Trout Fishing Gatlinburg, Luke Combs Concert, and Tornado Camping

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In this week’s [UNCENSORED] podcast by GoWild, we’re talking fishing once again. This time, Jacob took his family and went up into the Smokey Mountains to chase trout. If you’ve never been to Gatlinburg, you are missing out, especially if you have kids. There’s a private fish hatchery with lots of opportunities to catch some nice fish, and right in downtown Gatlinburg. Jacob’s youngest son catches a monster rainbow. The only thing better than catching them yourself is watching kids reel ‘em in. Find out what makes Gatlinburg an underrated fishing destination and learn how Brayden got his start on a fly rod in Gatlinburg as well.

Brayden went to a Luke Combs concert and had a comical run in with some backwards hat-wearing Instagram cowboys … find out how he saved their day. There were several other up-and-coming country music stars on stage and everyone put on a great show. He’s getting ready for turkey hunting season and trying to get some birds on camera.

Arica grabbed some concert tickets for a special Christmas show. She went camping with her family and went looking for morel mushrooms but didn’t find any. Is it really spring camping without a tornado warning? They decided to pack it up and get to safety. They dodged it but there was an F3/F4 tornado that touched down just north of them. We talk about how much camping has changed since the pandemic. She’s getting ready for another camping adventure and is getting help from the guys about which bass baits to bring along.

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Things are backwards in Indiana. Get it? No wait up. It feels like a Monday morning since I was outta the office yesterday. It is not a Monday morning. It is a Tuesday in fact. Short week for me. It's always fun. Little bonus weekend. Gets here early. Must be nice. It's here. Slaving away. I know. Y grind, having fun.

Might be nice. Driving through the Tennessee Mountains Fish a little bit yesterday. Yeah. I uh, I [00:01:00] know you've been to this river that I'm gonna talk about. Yeah. Blow up the guide spot. I didn't, I went to another, I went to another part. Um, but what's really interesting, and I had read about. In the gray, smokey mountains, there's all these little creeks.

They call 'em rivers, but they're ditches. Yeah. With a lot of water in them. Yeah. And. I had read that the fish will like fall back down, which makes sense as the water's really cold up, up towards the top. They'll sometimes fall down toward the water's a little warmer. And we went up a little ways into the mountains and started fishing yesterday and I'm not see, usually you can see something feeding.

I'm not getting a bite, I'm not seeing fish move. But it was amazingly beautiful. Yeah. So it's not. Quote unquote easiest, best fishing for sure. Right. But just being out there, my kids are like rock hopping around. Yeah. The boulders uh, up there are freaking so cool and I'm paranoid. I just have to turn around cuz my daughter [00:02:00] mm-hmm.

Is little and she's just rock jumping out on these mossy rocks and. Ugh. Couldn't handle it. She can't swim. Water's freezing. Would've been a nightmare. She fell in, but she survived. It was great. Natural selection, man. She survived the test naturally. That one anyway. She doesn't win her Darwin award yet.

But yeah, I mean, so we, we went out to out to the s Smokey's and kind of Pigeon forge, callenburg. Um, we stayed in Townsend, which I was telling Erica this morning. Definitely a spot for you to check out if you want to get to like, the s Smokey's area, but it's a little calmer. Mm-hmm. Not as crowded. Uh, really cool cabins on the river.

You know, the summertime. Cool. They have a bunch of tubing and stuff, but yeah, so we, uh, had a great little trip. Took the kids, um, to a little park in Gatlinburg. Which there's like go-karts flying around everywhere in the park. Katlin Berg is not my jam. Uh, it's kind. I like to get through it as quick as I [00:03:00] can.

I've never been, really, never been to that. Excuse me, I tell y'all this, that I've like traveled to Fiji, but I've never been to Gatlinburg. You, you should take, you should take, and I love Dolly Parton. Like you should my, that is like this and I've never been that. Is this area's like freaking beach pity.

Beach spot. Yeah. It's like I know, like I go down there and I run into like 10 people I know every. Yeah, I really want to go, I want to get a cabin and go, you don't need to get a cabin, just take your trailer down there. I'm telling you, there's some sweet RV parks. Some of 'em have like little water park pool areas too.

Mm-hmm. So there's tons of stuff to do. And in Dollywood and Dollywood, yeah. If you wanna spend 80 bucks a day at least. But, so we, um, stayed in a cabin with my parents, uh, the first night, which is nice. We're out in the woods and the trees were, Break in half, which we will have a follow up story on that scenario.

