Walleye, Elk and So Much More

Show Notes

On this episode of The Nomadic Outdoorsman Dan talks with Evan Trebilcock about his passion for the outdoors and exploring new opportunities.

Since he was just learning to walk, Evan was exposed to the great outdoors. Hailing from rural, upstate New York, his family has always taken advantage of the opportunity to harvest game from the land. From archery whitetail to chasing river walleyes, Evan is always outside pursuing something to take home for dinner.

His upbringing left Evan wanting to share the wonders of wild lands with other curious people. This led him to start a nonprofit mentorship organization with a close friend called Opportunity Outdoors. From indoctrinating first time deer hunters, to teaching himself to archery hunt for bull elk in the Rocky Mountains, Evan lives to push boundaries in the outdoors and bring others along for the ride.

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