Trail Cameras & Off-Season Scouting Mountain Bucks w/ Beau Martonik

Show Notes

Many of the best hunters in the country would agree with the statement, "you kill your bucks in the off season."  Time spent this time of year scouting and analyzing trail camera data are valuable tools to put the pieces of the puzzle together during fall. This is especially true in areas with rugged, vast terrain which generally speaking hold lower deer densities; typical of the big woods in Pennsylvania.  Here, the time investment may be quite a bit larger than most would think in this setting, depending where you set your goals!  

On this week's episode of the Pennsylvania Woodsman, we chat with Beau Martonik.  Host of the East Meets West Hunt Podcast, Beau is a diehard mountain buck hunter from Northern Pennsylvania.  Beau shares his experiences pursuing mountain bucks and how he uses cameras over a duration of a few seasons not to just find bucks, but also to fine tune his approach and timing when hunting these areas.  We discuss "soaking" and clustering cameras, a 3-year timeframe of data intel prior to investing hunting time, off season scouting and how to prevent making a pattern in your travels, interpreting trail camera data, and in-season scouting to put the pieces of the puzzle together.  Lastly, Beau emphasizes that we all have a different style and level of enjoyment for hunting, and that it's important to mold our own style of preparation that fits our lifestyle and schedule. 

Show Transcript