We almost lost our friend Erica. And um, but yeah, so I had, I had kind of [00:04:00] researched, there's some spots within Gatlinburg, so if you ever go, if you're listening, you go and you take kids. There are a couple parks within Gatlinburg that allow kids only fishing in these select areas. Ooh. And what's interesting about Gatlinburg is they have their own fish hatch.

They heavily stock the streams they stock every Thursday, and they don't just put little stockers in. I mean the, we're talking like 14 inch fish kind of average from what I was seeing in this one little park. And, um, So I, you know, I was like, well take the kids there. We'll fish for a little bit. They'll be able to actually catch something, which is always important with the kids guy.

Get 'em on a fish quick. And so this one little park had these, it was, it was kind of bouldery, so it had that mountain stream field to it. It's not very big, but there's these little pockets. And I had taken salmon. Because that's always like a, if you're allowed to use bait, salmon, eggs usually work well and it's something easy.

They can just drop in and watch it. Mm-hmm. [00:05:00] Water is there tight lining in it, basically? Kind of, yeah. Yeah, pretty much. Because you can't really, it's not big enough to cast. Yeah. And those things are so light, they're hard to cast anyways. That's what, whenever we did that guiding thing, that's what they had us do.

Like we just tight lined the whole time. Yeah. Down there. So dapping, you just, some people call it dapping, put like the salmon egg on the hook. Yeah. Just a little circle. Okay. Um, I did have a little bobber on there too, so they could see it. Mm-hmm. But didn't even, some of the times we were fishing, the bobber didn't even touch the water because Yeah.

They were just shallow enough and, mm-hmm. So it was really neat. There was, um, there was this one little. One little falls and I took my younger son, who's six to this one spot, and I was like, Hey, I'm pretty confident there's a fish here. Let's, let's try this. And so we're standing up on a rock and he, he puts his, his.

I had actually taken his egg off cuz he was struggling with it and put a weighted fly [00:06:00] on the end of his line and let him use that. And so he was dropping it in this one spot. Well, as his fly went down, I saw a large fish form come out from under the rock we were standing on. And I was like, dude, squat down, get down low, get down low.

Yeah. And uh, So he, he passed it through there a couple more times and I saw that fish come out sideways, turn, grab the fly. And dude, little buddy, like, I mean, this is a, I have him on his ultra light setup to begin with. Yeah. Which is like a wet noodle. And this fish is just breaking his arm, just running back and forth.

He doesn't know what to do. He's like trying to reel real fast. I'm like, buddy, hold on, hold. Just let him get tired. So I'm adjusting the drag for him. And when he finally gets him over to where I can get the net on him under, well that part's complicated. So I had, I guess, taken the net out of my waistband, further down the creek where my mom, dad, wife, and other kids were.

And so I'm here with my younger son [00:07:00] and my older son comes over. And I'm like, dude, go get the net. We need the net. So he has, and the whole time he's fighting this fish in the current, just trying, I'm like, just keep pressure on him. Don't yank on him. Just keep it there. Was he screaming or Gerald? He was dialed in.

He keeping his cool. He was dialed in. Well, Jennings will be the like he'll yell and stuff. Yeah. So he runs over. And I'm, you know, at this point it's seconds, but it feels like hours uhhuh of waiting for him to get the net back over here because there's no way I'm getting this thing out with my hands.

And he comes back over with the net and then, you know, my wife comes over and the rest of the family starts coming down and we get this thing in the net and I, it's between four and five pounds. Rainbow trout, donkey, like full on fists. Like I, I have my hands around this fish and I can't, I'm don't even think I can hold onto it.

It's that big. No. And so he, he is like ear to ear grin, just violent. He's never caught a fish that big in his life. Yeah. And uh, [00:08:00] He's of the two sons. My, my daughter doesn't really care about fishing that much yet. She likes to take her pole and just feel like she's participating. Mm-hmm. She'll get there, but he's the one that doesn't fish as much, doesn't get as excited about it.

But so for him to catch that fish, he was, he was all about it. And so he was one to fish more. Yeah. He got bit. Yes. Yeah. And what was cool about this little park? So we, we moved down cuz we stopped getting bites in that part. So I moved him down a, a couple little pools and there was 1520 trout just stacked up and we could see 'em.

