Training, Mindset & Urban Hunting with Matt Wiswesser of Venator Human Performance

Show Notes

Hey everyone, welcome to episode 139 of the Antler Up Podcast!

On this week's episode Dimitri and I were joined by Matt Wiswesser from Venator Human Performance and Nodens Outdoors.  With the season fast approaching for PA and a lot of states already kicking off, Matt shares some strength training and mindset strategies to keep you ready and prepared for your hunts.  Matt is Nodens Outdoors Chief of Operation and shares some awesome things they have going on for helping Veterans through bowhunting, the outdoors and performance this upcoming season.  Matt is a hunter from northern New Jersey and shares his experience hunting private and public land.  Ultimately we have a fun bs conversation about improving your own self as a hunter and as an individual. 

To start things off in the podcast Matt briefly introduces who he is and what his role is with his own company Venator Human Performance and Nodens Outdoors.  Matt is going to be doing some pretty awesome stuff this fall for Veterans where he and the Nodens Outdoors crew will be going to VA during Veterans Days weekend for a bowhunting camp.  Matt’s background is in exercise science and shares the importance of specificity training for what you do.  For example, the three of us are saddle hunters so we share some important keep training techniques when it comes to getting into “saddle shape.”  Within this discussion two key words came to mind and we touched upon them and those words were “discipline” and “stress.”  We talk about how we need to work towards gaining discipline and decreasing our stress.  Overall, this episode we hope fires you up to set some goals for this upcoming season to improve in all facets in your life.  Be a better hunter, be better physically, mentally and as an overall individual.  Hope you enjoy this episode and look forward to next week! Antler Up!

Show Transcript