Western Hunting Rifle Systems

Show Notes

On this episode of The Western Rookie Dan talks with long range shooting enthusiast and Gunwerks salesman, Pake Taylor. Pake and Dan discuss all aspects of long range shooting systems.

Pake grew up in eastern Washington on a cattle ranch that gave him the ability to spend a solid chunk of his time outdoors. He started chasing birds and small game the moment his folks kicked him loose with his first BB gun, and the obsession has only grown expennationaly from there! On a regular year Pake will chase animals ranging in sizes from doves up to elk and everything else in between them from northern Washington to Wyoming where he lives. Where there's smoke there is a fire and his fire is deeply rooted into long range shooting and it only seems to grow with every confirmed hit. Gunwerks says they teach some to shoot out well past 1,000 yards but, most importantly that style of shooting leads to making a shot at 800 yards a slam dunk. Pake states, "Joining one of the various shooting leagues (PRS or NRL) is an awesome way to get time beyond a gun in unstable shooting positions while under stress. The best part is that it's an absolute blast to be a part of!" Gunwerks is strongly hunting oriented but has multiple options for crossover rifles for competition rifles and ELR rifles. They have a passion for providing the best materials for their fans and customers to continuously push the envelope for the modern day hunter and shooter!

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