And so it was really good cuz they could see. Movement. Mm-hmm. Yeah. They could see their, their bait or lure in there. And so it worked out perfect for them to wow, to catch, I mean, we probably caught 12 fish while we were there. Damn. All of 'em, you know, 14 inches or so minimum. And that one big, I didn't see any other big ones like that, but, um, April 1st in this section [00:09:00] starts to where you can catch and keep.

Mm-hmm. I was like, man, that trial's gonna be gone. Mm. This like better way. It was, it was worn out and hiding after we caught it. It'll like wedges itself into a rock just trying to get its energy back. Um, but I'm sure somebody's gonna take that home. Better be he didn't take it home. No, no, we, um, we were, we were going, we had to actually switch from the cabin to a, like a hotel that night, so I didn't have a kitchen.

Yeah. Um, to, to take it home and cook it and stuff, but it was fun. I, I don't care. I love catching fish and especially when you get a bi, a big one or a good one. And I get a lot of excitement out of it, but watching my kids catch something big. Mm-hmm. And they just freak out, lose their mind. High fives like it, it was untouchable.

Yeah. Like great thing. That's like a, A memory probably. Core memory. Yeah. Core memory. Yeah. I hope so. I hope so. Like he, You know, he was, gave me a hug and saying thank you and that kind of stuff. And he was all about, [00:10:00] it's, that's what it's all about, baby. That's what it's all about. That's awesome, man. I, I, do people think of that area as like a good place to go?

Fish? Like fly fish and Gatlinburg itself? Yeah, so Gatlinburg is kind of interesting. I mean, it, it has a little bit of that like theme park feel. Of course. Yeah. Um, they ha they do heavily stock these two parks. One of them, there's a hatchery at the park and so there's a lot of fish and they actually, what's interesting about Gatlinburg is they have upped their stocking to where they are now stocking trophy sized fish.

And if you've been through Gatlinburg, there's that, that creek or river mm-hmm. That runs right through the motels and stuff. Yeah. The orva shop is right on it. Well that's Sevierville. Oh, okay. So this is like, that's a different one. Dead center Gallen. Okay, gotcha. But there's, so there's hotels right along this river and most people just go past it and don't I know what you're talking about.

Yep. The ski, the sky lift thing Yeah. Does right over. Yep. So most people just drive by that and don't really think about it, but they [00:11:00] heavily stocked big fish in this area. Hmm. You have to get a special ga if you're an adult. You have to get a special Gatlinburg permit. Hmm. The fish. I mean, you're not gonna find like that co quality fish throughout the rest of the park cuz a lot of the park fish are small wild trout.

Eight, nine inches is a big one. And so in this area there's a ton of fish. Dude. Access is, is good. If you can find a parking spot, which is the, the magic in Gatlinburg. But it is great for kids, great spot to go. They can catch a lot of fish. They, you know, it's, it's not, there's not a bunch of like, oh you can't cast there cuz there's trees and that kind of stuff.

Like it's. Perfect for 'em. Yeah. And that, I mean, down there is where like I really kind of got hooked on like fly fishing because I went my uncle, it was. I think it was like August. I mean, it was like a horrible time to go fly fishing. None of us knew it. We were just there hanging out in [00:12:00] cabins. Um, we might have been like scouting for mine and S'S wedding, uh, like places to go stay, but regardless, um, he like, Hey, I booked a, a charter or not charter.

A guy from Orvis. To go fly fishing. Do y'all wanna go? I was like, absolutely. That sounds fun. And we did just kind of like that tight line. It was really simple. They took us to a couple places, but it was just gorgeous, like a lot of fun. We all ended up catching a fish. They told us before we went out like, Hey guys, this is not a good time of year.

Like we might catch one fish. Everybody ended up catching a fish and it was like that, like everybody's high fiving. It was all of our first trout, like it was so much fun. And then came home, got my own set up and started going with Jacob Moore. And then, you know, The rest is history. Yeah, it was, it was cool.

I think if I, I took the kids back to this park, I would put 'em just on a fly rod. Yeah. Because it, they can reach further. Mm-hmm. And it would lend itself better to this kind of fishing. Yeah. I mean, obviously you're not casting, like, there's just not No, you don't have the space to [00:13:00] cast. You're just kind of flipping.

