Turkey Research & Conservation

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On this episode of The Nomadic Outdoorsman Dan talks with Pete Muller and Mark Hatfield, 2 NWTF staffers and longtime hunters of numerous game animals. Pete works in the communications department and Mark is the director of conservation services for the NWTF

Pete Muller has a B. S. in Communications from East Carolina University and has since worked the majority of his career in non-profit communications, spending the last nine years with the National Wild Turkey Federation. Before working with the NWTF, Muller lived and worked in Colorado and Wyoming and also took advantage of the hunting and other outdoor opportunities offered in the Rocky Mountain region. Since starting with the Federation, Muller has worked to tell the NWTF story through a variety of outlets, and now works as an integral part of the team that oversees magazine, website, social media and email communication.

Mark Hatfield began his career in wildlife conservation by first receiving his B.S. in Wildlife Biology and his M.S. in Biology from Murray State University. Prior to his 17-year career with the National Wild Turkey Federation, Hatfield previously worked for the Arizona Game and Fish Department, the United States Geological Survey, the Bureau of Land Management and Ducks Unlimited.

Throughout his 17-year tenure with the Federation, Hatfield has played a crucial role in guiding the organization’s conservation delivery. Hatfield’s accomplishments with the NWTF are far-ranging, including trapping and transferring Gould’s wild turkeys from Mexico to Arizona, working directly with state wildlife agencies and the NWTF Technical Committee and conceptualizing and delivering NWTF landscape-scale initiatives, to name a few.

Dan, Pete and Mark talk turkey hunting, wildlife conservation, efforts the NWTF has for the betterment of turkeys and other species, and the membership push called Help the Yelp.

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