go, your moves are awesome. Dan , . Hey, don't take this the wrong way, man. But did you have any friends then? ? I had a couple. One of 'em was Asian kid. What's John van doing? Oh, he's playing with a cardboard friend. Yeah. One time I had an Asian friend. I lived across the street.

So in the seven in the late sixties and seventies when Vietnam war was popping off all these refugees, I guess you could call 'em refugees or transplants, they came from Laos and Vietnam. So all these elations moved into our town. And so I lived across the street and they all moved into the trailer court in that timeframe.

And then they had kids. So I went to [00:15:00] kid, I went to high school with a whole bunch of Elian kids. And so one of the kids lived across the street from me, who was my friend. But he didn't really talk that good of English, so we would just ride bikes with each other. And that was it. I had some other friends too, but he was the closest friend I had.

And he didn't really talk much. I don't even think he talked to me at all. He would just, he'd see me, he would do like a head nod, and then his mom would yell, like, when it's time to come in, his mom would yell something in ation to him, and then he would turn around and come into the house.

And and my mom was like, oh, who is that you're playing with? I'm like, I don't even know the dude's name. So that I don't know why that doesn't surprise me at all. Yeah. And so there was another kid in my neighborhood who was older than me and he was a bully. And when you think of karate or when you think of I don't know, mixed martial arts, you think like some kind of crazy street fight.

So this bully. Started picking on me and throwing [00:16:00] rocks at me. And this other guy who I forget his, I don't even know his name. He was throwing rocks at us and this kid did a spinning, a flying spin kick in the air and kicked him in his chest, and he never bullied us again. It was the coolest thing I'd ever seen.

It was so cool. That's exactly what's supposed to happen in that situation. Yep, exactly. And I was like, dude, you just did a flying spin kick. And I had been in TaeKwonDo and I couldn't even do that for several years. And and this kid just pulled, he was in jeans and like boots and he did this flying spin kick and I was like, blown away.

And I was like, dude, anything you need, you let me know. And he didn't say anything back to me because he couldn't talk English. So that, that's incredible. Yeah. Yep. So we, I have a list. First off, before we get into today's topic, which is no topic, what how did your pheasant season go?

Oh, man. So fun. I'll tell you what, if [00:17:00] somebody said to me, I have to give up deer hunting or pheasant hunting at this point in my life, I'd have to sit down and it would be a real tough decision. Yeah. I love it. The numbers are pretty, pretty dang good. Yeah. And just the late season hunting with my dogs, man, I just, if that season went two more months, I would be divorced and so happy.


that's not how, that sense is supposed to end. Listen, I'm just being honest. Okay. All right. I would hunt pheasants every day. My dogs would be, they would look like. The most athletic specimens of black labs you've ever seen. It would be incredible those pit bulls who they put on those dog treadmills to make their mus like get the huge muscles.

But it'd just be a lab version of that. Oh man, it'd be so badass. Hey, alright, check this out. So I had a, my uncle had a dog. It was I, it was a gray lab. Is that a lab wine? Wine mariner mix? Is that what they're called? Yeah. Was it a silver lab? [00:18:00] Yeah, I think it was a silver lab. Yep. But he was huge.

He was a male. They never got him castrated. He was just, he would, he was like, he was a tank. He would just lay in one spot all day long. But then when my uncle would be like, let's go he like transformed into this ad Agile monster, and his name was Cujo. They named him Cujo. And so Cujo.

Was known for not even like he would point, and if you weren't on him to he would stop, he would point for one second, and then he would just go get the pheasant and bring it back to you. So he never jumped the birds up so we could shoot 'em. He would just grab 'em and bring 'em back to us. I don't know.

From a training standpoint, I've never trained a dog. I'm guessing that's not a good thing. No . , no. No, but that's not like a, I wouldn't say it's a common story. Yeah. But it's not like totally uncommon for dogs to [00:19:00] do that. Yeah. Yeah. And then I also one time saw him pull a raccoon out of a barn and kill him and start to eat him.

My mom after she saw that, said, maybe you should just stay away from that dog. And and then a couple years later, I don't, cujo went somewhere and never came back. That, that kind of mentality in a dog, that temperament. Yeah. You get that out of the, a lot of the German breeds, the DRTs and the wire hairs and some of the more popular German breeds you're getting right now.

Cuz over in Europe, those dogs do everything. Yeah. They're not just bird dogs. They're fur dogs too. And some people love it, they love that kind of just ger intensity. Yeah. And that is just not my style. Yeah. I want a dog that does not want to kill a raccoon. Yeah. Yeah. Or a porcupine.

Cuz they view 'em as the same freaking thing. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. So it was a good season for you nonetheless? Oh, it was great, man. Yeah. It was, we had the kind of conditions, we had an early winter, early starts of the winter. . And when you get the right snow, those [00:20:00] pheasants, they're not running as much.

And so they're sitting tight. And so just the quality of flushes we had this year and the quality of shots we got was awesome. And we're, we're only hunting public land, and so these birds get piss pounded all season. And so when you get close flushes on a rooster, it's awesome.

And we just kept perpetually getting those conditions because of the snow. And it was, dude, it was so fun. Yeah. I, dude I loved pheasant hunting when I was a kid. My uncle would take me out and we'd go up in. North central Iowa and hunt ditches and let the dog run the ditch. And, or even just, we would walk the ditch or we'd walk these terraces and buffer strips and like little waterways.

And man, I had so much fun doing that. And it's just something that it's so hard to do now where my uncle back in the day when we were doing it was just, Hey, I know this guy. Let's go here and just walk his field and [00:21:00] shoot a pheasant out of it. Now everybody has is different, right? You gotta knock on the doors.

You have to try to find the places. Usually there's someone else who does it and the ditches are all sprayed or mowed and it's not a good thing for the pheasant population. Yeah. That north central part used to be unbelievable. Yeah. But if you look at, I didn't hunt Iowa this year. I hunted it a lot last year.

Man, you guys got a lot of birds on public land down there. Yeah. Like I wouldn't, I wouldn't be afraid to go hunt the public land in a lot of places in Iowa right now. Yeah. Right now I wouldn't do it cause the season's over, but yeah, for sure. For sure. That's good, man.

Do you then transition into ice fishing here pretty soon? I don't ice fish anymore. I grew up ice fishing, but I can't eat fish. I'm allergic to fish. No shit. Okay. Yeah. And you know how it is. You probably, you were just at ata right? For for 10 years I was equipment editor of Bow Hunter Magazine and then, I just [00:22:00] wrote so many gear pieces and so much of my output for the year was like from, right before ATA to about Turkey season.

Yeah. And so I was I gotta give something up. I gotta, I have to be in the office this time. And so I got out of it. But, my girls are 11 and I live in a, I have tons of lakes around my house. Yeah. And I, every year I'm like, I need to just go get some stuff and, resupply a little bit and start it up.

But I just, I'm like, I find other stuff to do and the work comes and I just, I don't, but I miss it. Yeah. Yeah. I'm trying to find an equal balance or something else. Cuz right now it's bow hunting, take a trip in September, take a trip in October. I'll hunt the rut here in Iowa in November, and then maybe I'll do a late season or an out-of-state hunt in December.

