Unfiltered: Giving Zero F***s For Bigger Bucks

Show Notes

It's that time of year where the mind of a deer hunter slowly starts to become corrupted by the thought of chasing big bucks across the landscape. Velvet bucks are popping up on trail cameras and in fields all over the country and this can be a huge distraction, but in a good way.

On this UNFILTERED episode of the Nine Finger Chronicles, Dan gives us an update on how his summer prep is going. He talks about finally getting his trail cameras out, slacking on his tree stand locations, shooting his bow, and planning for his out-of-state hunting trips. He also complains about his kids. 

Dan touches base on his expectation for the upcoming season and how his goals are on a sliding scale depending on the intel that he gets throughout the year and where as well as where he is actually hunting. Overall this is a fun episode that will be a little bit educational and a lot bit of fun. Enjoy!

Show Transcript