Vitalize Seed and Habitat Podcast

Show Notes

Jared Vanhees with Habitat Podcast joined Nate this week on Michigan Wild. Jared is also one of the owners of Vitalize seed. Nate used vitalize seed in 3 separate plots this fall and overall has been thoroughly impressed with it. Having Jared on to talk about vitalize and shine some light on the company was something Nate had been looking forward to this off season. 

Jared started the Habitat Podcast 6 years ago and has worked hard at helping fellow hunters become better land managers. Jared also offers land consulting and has had the opportunity to walk multiple properties in Michigan, giving him the ability to see where property is lacking. Cover, cover, cover! 

The conversation does pivot to the overall health of the whitetail deer herd in Michigan. Especially with the doe problem Michigan faces. They each share some of their opinions on change and the start up of the DMI (Deer Management Initiative). 

Overall both guys are concerned with the direction herd management is going and do not want the opportunity to be taken away from hunters. 

Thanks Jared for hopping on and continuing to educate hunters so it can benefit a resource we all enjoy!


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