So I got those four months there. But I want to do more fishing, or I want to do more Turkey hunting, or I want to do more, back in the day when I could do all of it, [00:23:00] I wish I could do one other thing more and that thing I would love to be able to do it with someone who is, five or older.

Does that make sense, ? Yep. Yeah. So I can just bring my kids along with me. Yeah. No, it makes total sense. I'm heading out right here at the end of the month a bu two buddies and I decided this summer cause I've started fishing in the ocean. When we go, we usually, we go down every spring break to Florida somewhere and I take my girls and I rent a place on the water.

Yeah. And I have started to get like real hooked on salt water fishing. Oh boy. And Oh dude. And so anyway, I was talking to my buddies and I was like, we gotta do this because I'm al I'm always fishing with my girls and it's a blast. But you're fishing with kids, and I'm like, let's just go.

And so this summer I just impulsively booked a house on the water on one of the canals in Cocoa Beach that has some mangroves across from it. Okay. And we're heading down there and I cannot wait cuz it is if you love fishing and you grew up, freshwater [00:24:00] fishing or whatever, it's just like a whole new world.

That's so fun. Yeah. Like I just, I do it dark to dark after dark a lot of times and catch those catfish that are down there and just I just, I love it so much. Yeah. My buddy Bob he went down there and did that. I it was either Florida and I think he may have even went to Puerto Rico. And they have a situation like that where they have some mangroves and he was catching.

Variety of different fish. I even like small, not the big tarpin that you would see. Yeah. But a smaller version of that, something maybe just smaller tarpin in these mangroves. Were they snook? They could have been. They were silver. They looked like tarpin. But he was doing it on the fly rod.

I don't know. Could have been snow. Could have been lady fish. Could have just been tarpon. Yeah. Yeah. So I don't know. So they were yeah, man, salt, the saltwater fishing game, though. That seems like a whole new world, it is. And it's one of those things [00:25:00] that you, there's like a perception out there that you gotta go hire a charter and it's a heavy lift, right?

It's expensive and you need the right gear. , I started just bought a couple travel rods that I could throw into Aze bag and then morphed into throwing a casting net to get my bait and learning about it more. And we catch, every year we'll go, we go down, we probably catch a dozen different species, and you catch 'em from shore.

You find, like boat launches or parks where you can fish off of, or the beach thing is weird. If you have the right conditions, fishing off the beach is a blast. But a lot of times it's really difficult unless you have like specific surfer rods and you know what you're doing.

Yeah. But there's just there's so much life. There's so many things to catch and so many different ways to do it. You can go buy a live shrimp or you can buy, frozen squid or whatever, or you can catch your own bait or throw lures. Yeah. And it's just, to me it's Man, it is just pure fun.

[00:26:00] Yeah. Yeah. I would definitely enjoy something like that. I don't know. I heard my, another guy I know went down to Belize and he did some ocean fishing off the coast of Belize, and he said that was ama an amazing experience too. I could see that I was in Belize for just a little while, one time snorkeling.

And that place, man if somehow, if Steve Ronella really ever sees the value in me, invests real money in me, I'll be down there more . Right now I feel like I'm a little overlooked, but man, if that check ever comes right, but that place, I, if I remember correctly, I think all of the beaches in Belize are public.

Okay. And they were like sugar sand. At least where we were, this is yeah, anecdotal, right? But it was like you think about a tropical paradise, man. It was, it checked a lot of boxes. Yeah. And the guy who was down there, he is the beaches aren't maintained, so it's nat, it's all natural.

Some like Yep. Where he was at. Of course, I'm sure there's some resorts or hotels or [00:27:00] places right on the water, up and down the coast you can just, you can go disappear if you wanted to. Yeah. That's, you know how it is. That, that's why we go hunt different spots. Yeah. Like it, it's fun, if you're in the des deciduous forest of Southern Iowa and you're pretty used to that ag country, and then you go hunt those deer in the badlands or something, same kind of thing.

You just I just, I like this game. I just want it played on a different field. Yeah. And you know that, that's hot water stuff, man. It's just, it's so cool. Yeah. Okay, so I have five topics written down here. Each topic is associated with a number. Number one through five. And so this is gonna be at random today.

I want you to pick a number between one and five, and then I will read the topic and then we will discuss. Okay. Three, three. Three. Okay, three. This is things I wish I knew before I was 30. Oh, , [00:28:00] is this gonna be a 14 hour podcast? , I mean we've I'll just say this, man, I wasn't a adult until I was like 32.

Yeah, 31 ish. 32 ish. Honestly, having a kid probably changed me the most, if not saved my life. And there's a whole bunch of stuff that I learned. I hate to say it, but my twenties and my th and the first two years there was an 11 year period in my life, and I've said this before, where I was just a pile of shit.

I was like I did not provide anything to society. . Yeah. I had a little bit of that going on too. Yeah. So was there any like big things that, like Tony Peterson now goes back and tells, a 25 year old Tony Peterson Hey man try it this way. Or, like before, [00:29:00] Older cousins tell me, Hey, touch that wire.

It's an electric fence. And I touch it and I like, don't touch electric fences. It could be as simple as that. I don't know, th this idea popped into my head and I'm trying to go with, go on the flow with it. Go the flow with, oh man. I have eight things. Okay. One of the things that just, it drives me nuts to hear is, people are like, oh, the stock market's rigged.

The big guys are making all the money and the little guys never will. And I'm just like, it's just a, it's just a measure of what companies are worth. Yeah. So I try to explain this to my daughters cause I want them to have a grasp of it. I'm like, if you go, if you look at Apple as a company, which is probably the number one investment in most funds, and they're making a billion dollars a day, they're bringing a billion dollars a day through the door.

Yeah. And I'm like, you can own a piece of that company. Yeah. Right now. And or, buy into a fund that owns them and owns. Microsoft and, the entire s and p or whatever. There's ways to do it where you're just like, okay. Now if you think it's rigged, do [00:30:00] you think that all of those companies are gonna fail?

Yeah. Or do you think they're gonna keep figuring out ways to make money? Like it's not that complicated. And I think, especially when you look at right now when inflation's burning super hot and the housing market's cooling off and the job market's probably gonna be cooling off pretty good.

And it, it feels not good. It feels like your money's gonna take a hit right now. , this is the time to start. Cuz this is this little bear market. Storm's gonna pass at some point and it's gonna rip again. Yes. And it just, and it doesn't really matter anyway, if you're 25, it's just get in there and forget about it.

Yeah. Like just, auto, auto deposit or whatever you gotta do. But that's that's a huge one. Yeah. I'd say I'd go back in time, the 25 year old say, take care of yourself physically and mentally because you are not gonna be happy if you don't. Yeah. Like you, that age you're like, oh, if I got this truck and I got this wife and I got this and I got that, like these things would bring me joy.

[00:31:00] Yeah. And it's you know how many rich rock stars kill themselves every year? There's it, you gotta take care of yourself. You gotta. Do what you gotta do to stay in shape or get in shape, at some maintenance level at least, and then take care of your head. Yeah.

