Choosing the Right Tree Stand

Show Notes

Most whitetail hunters today, especially archery hunters, hunt from a tree stand of some sort. The days of nailing 2x4s to a tree and calling it good are behind us as deer hunters have rightly become a more safety conscious bunch. There are a ton of commercially available options today, but they aren’t all created equal. When choosing a tree stand, a little research and thought goes a long way toward making sure you’re happy with whatever purchase you make. The last thing you need is to find out on opening day that you hate your stand or you chose the wrong kind for your style of hunting. Tree stands are like shoes, you’ve got to pick the one that fits, is comfortable for you, and that’s built for the scenario for which you’ll be using it.

In this episode of the How to Hunt Deer podcast, Josh gives a rundown of the various types of tree stands. Each type of stand has strengths and drawbacks, and there is no one stand that’s perfect for everyone. Josh covers some of the things that should inform your decision when choosing the stand that’s right for you. And here’s a little spoiler: you shouldn’t make your decision based on a hunting personality’s preferred style or brand, nor should you base your decision on a company’s marketing. When it comes to tree stands, the decision isn’t black and white. There’s a ton of gray area. This episode will help you navigate the decision of what stand is right for you.

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Show Transcript