Venison: Here and Abroad with Simon Majumdar

Show Notes

On this episode of Huntavore, Nick has a bucket list chat with food writer and Food Network personality, Simon Majumdar.  Simon lays out some knowledge and history of venison, including how venison has been viewed in the UK and how it differs here in the US.  Discussions on Tikka Masala, using yogurt as a marinade, and a food game called Good, Better, Best featuring a winter favorite, Pot Roast.  Pour yourself a dark pint, and settle in on this episode of Huntavore.

Nick is joined by Simon Majumdar, food writer, podcaster, and Food Network personality.  Simon has been around the world, tasting food, understanding where it comes from, and how things are prepared.  In fact food is the language of his family.  “What have you been eating?”  instead of the usual “how are you?”  Growing up in the United Kingdom,  Simon had the experience of enjoying several types of deer; muntjac, roe, and red stag to name a few.  Given the system of how game is managed over there, you can purchase some from your butcher or market.  Here in the US, it is a different story.  Simon shows a real appreciation for hunting and fishing, because it is an effective tool for managing the landscape, and a more personally important reason, the wonderful wild meat.

A large takeaway that Nick got from this discussion with Simon is that the US is quite narrow in the way venison is prepared versus how it is prepared in the UK and in Europe.  Steaks, Straps, and burger reign supreme in what comes out of processors today.  Simon is encouraged that North American hunters are beginning to venture out past the normal smoked backstrap and trying new dishes.  Tradition is important, and old dishes need to be made, but can we make room for new traditions to be made?

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