Because it, and it's so hard to grasp when you're that age, but when you hit a certain point, you're like, that stuff, like I there's nobody else who owns that. Yeah. That's on you. Yeah. So I would say those are things I'd go back to for sure. Yeah. I I never got into investing.

Like I didn't know, but I did say when I started working, I said, here is money into this I guess you would call it. I dunno, an i an IRA of sorts. Okay. Yep. And so every company I worked for e since I started in college, I was able to roll over, and even if it was just a month or two here or there, and I had some time where I was laid off, but then I got it all the way up until I ended up getting laid off [00:32:00] from my last job before I started the network.

And it, what happened was I got a notice in the mail saying, Hey, we just wanna verify that this is still the correct information. And I have an account that had this money that I've had, for damn near 20 years now, just snowballing and it's not enough to retire on, but it, but I forgot about it for eight.

And Yep. It's just sitting there and it's doing something. And so that was, I don't know, that was cool to see that I had x number of dollars in this account and it was doing something. And that's the only thing that I think I listened to my dad about. And so my dad was like, dude, just put if a company's gonna give you free money, put as much in as they're gonna match.

And it's just a no-brainer, right? Because you're just gonna blow it anyway. And yeah. Free money, dude. Yeah. Free money. I can't remember, I think it was Fidelity or Vanguard did a study on IRA [00:33:00] balances and what kind of, what, who performed the best? Yeah. Because that's, that's the thing.

Can you beat the market? Can you do this? Can are you pacing with inflation? What are you doing? And what they found was the people who forgot about their account accounts did the best. Yeah. because their emotion was gone. So when you get into a bear market and they're like, oh my God, I'm down 40%.

And they sell, those people didn't Yeah. They just let it ride like you're talking about. Yeah. And their money was making them money. Yep. And it's just such a, it's like a, it, I know there's probably young, younger dudes listening to this. They're like, ah, I'm not, I'll start later or something.

I'm like, no. Trust me. Yeah. That's do it. Just figure out how to do it. Yeah. So I'll share one of mine real quick and it is, so when I was when I was in high school and even in coll like leading into college, I would learn a lot of what I thought women wanted from one of my [00:34:00] buddie. older brothers.

And you look up to an older kid like that and you're like, oh, you start to like girls a little bit and your bu your buddy's older brother has given you advice and Hey, here's what you need to do. You need to like whisper this in their ear or maybe take a button off your shirt and let your chest stick out.

And just, and I came to realize that he was getting his information from hustler, right? Or some kind of like porno mag 10 steps to getting the lady, like flaunting money and watches and shit like that. So I can remember, I like, I worked all summer long and I had this like cash and I was, and he was like, dude, you need to get a watch.

These chicks dig watches. And I'm like, oh, no shit. So I don't know why I listened to 'em. I went to the mall and I bought a watch for 300 bucks at the time. Oh yeah. And so I got it and I started wearing it around. And I can remember going to a party [00:35:00] and it was in the summertime, and I'm wearing this really nice watch that did not go with my t-shirt and jean shorts that I was wearing.

Just you look like a redneck who found a watch. Really? Yeah. What I looked like. And stole a watch. Yeah. Stole a watch look like, and they're like I can just remember this one girl going, Hey what? What's that? And I said, oh, that's my new watch I got. She's it looks ridiculous.

And I just I was just crushed . I was like, are you kidding me? So I get, I'm like, I go back to my buddy's brother and I'm just like, Hey, man, you told me this was gonna work, man. And he's I, if I would've given him money, I would've tried to get my money back out of him, type of scenario.

But we , but, so what I'm getting at is I wish I would've never listened to him and maybe tried, like having con like real serious conversations with girls instead of trying to impress 'em with bullshit. Yeah. Just, yeah. . Yeah. Good call. The [00:36:00] other thing that you figure out with that too is people are just attracted to effort.

, if you're getting after it a little bit and you're taking care of yourself and you're, responsible. Yeah. That's, I, and honestly, I think it's an evolutionary thing, like you're just a provider. Yeah. But I think, and it, but I think it goes both ways. And I just think man, some effort in yourself and just like taking care of shit works pretty well.

Yeah. And so I would go, one of the other things in that same category, it was like and this is just like what I learned about women. It was they love to laugh, right? And so they love to be happy. And so if you can get them laughing and get them positive, it just works out for you. And so and so when it comes to that, I it took me a while for that to sink in.

But then once I found it out Hey man, I'm really good at making people laugh. And so I just started being a dumb ass. And sometimes that landed me in the friend zone, which was not a cool place to be, but other [00:37:00] times it worked. And so I was I was okay with that. . Yeah. Sense of humor's important.

Yeah. Sense of humor and okay. So things I wish I knew before I was 30. Is there anything else that jumps out at you that that you know the last thing I would say is you're probably giving way too much weight to the idea that people care. Yeah. We see this, you see this all the time with the size of the buck you shoot and the bullshit you post on social media.

Yeah. And it's like most people aren't thinking about you at all, ever. And the embarrassing shit you do, most people don't remember that. Even if it's like a core memory for you, cuz you did something real dumb. Yeah. Most people don't remember it at all. Yeah. Doesn't matter.

Yeah. I'll add one more real quick, and it goes back to finances. I made a, I set a goal for myself and I said, I want to, outta college, I said, my goal is to make this much money by the time I'm 30 or 30, something like that. This much [00:38:00] money a year. And as I got older, it, like all of my goals came away and I didn't talk about money and it became more goals on time.

I'm gonna make time to go on this western hunt, or I'm gonna make time to go visit my buddy in wherever he lived, or, or I'm gonna make time to go do these things. And it never really, yes, money came somewhat into the equation, but it like the focus as you get older, you realize you go from, I'm young, I'm gonna live forever to, I'm not that young anymore.

And there is, there's a clock that is ticking and it doesn't go forever. Yep. Yeah. Oh, that's a good one. Yeah. And then I would say on that too is like your mindset around life. Yeah. Like the things you think you can't do, [00:39:00] millions of people do every day. Oh yeah. Absolutely. I remember, growing up and I remember, I started boat hunting with my dad.

And at one point when I was in high school, they went and looked at my parents went and looked at a property, it was like 40 acres. And I remember thinking there's no way they can afford to buy 40 acres. And I remember my dad, and it was a cool property. Yeah. And my dad was just like, heming and hawing on it, and oh I don't think we can make it work.

And they passed it up. And I remember that land was $600 an acre at that time. Jesus man. And it was beautiful Southeastern Minnesota. , big buck, country type of stuff. And I just remember thinking of course, like of course we can't afford that. There's no way we're gonna own land. And then as I got older, I'm like, like everybody who's listening to this probably wants to own land.

Yeah. And I just remember thinking like, that's never gonna happen to me. And then I ended up finding a property, a little property in Wisconsin where I was like, I'm just gonna do it. Yeah. And even then, that was a cheap property and I [00:40:00] was terrified. Yeah. And then I bought it and I was like, oh, like you, you just like adjust.

The same thing happens when you have kids or you find out your wife's pregnant with two kids, and you're like, how are we gonna afford this? Yeah. You figure it out. Like you gotta, there's a lot of anxiety and fear for those unknown things, but man, there you can accomplish it a lot more than you think.

Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. I don't know, man. I had an opportunity to buy a farm at $2,500 an acre here in Iowa. and now that same property is worth like 6,500. And of course, and it's just you just gotta at some point pull the trigger and eat the shit sandwich and that way, and you find ways to make it beneficial, whatever, it's just trying to figure it out, man.

Trying to figure it out. But that goes right back to what you were talking about time. If you, if that's like a, kind of a high value priority for you, people sabotage themselves all the time and they say I want X [00:41:00] amount of acres and I want it to be income producing, and I want it to have a pond, and I want it to have this and that.

Yep. And it's you might not be there. It's, that's the same thing. I remember in college, we had this dude in our dorm who was, he always talked about women, like every woman was. was like not in his league. And this dude was not like, this was not Brad Pitt fight club dude, right?

, like he was not a 10, but got figured out. I was like, oh, he's just scared of rejection. Yeah. So every woman isn't good. There's some, there's a flaw with every one of 'em. Yeah. That way he doesn't have to shoot his shot and get, get rejected. Yeah. And it's, that's a bad way to live, man.

Yeah. Yeah. I I went the opposite route when I was in college and I went for the most rejections and , I probably should have had some fear of rejection, but I didn't and so I, I wish, but like certain parts, you ever heard that you ever watched that documentary about the guy that climbs what's it called?

Free solo or whatever? [00:42:00] Yeah. And he, Alex yeah. And he d he, when they did a brain scan on him the part of your brain that triggers fear in him is smaller. And less active than everybody else's. Yeah. So how sweet would it be to just not be afraid of shit? Dude, I, that is so alien to me. Yeah. Hit that, that specifically where you're climbing 3000 vertical feet of rock without a rope.

I wouldn't do it if you guaranteed me, I wouldn't fall. Yeah. Like I, if there was, there's no way. And I just, I think that stuff is like freaking wild. Yeah. Yeah. But it on that point, it would be interesting to see like the more relatable parts of his life. Cuz that's very few people can relate to that, right?

Yeah. That's a very small subset of the population. But like, how does that guy treat his finances? Like, how does he treat, like his relationships? I wonder if that low fear response feeds everything. Yeah. Yeah. Because at some point,[00:43:00] I think the guy's just a little bit socially awkward as well.

And and I don't know. I've never met the guy, but the, when it seemed like that in the, yeah, in the documentary. But man I'll be honest, some of the best deer hunters that I know, like a guy who can go out, who can locate deer, who thinks about it all the time, who's obsessed with it, man, you could put them in a circle and you could start picking out traits.

And some of their traits are like, they're gonna be the same. I, one of them is egotistical and socially awkward at the same time. like the, they from a, or maybe. A hair over the confidence line into the arrogance side, but also a bit socially awkward. Yeah. And so that's one.

So can we just say, we were talking about Mark

I'm glad. [00:44:00] Mean everybody's thinking it. Yeah. . That's funny. Yeah. Okay. Things I wish I knew before I was 30. All right. Now we have a couple more left. We have 1, 2, 4, and five. Five, five. Shit. My dad taught me . Oh man. My dad taught me never to pursue a horse chick. A horse chick? Yeah. Okay. Okay.

Meaning a woman who is obsessed with horses. Okay. And what was his reasoning behind that? They're all crazy. Yeah. . Yeah. My dad told me. I remember my dad telling me at one point that he he found in his life that most truckers and most cowboys were assholes. . Yep. I don't know how that and I think he maybe had never encountered an actual cowboy, cuz I've been to Texas and out west quite a bit.

I'm like, these are actually pretty decent dudes. Yes. But whatever. Yeah. Maybe your dad was just like, man, I haven't really taught him anything, so I've gotta say something to him. , I gotta throw some [00:45:00] shit against the wall. . Hopefully it sticks. Yeah. Yeah. It seems like my son's gonna have a really rough go cuz he doesn't know anything.

Yeah. Yeah. , my here's the sex talk I had from my dad. This is no joke, this is almost verbatim of how it went. So I don't know. Cuz my parents were divorced, right? So I don't know if my mom was like, Hey, you need to have a talk with him. And out of the blue, one day my dad came into the room as I'm playing video games with my brother and he looks at me and he goes, Daniel, I go, yeah.

He goes, do you know what a condom is? I go, yeah. He goes, do you know how to use it? I go, yeah. He goes, okay, good. And that was it,

Oh. And that was the extent of the birds and the bees talk in my family. And I think since my brother was in the room, he counted that as my brother's birds and bees talk too. So [00:46:00] whatever. Two bird, one stone situation. Exactly. Exactly. You got a better sex talk than I did. I didn't even get one.

Yeah. If you want to call it that. But our school in sixth grade, okay, in, in sixth grade. We ha they pulled the boys out of one outta the class. And a girl. The girls went into another classroom and they learned about, periods and tampons and things like that. And the boys they went with the I think it was like the PE teacher who literally had no f first off, had no reason to be around kids.

Just I don't know, like this guy was just like, Hey man I showed up today, like to win, like molding minds one at a time. Anyway . So and then, and so what he did was, so we didn't have to ask the question out loud. We wrote it down on a piece of paper and handed it to him.

And so one of, one of the kids in our class so we all had to [00:47:00] write at least one down. And I was, and I didn't know, I was like, I knew most of this stuff from my buddy's older brother. But it's like, what is, what are we supposed to do with our boners? Like things like questions like that, right?

And and then one of the kids, he had four older brothers and they were like maybe 10 years older than him too. So he knew everything already. He knew the terminology. So just to make this guy this PE teacher, be as uncomfortable as humanly possible, he was like, What's doggy style?

Sex . Oh, what's a cherry buster? And he's just like making up what's finger blasting and like , all these things that finally he's, he caught him and he is you gotta stop that and make I think he actually made him run laps while we were learning about sex. Oh man. . We were laughing.

We were laughing so hard. And we walked out of that almost like a a South Park episode or just like [00:48:00] high fiving each other. Or like you're in a movie, you're walking away from the explosion in slow motion. Exactly. We didn't learn shit. And all the girls, what'd you learn about?

And we're like you really want to know cuz you're gonna probably cry

Yeah. Other than that, my dad one thing that my dad is very like, detail oriented. And so whenever I wa he's a no shortcuts guy, and I think when we're younger, a as kids or even into the twenties when I was still like, like I said a dipshit, he's dude, the he taught me that the details matter and slowing down doing the job right the first time was very important.

And I didn't necessarily absorb that information, but I did it right the first time because the alternative was, Him riding my ass and about it until [00:49:00] I did it right the first time. You know what I mean? And so I would just get so frustrated and annoyed where I'm just like, Hey dude, I'm just gonna do it right the first time.

You know what I mean? And not because I wanted to be do it for pride, but just so my old man would lay off me. Yep. Yep. So that's a good, and that's not a bad way to go about life. Yeah. Getting shit right and thinking it through. Yeah. For sure. Any other big standout moments from your old man?