Yeah. And so, yeah, it was fun, man. I, I enjoyed it. Kids enjoy. Yeah, definitely worth, uh, if you're down there just hanging out with your family, definitely work. Trying to make a day of it. It's not hard to bring a fly rod and reel. Mm-hmm. And get out there and try it. I wanna try that downtown. Yeah. I just don't know, like people walking by and probably be yelling at you Dude.

It's, I mean, you're gonna be listening to cars go by constantly and beautiful sounds, music from the stores and all that stuff. But yeah, unique. It's kind of like a sleep, a little bit of a sleeper thing where I don't think people think about it cuz it's so commercialized. Yeah. It. Stock full right there.

That is awesome. Well, I'll get, uh, I'll get my story outta the way and then we will close with Erica's wild story. Um, not about that, but go ahead. Yeah. Uh, I went to Luke Combs Saturday, Luke Combs concert at Lucas Oil Stadium. Uh, with my wife and two sisters and it was freaking awesome. The lineup, like, I didn't even know about this, but like [00:14:00] Brent Cobb was playing while everybody was coming into the stadium.

I did not even know he was gonna be there and we got there extra early just cause and I, so I was geeking out from like the very beginning. I love him, he's great. And then it went. Flatland Calvary, who's outta Texas, who, if y'all haven't listened to him, he's really cool. He actually has some songs on Yellowstone too.

Um, and then it was Lane Wilson who, like, this is when the concert really started getting crazy. Everything's packed. Everybody's there like a lot of horror. Yeah. She was singing her heart like a truck. Yeah. And dude, I'm a fan. I think she's awesome. Her voice is crazy. And she's been writing, um, with Luke Combs since she was like a teenager.

Mm. I think is what she said. It was like a long time ago, like basically when he was getting started, they kind of like were riding together. Um, but yeah, so then he took her on tour, which I thought was really cool. I think she's gonna have her own tour in a couple years. I mean, she's already got like the whole, uh, bell bottom country mm-hmm.

Is her thing. She wears these giant like yoga [00:15:00] pants bell bottoms. I don't know, it's a thing. Um, but yeah, so she's a great singer. She was really cool. During her set, the, I had seen these dudes, um, I don. 15, 20 rows like down we're, we're not in like great seats. We're like in the very back at the top. We just kind of went to go.

Um, and I'm seeing these dudes just like move from seat to seat. And I noticed that they both had their cowboy hats on backwards, which what is not an uncommon thing to see? Like a, like a steon? I didn't know that was the thing. Oh, really? Yeah. Backwards. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. So like a cowboy hat, like at the front, it's shaped like it's pinches kind of at the front, right?

Yeah. Okay, so they had them on backwards. It's not something you, it's not a style choice. No, no, no, no. These guys are just Instagram cowboys. Figures. So they didn't know they had it on backstage? No. They had no idea. They bought their Stetson for this concert or, yeah, or borrowed 'em or something. And so I'm making fun of them to sve, like, look at these guys, Vancouver.[00:16:00]

They're causing a scene. Everyone's sitting down, like just listening to, you know, Laney Wilson go crazy. And they're going seat to seat, just like taking people's seats, which is why I'm partially making fun of 'em. They're kind of being jerks, like they're just stealing people's seats. Okay. With their backwards cowboy hats on.

And then all of a sudden they come to my row and they're like, Hey, we want to get, you know, over there. And I was like, okay. I knew that there were people sitting there, but I'm not the police. I'm like, whatever. Go ahead. So they walked. And as they're walking by, I said to the one dude, I was like, Hey, your, your hat's on backwards.

And he's like, oh, thanks. I'm really drunk, is what he said. I was like, oh, okay. Well then they go sit down and like five minutes later, the people who were sitting there come back and they're like, What the heck guys? And they're like, oh, sorry. So they go to walk out the row and um, the one dude who I had told had his hat on backwards, steps on my sister's foot and falls three rows down and slams his [00:17:00] head into, uh, the seat in front of him, gets his arm stuck in a chair.

We think he broke his arm. And then it took three of us to like lift him up and get him out. He gets his hat. He puts his hat back. It's backwards. I took it off. I put it straight. But that was the only thing that mattered. Not his broken arm, but his hat. He didn't care. He didn't like, he had no, he had no like idea.

He's not there at the moment. No. He left the building. Oh. And uh, so I was like, okay, man. See you. He's like, Thank you so much. I was like, you guys should probably maybe go drink some water or something. And then they all just left and I never saw 'em again. Um, so that was fun. And then it went Riley Green, who I was telling these guys who me and my wife had seen when we were just dating in college at the Signal in Chattanooga, and it was like, A few hundred people standing, um, at this guy's concert.

