Weekday Wildgame with Sophie May

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On this episode of the Huntavore, Nick calls up Sophie May, author of the website wifeofahunter. Sophie finds herself as the solo cook in her house. While her husband, father, and even herself go hunting, when game enters the kitchen, she has taken it upon herself to transform it into meals. Sophie explains that for her family a big hurdle is picky eaters who are not fans of the wild funk many of us enjoy. If this sounds like your household, than stay tuned, we got some good picky palate pleaser and weekday wildgame talk on the way. Sophie May is a native to Texas. Growing up working outside, and enjoying the outdoors, Sophie is no stranger to being behind the gun. Chasing many types of game that Texas has to offer, from a whole number of deer species, wild hog, waterfowl, and even gators. Her niche in her household formed procrastinating in her college studies at Auburn, into pleasing her family with a spread of wild game dishes that they would enjoy. Sophie, like many of us has a full time job that can suck the energy from ya. Sometimes coming home to prepare a meal can be more of a chore, even for the most hardy kitchen lovers. Sophie enjoys using tools like a crockpot or instapot in her cooking. For example, from a box, two alarm chili mix can be whipped up and put on low in a crockpot. Or the shanks from her axis deer put on simmer all day to be stacked high on an axis french dip in a matter of minutes. When time is available, a good home cook will put meals up in the freezer. Be it burritos, freeze a stew, or a good lasagna can last a long time, and be ready for the table with minimum effort. Sophie drops a recipe from her book with a White Gator Lasagna that sounds fantastic. We discuss that here in the Midwest we might not be able to get gator easily, but can transition this recipe to use wild turkey. Sophie can be found on facebook and instagram, @wifeofahuntercooks and on her website, www.wifeofahunter.com   Tappecue Meat Probes Instagram: @tappecue Website: https://bit.ly/2NIr0Xj Coupon Code 10% off: HUNT10

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