My dad, I, dude I hunted and fished with my dad so hard. Yeah. Growing up. He taught me the reason I have such a love of the game is him. Yeah. Fly fishing, small game hunting, pheasant hunting, bow hunting, deer, fish, and smallies. You name B bow fishing every, we did it all. Yeah. It was every day something when we could, yeah. So he taught me a lot that way. Yeah. Yeah, man I'm looking forward to filling those shoes for my kids, I can't wait till they get my daughter is there now, right? I think that this next [00:50:00] season she's gonna be able to keep up with me walking to the stand, sit in some stands I'm gonna buy, a couple doubles for her.

And I, she's already knows how to fish and she knows how to cast an open reel without getting a bird's nest in it. I, shit, I think she can use a bait caster already. And yeah, that's, and so she's ready. She just and yeah I'm looking forward to being that dad. All right, so far. One, two, and four.

Two. Two, okay. This is a good one. Chicks from our past who are not our wife. And so I wrote it two ways. , I wrote it that way, but. I also wrote it this way, things we learned from women before our wives I feel com, I feel very com comfortable and confident in this topic because our demographic is in this show is 97% men. Yeah.[00:51:00] Yeah, I would say the thing, probably the thing that I learned over a long time was just be real honest. Yes. As if you're not, you're gonna get found out. And that goes for whether you're interested in a single night with them or an entire life with 'em.

The last bullshit you bring to the table the better. Yeah. I like that. I like that. And so when you , like I just, one thing that I've learned about. Women before my wife was this navigation. There's no such thing as a straight line when you're trying to communicate with them. Okay. And so I could I could say to you, Tony I don't like your shoes.

And you would go okay, I do. And then the conversation was over, right? Like things like that. Or, Hey Tony, where do you want to go to eat tonight? I want to go [00:52:00] get a sandwich. Okay, let's go to this place. Okay. You know what I mean? Yeah. And so one thing I've really had to learn over the years is how to fill a bust, bust decision making with if that makes any sense.

So elongate your thoughts, elongate your communication, and even go into worlds that may not really even exist to pull an answer that they. Will accept because most of the time in my past, a yes or no answer just doesn't really work. Yeah. I listen, I don't wanna sound like a sexist prick.

Yeah. But one of the things that drives me nuts about my wife is she is not direct when she wants something. Yeah. And same, if she wants to go out to eat somewhere, cuz it's Taco Tuesday someplace or something, and she wants a margarita, she like, starts dropping hints. Yeah. And I'm like, just ask [00:53:00] me or tell me.

I don't give a shit. Yeah. But just we don't have to play these games. And it, it happens all the time with , she sees something around the house she wants done. Yeah. And it's we don't need these histrionics, man. Just just tell me you want the gutters cleaned up. Yeah.

And I'll say, I'll do it this time. And when I don't, just remind me and I'll do it some other time. and I'll procrastinate until you get pissed at me. It turns into an argument. We'll threaten divorce and then we'll recover from it and eventually it'll get done. Yeah. Yeah. One of the, one of the things I've learned with, especially with my bride, is she will mention something and there's a lot of like code hidden in there.

Yeah. Like that. She will like make an observation about something, oh, the driveway is this way, or I noticed this about something. Yeah. And she's not just offhandedly saying, look at how red that cardinal is. Yeah. She's saying, I need you to do this about this. . And so we have seven [00:54:00] fights a week where I'm like, just freaking ask me.

Yeah. Like we don't, I don't, we don't have to play these games. I'm a freaking caveman . Just draw it on the wall and gak blood. I don't give a shit. Just tell me what you want. . Ah, yes. If it were that easy and from a science standpoint you talk about certain, there's like how many species of animals are there in the world?

Like millions of different species of animals, birds, fish, turtles, reptiles, whatever. And only three of them mate for life tells you all you need to know about the male and female compatibility. Yeah. Yeah. And so I know guys who have been married a long time and they are cavemen and they are there to breed and fight and probably shouldn't even raise kids, but.

They do, and those kids are gonna turn out just like them, . Yep. Yep. What is cool about all the [00:55:00] failed relationships I had before my wife were like, I didn't understand like the, how important communication was, right? Yeah. And so the girl that I dated before before my wife was like, we got really close to getting engaged.

Like I was looking at rings and stuff like that. And then that's when I really jumped in, like headfirst into deer hunting. And so the priority, and I actually talked about this, believe it or not, Last week I recorded an episode with a guy who is a marriage counselor. And so we talked about relationships and marriage, and so that one, if it's out already.

So if you're listening to this, go check it out. But just how important communication is because if you are shitty at communication, your world will burn [00:56:00] and fall apart because you gotta, and like I said, you gotta play it out and f the bust and just go almost way overboard. And then, so I'm gonna go deer hunting tonight.

Did you love deer hunting more than me? When you act like this. Yeah. Maybe I do . But I'd never said that to her man. I know that you've dealt with this and seen this with your buddies and stuff, but that. , that kind of thing when you're dating and you're presenting your best bullshit version of yourself, and it's all sizzle real stuff.

Yeah. That's when you get yourself into trouble, because then, if spending time in a tree stand is a real high priority for you, you better make that known from the onset. Like date number two is with my wife was, Hey, I just wanna tell you this. You're not gonna see me much in the fall.

Yeah. And yes, that changed a little bit as my kids got into activities and, had children and had other responsibilities, but you laid that foundation and it's just and then [00:57:00] they accept it more. So it is shocking every year, but I don't know. I've been married 12 years, or, no.

10 years now. And so it gets better every year. But those first couple years where it's you're leaving to go hunting, I'm like, yeah, I told you this. It was the biggest conversation I ever had with someone. The opposite sex. Before we even were dating. So I just wanna, I, I'm not, I didn't say that just to make it up, yeah. And stuff I don't see it as much anymore now, when I was, we were in our twenties or whatever and we started hunting, North Dakota, mule deer or whatever, you'd see sometimes, some, one of your hunting buddies wives would call four times on the drive out there.

And by the time you're just setting up camp and you still have a week to hunt. They're miserable and thinking about going home cause their wife's pissed. And that shit goes both ways. Like you, I don't care how super in love you are. Like you need your space away and you need your things.

Yeah. And you need to you need to be good going and [00:58:00] doing your thing and you need to be good supporting them to go do their thing. Yeah. Because otherwise it's gonna freaking fail. Yeah. I'll tell you what I dated this one girl for a little while, and one thing that I really honed my skills on is, and this isn't just what just in this instant, it was a woman who I was dating, taught me really how to use my bullshit detector and my crazy detector on not just women, but people in general where you can I feel like I, I don't know, I feel like I'm pretty good at picking up hints and indicators in people's personalities to I don't know identify them in a certain way.

And so this one chick was. Crazy. Like she was crazy. You ever seen that graph where it's yep. If a chick is if her looks are a five, [00:59:00] then her craziness has to also be a five. Or your willingness to put up with her is Yep. Lower. And if she's a 10, your willingness to put up with how much crazy she is hired just because of her looks, whatever,

And so that graph's pretty accurate. And so this chick, she was pretty attractive, but she was crazy as shit. And so she taught me like, dude, you gotta be, you ha you have to also be a good listener in life. Because if I didn't, if I wasn't listening to some of the crazy shit that she was saying, I could have been trapped in some kind of relationship that I didn't want to be in.