And it was really, really cool to see him, like he was the, he was after Laney Wilson, so right before Luke comb. Um, and I mean, we're talking, you know, tens of thousands of people in [00:18:00] Lucas Oil Stadium and he's singing all his old songs cuz he hadn't really come out with a bunch of new ones. Um, so it was really fun for me and Sav to.

Like, hear him, see him growing up, like just explode in the country scene. Um, and he, him and Luke Combs both, I was telling them earlier too, that like they just, they like, they really appreciated the moment, like the arena filled up. That was Riley Green's second time ever in an arena. And so it was just a really.

Cool experience to like see him, you know, get to experience that and like really appreciate it and think it's cool. It's not like they're just like big time stars that have been doing this forever. And then Luke Comb came on and did his, he did a really long set and it was. Really fun. Two encores. Um, it's just, I don't know, great tour.

A lot of really cool people. Uh, I definitely, it's like kind of three concerts in one cuz it, like, there's some serious How long was it? Uh, we got there at like five 30 and we left at, I think it was like 10. Wow. 40. Wow. Yeah. So it was, it was a long concert and a lot of fun. [00:19:00] Yeah. So I like Luke Combs. Yeah.

I like for the record, I like Amy Wilson. I don't like the Heart Light truck song. Yeah. I, it's been like, it's been so, that's so much on country radio. I don't like, so that's the thing. I don't listen to country radio or like radio at all. Mm-hmm. And so I had, I had heard that song on the Dodge Ram, uh Oh yeah.

Commercial Uhhuh. And that too, SAV was like, oh, uh, that lady's gonna be, or Laney, that's Laney. She's gonna be at the concert. And I was like, oh, cool. So I started listening to some of her. I, I think she's awesome. Yeah. I'm fan. I think she's, I think she's gonna blow up, but like on her own tour type deal.

Yeah. But, um, Guess who? I got tickets too. Music class. Oh yeah. Who'd you get tickets to? Okay. You guys are gonna laugh, but I got tickets at the Ryman. Okay. Also, Dan Hood did not know what the Rhen was. I don't know what the Ryen is. Oh, I can't, my goodness. I can't. I cannot do it no more. I can't do it with you anymore, guys.

Sorry. The Ryen. [00:20:00] Okay. He appreciate country music. Music. You saying Ramen? Ryman. R Noodles. R y M A n. Okay. Ryman. All right. I can't see. This is why he don't know what country music is. Who you going to see? He don't know what country music is, first of all. No, the Ryen is in Nashville. It is like the center of country.

The quintessential music. Yeah. Okay. It is like an old church. Oh, you mean Grand Ole op?

Who are you gonna see at the Ramen? You need to Google the Rhen later. Okay. No, it's not. No. Okay. Separate things, but also in the same environment, the realm. Um, okay. This is the part where Dan like just couldn't deal with me any longer. Um, I wanna see Vince Skill and Amy Grant do their Christmas show. Oh heck, December in December.

At the Robin. That'll be fun though. Yeah. I mean, I've been down there Christmas time and it's, it's a good time to be down there. Yeah. I've never been in the ramen. I've [00:21:00] seen Vin skill play once before. I do love country music and I love Christmas music, so see them together, we'll be great. Um, also, uh, camping season.

Morrell found any? Haven't found any yet. Haven't either, but I've seen pictures of people in the area that have. Mm-hmm. So I think. Sprouting popping. I bet This week is it? I'm going Saturday. Okay. Is that too late or no? I don't know. See, nobody knows. I don't know, like how long does it take for a morale to form?

I don't know what they look like coming up outta the ground. Hazes. Yeah. Um, don't know. How long does it take for them to just. Yeah. You know, get stepped on or eaten or bush, right? Yeah. Like, I don't know. I'd like to see a time lapse of one or something. Like how we could probably That's probably on the internet.

Yeah. We found all the bugs that come out of 'em last year. We could probably find 'em. That's true. Like a sped up version of one growing somewhere. Um, but we did go camping and I looked for them [00:22:00] there and I didn't see any, um, we were talking about the wind earlier. Yeah, so my kids' spring break was on this past week, and so we went Wednesday.

