Using Trail Camera Intel & Documenting Your Findings

Show Notes

On this episode of the Nine Finger Chronicles, Dan talks with Aaron Warbritton of the Hunting Public about how he uses trail cameras throughout the hunting season and how he documents all of his finding on hunting apps. Arron talks about where he places his trail cameras on exit trails in bedding areas and in locations that will catch nocturnal deer movement as well as any pressure from other hunters. This gives him an idea of what deer are in the area and what kind of access strategy he needs to use to avoid other public land hunters. As this information starts to come in, he waits for the right conditions to make a move on a shooter buck. 

The second half of the conversation revolves around how he documents everything he observes while in the woods scouting and hunting. Aaron documents everything from old sign from previous years, to fresh rubs and scrapes, food sources, parking areas, and taking detailed notes so he has as much information to pull from when he is putting together a hunting strategy on a shooter buck. Tons of great information on this episode. Listen close, you might just learn something.

Show Transcript