And so I was just like, holy cow, I'm out. Just almost like the throw a smoke bomb down in front of 'em and walk backwards out of the room type scenario. Distract them. Yeah. So I had to learn that's one thing I learned was, man, how to like, read people's bullshit. Yeah. That's a skill.

You just [01:00:00] keep sharpening over time. Yeah, exactly. And I, the hunting industry has quite a few of those guys in Galveston. Just saying they have that and the people who are consuming hunting content have a lot of it too. Yeah. One of the things that just absolutely wore me up for a while was how many people would reach out to me somehow and bro me up.

Oh, I love your articles, love, podcast, whatever. And you know how it is and they're like, oh, thanks man. That's great. Have a good season. , and then they come back around and, Hey, we should hunt together. , or I'm going to North Dakota, and I was wondering where your spot is. Or they want something from you and you're like, that stuff that happens so much.

Yeah. And you're just like it's just, like the first contact is always this conman setup. Yeah. And then it's what do they want? And then if you're a dick about it or you're like, no. Then they're like, you owe me this. Yeah. And you're like, what? What in what world?

I don't know. You we're [01:01:00] strangers, I don't owe you anything. Yeah. And that kind of stuff makes you pretty you get pretty good at going, okay. Yeah. I can see there's something coming behind this contact right now. Yeah. And so I've had that happen before via dms and stuff, private messages on Instagram or Facebook or whatever.

Hey Dan, you know here, here's the deal. And I respond to almost everybody and. , like you said, being honest and upfront with people is the best medicine because I tell 'em right off the bat like that, I don't share that information. And then they're like, oh yeah, man, I really didn't need to get that outta I was just curious on what the, and they come up with, they come back with some excuse and then they just don't reach back out anymore.

Yeah, if you're not picking up on that and you're like, yeah, man, that's a good question. Hey, have, try this. And then they're, they just, we lay lay on you and lay on you until you're, until you just stop communicating with you them. Yeah. And so I, I don't respond to anybody anymore , because honestly, I don't, and [01:02:00] it's because even, and this probably sounds horrible, but even somebody who is like super pure of intention and just Hey man, I like your stuff.

Yeah. They always want your time. Yeah. Which I listen, I get it, but it I found myself where I'm like, I have all these strangers in my life who are like, Hey, can I have your phone number? We should chat. Or some They want your time. Yeah. And like we talked about earlier, I'm like, I don't I know that they look at this like I'm just one person.

Like they're just one person and this is a really little ask. And to them it really is. Yeah. It honestly is, that's not a big, that's not a heavy lift, but when you get a, like a, when that number really starts to increase and there's a bunch of those people, it's untenable. And I don't wanna I don't wanna get to a point where I'm like committed to communicating with somebody or something like that.

I'm like, I can't you're not y I don't know you. This is not, I have to use my time other ways. Yeah. I'm gonna go coach my daughter's basketball. I'm not gonna sit there and respond to strangers all day. Yeah. And yeah. I feel ya. I feel ya. Okay, [01:03:00] we have two more left. One in four. Four.

Four original Nintendo. That's, that, that is the topic. Original Nintendo. Did you have an original Nintendo when you were growing up? Of course. God damn dude. I have an original Nten I shouldn't say I have an original Nintendo right now. I have that one that's like they relaunched it has 30 games on it.

Yep, yep. And we have been playing some Nintendo lately because it's freaking January in Minnesota. Yeah, man. So back in the day we didn't have a Nintendo like I can remember when my parents got divorced, my dad was like, Hey, you want to go to the movie store and pick up some movies and we would rent a VCR and we would rent a Nintendo and rent a game for the weekend and then bring it back to his duplex.

And we'd, that's what we did all weekend. Play. We'd play, we'd go hiking in the mornings usually, or go out and do something outside and then we would. come back after lunch and just play like 10 straight [01:04:00] hours of Nintendo . Just Nintendo. Nintendo. And so I can't believe how much time that I played original Nintendo when I was a kid.

Yeah. Oh dude, me too. Yeah, I, my daughters Cause we're playing, so we're playing some games right now and they're like, how are you so good? And I'm like, I don't know. I played 70,000 hours of this when I was 18. I don't know. And it stuck . Yeah. Yeah. I've played more minutes of this than you've been alive.

Yeah. Yeah. What was your go-to game back in the day? Oh man, I we played a lot of contra and supercon and. , super Mario three, we played 'em all, dude. Yeah. Zelda. Yeah. Like I get, I go on a, this is so weird, but I go on a little Zelda kick every winter cuz my daughters like to play like the original Zelda.

Yep. And we'll go through it and solve it one time. I'm like, that's good. And that's, I was talking to a buddy of mine about this, like [01:05:00] I've, this is like the only video game console I own. Like I, I've never been like a, ever since I, at least when I was little and the original came out, like I've never been a video game guy.

Yeah. And so even now playing with my daughters, if we do a half hour, 45 minutes or an hour kind of thing, I'm like, that's enough. Yeah. But man, it's still pretty freaking fun. Oh yeah. Other than my little girls are just terrible at it. Yeah. Yeah man. I'll tell you this when you want to talk about violence, like me and my brother would have straight up fights.

If I saw him, like beating my record and he's five years younger than me, and so I saw him beating my record in like duck hunt or something. I'd kick the gun out of his hand and he'd miss him, and then he'd get pissed and he couldn't like, beat me in one-on-one fight, so he'd have to jump me with an, a heavy object.

And so my dad and my mom would have to separate us and you can't do that. And he unplugged [01:06:00] it while I was, while I was getting ready to break his record. And I'm like, I did not, just straight up. But a lot of ti, a lot of that was just bonding time for us too, because we'd sit there and we'd try to figure a game out.

There was, okay, so one of my, other than Excite bike, right? So you would, you'd play Yep. You'd do the regular races, but then you could build your own track. Yep. And so I was a huge fan of that. . And then, so when my parents got divorced, my dad had to go to a laundrymat to do his laundry. Cuz he didn't have a washer and dryer yet.

And so we, on Saturday mornings or Sunday mornings, we'd just sit there and in the laundry mat there was a room that had an arcade in it. And so my dad would give us a handful of quarters and we'd go play. And one of the games was called Bad Dudes. And bad Dudes was like, these two brothers, I don't know if their sister or one of their girlfriends or something got kidnapped by a ninja and whatever.

And so [01:07:00] when that came out on n on Nintendo, holy shit, dude. You wanna talk about a guy who lived like I just imagined I was a bad. And I just they were, they would wear jeans. The characters were jeans and black tank tops. And I was like, that's all I wanted to do. I wanted to be those video game characters.

And they just beat the shit outta ninjas. They could do these like spinning kicks. They could throw ninja stars, man. It was just like, are you sure? It was so much fun. Double Dragon. Dude, there's Double Dragon too, right? It this is Double Dragon. I think Double Dragon and Bad Dudes is the same exact video game, but from a different company.

Yeah. You know what I mean? It's it's very similar. But dude, double dragon. Man, that game was sweet. I remember when you could kick the weapons out of the people's hands and then you could pick 'em up and use them. That's, I don't know why, but [01:08:00] one of my daughter's favorite games is Double Dragon. Yeah, dude.