Uh, like we were just gonna go Friday through Sunday, but then the weather started talking how it was gonna be like thunderstorming and stuff on Friday. So we. Hurried up and was like, Hey, Wednesday's supposed to be great. Let's just go. And we hurried up, packed the camper and added two more days to it and went, and I worked a little bit, we played a little bit while we were, um, camping.

Wednesday and Thursday, Friday night it starts saying like, oh, thunderstorms are gonna be coming in. Like, that's okay. We've camped during thunderstorms before we have a trailer. It's not a tent different. So, um, uh, it's fine. I think we're gonna just like, You know, push it out, we'll be fine. We'll survive this.

Right? Well then all day long people are calling. I think that you should stop camping because they're really talking about this storm coming in. I'm like, [00:23:00] what are they talking about? And so we look, start turning on the news and stuff and they're like hour by hour they're upgrading like the storm level that's gonna come in around midnight or so.

I was like, oh, I don't know, maybe we maybe 60 mile an hour. As possible. Tornadoes. I think I've done this when I was a kid. I remember camping during tornado warnings. It was awful and terrifying, but like it was memories made. And I was like, Tim, what do you wanna do? And he was like, it'll be a good memory.

And I was like, yeah, when we die, a core memory. Yeah, they'll traumatizes our children. Our old bit will be these idiots, you know, whatever. So keep going on. Going on. We have a bunch of family come in that are gonna camp too. They pull in. One of 'em is like, we're just gonna come for, cuz we are having a big fish fry.

We're gonna come in for the fish and eat, but we're not gonna bring our, our trailer and stuff. I'm like, oh, okay. Well they're backing out like this seems like, you know. Maybe we should rethink this anyways, we have the fish fry. [00:24:00] Uh, stronger winds start to come in, uh, but then it breaks with sun and, but they say like the more sun that comes in call before the storm.

Yeah, like the more the environment, you know, it is all this new stuff, right? Oh yeah. So anyways, um, night starts to come. It's getting darker and the wind is really starting to pick up people. I see campers leaving. And I'm like, oh man, it's Friday night. People are supposed to be coming in, not leaving.

Right? And so I keep talking to Tim, like, what do you think we should do? And he's like, I think we're fine. I'm like, okay. I, I don't, but I don't know anymore. So I go on our camper and the winds were about like 20 mile an hour right now. I go on our camper and our, and I stand there and I feel the camper swing at 20.

And I'm like, it's gonna get up to 60 miles an hour. We're gonna, this is not okay at like midnight. And we, I also have two kids with us too, that are like [00:25:00] young and I was like, I don't know. Anyways, so, okay, we're gonna wait a little bit longer. And now it's dark and it is really blowing and I just start imagining like the shelter house is like, I don't know, not quite a quarter.

Like it's far. Okay. That we would have to track to when a tornado warning goes off. My mom is neighbors with, uh, the local meteorologist here and she texts him and she was like, Hey, like, do you think this is a bad idea? And I'm like, he's gonna give us this default. Like, yes, you should see cover my butt.

And he was like, Expect warnings at midnight. And I was like, oh my point, God send a video of himself doing like a, like if I was a weatherman, I'd be trolling people. So you guys were on the news, you didn't know it. Like there are people camping right now. Live calling. So anyways, I was like, oh man. He's like saying that for real, there's gonna light, there's probably gonna be tornado warnings at.[00:26:00]

And I'm like, if we know that there's tornado warnings coming in, why are we staying here? Anyways, I turned to Tim and I'm like, I think we should leave, and it's nine o'clock at night and he was like, are you serious? I'm like, yeah, I don't feel good about it anymore. Like I wanna go. And also I wanna take the whole camper, not just like us get in the car and leave the camper there.

Like see, that's what was I was gonna ask, like you have your truck there camper, you could unhook. And drive to safety. I know, theoretically, but then I was afraid that the camper was gonna be gone tomorrow, and I don't wanna take that with, so within 15 minutes we scrambled and like panicked, packed up this camper, got it on the hitch, and then we drove down the road in like probably 40 mile per hour winds.

Now the, the camper were in, uh, we were just, All over the place. We'll get home, we unpack and stuff. But anyways, that night everything was fine there. There was some like winds and stuff. We talked to people that had stayed at at the site and they were like, it was very, very windy or really scary, but it was fine.

