Top Gun, Kids, Deer Hunting & Other BS with Tony Peterson

Show Notes

Maybe it's because they're the same age. Maybe it's because they have kids close to the same age. Maybe it's because they both have a strong passion for the outdoors. Or, maybe this is just a break from reality that allows them to escape from all of their stress. Either way, anytime Dan Johnson and Tony Peterson get together, the outcome is one hell of a Nine Finger Chronicles episode.

On this episode, Tony and Dan cover the following topics... The new Top Gun movie and how Jennifer Connelly looks amazing for her age, their sassy daughters, how much of a hypocrite and a-hole Dan has become when it comes to deer hunting, and the difference between actively hunting and habitat management. As always, excellent episode! Be sure to share and leave a 5 STAR review on Apple Podcasts, or anywhere you download your episodes.

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