The whip, they love it. The whip, you could get a whip. Yep. And you could whip people with it. Dude, that was so much fun, man. And then of course, Mario and trying to find the warp whistles and skip the levels and to like, dude, I could literally sit here for another hour and talk about my favorite original Nintendo memories.

Do you remember? I tried to play techno bowl with my daughters. Yeah. And they don't know anything about football. Yeah. So it's not, doesn't work. But do you remember that, that baseball game, I think it was baseball stars where you could build up your players? Oh yeah. And you can get 'em higher salaries and, yeah.

Yep. Was that what it was? Was that what it was called? Or was it bases loaded? No I don't remember. I think it was, I think it was base like it was like baseball stars or something like that. Yeah. I think that was the one where you could build up like your power players. So they would, they'd hit a home run every time.

Yeah. Almost. Yeah. Yeah. Absolutely. But then r b i baseball was the one where if you had the American League All-Star team, , which had Jose [01:09:00] Conseco on it, Mark McGuire Barry Bonds, and you could just crush Homers every single time. And so that's the, I would always pick up the first controller, so when you would turn the game on, the first controller was closer to the selection of the American League All-Star team.

And my brother then would have to be the National League All-Star team. And so my dad, we would fight over that so much. My dad made a rule in the house that we could no longer be all-Star teams because we, that we would fight about it so much. Yep. And so I was like, okay, I guess I'll have to be somebody else.

And so I would always be like the Boston, I think it was the Boston Red Sox and I'd have, I'd pitch with Roger CLEs and just throw heaters and my brother, and. . And then another rule was because we would get in fights so much for throwing curve balls all the time and striking out my dad's okay, you can [01:10:00] only throw straight balls

So my dad is literally wasting his time being in umpire of two kids playing video games. Did you, just a totally unrelated question. Yeah. But did your dad go gray, young? No, he didn't actually. Oh, nope, Nope. But he had a heart attack young, okay. . Okay. and I was like this, there was some kind of physical manifestation of raising you guys.

Yeah, there was. And it was a heart attack. when he was, man, he's 60 now, so I'm guessing early fifties. And the doctor my dad had this, or OG diet. And what I mean by that is, I don't know, like he had a diet of potato chips and like meat and potatoes and bacon and like the, I don't know the worst possible diet you could have.

And then he had a really high stress job. And so the doctor I remember going into the hospital and the doctor was like this is just a fluke. It's probably because of stress. Just take it easy for a while. And I'm [01:11:00] like hey doc, this is an opportunity for my dad to like, maybe change his lifestyle a little bit.

Yeah. Do you think maybe you could say something like that? And he's you gotta, and I'm just like, you dip shit like you went to school for seven years and that's what you're gonna tell this guy. . Do you think your dad at that time would've listened if he'd have told him to get his shit together?

No, he wouldn't have listened , but that's probably why that listened, dude. That's probably why the doctor was like I know where this is going. Yeah, I think if you took people, I mean it, people in the medical profession, probably just the same as like police officers. They probably just you wanna talk about people who can probably read people.

Yeah. And he's probably there's no way I'm just gonna, I'm gonna make this dude feel okay about it and just, yeah. I'll see him in five years for the next one. . That's funny. Yeah. Doctors, man, I, they just look at a person, an app, one foot in the grave already just I gotta make a tee time.

Yep. I'm sure you get immune to it when you're like, Hey, this is what you gotta do if you wanna live a long [01:12:00] life and feel better. Yeah. And when people don't ever listen to you or I, maybe what 2% do. I'm sure after a while you get just callous and you're like, screw it.

Yeah. You, I'm sure they read a patient right away and go, okay, this person might be susceptible to some good advice. Yep. And most of them aren't, and I'm not gonna waste my breath. Yeah. Fact. All right. So just so if you've come in late to the show, here's topics we've already covered today.

Chicks from our past. Things I wish I knew before I was 30. What was the last one? Original Nintendo and shit my dad taught me. Now the last one is music from high school. Ah, music from high school when Tony Peterson was driving around in his T Top TransAm back in high school. . , what boy? His little gray Chevy.

S 10, whatever. Gray Chevy S 10. Probably with no bass in any of the speakers. What kind of [01:13:00] music did Tony Peterson listen to when he was in high school? Tool Rage Against the Machine? Alison Chains. Pearl Jam. Love it. Yeah, all that stuff. Yeah. I will say this, Alison Chains, they have a song called Nutshell, and it is probably, a lot of people talk about the best, like the best music.

I'm more of a, what is your favorite of all time type deals? Dude, that song nutshell by Allison Chains is probably in the top five of songs that I. Truly one of my favorite songs Yeah. Of all time. They're so good. Yeah. I would say down in a Hole is one of my top five probably. Yeah. Loved Alison Chains.

My shout out to my buddy Chris Adrian, who is probably the biggest Alison Chain fan, and I know Alison Chain's fan. I know. Did you, okay, so yes I got into tool, I got into, the later Metallica, I got into [01:14:00] Alt like Incubus. Did you ever hear Incubus of Incubus? I, you know what, incubus never did it for me.

Never did it, right? Nope. Their original stuff was really hard, but then they got, they went down the pop scene. Yep. A little bit. But I liked Incubus. I liked stone Temple Pilots. Oh yeah. Three 11. I liked three 11. Beastie Boys, obviously that stuff, but then I had a, then something changed.

in my life. And those catalogs that would come to your house and it's 40 cd, 40 CDs for $1 or whatever. So my bud, like my buddy would buy the CDs, pay the $1, but then change his address or whatever. I don't like, I don't know what it was, it wasn't, there was always a catch.

You're not getting 40 CDs for a dollar. Something else happened after that. You had to do, he just, yeah, it how did that work? Yeah, because it, it committed you to something. And so he just never did it. And nobody ever followed up on 'em. They just kept sending them bills in the [01:15:00] mails.

Go, okay, you signed up for this. You have to pay a member. I think it was a membership. Oh yeah. A membership. Yeah. So anyway, he got a, in high school, he got a , a little CD called The Chronic by Dr. Dre Uhuh . And dude, we would sit in his, and this was on Super Nintendo now, not regular Nintendo.

Yeah. We would sit in his room, in his house, play Sim City where you're building, you're building the fake city and listen to The Chronic by Dr. Dre on repeat. And so Snoop Dogg was, like Snoop Dogg was in that, on that album. And and so that was my like, like gateway drug into into that genre of music, I guess you could say.

And I really never.

Isn't it, dude? Isn't it wild how that shit you grew up with just sticks? [01:16:00] Oh, yeah. Yeah. And how I went to school probably learning the same shit for however many years, and I can still remember every lyric to a song, but I can't remember how to tie my shoes, just the craziest shit.

So like Dr. Dre and the Chronic, and then that just led into all the Snoop Dogg albums. It led into like notorious big and Tupac and all the Gangstar and the Wutang clan and all that stuff that is okay, dude, you actually can't relate to any of what they're saying, right?

There's no drugs in your neighbor. There might have been drugs, there was no real drugs in your neighborhood. There was no violence or shootouts. So everything that they were saying in their raps, You couldn't relate to, but you listened to it anyway, basically for the beats or whatever.