But about 30 minutes north of us, there was like an F three F four [00:27:00] tornado that did go through McCormick's Creek State Park, Des Destroy y'all the picture. Is insane. Trees topped campers blown over, um, two couples at McCormick's Creek. Two couples, one couple passed away. They were in their camper. So I'm glad we left.

I'm sad that we did. Everything. We were probably gonna be fine, but it was scary. Yeah. You can only roll today so many times, man. Yeah. Yeah. I mean, I'd driving, so we drove up to Indy and then up to in Upland driving up there and back the wind, like just in the car was. Insane. I cannot imagine doing that in a, with a camper.

A camper behind me. Like knowing that you're about to lay down and go to sleep in it. Yeah. Yeah. And there's only like two wheels, and then we put these little, like stabilize stabilizers, other things down. I just imagine like the wind getting up underneath it and then tipping. Those things are not heavy.

I mean, they're. Yeah. Light made to be light. Right? Made to be light. Yeah. And there, there's like a [00:28:00] lake where we were too. And I just imagine us like rolling into it and now we're drowning. Yeah. And I can't get the kids out and that'd be the most likely scenario for sure. Yeah. You wouldn't have slept that night.

I know. And I was like, we're not gonna sleep. Yeah. Anyways. Do you like look at the weather super hard before you go camp? Or is it just kind of like, I mean, Well, okay. So it used to be back in the day, you could just roll up to a state park and be like, Hey, I'm gonna go pick my spot. I'm gonna tell you what it is, and I'll be back and then pay for it and whatever.

But now camping is so popular since Covid that you can't do that. So basically you book out and just hope that the weather is gonna be good. Hmm. Um, so we looked at the weather. But like my dad and them, they had booked that weekend, but they decided not to go because the the weather was coming. Yeah. You kind of feel more like forced to go because you've already booked it so far in advance.

You're just like, eh, we're gonna go anyway. Basically. Yeah. We already paid for it. [00:29:00] Yeah. Well, and like rain and storms, you probably stay, but it's the, the wind risk that was the most scary. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Um, I do have another camping inic in a week and a half, and it has a very big lake. And with bass, I told Tim that I would get a, some lus that we have here.

Yeah. Mm-hmm. What am I throwing in a week and a half for bass in Indiana. What's the water like? Yeah, I'd have to look at the water. Like, let's say it's clear. It's clear. Is that the an, is that the answer you're looking for? Like clearer mur? Well, yeah, but that, that won't matter. We can, we can help you pick out some stuff downstairs that we will work with both.

Okay. I mean, you, you know, the, the cincos, the stick bait stuff is always good. Yeah, I got that. This, this time of year you probably have some bass moving up to spawn, so hopefully your husband could fish in shallow. Okay. Yeah. Cuz like we have spots right there on the [00:30:00] lake. Right? On the lake. Yeah. Does it give fish a lot?

I think so. Probably so. Maybe that's not a good. Not necessarily. If they're moving up to spawn, it doesn't matter. They're gonna be on the beds and ready to hit anything that's coming to threaten the bed, whether they get fish to a lot or not. Okay. Yeah. They're gonna hit, you'll have to show, show me the lake on a map later and I'll, I'll kind of tell you.

Okay. That'll be helpful. If there's, if, if the water is up because we did get rain. Mm-hmm. The other day, if the water's up and into the grasses, I would fish that stuff. But it'll probably be stained in that point. Get something loud and bright. Oh, okay. Okay. Okay. I see. Yeah. Well, let's look at a map. Mm-hmm.

I'll show you. I'll white flu sharks Tail tell you. What'd you say? White flu Chartres. Split tail. Yeah. Dude, that's, it's gonna be the recommendation of all that thing has been killing it on the creeks with small mouth and those spotted bass the other day. Like, oh, it's crazy. What? [00:31:00] White. A white super fluke.

Yeah. Oh, the split tail? Mm-hmm. Little shark trees tail on it. Yeah, it'd been, well, it was really cool. I don't know if I've talked about that trip much at all, but the water was clear, but still had a little bit of a tent to it, and so I could see that super fluke falling in the water, and I would just wait for it to disappear and set the hook because I could see it that well, and I was up above where I was casting.

So dirty water white's good too. Okay? Yeah. We'll go dial you in, get you set up. Mm-hmm. It's the time of year though, where I cannot get my mind. I know Turkey season's right around the corner cannot get my mind off of fish. And every time I go fishing, it's like a drug addict. I'm thinking about my next hit.

That's your next fix. And you know, it's, it's, uh, warmer, warmer air, warmer water temperature, bass, moving up to spawn. It's the time to get out and fish for sure. I'm, I'm half in, half [00:32:00] out on the, the fishing scene. I'm, I'm pretty excited for it. But with Turkey season coming up, me and Phil are going to go out to one of our properties and have a, a little observation, sit and go, see if we can find somewhere rails and set up some cameras.

And it's always been hard getting turkeys on camera. I've never like, seems like with deer you can kind of get there like in Yeah. Region reason. But like if you don't know that like Turkey are running through there already, like it it like that you've already seen or whatever, it's super hard. Yeah. So we're gonna try to at least see if we can see where they fly down and listen to 'em on the roost and.

Try to piece it together, but hunting private land this year for turkeys for the first time, so we're gonna have a blind and a little bit more forgiveness and hopefully shoot one in the face this year. Yeah, set 'em missing like last year. Turkeys don't seem to disturb the environment as much as. Deer traffic.

So I've all, I mean, the small properties I've hunted, it's been harder for me to kind of figure out where they are. Yeah. [00:33:00] What they're not hear 'em in the mornings and that's kind of the only way I find them. Yeah. I mean you got like scratching and stuff that you can find like around trees, but I don't know.

Uh, Whatever I've been doing in the past is like, whenever I try to piece together, I've, I've yet to set a camera and like on purpose, get a Turkey. Yeah. I've gotten tons of turkeys on cameras, but it's not like, it's usually during deer season or, you know, I'm just an old camera that's been sitting there for a long time in a random spot.

So the last three years out at one of the farms I hunt, I have gotten a Turkey on camera two weeks or so before the season opens and it will be the only Turkey I get on that camera. All year, and I don't see 'em when I'm out there trying to hunt. So Really? Do you think right now they're in, so Indiana season opens in, what, three or four weeks about?

Yeah. Do you think right now they're in the place that they're gonna be in like three or four weeks, do you think they like. I don't know, to be honest. Yeah. Like I could say what I think like I, my guess is, [00:34:00] is no, because they already say that our season is too late anyway. Yeah. Like if you like to actually hunt them for the best time to hunt them would be like honestly now, um, yeah.

But like the pattern kind of. Changes basically throughout the whole season from what I've heard. Mm-hmm. Um, and by the time we're hunting 'em, it's, it's a more difficult time to hunt 'em and they're doing like increasingly different things. But, um, yeah, like I said, I don't really know. I'm, I'm not great at finding 'em other than like listening for them, like going out and like, that's the fun thing about public land hunting them.

Go to a spot like alcohol. If you don't hear anything, it's kind of like, okay, we're gonna go drive somewhere else. Mm-hmm. And like with the private land, it's a little bit different. We're like, we like that's, you've got your parcel of land and you kind of gotta make it work. So we're gonna go try to figure out like, I mean, I don't know.

We got youth season coming up. Um, I think it's two weeks, so we're trying to like, we're preparing for that more so than like regular season. Just cuz like you said, the [00:35:00] pattern's gonna be a lot different, but yeah, we're going. We're gonna go shoot our guns and get 'em Yeah. Squared away. This, are you going with us Friday?

I'm gonna try to make it work. That's very non-committal. Yeah. Huh? She won't be there. But yeah, I'm ready to do that. Honestly, like I, I just love shooting my shotgun, and it'll be fun to get out there and make sure it's squared away, ready to go. Yeah, I mean, I appreciate it being on the calendar because I've been needing to clean my shotgun since after I went duck hunting with it January.

It's horrible. Like it is gross. So I got a deadline now that I gotta get it cleaned by Friday, so that'll inspire me. It'll be fun. I think we're gonna do some fun shooting with other stuff out there too, right? Yeah, I'm gonna bring my AR and a couple pistols and clean all the guns. Maybe my little Henry 22 wondering.

Ping, ping, ping. It's my favorite thing to shoot. It's so much fun. They are [00:36:00] fun, man. Can't beat 'em. All right. Make sure you log this show and go wild. Hit that plus sign. Get your, your points, your rewards. We got some cool stuff coming up. I feel like we're overloading rewards. We got so much stuff going on.

It's, it's wild and crazy time. Uh, so make sure you get your points and tune in to hear us bla on about something else next week. Leave us a review please. We appreciate it. Five stars. Love you. Bye bye.