And I can remember one time I'm sitting I borrowed my dad's car to drive to another town. I put the chronic in that. And and so me and the guys went to [01:17:00] a different our basketball team had an away game, drove the car that drove it right back, forgot the CD was in there next morning on our way to church.

Just fuck you bitch , eject button right out the window. And he threw the, and I was like, he threw it out. Yeah, he threw it straight out the window and so old man. Yeah. So I was like, dude, do you know how many dishes I had to wash for that CD man? Uhhuh. . So did you, were you were you into Sublime?

Oh, sublime. Yeah, dude, we had Sublime for sure. Dude. I like, I don't know. This was. , maybe six, seven years ago I found a sublime CD in my truck. Yeah. My truck still had a CD player. Yep. And I remember I found it cause I was hunting in northern Wisconsin, it was in October, and I put, it was their popular, the one with Santa Maria Olive.

Yep. The sublime disc. And I listened to that whole thing and I was like, this is, this was so good. And I [01:18:00] like totally forgot about it. Yeah. And then you find out you, did you ever watch the documentary on Sublime? Yeah. Where the guy was like, holy shit, I'm only creative when I'm on heroin.

And yeah. . And he tried to write music off of it and it just sucked. And then he got back on it and it got good. And so yeah, he was like, then he got, yeah, then he got dead. Yeah. Listen. Hey, if there's young kids listening to this, the other thing I would say about if I could go back to 25 year old Tony and tell talk to everybody would be just probably skip the heroin.

Yeah. Just don't do drugs. How about that? We'll, just don't do Dr. Don't don't do hard drugs. I would say addictive drugs very specifically. Don't do heroin . Okay. All right. Don't do heroin. There we go. Be very cautious of all drugs. But specifically just you're clear on that one. I think we found the title of of this week's podcast.

Don't do heroin specifically. Yeah. Specifically don't do heroin.[01:19:00] . So did you ever go to any concerts when you were in, in high school? Tons of concerts. Okay. Because they probably came through the Twin Cities all the time. But I wasn't from the cities. Okay. But I went to my first concert when I was 14.

I went to see Bob Dylan. Okay. And then, After that it was violent films, Pearl Jam. I saw, I don't know how many concerts I've seen live or I've been to probably a hundred. Yeah maybe more. I never got to see Alison Chains and I never got to see Nirvana, and both of them really bother me.

Yeah. Yeah. Man, I got to one of the, okay, so then, like the harder stages of life I got to see puddle of mud and the gee, mini crisp Deftones. , I got, and Godsmack I got, they were all in a concert together. The craziest concert I ever saw was tool. Yeah. Okay, so here's how this the [01:20:00] guy was wearing a Speedo, Uhhuh

And for those who don't know his whole body, like his body is the tattoo, a tattoo of the skeletal system, a across his whole body. And he was painted silver, and he stood behind a speaker the entire night and sang into the mic, like where no one could really see him. Meanwhile, there are three naked butt naked people spray painted silver or painted silver hanging upside down, swinging from the and I was just like, this is a circus show.

It was cr it was crazy, but I loved their music. So it was definitely worth it. And then I saw Incubus in concert too and that was that was awesome, dude. I never like moshed and crowd surfed so hard in my life. Oh yeah, dude, we, yeah, I saw a tool, probably the same tour cuz they had naked contortionist hanging from the ceiling and shit like that.

The wildest that we saw we got to go [01:21:00] backstage one time Totally by accident when stained was just like, getting big. Yeah. So we got to stand backstage and watch them play and then we got to be backstage for slip knot. Oh boy. When we were standing next to the trailer when those guys were putting on their masks and getting ready and then we got to go under the stage.

This was at Edge Fest or X f or which, whatever one it was at the time. Yeah. And so we were like under the graded stage, so you could look up and slip knots playing like a foot above your head and then you could look out on the crowd, like from their view. Yeah. And it was freaking nuts. Yeah.

Like so freaking cool. And. Yeah, yeah. Fun. Yeah. I'll share one story. When I was at the Incubus concert, there was this guy in our area and all the girls that would crowd surf, he would like, go up your shirt, get out of him, basically. Yeah. Molest the shit out of him, basically. Yeah. And oh my God, I, this is the, to this [01:22:00] day, it's probably the second hardest I've ever seen anybody get punched.

This guy went and put his hands, like down this girl's pants, deep yep. The re, the wraparound type shit. Another guy saw it, and I don't know if it was his girlfriend or not, spun him around. Punched him right in the mouth, in the mouth, and you could see the ripple. Of his cheeks in the, like the strobe lights and stuff.

Yeah. And he went down and then people just were, this guy should be dead. Like people were just standing on top of him. Yeah. And all over, all around him. And finally he gets up and he like, makes his way like over to the side. And then, fuck, I don't know him, dude, but he hit him so hard. It was crazy.

But he deserved, but that's what's supposed to happen. Yeah, exactly. Again. Yep. But those environments, man, the wildest I, I've seen people get freaking destroyed. Yeah. The wildest that I ever saw it, it was [01:23:00] pretty wild. We saw Primus and Beck one time and Neil Young played that day.

That was like weirdly wild. Yeah. But do you remember the crystal method? They're like, like indie in like indie rock but like mixed with. Techno. It's like hardcore techno. Yeah. Yeah. Like I, they played somewhere one time and we got in the middle of it. and it was like chaos. Yeah. Everybody's leaving here with PTs d , but not not fun, chaos.

Where you're, I saw the same thing. I saw band. I don't know if you ever heard of coal chamber. Yeah. I saw cold seven and seven Dust. Yeah. And it was the same kind of thing where you're like, don't fall down. Yeah. Don't get in the pit. Don't fall down. Like you're gonna die . Oh dude, you're, yeah.

This is, you're getting airlifted out. Yeah. Those I miss going to live shows. I don't go anymore cause my hearings got so screwed up. Yeah. But man, That shit was so fun. Oh [01:24:00] yeah. And the thing about it is you're in fear for your life if you fall down, but then, or you're smashed up against the gate and you can barely breathe.

Yeah. And, but then you're walking out it there going, let's do it again next weekend. Dude. Fuck dude. Just such a rush. Oh yeah. Yeah. Oh, the benefits of being young. I would hate I hate waiting in line at self checkout at Target . I now, so I, yeah. Just put me in that environment. I would not do well.

Yeah. I wouldn't either cuz I don't drink anymore. And that would be a hard, that would be a hard environment, A stomach as a 42 year old sober dude. Yeah. And then you're officially that guy if Yeah. Your R age at the concert. Yeah. And what are you doing here? Man? I've been coming to every one of these concerts since these guys started touring, man.

Yeah, no, there's a, there are a few bands I'd probably make an exception. Very few. Yeah. That I'd still go to just cuz I love them so much. Yeah. But mostly that live music phase of my life is over. Yeah. Yep. [01:25:00] Absolutely. That covers all of the topics I had had for today, Tony. I love that none of them had anything to do with deer hunting.

No, I needed it. Like I said, I we brought deer hunting in when necessary, but then, life is more than just deer hunting, yep. I hope I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. Enjoy the rest of your week. We'll have to do this again. And as always, Tony, I appreciate your time. Awesome. Thanks buddy.